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Happy 1st day of summer!!! Early start to a great season. Love your bar face too! Rise n shine to seize the day...so much easier when it’s beautiful out!  #welcomesummer #june212018 #risenshine #senegencebareface #wokeuplikethis #loveyourbareface #loveyourmornings #lunchpreptime #prepbeforetoddlerswakeup #momlife #bossladylife #organizationiskey #somedaysitseasy
Excited about life this morning! I made myself get up and get to exercise at 5:30! Loving what SeneGence has done for my skin! It is soft, smooth and feels great! My dark spots are a lot less noticeable since I have been using our new treatment— Brightening Multi-vitamin treatment 😍 #antiagingskincare #senegence #senegenceskin #senegenceskincare #glossygloss #senegencebareface
I took the photo on the left because I wanted to see how the quality of my hair improved once I changed my routine. But when I was drying my hair tonight, something felt different and I realized there has been significant growth in just a month. I'm sorry I didn't take a better "before" picture to try and document it better. I never expected such results!!! I could barely stretch my arms out far enough to get it all in the picture.
Hurr for days!
On the eve of this year's Seminar, here is my #senegencebareface. No makeup. No filter. Just the me I'm proud to show the world thanks to what SeneGence has done for my skin. I'll see you tomorrow (but I can't pass up wearing my LipSense!)