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@koreytnolan of @primalsnowboards checking out a freshly cut board. More photos and story to come on Shaping the East website. Hit the link in bio to check it out!
@shapingtheeast and @primalsnowboards = #badassery  More to come.....
Shaping the East website is LIVE! Got two galleries up of @jacquesberiau and @drabfins . With two more features coming soon from @soundingssurfco and @primalsnowboards ! Please check it out and share! Support your local shaper! Support your local shop! Future collabs with @brother_surfcrafts and @blacktunasurfboards coming soon!!!
@shapingtheeast website is live! Hit the link in my profile! It still needs a couple tweaks so bear with me. BUT, there are a couple rad galleries up of @drabfins and @jacquesberiau . With two more galleries on there way from @primalsnowboards and @soundingssurfco !!! If you are just tuning in, Shaping the East is a passion project of mine that is documenting shapers/artists up and down the East Coast that are contributing to the East Coast Surf, Skate, and Snow scene.  Shaping the East is about capturing the shaper/artist in their space, in their element doing what they love. Acknowledging their time, energy, and love for their craft!  We need to shift where we are spending our money! There are so many fucking rad shapers creating beautiful work, right in our backyard! Get to know them! Support them! Support your local economy! Your community!  Please give Shaping the East a follow and share!  Lots of love ✌
@coastal_quiver droppin in on a heavy one!  #coldwatersurf #lifeisbetterina5mil #shapingtheeast #surfphotography
Another epic shot from @nattygraham_ ! Dreaming some of this will be coming our way soon! 🙏🙏🙏 Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!! Please support local shapers and artists this Holiday season! #supportyourlocalshapers #local #shaper #shapingtheeast #surfphotography #documentaryphotography
A glitch in the matrix.  Surfer: @crowleyg_  Board: @not_mikel  Fins: @drabfins  #coldwatersurf #lifeisbetterina5mil #shapingtheeast #surfphotography  #52weeksofnature
Poetry, at its best, is the language your soul would speak if you could teach your soul to speak. - Jim Harrison #jimharrison  #coldwatersurf #lifeisbetterina5mil #shapingtheeast #surfphotography
Surfer: @crowleyg_  Board: @not_mikel  Fins: @drabfins  #coldwatersurf #lifeisbetterina5mil #shapingtheeast #surfphotography