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Algunas de las fotos del primer workshop que dimos el fin de semana en @armyboxgym , con mi amigo y colega @alexsdalessandro con quien creamos @pitbull.barbell.club , con humildad y respeto, fue una jornada gratuita donde tratamos de la mejor manera posible, acercarles a las 50 personas que asistieron, herramientas para que conozcan, aprendan, mejoren y se lleven conocimientos acerca del peso muerto en sus dos variantes, convencional y sumo, MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS A TODOS LOS QUE ASISTIERON... #deadlift #teaching #coaches #quilmes #strengthcoaches #trainers #learning #workshop
Wednesday's Movement Snacks  Strength Doesn't Come From What YOU Can Do ❌ It Comes From Overcoming The Things YOU Once Thought YOU Couldn't 💪  Don't Spend The Rest Of YOUR Life Wondering If YOU Can Do It💯  BE MORE ❤
First time back under the straight bar in .... 17 weeks? Hopped right into wraps as well, this went dang good I’d say #conjuphasic #transmutation  @elitefts #elitefts #teamelitefts #livelearnpasson #bellaforza @julialadewski  #mowhawkmethod @illianapowerasylum  #embracethecrazy #ipapowerliftingteam #strengthcoaches
Rough training session Friday  Started with 8x2: 60% speed squats then (videos) 1- deficit, @elitefts 5 rings straight bar 615 2- same weight reverse monster mini, not enough band tension and failed 5th rep 3- better band tension got the last 2 sets with Light band but was so smoked my body shut down after these! Stay tuned for blog post taking about trial and errors of this new #conjuphasic stuff! @elitefts #elitefts #teamelitefts #livelearnpasson #bellaforza @julialadewski  #mowhawkmethod @illianapowerasylum  #embracethecrazy #ipapowerliftingteam #strengthcoaches
👈Me and my brother from another mother @12amsport hanging out at @standoutperformance in Gardena 👈Sometimes you meet someone who you instantly respect and who speaks a similar language and has similar principles and ethics 👈 @12amsport is definitely one of these people and very excited to start collaborating with him.  Check out his podcast on the @shruggedcollective with another great guy @mike_bledsoe and with my friend @paulaustin3w on the @thirdwaveishere which I will be on in the future as well
#nobroscience #squatchallenge #form #mostptscantcoachlifts Form in all the barbell lifts is essential &, in the #backsquat all to often I see poor or downright wrong #technique being shown by  #personaltrainers trying to be #strengthcoaches. Depth is a common issue that is incorrectly coached, #asstograss might look impressive to the untrained eye but lets be honest, Who gives a fuck what they think? Unless they are coaching you or yours.Depth in the squat is not an arbitrary thing or machoistic event but more one of what is #safe & what enables you to move the most weight over the greatest #effective range of motion. #a2g is not the most effective range due to relaxing of the lower back muscles at the bottom of the movement. Also the upper back tends to round at the bottom. The knees experience a much increased shearing effect at the bottom of an a2g squat as opposed to a #justpastparallel squat. There is also a tendency to bounce out of the bottom of the squat increasing the forces inside the knees. So if your coach is programing you a2g squats.. Sack them and find a decent one.
The Best Exercise YOUR Not Doing- 1-Leg RDL With Row •Do YOU Need Improved Foot Stability✔ •Do YOU Need More Posterior Chain Strength✔ •Do YOU Need Improved Balance✔ •Do YOU  Want Improved Core Strength✔ •Do YOU  Need Improved Hamstring Flexibility ✔ •Do YOU Have A Symmetrical Leg Raise On Both Sides? 🤔 ☆Variation shown here has my rear leg supported.  My right side is off a bit. The added stability of the box allows for optimal foot placement and lumbo-pelvic positioning✔ This is key to a properly performed single rdl💡  More Is Not Better ❌ Better Is Better ✔  Train Smarter💡
Estos son ejercicios de zona media indispensables para fortalecer y llevar una vida plena con tus hijos.  Los podés realizar en tu casa todos los días. Se que la vida con un niño en casa puede volverse un poco incomoda ya que al jugar en el piso, alzarlo, ponerlo y sacarlo del coche genera un estrés en la zona lumbar. Con estos ejercicios fortalecemos y lograremos no realizar movimientos que no queremos cuando jugamos o movemos a los más pequeñitos.  Super recomendable para todas las personas!  #baby #family #training #core #coreworkout #zonamedia #bebe #familia #entrenamientoenfamilia #celipf #strengthcoaches
Practice what you preach...you can teach better with your actions than your words! 👉🏻COACH LIFTS are an important part of our day. We want to better ourselves so we can better you and learn more about our craft. Did you know we often try out the programs we write for you before you get them? This helps us tweak, refine and perfect your training here. Trust the training, trust the process and trust the coach. 🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹 #omcsmap #sportsperformance #coaches #cscs #weightroom #strengthcoaches #loveyourcraft #lovetotrain #trainsmart #fridaylifts #powerclean #tgif #strengthandconditioning #geekstuff #practicewhatyoupreach
Gang is almost all here 💪 @global_fitnesskelowna @coach_persis @goliath.cpt @viala_training @chrisstratis @prestige.athletics @results4lifefitness @gordpalmer
Sometimes my boss works. Or gives me mean mugs when I’m trying to work. 😂 #physiqfitness #physiq #workplaceshananigans #mischiefmaker #fitness #strengthcoaches #motivators
🤔 Wenn ich nur 2 Übungen machen dürfte: Latissimus . Lies den semper fi blog post! Link im Profil @semperfibodyconcept
We are so excited for this collaboration! Owner, Bruce Lombard will be traveling today to Louisiana State University to provide a unique hand speed & conditioning training to one of the TOP collegiate softball teams in the country! We are excited to be working with such a great women's softball program and assist in developing their hand speed and coordination skills. . #lsu #softball #martialarts #conditioning #crosstraining #athletes #fitness #training #travel #speed #collegelife #collegiate #skills #mma #defense #louisiana #pennstate #collaboration #program #handspeed #footwork #strength #womensoftball #strengthcoaches #mmafx #selfdefense
Wk7 was brutal and I am sore as hell and hurting from it already. Today was a 3hr training session and it rocked me. 🍕Speed Squats 12x2: 50% + 6 chains 🍕 Max Effort Stiff Bar Block Pulls 615x3 🍕same weight with reverse green bands 3x5 🍕 Snatch Grip RDLS 3x12 🍕 Leg Press 3x15 🍕 Yolk Walk 3 Trip’s down and back  Now eating 🍕  @elitefts #elitefts #teamelitefts #livelearnpasson #bellaforza @julialadewski  #mowhawkmethod @illianapowerasylum  #embracethecrazy #ipapowerliftingteam #strengthcoaches
Sad to hear about the passing of Charles.  Was very sudden at the age of 57.  I didn't agree with everything he preached and taught but his impact on the strength and conditioning world was great!!! The amount of Olympians he worked with was astounding.  I use his structural balance assessment each and everyday on athletes and clients along with some of his acupressure resets.  Learned a lot from this man over the years for sure!!!! RIP brother.  #charlespoliquin #strengthcoaches #strengthsensi #guru #sportperformance #strengthtraining
Wednesday's Movement Snacks Reverse Hyper •The move will directly strengthen your posterior chain and glutes🍑 •Weakness in these two areas are the main reason that so many people suffer from lower back pain❌ • Reverse hypers build hamstring and hip flexor flexibility, anti-flexion core stability and glute strength💪 •The reverse hyper can be used with both light and heavy loads in everyday training to reduce lower back tightness and strengthen hamstrings, glutes, hips, and more✔ • It is important start with our progressions and ease your way into using the reverse hyper. Too much, too soon can be very potent and cause a lot of tightness and discomfort •Progression 1 - No weight. Controlled movement, specifically at the top and bottom. ( shown here) •The reverse hyper is also used for spine and back therapy✔ •“It decompresses the spine and has no vertical compression on the spine at all. This machine serves as a rehabilitation mechanism in the eccentric phase. The spine is gently stretched and depressurized during the process, creating--in essence--an internal pumping mechanism, filling the spinal column with spinal fluid and the lower back muscles with blood.” (From www.roguefitness.com)✔ More Is Not Better ❌ Better Is Better ✔  Train Smarter💡
For full video and blog post 👉🏻 go to my link tree in IG profile and select @elitefts Log @elitefts #elitefts #teamelitefts #livelearnpasson #bellaforza @julialadewski  #mowhawkmethod @illianapowerasylum  #embracethecrazy #ipapowerliftingteam #strengthcoaches
Teaching kids to move is top priority at a young age. Here we have our young volleyball athlete learning a reverse karaoke, I challenge you to try this, even if in private.  @elitefts #elitefts #teamelitefts #livelearnpasson #bellaforza @julialadewski  #mowhawkmethod @illianapowerasylum  #embracethecrazy #ipapowerliftingteam #strengthcoaches
You have everything you need to build something far bigger than yourself -Seth Godin • It’s about recognizing your strengths & appreciating the skills you have. Our month of self love has allowed me to think daily about what is amazing about me! It’s not narcissistic, it’s self empowerment. An empowered woman is unstoppable, and she will empower those around her 🏋🏼‍♀️#DayByDay #strongertogether
💥Topical Tuesday💥  Should you use Weight lifting 🏋🏽‍♀️ belts?  First, a belt is used as a external reminder to maintain a neutral spine through bracing. (Internal pressure against against spine). Secondly, your body has an internal “weightlifting” belt, [abdominals, QL, obliques, & transverse abdominis]. The ability to properly control these muscles is difficult but not impossible and should be practiced regularly.  A belt should be used only when you can no longer accommodate the load to maintain your internal brace to support your spine.  Caution: 🚨🚨🚨A belt is not a fix all!  A weak core or inability to maintain your brace without a belt will only lead to major compensation and form breakdown over time with increase loads. So, do your spine and self a favor learn to use your core to brace your spine before you go out a purchase a weight lifting belt 🏋🏽‍♀️