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So today was my first official day of #slimmingworld! I had a phenomenal day!!! I ended the day on 12 Syns, and I got 15 minutes of body magic in (with my hula hoop!) and worked up a bit of a sweat πŸ˜…! I bought a brand new scale and I’m excited to weigh in on Monday!  #slimmingworld #slimmingworlduk #slimmingworldrecipes #slimmingworldplan #slimmingworldlife #slimmingjourney #slimmingworldfood #slimmingworldmotivation #slimmingworldfollowers #slimmingworldfamily #healthyfood #healthyrecipes #healthylifestyle #healthyeating
Made a quick SW curry and rice for tea all free ✨
Weighing the milk I put in my brew so I can syn appropriately! I think under syning from winging amounts is a big downfall and could make all the difference in the weighloss progress! & my HEB ✨
πŸ₯§ pease pudding pie πŸ₯§  Pease pudding πŸ†“ Egg πŸ†“ Mince πŸ†“ Onion πŸ†“ Carrot πŸ†“ Mushroom πŸ†“ Potato πŸ†“ Cabbage πŸ†“ Peas πŸ†“ Milk in the mash (HEA) Gravy granules (4 syns) To make I mixed the pease pudding with egg, lined a dish and blind baked for 15 minutes, added the mince filling and put some leftover mix on top and baked until it looked crispy. Inspired by other people who recommended this as a pastry alternative! It’s wasn’t really for me but once it’s mixed into the other food it kind of gives you that pastry idea. Was worth a try! Always like to experiment πŸ˜„
🍳 breakfast 🍳  60g wholemeal bread (HEB) Spaghetti hoops (0.5) πŸ™„ Hash browns (4) Quorn sausages (1) Egg πŸ†“ Bacon πŸ†“ β˜•οΈ sugar (2) milk (1) β˜•οΈ 8.5 syns for this meal is pretty high 😳 lucky it’s both breakfast and lunch 🀫
That escape room was the scariest, darkest, most evilest thing I have ever done!  I have done haunted house after house but nothing remotely came close to this room!  There were body parts, we were working on solving a child murder case, there was a pentagram, blood, a seance room and everything!!! It felt like some kind of “The Ring” “Nightmare on Elm Street, “Saw,” “Se7en” literal, living nightmare HELL!  I went into  the parking lot and started pacing nervously back and forth, saying, “I need to get my mind off this.  My heart is racing.  I need to go workout or something.” @kzarogoza and I have mad anxiety now! I’m so glad it’s over.  My nerves are so on edge.
The cool thing about being able to stream your workouts at home is, there are so many different types of workouts to choose from.  My youngest is doing her 3 week yoga program while I finish up Round 2 of my 80 day cardio, weight lifting program. She’s streaming from the iPad while I steam from the Apple TV.
I always thought I were destined to be plus size. I never thought I could be the girl who conveyed the most confidence - who wore what she wanted and truly didn’t hold onto any insecurities. I thought baggy ill fitting clothes were what I were destined to wear and to wear forever. I didn’t think it were possible to lose over 9 stone in just 10 months. I didn’t think I had the motivation or strength to do it. I hope to show that it is possible, that you too can realise your potential. You’re not alone πŸ’– . .Follow @great_weightloss_inspirations for inspiring stories, tips, humor and a possible featureπŸ’ž - πŸ“Έ All credits to respective owner @sw_sarahlinney 😍 . . . . .  Thanks to slimmingworld #slimmingworld #slimmingworldinspiration #slimmingworlduk #slimmingworldmotivation #slimmingworld #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #weighday #fitnessmotivaton #fitness #motivation #targets #weightloss #weightlossblog #transformation #slimmer #inspire #motivate #mondaymotivation