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⚡️Seriously could not love this more bc it’s the TRUTH.⚡️ . . Joining a challenge group started a snowball of personal growth and change, which then lead me to giving back via deciding to coach. Wonderful things happen when you decide to forget your excuses, step outside your comfort zone, get a little vulnerable, and go all in FOR YOU. 🌟 . . I personally couldn’t be more excited for the launch of the newest program tomorrow, and the focus it puts on your mental/emotional/spiritual health just as much as the physical. Because let me drop the truth: it’s hard to get and keep the physical results you’re looking for unless you’re doing the internal work as well. I argue that’s the MOST important part. 🙏🏾 . . I’ve opened up 2️⃣ more spots for two lucky women who are ready to BOSS UP and start changing their game. Drop me a message if this is speaking to you - because you are SO worth it. 💯 . . #athomefitness #moveyoass #goaldiggers #morningroutine #rooftopchronicles #betheshift #adaptogenicherbs #superfoodjunkie #michiganbride #puremichigan #detroitfitness #bestversionofyou #liveyourdreamsoutloud #maketimeforyou #morningmeditations #morningvisions #smiledaily #youcandothis #soulhug #detroitfitness #mastermanifester #letsgetbuff #challengeyourlimits #freedomseekers #abundanceseeker #manifestnow #takeyourlifeback #selflovenow #last90days
🔹 Don’t ignore your own potential 🔹 . . I disregarded this coaching opportunity for quite some time based off judgement, fear, and lack of confidence in my abilities. . . Putting myself out there, taking selfies (hello, fear☠️), reaching out to people to offer them a solution they’ve been so desperately looking for in hopes they will be open to listen. I don’t think this comes naturally to most people honestly. ✋🏽 . . Yet I believe we reach a point in our lives where you declare ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and remember you’re far too smart to be the only thing standing in you’re own way.✨ . . The friendships I’ve formed, the confidence I’ve cultivated (still a work in progress folks 🙃), the lives I’ve been able to change (getting those messages from my challengers thanking me just makes me 😭💜), and the seeds of hope I’ve been able to plant 🌱 is worth FAR MORE than sticking to the bs story I kept telling myself. . . If there is ANYTHING about the coaching opportunity that’s sparked your interest or make you think... could I do that?... then I urge you to leave the fear and doubts at the door and check it out. Why not explore 💚Travel 💚Community + connection 💚Getting paid to get fit and healthy 💚Helping others 💚GOING AFTER YOUR DREAMS . . Coaching sneak peek is coming soon. Please just listen to that tiny voice in your head that’s wondering and shoot me a message. Let’s chat. Let go of who you think you are supposed to be and be who you ARE. 🌟 . Happy Friyay 🍟
*SELF ❤ LOVE ❤❤❤❤❤❤ IT ALL STARTS WITH YOU⬅️ It isn't about them, us or they... it's about ME,MYSELF AND I⬅️ We must learn to love ourselves and fall in love with our, pain, trauma, insecurities and all that we are.  SELF LOVE means you must love yourself first and make yourself a priority and ACCEPT,FORGIVE,LOVE & PROTECT YOURSELF... When you start on your journey to self love it can seem lonely and as if there has been a shift from the people around you as but everyone will understand it and can see the situation as negative.  It's not about serving for others and making their needs and wants more important than yours. It is about having a balance and learning to be AUTHENTIC and UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU.  SELF LOVE IS NEEDED.... Whether it is an energy that is no good for you, a job, person or anything that affects your soul and that little voice let's you know it doesn't resignate with you.. then it's not for you.  Anything that causes you to feel like you can't be yourself or brings negative energy, remove yourself and focus the love and attention back towards yourself.  Speak... 📣📣📣📣📣 I AM WORTHY  I LOVE MYSELF  I'M LOVEABLE, I DESERVE PEACE, I AM BEAUTIFUL, I CARE FOR ME.  Speak positivity... Take a nice bath, watch your favourite programmes, chill out with your favourite friend, water your garden, book that flight... Do all the things that make you feel good.  Everything starts within.  Help someone who doesn't know what self love is ❤❤❤❤❤❤ Remember to not seek validation from others or take on their opinions. Learn to love all that you are as a flower. Water yourself and grow. 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺 #selflove #mentalhealth #selflovenow #wellbeing #lovethyself #free_3_ #motivationalcoach #you'reprioroty #follow #followus  #thereispowerinyourvoice #womenempowerment #maleempowerment #loveyou
sun, shadows, and palm trees after morning yoga🙏🏼 This is one of my favorite places that I can not wait to share with you...LINK IN BIO🌴 • • • • • #unitetheself #yuktiwellnessretreats #yuktiwellness #bewithwhatis #selfobservationwithoutjudgent #compassion #lovingkindness #selflovenow #belove #wellnessretreat #yogaretreat #kripaluyoga #mantras #mudras #divinesleepyoganidra #yiganidra #meditation #youaretheoneyouvebeenwaitingfor #loveyourselffirst #costarica #puravida #guanacaste #communityherbalism #love #peace #gratitude #grateful
You know me. I’m a sucker for pushing myself to grow. In all areas of life. ✨ That’s why I’m so excited to get to work one on one with Chris Downing -the program creator that’s launching Monday! 👊🏽 He’s a top pro football and fitness trainer, and does SO MUCH work with our mindset and confidence. #yesplease . . When have you ever had the opportunity to do something like this until NOW? And do not let me fool you... this program is for ANYONE despite your current fitness level. We grow ⚡️together⚡️. Nobody is left behind. . . I have a sneak peek into what his test group will be like + a sample workout (which the struggle bus 🚌 pushups above came from) if you’re wanting to get a taste! 💥 . . ✔️3 weeks ✔️6 days a week, 25-45 minutes ✔️lose 10+ lbs ✔️gain your LIFE back . . Prep starts 10/22. Don’t miss the 🛳. JOIN ME. 📲
(Looks at self in mirror) . . 👀
Each storm will pass, how you fare through the next one will depend on the work you put in while still standing  in the sun. 🙏🏼 The tendency to discard those sacred daily practices that help create balance as soon as the storm passes is normal, but if you can keep consistent in daily-ish practice and soul work when the unexpected breakdown comes, because they always will come, you will be ready to stand in the rain and shout to the universe “I GOT THIS” 💪 JOIN @picked_herbals_  and @yuktiwellness for a journey to #unitetheself in paradise. We will lovingly hold space and provide a safe environment to guide you on your wellness journey as well as provide self care practices and products to take home with you and implement into your daily life. LINK IN BIO for more info and to register....remember we offer affordable customized payment plans to make this experience more accessible! DM me with any questions or to set up your payment plan and get you registered! • • • • • #yuktiwellness #unitetheself #selflovenow #loveistheanswer #transformationalwellnessretreats #costaricawellness #wellnesstravel #selfobservationwithoutjudgement #kripaluyoga #divinesleepyoganidra #yoganidra #restore #refresh #renew #peace #gratitude #loveyourselffirst #ownyourworth #empoweredwomenempowerwomen #risesisterrise #bewithwhatis #yogaretreats #wellnessretreat #puravidafestyle #goconfidentlyinthedirectionofyourdreams #livethelifeyouveimagined
HEY!! Stop your scroll and give a 💜 to my #wcw @carlysmith_fitness 👊🏽🎉 . Honestly the best part of coaching is the incredible friendships your form with women you would otherwise never meet. Carly started her journey about 15 months ago with ALL intentions of returning her superfoods and quitting her first month. ❌ She gave the first round her all, DID the work, and has since lost 30 lbs, tons of inches, gained confidence and a gorgeous ring 💍! . . Her and I met in the challenge group we were both in and immediately formed a friendship over our mutual love for racing 🏁 football 🏈 and baseball ⚾️. We have since formed our own challenge group and LOVE helping others find the happiness we’ve both gained. We lean on each other in both business and personal matters and I am SO thankful to have her in my life! Oh... did I mention we have NEVER actually met in person? 😜 She resides near my old stomping grounds in Colorado!🌄 . . It’s never too late to up level your life. There is still time to get access to the life changing NEW test coach group and work one on one with the Super Trainer who left me in tears with inspiration and motivation. ✨ . . Coaching is one of the BEST decisions I’ve made - and if there’s anything missing in your life, or more you’re so desperately craving, trust me when I tell you THIS opportunity will change it all. Drop an emoji below, shoot me a message, or fill out link in my bio. 🔹Life is too short to waste 🔹
It was a chilly ❄️35❄️ degrees when I woke up this morning. The last thing I want to do is go outside. Drive to the gym. Waste 30+ minutes of my time driving to and from. #nothanks . . You know what I like? That I can roll out of bed in my time. ⏰I know exactly what workout is going down that day. ✔️ That it’s not some big production. I just get dressed, push play 👊🏽, and 30 minutes later I am on to the rest of my day. 🌞 . . Stop wasting hours at the gym, driving, fighting crowds, not getting the results you’re seeking. I promise you they are available in the comfort of your own home. ✨I have the solution you’re seeking and it is A LOT easier than you think. You just need to trust. ✌🏽 . . This speak to you? Let’s talk! 📲
What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you read this? What have you been putting off? What have you been trying to do but keep getting distracted? . For me, I have some pretty good goals for my business. I know what I want to accomplish by the end of the year and my goals are out there : and I’m actively working on them. 👊🏽 So when I heard one of our super trainers opened up his test group and I could be in it I literally said out loud to myself... “Oh my god. This is it. I need this.” “Absolutely life changing” is pretty much all anyone says who was in his previous test group. 🌟 Yup, I need this. . They got amazing physical results but what they couldn’t stop raving about are his daily inspirational videos. And based off the call I was in with him last week that left me in tears... I can’t wait to have this experience, too. I get to take 5 people with me into the group and currently have 3️⃣ spots left. Chris said “get ready to go on the retreat of your life”. ⚡️ . . Who is this program good for? . ⏩ Beginner to the Advanced in working out. . ⏩ Those who have lost their voice and struggling to get it back. . ⏩Those looking to break through those limiting beliefs . ⏩Those looking to hit those physical goals rolling into the holidays. . ⏩Anyone who has goals of ANY KIND and looking to level up. . . I can personally attest this is the most EXCITED I’ve ever been for a launch. We all need this in our lives. Drop your email below or shoot me a message to claim one of the final three spots! Let’s do this. . 🤜🏽 💥🤛🏽
. A year ago today began one of the most transformational experiences of my life. I met some of the most supportive, brave, and loving souls and I am forever grateful for the experiences we shared as a sangha at @kripalucenter becoming 200-hour yoga teachers 📿 Reflecting back on how the past year has changed me and looking around at this amazing life I feel overwhelmed with how blessed I am. 🙏🏼 to sit with myself and realize I am truly happy and can feel at peace is something that for many many years was not possible. I spent a lot of time feeling lost and angry, unaware the peace I was searching for resided within me all along. 🌼 I am not here saying it is easy or that I am in a constant state of bliss because that is not the case. I am human just like all of you and I certainly can slip back into old thought patterns and spiral into those dark places again. The reality is that with many small daily shifts and practices I have learned how to redirect my reality back to the light. I woke up this morning aware that my whole world has shifted and I believe my purpose is to help others find their shift. 🌸 as one of my favorite teachers @cobykozlowski says It only takes a one degree shift to change the course of your life! • • • • • #practiceyogachangeyourworld #bewithwhatis #wellnesslifestyle #kripaluyoga #yogalove #sangha #community #love #peace #gratitude #yuktiwellness #unitetheself #neverstoplearning #neverstopgrowing #brfwa #japamala #wellnesstravel #wellnessretreats #joinus #learn #grow #heal #goconfidentlyinthedirectionofyourdreams #livethelifeyouveimagined #selflovenow #kripalulove
Seriously, there is nothing better than being outdoors on a crisp fall day! 😍🍂🍁 I had a dear friend of mine text me today to ask if I was ok as I’ve been absent from SM over the last few days... 😬. While a big part of what I do IS social media, I’m also a huge fan of unplugging and a reset. So that meant a hay ride +friends/family + sleep + fresh air. Aaaaaaaanddd I’m back! 🤩 . . Speaking of a RESET - who else is ready for one!? Drop the summer fluff and roll into the holidays with a SOLID PLAN so you can avoid the “holiday 15”. . . I have FIVE spots open to join me in the most amazing test group opportunity with one of the most motivating super trainers I’ve ever seen. Drop 10-15 lbs, gain so much emotionally/spiritually/mentally and truly press the reset button on your entire life.⚡️⚡️ That is no joke. . . We kick off in a week and these spots will fill up fast as prep week starts tomorrow. DO NOT put this off, use time as an excuse, or fear change. I promise you all the ✨magic✨happens outside your comfort zone. Drop your email below or shoot me a message to get started. 📲
[Back to Work 🌻] So the Holidays are over and it’s back to work. I definitely don’t have as much time to workout when back in work mode so I find it so important to plan my week to ensure I get the time in. This week I’m planning for 6 sessions. 2 HIIT , 3 #bbg resistance sessions and 1 LISS.
Not sure about you but.... 🍫🍸 . . . #friyay🎉
Nahhhh definitely not showing off my poorly manicured nails here 💅🏽.... #yikes . . But I am INCREDIBLY excited to be able to have 5️⃣ people join me in an exclusive coach testing group with the amazing Chris Downing. I had the opportunity to be on a call with him last night talking about his new program launching and you guys... I was in TEARS at the end. 😭 This man takes you to church, will make you question your “story”, fill you up with self love and confidence and truly make you believe ANYTHING is possible. Personal growth is my love language 😍 and I cannot wait for my personal transformation! . . This is one stellar opportunity 💥 to truly be coached by the best and I want YOU there with me. 👊🏽 . This is for you if: •You’re sick of your own sh*t •You’re ready to drop your story and rewrite it •You’re ready for a reboot both physically, mentally, emotionally •You want to be a part of one of the most epic coaching groups EVER (yes. Ever.) . . Message me directly or fill out the link in my bio. ⚠️THIS IS YOUR SIGN ⚠️ . . Check my story for more info!!!
Comfort zones. Let’s talk about ‘em. ✊🏽 While they seem like a safe place to chill, that’s not really where the ✨magic✨happens. I read a great quote recently: . . “Don’t mistake your comfort zone for your happy place” . Wow. 💥 That struck me. Big time. And oh my goodness is it so TRUE! 👊🏽 . . You know, one of the biggest things I ask my new challengers to do is to step OUTSIDE that comfort zone. To come in with an open mind. To drop the preconceived thoughts on why “it won’t work”. To TRUST the process. To trust your coach.😎 . . Hey I get it. That was all once me too. But once I stopped resisting, stopped STOPPING myself, said F it and went all in..... ooooooohh baby that’s where the changes happen! 🤩 Both inside and out. It’s a beautiful thing to watch your challengers literally take their life back and be so excited. 💜 . . That life, that confidence, that body, whatever you’re seeking... check outside your comfort zone, ok? 😉 I know a pretty badass coach who is ready to walk you through it..... 🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️ . . Challenge group is open. #letsgoplaces
the way of truth and love have always won...❤️💜 💕 And truth and love will always win...eventually!!💕 Begin with yourself and allow the love you nurture for yourself to ripple out to those around you and those around them. • • • • • #yuktiwellness #unitetheself #selflovenow #loveistheanswer #transformationalwellnessretreats #costaricawellness #wellnesstravel #selfobservationwithoutjudgement #kripaluyoga #divinesleepyoganidra #yiganidra #restore #refresh #renew #peace #gratitude #loveyourselffirst #ownyourworth #empoweredwomenempowerwomen #risesisterrise #bewithwhatis #yogaretreats #wellnessretreat #puravidafestyle #goconfidentlyinthedirectionofyourdreams #livethelifeyouveimagined