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Only 9 weeks till Christmas?! 😯 . .  Start a regimen now & you'll be glowing just in time for Christmas pictures! . .  #rodanandfields #skincareroutine #glowing #glowingskin #skincareatitsfinest #stopputtingitoff #whatareyouwaitingfor #60daymoneybackguarantee #whatdoyouhavetolose
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What time is it you ask? Time to book those appointments you’ve been avoiding! Get after it today.”!I’ll be that annoying voice on your shoulder saying....”pick up the phone”! 😍  Let me know....did you book? - -mammogram ✅ -dentist ✅ -hair ✅ -eye doctor ✅ . . #stopputtingitoff  #getitdone #ootd #journeyjacket #cunninghamshirt #bronnivision
This doesn’t have to be a sad conversation. It’s only sad if you’re not properly covered. Show your family how much you love and care for them by purchasing a policy that will protect them in their biggest time of need. #doyouhavelifeinsurance #uselocalagentslikeme #stopputtingitoff #doitfortheonesyoulove
Man you need to get in on this. Not only is it it a great cardio work out, it makes the rest of my day feel great, I love the atmosphere and the music keeps me pumped. The instructors are awesome they keep it positive, and you can really shred away that extra stuff. Get your WEEK FREE at @cyclebar_temecula mention @q1033temecula and see what people are talking about. Don’t blame your schedule there are plenty of classes to choose from, #local #fun #workout #cardio #weekfree #temecula and #shred . Lmk I’ll roll with you! #onair #radiodj #stopputtingitoff
Here's the scene.. It's Christmas Day Evening, you're sitting on the sofa waiting for Mrs Browns Boys with a cold one having enjoyed an amazing day with family. .. .. You've been crawling on the floor helping the kids build their new toys. .. .. You've even been out for a walk to help the youngest learn to ride their new bike. .. .. You've eaten the yummiest Christmas Dinner & enjoyed every mouthful, it's the first time in a few weeks that you've had a cheat meal.  You're feeling pretty smug that the new jumper your partner bought you has to be exchanged for a smaller size. .. .. It's the 1st christmas you've felt really good about yourself & everyone has complimented you all day about the change in you physically, mentally and emotionally? .. .. OR IS SCENARIO 2 MORE REALISTIC? .. .. It's Christmas Day Evening, you're sitting on the sofa waiting for Mrs Browns Boys with a cold one having enjoyed an amazing day with family. .. .. The downside is you've had to watch everyone help build the new toys as your belly gets in the way of you getting on the floor. .. .. Your partner took the youngest out to teach them to ride their new bike as you'd be out of breath getting your shoes on. .. .. You've eaten the yummiest Christmas Dinner but  sitting on the sofa you feel bloated & annoyed that you hadn't lost weight so you could've enjoyed it without the guilt that follows. .. .. You're feeling pretty low as the new jumper your partner bought you in your usual size is too small & needs to be exchanged for a bigger one or put in the wardrobe until you have finally lost the weight you've been promising you'd lose. .. .. It's yet another christmas when everyone has commented on how tired you look, you feel like you've just wasted another year doing nothing instead of putting your health first like you told yourself you would on 1st January but had already given up by the 18th. .. .. Which scenario would you prefer to be in?  NUMBER 1? .. .. So tell me again why it's a good
"Transformation Tuesday"⁣ ⁣ The picture on the left was taken the very first day of my journey! My package had just come in the mail I got home from work and absolutely could not wait to take my pictures and get ready for the next Monday when we started! And let me just tell you that excited attitude drained the second I looked at the pictures. I was upset looking at these pictures, I mean I hadn't really took a vulnerable picture like that in 2 years and it had been just about that long since I had stepped on a scale. My self esteem dropped and I had that thought that I would never loose the weight I wanted too.⁣ ⁣ Fast forward 4 months later to the second picture! And to me, it looks like a completely different person! No, I'm not just talking about the weight loss. I did loose a total of 21 pounds in that time frame, but what's truly different is the self confidence I have on the right! I put my heart into my journey and I have been rewarded in more ways then I could ever imagine! I feel so much healthier, I have so much more energy, and I am happier then I have been in a long time.⁣ ⁣ What's holding you back from starting your own journey? ⁣ What is truly stopping you from taking that first step?⁣ Stop waiting for tomorrow and make tomorrow today!⁣ ⁣ #transformationtuesday #myresults #healthyeating  #healthylifestyle #hardwork  #stopputtingitoff
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I was reminded of this today and it's got me thinking its time to update my bucket list and make plans to tick some of those babies off..... What's on your bucket list?  And does anyone know of a better name than 'bucket  list' ? . . . #bucketlist#ifnotnowwhen#todolist#faceyourfear#doitanyway#adventure#takechances#wanderlust#whatdoyouwanttodo#stopputtingitoff#takealeap#dontlookback#cherylhastingswellness
Simple yet very true statement. .  If you want to make a change, don’t wait for the “right time”. Don’t say ok next month, next week, or next year.... The time will pass no matter what you decide. You can look back at that week, month, or year and see how much you’ve changed or you can look back and wish you would have took action! .  MAKE THE CHANGE!!
💥 MOTIVATION MONDAY 💥 ⠀⠀ Only 78 days left in 2018! What are you going to do the next 78 days? ⠀⠀ Many times we tell ourselves I’ll wait until January 1st to start the gym, or start eating better, or start saving up more but why wait?? How much would you be missing waiting until the new year.  That’s 78 opportunities to do something you keep putting off. ⠀⠀ You have 78 chances at a healthier lifestyle, 78 times you can choose to better yourself, that’s 78 more then the person who decided to wait.  I challenge you to finish 2018 strong and not wait until 2019 because frankly there is just no reason to. ⠀⠀ Xoxo, Beach Fit Mom . . . . . . #motivationalmondays #stopputtingitoff #makethebestofit #endtheyearstrong #motheroftwo #bikinimom #youarestrong #imabadass #beachgirl #saltlife #havefunwithit #besilly #fitover35 #fitat30 #30andfit #weightlosshelp #boymom #girlmom #itsmytimenow #busymomlife #dontcheatyourhealth #gettingfitter #changeyourmindset #mombosslife #abetterlife #fitnessmommy #betterinmythirties #ipreview @preview.app
🤯 - Mind blown? Me too!! This is exactly why I do what I do. These incredible transformations are from the last fitbet that just wrapped up! 30 days people. THIRTY!! No patches, pills, wraps or other dangerous methods. No starving 🤚 we like our carbs!! If you can give me 30 minutes, 4 days a week (give yourself actually) I can promise you results!  So, what will you achieve over the next 30 days?  My next fitbet kicks off October 22nd. Drop your interest below to claim your spot. . . . . . . . . . . . . #transformation #beforeandafter #fitnessjourney #fitnessinspo #fitspo #fitfluence #fitmum #fitfam #hustleforit #resultsinprogress #mumswholift #reallife #realtalk #mumblog #mumblogger #workingmum #doitforyou #last90 #sundayvibes #startyourjourney #startyourweekstrong #endtheyearstrong #dietstartsmonday #startnow #dothistoday #stopputtingitoff #parentblog
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Please leave a reply below because I’m super interested in learning more about you and seeing everyone’s answers! If you knew that there wasn’t going to be a “tomorrow”...what would you do today!? This doesn’t leave much time for those big Bucket List items... . What do you keep putting off today, that really shouldn’t wait till tomorrow? . #whatif #regret #doitnow #makepeace #forgiveness #thursdaythoughts #whatwouldyoudo #conversationstarters #getshitdone #ponder #stopputtingitoff
Next group starts in 4 days! What will your next 30 days look like if you keep doing what you’re doing? Wanna change it? Hit me up! #arbonne30 #resultsdontlie #change#positivevibes#todayistheday#burnthenegativity#doit #stopputtingitoff#dontprocrastinate
As long as I have a tablet and my programs downloaded I will get in my workouts no matter where I am.  Now to be in trainings all day. Happy Friday eve!! #noexcuses #makeithappen
THIS IS MY GYM! Yeah that’s right, I get to workout from my own home every single day thanks to my virtual gym 🏡 In college I went through phases where I was really into going to the gym. I’d go for a few weeks but eventually lose my momentum and just stop going all together 😫 When I made it there, I had no idea what to do and wasn’t seeing any results, which is mostly why I would just give up 🤦‍♀️I found myself feeling discouraged about having to start over every time and wished there was an easier way. Now all I have to do is head into my zen den, open my laptop, & press play 👩🏼‍💻There is literally no excuse for me not to show up!! 💪💪 Not only can I workout from home but I can also bring my workouts with me when I’m traveling or just need a change of scenery! How do you usually get your workouts in?! 🏃🏼‍♀️Let me know in the comments loves 😘💖