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A couple of weeks ago, I met up with a few girls to do a PaintNite event.  Sweet @simpledailybeauty brought me a belated birthday package.  Thank you Stella! • #crabtreeandevelyn London Pear and Pink Magnolia #dwhome Dragon Fruit Candle #rituals of Hamman Body Scrub #skinesque Aqua Mask #berrisom Sos! My Lip Patch #thebodyshop Deep Nourishing Mask #puorella Royal Care Steam Hair Pack #raelbeautylab Vitamin C Vita Bright, Collagen Youth Island, Hydration Hydrolock #kinacosmetics Oxygen-O2 Mask Pack #frienvita Aqua Gold Glow Mask, Firming Gold Glow Mask #entia After Test Vitamin Water Pack, After Overwork Vitamin Water Pack #garnier SkinActivr Moisture Bomb #origins Plantscription Youth-renewing Sheet Mask #sulwhasoo First Care Activating Mask Hello Gorgeous Mug • #jolefriendmail2018 #abcommunity #skincare #skincareasddict
Word to the wise.... or whatever the expression is.... bathing or showering a child with a 10 inch bandage with stitches from his knee down is a pigging nightmare. 🀣🀣🀣🀣.... need a little how to guide! Getting them in the bath without wetting the bandaging is a challenge.... keeping all splashing to a minimum is a new skill for my son.... one he is thankfully picking up.... wise move. Getting him out the bath ..... yep will handle that when need to. However, using these beauties in the bath is  simply the dreamy part of the whole bath shenanigans!  Adoring how these smell..... and just like that a little piece of calm is restored to our bathroom. Wondering how long this bath can last.... Big love to Little Aurelia πŸ’š
Over the last 6 weeks, with one of the family on a refined sugar free diet, we have been experimenting with a whole load of different recipes to keep the sweeter tooth happy. This is one of the reasons I love Instagram.... so many great accounts with great recipe inspirations. London Paleo Girl was one of the first accounts I followed when I joined Instagram. Recently she posted this pic and recipe. Fore-warning...... these taste dang good!! Recipe below for you try them. Thank you @londonpaleogirl ・・・ CHOCOLATE NANA BITES  All you need πŸ‘©πŸΌ‍🍳 Banana 🍌  Cinnamon  @vitacocoeu coconut milk πŸ₯₯  @pbfit.official Nut Butter Powder πŸ₯œ  Chocolate of your choice 🍫(I go for a dark chocolate no added sugar one). Method 1️⃣ Slice the banana into approx 2 inch chunks  2️⃣ Make the Nut butter: combine 3 tablespoons of the powder into a bowl, add the coconut milk a little bit at a time and stir until it’s into a smooth thick pourable consistency 3️⃣ Add the banana slices into the nut butter bowl, completely cover then place on a non stick baking paper tray/ or movable flat surface like a chopping board, add over a dusting of cinnamon then pop in the freezer to freeze for a few hours  4️⃣ When ready melt the chocolate in a water bath sauce pan, when chocolate is completed melted dip each nut banana piece into the chocolate until fully covered then place back onto the baking paper to freeze again. Few hours and their done! 🌟 They last in the freezer for ages (if you don’t eat them all at once) and are a surprisingly healthy sweet snack.
Sunday night routine..... fairly changeable..... but always includes an über long bath and some kind of face mask. Tick Toc..... best end to a weekend πŸ˜‰. Some of my baths came from the awesome @williamholland_ltd
So where did that cheeky little gale force wind come from. My “blow the cobwebs away” walk on the beach actually turned into a “let’s see how much of your hair can get stuck to your lip gloss at one time” kind of a walk πŸ’‹.... refreshing! It has not deterred me from looking at lipsticks  this evening though.  The Wild With Desire colours from @rmsbeauty (pic) are simply perfect to brighten up any autumn or winter day! I have RMS red in my lipstick arsenal already but am do love most of the RMS range...... which one gets your vote? πŸ’š All 10 shades of the Wild With Desire Lipstick Series!  From left: Sweet Nothing, Pretty Vacant, Vogue Rose, Breathless, Brain Teaser, Rapture, Russian Roulette, Jezebel, Rebound and RMS Red.
So we have officially hit the point in the kid’s #halfterm holidays where they are currently debating/squabbling/wrestling about pretty much everythingπŸ‘» It seems to be all hell yeah or outright on most discussions. Normally I applaud this outlook on decision making.... but I get a feeling today that if one says black the other will just say white just to annoy! Ooft!!!! What are your plans for the holidays? 😳 🎞@empiredesignintl
One Rainy Wish.... here is the thing, I don’t just have one wish on this rainy bleugh Edinburgh day.... I have a few. Trying to keep it to one hand but failed so promise to keep it to two🀣. First and foremost on rainy days do most people not wish for some sunshine? So surely the “one rainy wish” thing should already include that as standard. Oh man we want so sunshine on our bones today. Bring back the sun it makes everything feel nicer. September, so far has been the month that the wheels properly came off in our house and we have stumbled from one sh*t storm to the next. Does it give me the fear that we are only just half way through the month? Hell to the yes. Off to whittle down my wishes for today. What are you wishing for today?
Thank Friday it is #friday .... So I had an afternoon nap this week..... it felt great ..... but those pesky crows are still doing their thing at 4am and killing my good nights sleep. In homage to that here are 5 ways to fake looking more awake 😜 https://buff.ly/2JKEMSt
This weekend.... I became a little obsessed with air purifying plants..... this is only a handful of my new beauties!  Who would have thought that after that summer when I “allegedly “ killed all my mums plants, I would now find my greener fingers! #thegreenerlifestyleedit
Would you like to know one of my beauty secrets ? πŸ€«πŸ‘‰ βœ¨πŸ’•#primergoals #glowgoals @biobellecosmetics . Te gustaría saber uno de mis secretos de belleza? πŸ€«πŸ‘‰βœ¨ úsalo antes del maquillaje para un resultado espectacular .  #skincaretips #primer #skincareasddict #selfcare #selflove #secret #tips #insttips #lablogger #blogger #bblogger #instablogger #influencer #entrepeneur #metoo #girlboss #latinaboss #boss #girlpower #glowskin #flawlessskin #flawless #makeupaddict #mua #sundayvibes #millennialpink #millennials #beautyambassador
.... wondering if it is too early to spend the next few hours in a bath and do this facial?!?? πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Love a #dryshampoo but want to find one that is paraben free or sulphate free or 100% natural? Over on the blog are the dry shampoos you want to get to know! https://buff.ly/2BDRq0A
#friday goals versus Friday reality........
Some may say buying a face oil without smelling it let alone testing  it first is a bit of a gamble, but that is what I did with this one from Votary. Only slightly amusing when my first order of it arrived and all I could smell was the oil coming through the package after it has leaked. Sadly there had been an issue along the way but that was fairly easily rectified with the store. So voila.... here is my gorgeous looking, smelling and feeling Votary Facial Oil!  The is the second product I have tried from this British brand and I really like it!! Face oils are a skincare favourite of mine, how about you?
Twinkle, Twinkle.... Take Me To The Spa!!! Over on the blog today I have been sharing 6 of the places that I am planning to get my spa on in 2018. So if you are done reading about Brexit, Snow or if you want a little Christmas Gift inspiration why not check it out! Link is in the bio πŸ’š (Pic : @bamfordhaybarnspa )
We are big fans of visiting London in our house and we have a list of things that were musts to do in each visit! In no particular order .... Snowflake Gelato, Content Beauty, Sushi, Our favourite Greek restaurant and for me I LOVE FaceGym! πŸ’š You may have noticed but I do tend to duck away from pics of me, but after a trip to FaceGym I am happy for a selfie and without make up! The team at FaceGym are epic and I love how they iron out my elevens lines in between my brows! No elevens lines ..... woo hoo ..... miracle .... Instant face lift ..... I really need one of those today. I would love to know what treatment makes you feel selfie ready! #theeverygirl #flashesofdelight
Standard position for Mr Dog when there is roast chicken for dinner ..... on guard! #hoopnloop #butternutter
Sunday + family = everything πŸ’—  @root_and_flower (pic)
Brilliant idea .... check out The Recycled Candle Company