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Sea Buckthorn? Bilberry? Lingonberry? 🤷‍♀️ Time to discover these Arctic beauties and add them to your #superfood pantry ❤️💙🧡
✨Supercharge your favourite recipe with flavour and nutrition and taste the bliss in every ball 😝 Just add a few teaspoons of any of our delicious berry powders to the mixture and marvel at the new and exciting flavours you never knew existed. ✨Ready to make these bad boys at home? Follow the link in bio to be the first to know when we launch!😃
#repost @pity_figueiredo (Get_Repost  ᗷOᗰ ᗪIᗩ!! Bata sua criatividade no liquidificador! 😝Tem grandes chances de dar certo! 😋😂 . Tô brincando gente! Essa é uma adaptação que consigo fazer dentro da dieta prescrita pelo @ulissesnutricionista pq eu amo variar! 😉🎯🍹 . Só bater no liquidificador: 🌀 ✔️1 copo (não tão cheio) de leite de amêndoas @vidaveg 🍶🌰 ✔️1/2 dose de whey sabor Iogurte Grego (Protein Smoothie) da @optimumnutrition_br 🍶💪🏼 ✔️1 maracujá orgânico @hortelapimenta 🍋 ✔️Uma pitada de especiarias uma mistura de canela💥, pimenta vermelha 🌶, cravo, anis estrelado e funcho) 💥 ✔️Gelo ❄️ . Prontinho! Por cima coloquei um pouquinho de leite de coco em pó do Mundo Verde SJC 🥥!! Inclusive, todos os outros ingredientes você encontra aqui na Mundo Verde SJC 💚 . #pitynacozinha #smoothie #shake #maracuja #delicious #mundoverdesjc #healthytips #healthyeating #healthylifestyle #vivaesseestilo #receitasfit #receitaspraticas
Join me LiVE on Facebook @ 830 am CST for a Tasty Sweet Potato Pie 🍠 Smoothie Recipe. Tag A Friend & Download recipe @ http://goo.gl/DSna5Y Let's WIN!!
New VEGAN product available! HERBALIFE NUTRITION.... cutting edge ♥️ Available on Monday 🍌😋🙋🏼‍♀️ . #healthylifestyle #nutrition #health #shake #smoothie #vegan #banana #coach #joinus #herbalife
Give your granola bowl a makeover! 💙 Add 1-2 teaspoons of Arctic bilberry powder to your yogurt and enjoy the fresh berry fragrance and flavour. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ And by the way, all that gorgeous purpleness is not just for show - bilberry powder is so incredibly rich in color due to extremely high content of anthocyanin. This flavonoid compound has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, protecting your body from within.🙌
Deliciosos Smoothie para desayuno se los recomiendo gracias a mi taller de neuropower aprendiendo a comer sano, a mi queridas que lo imparten @neuroconciencia y @powerup.yl  #alimentaciónsaludable #neuropoweralimenticio #bienestar #smoothie #reto #megustaloquehago #venezuela #argentina
Make even the blandest of staples SUPER with our super berries!  Take this not-so-humble piece of toast - we have added some ricotta, cacao nibs, fresh blueberries, honey, and a dash of our wild #bilberry powder and BOOM! a delicious, nutritious and photogenic breakfast was born 💜 Fun fact: wild Arctic bilberry is more than three times richer in antioxidants than cultivated blueberry. All thanks to cooler climate and abundance of daylight in its natural habitat. In summer, each berry gets AT LEAST 19 hours of sunshine each day slowly ripening under the never-setting Arctic sun ☀️
Kahvaltım da tam buğday ekmeği ile yaptığım  peynirli tost vardı😋 Günlük ekmek ihtiyacımı kahvaltı da bitirmiş oldum🙈  #smoothie #diyettost #motivasyon #diyetteyim #leslie #spor #hareket
Ready to spring clean your diet? Discover new nutritious and tasty #superfoods from the Arctic to get you started! ❄️💙 ✨P.S. Our website is now LIVE AND TAKING ORDERS! Don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list and receive 15% OFF your first order✨
Minimalist’s dream smoothie recipe: ✨frozen bananas✨dash of your favourite mylk✨1-3 tsp of Arctic Lingonberry powder✨ Blend and enjoy on it’s own or make a delicious granola parfait! 😋 #eatarctic
Great Rising #addabloomers 🙌🏾🙏🏾 For those like me who feel like today is a Smoothie for Breakfast kinda Saturday, remember from 1 tablespoon of Adda Blooms’ Baobab Powder your body will benefit because: .1. It is rich in vitamin C and helps your body form collagen and elastin. These two structural proteins support  the natural beauty and health of your skin!  2. Baobab has 6x the potassium of bananas 🍌  3. Promotes healthy digestive system and aids weight loss as it is rich in fibre 🌾 4. Baobab has twice as much calcium as milk 🥛 5. Has 50% of daily required iron 💪🏃 . . . . . . YouTube channel for Wellness Wednesday video S01 E02! .📲💻🖥 See link in bio! .Youtube 👉🏾 Adda Blooms . . . . .Do you live in Toronto? Are you looking for a juice detox to regain your energy, strength, and alertness? You can call or message your orders for your juices and have them delivered if you live in the GTA. . . . #buthowdoyoubloom ? 🌱 . . . . . #juicing #juicingforhealth #juicingforweightloss #ancientfood #likeforlikes #entrepreneur #weightloss #fitness #toronto #janeandfinch #africa  #ghana #addablooms  #baobab #motivationalquotes #nutrition #nutritionist #morningmotivation #smoothie #followtrain #healthy #healthylife #healthybreakfast #wholefood #plantbased #vegan #wellness
It's Saturday😃 and we are making some #healthysnacks for the week ahead. Sea buckthorn, chia and almond bliss balls are one of our favourites 😋 What's going on in your kitchen today?
Liver Rescue #smoothie & #wildblueberry stained fingers - inevitable, @medicalmedium #medicalmedium? With the gorgeously  neon pink fresh pitaya. Exotic and #liverrescue cleansing! Shamelessly addicted  #nomakeup #nofilter I don't wear foundation and am proud of my skin #nomakeuprequired
Saturday started with a blueberry smoothie 🍑 #smoothie #blueberry #vanillasoymilk #vanilla #soymilk #yoghurt #banana #goodfood #pampering #foodpics #saturday
Closeup of our dreamy BILBERRY & BANANA smoothie bowl 🥣 May you Monday breakfast be as decadent and nutritious as this little number! 😃😋
Who said porridge is bland and boring? We certainly disagree! Give the old staple some love with delicious toppings and maybe even some Arctic #bilberry goodness 💙😍 ✨P.S. Our website is now LIVE AND TAKING ORDERS! Don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list and receive 15% OFF your first order✨
✨Simplicity✨ is our motto! You are so much more likely to get into a habit of something that is simple and effortless. That’s why adding extra punch of nutrition is so easy with our super berry powders - just add them to anything you love eating already 😃
Mmm... not sure if eating ice cream for breakfast good for you? 🤷‍♀️ Well it could be, if you make it our three ingredient Sea Buckthorn & Banana NICE-cream 😉  Just blend three frozen bananas, a dash of mylk and two teaspoons of Arctic sea buckthorn powder and enjoy 😋