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We are one third of the way through the 100 Days Project! On the blog, a post titled 100 Days of Shalagh : days 15 through 33 . Some brief thoughts on the project and a gallery of all the pictures.  Link in  my profile to my blog at  Shalavee.com . .  #arthealsthesoul #ourcreativeselves #creativityfound #innerartist #createeveryday #creativemamas #taleswithfriends #100daysproject #100daysofshalagh #ontheblog #writersofig #creativechallenge #shalavee
We'll it's a glorious day here ! Spring peepers are singing their love songs from their boggy bedrooms. And Creativity abounds. My $2 moss covered thrifted bunny got a makeover. .  On the blog today, I am declaring my intent to participate in the 100 day project. This free global art project is a way of committing to showing up creatively for 100 days in a row starting April 3. Keeping it small and quick allows for the project to become a body of work and provides visual proof that we do in fact have time to create. .  Link in my profile to the post titled 100 Day Challenge and a Spring Soul Selfie  Challenge on my blog at Shalavee.com  and the story behind making these decisions. YES! Spring Soul Selfie is coming too. More about that soon!  Also check yesterday's post for details on the Wholehearted Living story written for and published on Terri Connellan's Quiet Writing blog. . 🐣❤🐣Happy Friday Y'all❗❤🐣❤ .  #taleswithfriends #crafting #createeveryday #100daysproject #shalavee #creativityfound #creativemamas #ourcreativeselves
The Anonymous groups have a term, "terminally unique". This feeling allows people to slowly kill themselves from their fear of being alone  Here's the thing:  you've never been alone. Alone is a construct of fear and your survival rests on our connection and community. I could not eat or put on awesome deodorant without other people making these items. .  On my blog at Shalavee.com today, a post titled You've Never Been Alone. Link in my profile to a short and enlightening handful of truths that may change your view today. M -W -F posts and Friday announcing my participation in the 100 Day Project starting April 3rd. Oop, there it is. .  #fionamariepeach #ontheblogtoday #selfdiscovery #alifeofintention #theartofslowliving #bedeeplyrooted #bepresent #collectivelycreate #cultivatewhatmatters #embracingaslowerlife #everydaymagic #exploretocreate #feelfreefeed #talrswithfriends #shalavee #mywisdomlessons #emotionalmaturity
#soft #violet for #savouringjanuary2018 and GentleJanuary2018 .  Baby Fiona at 7 months with her violet butterfly blanket. I used to put her to bed on top of it and she remembers that. The blanket is in her bed today 4 years later. It isn't "the" blanket but still gives comfort. .  She was sick this weekend. Me too but not as bad. Mothering always takes precedence. Always. Takes all your plans and gently puts them aside until everything settles again. Because you can have your life and our life, just not always at the same time. .  Conversely, just because you have littles, this does not mean you can't do anything for yourself. Ignoring your needs will only show them how when they grow up, they should deny their own needs too. .  #mywisdomlessons #soul_selfie #taleswithfriends #shalavee #bepresent #liveauthentic #fionamariepeach #i tuitive #writersofig
I'm three days into Fiona's preK year and life feels different in a wonderful way. While she's off getting her learning and social needs met, I'm home buckling down to do the work I've been WAITING to do. .  On the blog, a post titled Let Me Tell You Where I am Now. Link in my profile to Shalavee.com. .  And yes indeed, proof is Ithe picture, it'll soon be time again dear friends to do a week of soul searching for my biannual Soul Selfie Challenge. An opportunity to dig a little in your vulnerability zone and let it be seen. Or just get to know some of your IG friends and community a little better. .  The challenge will be held Oct 9 - 15th, hosted by me, and we'll use the hashtag #soul_selfie to connect with one another. Who's in? .  #challenge #community #taleswithfriends #wisdomlessons #leadership #enlightenment #acceptance #emotionalmaturity #selfdevelopment #shalavee #fionamariepeach
- -My Favorite Color-- #augustbreak2017 .  Is there a harder question to ask? In May, I repainted my dining room a dusty pink. Divine! And my new front door color is a coral color called Lobster Bisque. Also fabulous. But I am always enamoured of blue greens like emerald and aqua, especially when paired with gold greens. My favorite colors are truly combinations and this paint-by-numbers painting palette is a pretty good representation of my  actual color love. .  Am I Busy like this color palette? YES. Today I am musing, if our busy-ness is easier than the hard deep work we're avoiding. We use our tasks to excuse ourselves from the big decisions we're avoiding. We employ children and cell phones to make us look incapable of taking the time to get to what we know we must truly do. .  Link in my profile to my post on Shalavee.com called A Case of the Busyness and a call to regroup with a new strategy for charging at your windmills. .  #taleswithfriends #paintbynumbers #myfavoritecolorpalette #stillmoments #interiors #mywissomlessons #shalavee .
-- Vintage -- #augustbreak2017 .  Did you know I used to have a vintage and gift shop called Bally Eden 12 years ago? When I shut it down, I held onto my favorite stuff to play with when I redecorate which I do this for my pleasure. .  Caring what you think may make me edit myself more than I should. Today on the blog, I wonder if we should care less about how others are thinking about us and our pretty stuff and concern ourselves more with how others are feeling about their lives so that we may be more compassionate ... to our community and perhaps find compassion for ourselves. .  Be more willing to hear what they are holding back so we can move on together. .  Link to my profound post titled What Will They Think on Shalavee.com in my profile. .  #taleswithfriends #vintage #thatsdarling #ontheblog #community #shalavee #soul_selfie
On my blog today, a reposted favorite, a short post On Being My Own Hero and Impressng Myself. Inspiration is everywhere. Grab it while it's going by. Link in my profile. . "Today I need to do things that make me uncomfortable, that I’m avoiding doing. But I also know that given a chance, they may become things I truly enjoy doing. They may lead me to the edges where I can happily stop and not wonder what else. They may lead me to places I never foresaw going and are my favorite places in the future. They may even lead me to connecting with my new favorite people. I just have to start with impressing myself. And allowing for the little unexpected, un-perfect, and exciting moments to unfold." .  May you find inspiration today for your journey.  #fionamariepeach #shalavee #mywisdomlessons #savouringhappiness #taleswithfriends #slowliving #nothingsordinary #ontheblog
Our lives are as good as we perceive them to be. But if my plate is always half empty, I'm trapped in a perpetual state of displeasure. My perception is creating my reality. .  From my blog post today titled, You're Living the Good Life if You Think You Are : "But honestly, life is filled with houses full of inanimate objects and people wrapped up in their own perceived outcomes. We are the ones pumping meaning into our everyday and interaction. What if we had faith the outcome was going to be good? Then we’d manifest it as such. " .  Intentionally focusing today on what is good, nay great and hoping to ignore the rest. Tuna salad on Pumpernickel rye toast with summer vegetable salad. And Snapple peach ice tea.off camera. .  #focus #liveintentionally #tunasalad #whatsonmyplateandinmyhead #shalavee #ontheblog taleswithfriends #manifestation #mywisdomlessons #onmyplate
This is who I am. Equal parts writer and artist. The words free me in such a different way. This past week, I began to write myself out of a funk. On the blog, an honest poetic outpouring of what it feels like to stand smack dab in my way of my becoming. An excerpt here. Follow my link in my profile for the rest of the post. . "This is between me and me. I’m standing in my way. I’m coaxing and cajoling, I’m berating and stating, and still I stand here. And then there’s the little voice that says run while she’s not looking. Pull the band-aid off quickly! Just do it and then over think it. Knuckle down and fake the passion because whatever you are avoiding is usually the one thing you truly need to do." .  #mywisdomlessons #soul_selfie #taleswithfriends #ontheblog #shalavee #writer #craftroom #blogger liveauthentic #thehereandnow
Finally! For you my Lovelies, a little late, the Crunchy Christmas House Tour 2016 is up on the blog (via YouTube). I take a quick spin around my house and decorations before they were taken down yesterday. I seemed to studder a bit but whatevs. And Crackers the cat gets some screen time.  Find the full video on my blog at www.Shalavee.com, linked in my profile, with my story as to why it took me so long.  As I was perusing my other YouTube videos, I found my Crunchy Christmas House Tour from a couple years ago has been viewed over a 1000 times. Go figure.  #taleswithfriends #ontheblog #christmasdecorations #shalavee #ohchristmastree #ripxmas
Today, on my blog, I claim my word for the upcoming year. The irony is that I am scared of my word. Terrified even. .  I have a feeling finding the right way through my life is always about perspective and permission. So I chose Permission as my second word. .  And doing what I do for me and my happiness, that's the perspective I'm aiming to grab ahold of. I have a feeling if I head whole-hog in that direction, I'll feel full of my word. For the right reasons, everything is possible.  Link in my profile to my blog post and my word of the year. You may already know.  #taleswithfriends #wordoftheyear #becauseimawriter #shalavee #interior #mywisdomlessons
Morning brings the light in this window in the livingroom. And Fiona stands playing in her dollhouse, now angled towards the window so I don't have to see the chaos. She jibbers and jabbers to herself, the sound of her new independent mode of play is music to my ears. Her beautiful ginger head glowing in the sunlight . .  My blog post today is titled A Loner Joins the Community.( Link in profile) Being in this online community has challenged and changed me in ways I never foresaw. As a way of spreading my gratitude, I will be doing a giveaway of an original art piece when I hit 1000 followers, pretty much any hour now.  Thank you to everyone for being a part of my Renaissance! . .  #orange for #havenotwant challenge from @edenhensley and #sound for the #navigatingthroughnovember challenge from @ofearthandstars .  #taleswithfriends #ontheblog #shalavee #fionamariepeach #toddlersofinstagram #ginger #igers #creativityfound #creativemamas #createeveryday
Back in May, I wanted to do an Instagram challenge but to go a little deeper with the accompanying tales. There's nothing like a little bit of vulnerability to share awesome conversation and find out who you are. So I nervously launched my Soul Selfie week. And people showed up and participated!  My challenge was such a success, I promised I'd do another one in the Fall of 2016. So here it is dear ones, my Fall #soul_selfie challenge. You asked and I'm delivering.  And as a little twist, I'm joining Rae Ritchie @rae_ritchie_  and her Experience October 2016 challenge for two of the days using her prompts. A chance to think deeper on her Nostalgia and Night prompts. Because memories and fears are what we grapple with and sometimes they need to be hauled out into the light to lift their grip on us.  My Instagram challenge is one week long starting a week from today on Monday October 10th. And if you want to warm up or keep going afterwards, join Rae every day in October for her Experience October challenge, the prompts are on her feed. Hope to have you join me! (Oh and how funny am I to pick a picture of me in a Summer dress with pedicured toes for a Fall challenge. Don't care. Think it's pretty. So there.) #challenge #taleswithfriends #shalavee #doitfortheprocess @teandpaper @todorf @soulsisterdelicia  @thesoulinbloom  @selfie_notes
💝💭💚 D A Y  2 8💚💭💝 💚 … #iam ...(=_=) 💚  I am a mother, a lover.  A writer, a fighter.  I'm who I've always been  and who I've yet to be.  I'm cautious, I'm daring  To be me.  #augustbreak2016 #taleswithfriends #butterfliesarefree #garden#zinniaa #inthismoment #daringgreatly #blogger #shalavee #soul_selfie
Welcome to my first Friday Soul Selfie Challenge, a One Day Only Soul Check-in. I share a bit of insight I've come across recently, something I hold close and I invite you to do the same and tag it #soul_selfie and tag me @shalaghhogan so that we may know your mind and heart today. No pictures of you necessary, just word pictures of your heart.  My self-worth has been my number one DIY project. But how do you discern your own value? Confidence is the word for self-value right? OK, how do you gain that confidence? Still at a loss, I dared to ask a young woman named Caroline Kelso who's got confidence cornered and I received an answer that was surprisingly simple. The story of my path to this Aha is on my blog (link in profile)... and the short of it is TRUST.  If you can not completely trust the mirror of the parent that raised you, you do not trust yourself. And that mirror is what you'll recreate for yourself. As Brene Brown explains in her theory of the anatomy of trust (link to her brilliant talk in my blog post too), these opportunities to gain trust are like marbles in a jar earned one tiny meaningful moment at a time. Ergo trust takes time to create. And when that jar is nearly full, you will have gained your confidence.  Proving I'm trustworthy to myself has been a long magical manifestation from nothingness. Abstinence and goal-setting, instead of insta-gratification, has gained me marbles of self-trust. I've risked putting my soul on my sleeve publicly and have mostly gotten love and kindness back. More marbles. I proved I was already what I wanted to be over and over again. And am beginning to believe it. And that's the  growth I'd hoped and worked for. To trust me.  Feel inspired to share your revealing insightful thoughts? Just post them and tag them with #soul_selfie and all participants will be able to come around and read and visit. Thank you for thinking well enough of me to shine light into your soul.  #taleswithfriends #friday #marbles
Last night was the Fifth grade matriculation simulation. Not an actual graduation per se. But Eamon won lots of awards including one signed the President for academic excellence. He's the blond kid in the middle.  Today on my blog I thoughtfully discuss what it takes to raise a kid with self-esteem. It's not about surrounding them with activities or buying them games. It's about looking into their souls and listening to them speak. Even my husband said it was a good read.  Link to my blog post entitled "Through Your Eyes : Raising a Child With Self-Esteem" in my profile. Thank you for reading what I write. It makes me want to write more and more and that's a lovely thing.  #taleswithfriends #ontheblog #eamonspencerpeach #shalavee