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According to BoatUS, 69% of vessels that sink happen at the dock. With BRNKL you can receive notifications if your bilge is running frequently, if a high water alarm is tripped, or if your boat begins to list at the dock.  Unfortunately for this vessel, 1947 Yacht Peregrine sunk at Corp of Engineers dock at Sausalito.  We hope it can be saved!  #smartboats
No one around to check on your boat? No worries, with BRNKL you can receive notifications to your smartphone, tablet, or computer whether you’re at the dock, at home, or halfway around the world. #smartboats 📸 @nie.znane.trojmiasto
Allow your loved ones to track your voyage with BRNKL. We know that “checking in” can slip through the cracks when you’re the captain, simplify your journey with remote monitoring! #smartboats 📸 @bejamin
Imagine all the places you will go and all the people you will meet. Cruising season is approaching here in the Pacific North West and we at Barnacle are dreaming of our next adventure.  Release any tension you may have when leaving your boat at anchor. With BRNKL you can check on your vessel at anytime... Even while you’re searching for what’s around that next corner. #smartboats 📸 @ernathan
During a recent install we could hear the faint noise of a buzzer coming from a few slips away... We decided to do a quick walk around and discovered that a vessel’s high water alarm was sounding. We alerted the marina and left for the day. We came back the next day and sure enough the alarm was still sounding! We haven’t been back since, but if this vessel had a #brnkl installed we would be confident that the boat owner knew exactly what is happening onboard. #smartboats
We are often asked, “is #brnkl a good fit for commercial vessels?” The answer is simple, “yes!” Commercial vessels can sit idle for long periods of time during the year. BRNKL helps owners ensure their critical systems are functioning properly and provides security measures to make sure that anyone trying to “help themselves” to expensive gear on these boats is avoided. BRNKL has re-invented the way boat owners check on their boats. #smartboats
“I have the worst ‘boater’s anxiety’.” A friend of ours would say, “every time I would walk to my boat I would think: Did I remember to connect my shore power? I hope I didn’t leave my crab traps on the deck...” Now, with #brnkl, our friend can check on his boat from his smartphone anytime, anywhere.  Like a home security system for your boat, BRNKL sends you notifications if any of your critical systems need attention. #smartboats
We are blown away to have been featured on the cover of @douglas_magazine and announced as #10towatch. We are grateful for the support we have received from the business community as we continue to grow! #smartboats
Where will your next adventure take you?  Allow your family to follow along by giving them access to your #brnkl data. They can know your GPS position and the general health of your vessel. In the extreme case that you run aground, your family members will receive the impact notification and be able to support you from land.  Note: the BRNKL “All in One” comes with a lens cap so that your family doesn’t see *everything* 😊  #smartboats
Is your boat ok?  One of our founder’s moorage neighbours broke moorage today. The vessel floated among the other sailboats in the mooring field, then took off towards Whiskey Point (the point seen in the above photo) after the tide changed. She landed on the beach a couple of hours ago and the vessel owner spent some time buzzing around the bay trying to find her. The boat is currently on the beach at this time and it appears a recovery is in progress.  When our founder heard that the boat was drifting near his vessel he immediately checked the #brnkl app for any impact notifications and any anomalies on his boat’s pitch and heel. Thankfully all appears well on his boat (see screenshot on the second photo). #smartboats
We’ve added a @cutwaterboats to the #brnkl family of installs. This particular customer’s main concern was security. This install included a door sensor, key fob and alarm and of course our camera equipped with night vision. Monitoring his GPS location, bilge activity, battery levels and high water alarm were all a huge bonus for him. A special thanks to our friends @portboathouse for doing such a great install. #topquality #smartboats
We were finally able to accept our @smallbusinessbc award today for “Best Concept”. It’s an absolute thrill to have been nominated and eventually selected as the winner for 2019. Our boat security and monitoring product is gaining traction and we couldn’t be more grateful for the support we have received from the local community. #smartboats #brnkl
As the sun begins to set on another great weekend of boating, where will your boat take you next? #brnkl #smartboats
What makes your boat “yours”? This boat has personal trinkets that include a squirrel/hedgehog (up for debate apparently... we think chipmunk) and a dinosaur on the bowsprit. This customer is a close friend and mentor to us and we are happy to allow their family to receive security alerts if there is motion onboard with the built-in PIR sensor on the “All in One” #brnkl. They will also know the health of their batteries, bilge activity, shore power connection, and the environmental conditions inside their cabin! Now that’s one smart boat! #smartboats
This boat is a beast! A military-grade aluminum boat (@safeboats) that is now protected by #brnkl. This boat is now equipped with our 125db siren, door sensors, battery monitoring, and bilge monitoring! As you know, all of our systems come with built-in impact, pitch/heel, temperature, humidity and barometric pressure monitoring. Special shout out to our friends @shoxsseats who have outfitted this monster with their military grade shock-absorbing seats! #smartboats
Is your boat in your driveway? Are you keeping gear onboard? Downriggers? Outboards? Receive notifications and photographs of people jumping onboard your boat as soon as it happens. With BRNKL’s impact monitoring you can sense unusual activity aboard your vessel. BRNKL can then trigger a siren or flashing lights to scare off the would-be thieves. Your car has an alarm... why not your boat? #smartboats
We know firsthand how stressful it can be to leave a boat on a mooring ball. If your boat breaks free in one of these mooring fields you’ll basically be playing a game of Plinko! With #brnkl you can receive a notification if your boat floats outside of a geofence allowing you to react immediately and recover your boat before it does too much damage to itself or other vessels. #smartboats
When it comes to #brnkl, size doesn’t matter. What matters is what’s important to the boat owner. This particular customer has a 19.5’ custom aluminum fishing machine. With a young family and also owning his own business there’s often no time to go down to the boat and check on it. BRNKL has re-invented the way boat owners check on their boat and now this boat owner knows his boat is safe, his systems are healthy and most importantly, his boat is ready to use when he and his young family want to use it. #smartboats
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a #brnkl on your boat? Today our Founder, Brandon, and his family went for a quick cruise where they encountered porpoises, seals and otters! Watch how BRNKL captures Brandon on the boat and how he sets his geofence at the end of the journey... And yes, he’s still on a mooring ball. #smartboats
#brnkl is not just for recreational vessels. Our most recent install was on a fleet of commercial vessels where the owner wanted to ensure his battery levels were always healthy, his shore power was plugged in and his bilge activity was normal. The ability to see inside his vessels at any moment with our built in camera and the ability to monitor all his boats on one platform were a huge bonus. #smartboats
We love seeing units go out the door! This week we shipped to customers in Canada, USA and Europe. Are you looking for a security and monitoring system for your boat? Look no further, with #brnkl you can check on your vessel with the onboard camera while also receiving alerts from your critical systems. #smartboats
We are obsessed with our coastline and love to see epic photos like these. Nice work @bigcoast!  Make sure your boat’s ready for your next adventure before you even get to the marina. With BRNKL you can check in on your vessel and get notifications if your batteries start to get low. #smartboats
We keep running into this photo by @ruggedpointman with his beautiful vessel anchored among arbutus trees at Wallace Island. Did you know that for us Canadians arbutus trees are only found in the dry southeastern part of B.C.? Primarily Vancouver island and the Gulf islands. #smartboats
Weekend vibes at “the club”. #smartboats
TGIF! It may not be t-shirt weather yet here in Canada, but we can dream, right? We also love the look of this LC18 @jaspermarineboats adventure-mobile! #smartboats
Another #brnkl customer in the books. This particular customer chose our External Camera option and has had several needs met with his new BRNKL. As his boat is his livelihood he needs to be confident that his shore power is always connected to ensure his batteries are always fully charged. Missing a trip because of dead batteries would cost him a lot of money. Also, the camera and door sensor will provide the added security he needs to sleep well at night. #smartboats
Whether you’re single handed or out with friends, you can give your family access to track your journey with BRNKL. They can monitor the health of your vessel and gain peace of mind knowing you’re safe. #smartboats 📸 @dolfvermeulen
Find us at the Victoria Fish and Boat Show this Friday through Sunday! We are excited to be exhibiting our #smartboats product in our home town 👋  New venue ==> Eagle Ridge Arena.
At the dock, at home, or halfway around the world you can check on your vessel with #brnkl. #smartboats
Happy Valentine’s Day from your friends at #brnkl! #smartboats
A great way to warm up and relax after shovelling snow is a therapeutic sauna. How about a floating sauna? A clever boat owner has utilized a sailboat hull and custom built a beautiful cedar sauna to create this unique floating experience. And hey, you could add a #brnkl and monitor the temperature and humidity to ensure it’s just perfect for when you are ready to use it. #smartboats
It’s been really sad to see how many vessels have ended up on the beaches this season. We know that our remote monitoring product won’t prevent a boat from breaking moorage, but we can give you a fighting chance to save the vessel before it’s too late. #smartboats 📸 @flashk2
It’s been a tough week for boats in the Pacific North West. Make sure you’re checking on your vessels! #smartboats 📸 @beachma12
Grateful for the support of our industry partners at the Vancouver Boat Show! Visit our friends @vicinternationalmarina during the last two days of the show today and tomorrow. They’re a 65’+ Yacht marina in our home town of Victoria, BC. #smartboats
“Best in Show - Most Innovative” Product of 2019 presented by @pacific_yachting. We are so excited to have received this award!! This gives our team even more fire to keep innovating and pushing the boundaries in the marine electronics world! #smartboats
A little bit of excitement for us this morning. The owner of this brand new @sunseeker_int Manhattan 52 had a #brnkl installed by our founder in
We are live at the Vancouver Boat Show! Come learn about our boat security and monitoring system. #smartboats #vanboatshow
Daydreaming about summer cruising? Let’s daydream together this week at the Vancouver Boat Show! You can find us at booth 177. #smartboats 📸@graceupongrace.photography
With the freezing temperatures we aren’t used to seeing its #timetobuyabrnkl get alerts right to your phone the moment something isn’t right. Check them out at the #vancouverboatshow this weekend. #yvr #smartboats #ces #technology #monitor #security #saftey #pieceofmind
We see so many photos from the Caribbean, Europe, etc on social media! We are going to spend more time showing off our beautiful backyard here in the Pacific North West! #smartboats 📸 @miss604
Snow today... sun tomorrow? Maybe not, but we can dream! We love seeing photos from Desolation Sound, a real jewel in the Pacific North West. #smartboats 📸 @alexwyder
Fresh #brnkl units delivered to a great distributor! A wonderful way to finish off the week. Happy Friday everyone! #smartboats
How long does it take to install a security and monitoring system (#BRNKL) on your boat? Well, today’s install on a 96’ powerboat was less than two hours. We are continually confirming that all of the systems that BRNKL monitors are already being run back to the helm or breaker panel on a vessel. Since BRNKL only requires sensing wires to those systems, the installation takes a small amount of time before you’re monitoring your bilge, batteries, shore power, and other critical systems! #smartboats
Surprise! You’re on BRNKL camera! Gotta love a corny “Candid Camera” joke 😂. But seriously, this boat owner can now check on their boat from their smartphone. The boat is moored on a small private island, which is not easily accessed. This powerboat maybe gets visited once a month and in this case once every two months in the winter. The installation took three hours, which included picking the camera location, wiring the #brnkl, and demoing the app to the boat owner. #smartboats
Happy Monday! We are still “reeling” after a big day of salmon fishing yesterday. We may not have won the derby, but we have lots of meat in the freezer!  To top it all off, the boat that we fished from was equipped with a #brnkl! Being able to review and track our fishing adventure from our smartphones after the derby was icing on the cake. #smartboats
If this marina could talk, we bet it would have some pretty wild stories! One of the marina operators explained to us today how winds can easily reach sixty knots through Finlayson Arm. The value that #brnkl provides for boats at this semi-remote marina would not only be security, but providing impact data when the winds begin to howl and the boats begin to knock in their slips. #smartboats
@brnklio Is the best boat monitoring system we’ve seen. @guidedoug do you have anything like this on your vessels?  If not take a look. Let me know what you think. #smartboats #technology #timetobuyabrnkl #brnkl #westcoastboatlife #westcoastboating #boat #boats #boating #boatlife #yacht #yachtlife #yachtstyle #sail #sailboat #sailing #boattrip #boatride #explore #boatingbc #ahoybc #luxury #luxurious #yachtdesign #superyacht #megayacht
Another boat protected by #brnkl. This particular boat owner wanted to protect his onboard electronics while also keeping an eye on the health of his batteries. In under 2.5 hours the hardware was installed and this boat owner is now able to check in on his vessel anytime, anywhere. #smartboats
Weather rolling in. What preparations do you take to ensure your vessel is safe and sound during storm season? #brnkl #smartboats
Worried about anchor drag? Having two anchors is one solution. But, having a #brnkl might be a better solution. Your boat will notify you if it floats outside of its customized geo-fence. This is just one of many features that you’ll have at your fingertips with BRNKL. #smartboats
And the winner of the two Vancouver Boat Show tickets is... @baysidedieselandmarine!! Thanks to everyone that participated in our contest.  Do you know anyone moored in this mooring field by the @rvicyc? We’d love to chat with you about your boat and how we could help ease your mind during the next storm. #smartboats #brnkl
@seaspanulc heading to do some car-cycling. These guys are masters of their trade. Fun to watch. #brnkl #smartboats
We have had a number of “low temperature alerts” seen by our customers onboard their vessels. These folks have discovered that their heaters had shut off and their boats turning into ice cubes! With #brnkl your boat is at your fingertips. #smartboats
The sun is setting on an incredible week at #ces2019. We made great new friends, fostered fantastic relationships and came away inspired by what we saw. Despite an unforgettable week, it’s always so great to come home to the city we love so much. #brnkl #smartboats #yyj #ces
The day has arrived. We are live at #ces2019. We are extremely excited and very honoured to exhibiting #brnkl on the "Global Stage for Innovation". #smartboats #ces #canadaces #canadaaces
We are honoured to be representing our country at #ces2019. We have had some amazing meetings and met some incredible entrepreneurs. #smartboats
#ces2019 here we come! Our #smartboats technology may be taking an airplane to get to the show, but we are bringing our nautical spirit! If you’re at #ces this year, be sure to stop by the Canadian Pavilion (Westgate 1021) on Wednesday to learn about #brnkl, security and monitoring for your boat. #canadaces
Princess Aria showing off some of the new inventory from @brnklio! #smartboats