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#feature - Award-winning Fiddle Player and Musician Karrnnel Releases a Double Album and it’s Hot - We had an awesome opportunity to chat with Award-winning fiddle player and musician Karrnnel . Check it out below. - Hi, Karrnnel! Thank you for granting the interview. It is a pleasure to speak with you about your brand new solo double album “Crazy Old Man” and “SKMB.” What inspired the release? - Thank you for having me! The first album, Crazy Old Man, is my new solo album featuring half songs and half instrumentals. It was inspired by a combination of (1) my new obsession with my new instrument (the copper fiddle with 2 octave strings), (2) my goal to record an album with a horn section and big band, and (3) to release songs that feature me playing fiddle and singing at the same time. Each individual track on the album was inspired by an event or written for a person or their experience. SKMB is an album of songs I wrote for three guest singers – Joey Landreth, Amy Matysio (who is also my wife), and Ken Hamm – and spans a wide span of genres, but is tied together with my fiddle as the main solo backing instrument. All the songs were also created with purposed inspiration or for someone. - Full interview on our website. Link in bio! - Follow #occhimag
..Then she ran hard. Carrying her long white gown with both hands she was running unchecked. Her bare feets pouncing on muddy ground splashing the scummy water in air. Rain splashing her, amalgamating tear. It seemed nothing can stop her and she herself in no mood to sojourn. She lowered her gaze and saw the bare chest she was running on. The tears got thicker. Anger embarked to touch the sky. With every step, she up the ante of force of her feet hitting the chest. Immersing them deeper in to the chest. Then something stuck and a sudden choke halted her speed. A piece of mirror pierce her soft skin and spilled the blood out. The brownish muddy ground become red. But all she could see his shining bare chest turned cerise. She threw a smug smile and ran again. With every drop of blood, she felt a kind of redemption. The pain that choked her, now she embraced her. Suddenly the pain becomes beautiful. It wasn't just the heam that's leaving her body. It was part of his. She was redeeming from his shadow, his caress and the pseudo love he used to flaunt. She spreads her hands and let the rain washes away those touches. Inhaled the fresh air to purify her soul from all the dirt creeping in. #hiyam #hiyamwrites #mywords  #poetryislife #poetofig #poetscorner  #survivor #goddess #healing #hearts #poemstagram #poetrynight #screenwriting #scriptwriting #scriptwriters #screenwriters #screenwritersofinstagram #quoteoftheday #writingadvice #writingtips #writinginspiration  #blog #wordpress #write #daily #language #life #story #author #inspiration
#feature - Actor, Writer, Director Rob Belushi Discusses “Dylan” and the Importance of Filmmaking - A young woman, Maritza, comes home to find her fiance’s college buddy, Dylan, preparing in an elaborate meal in celebration of their wedding. But as the night unfolds, she slowly begins to suspect that…something may be horribly wrong. - DYLAN features Aimee Carrero (Young & Hungry, Elena of Avalor, The Americans) and Rob Belushi (How I Met Your Mother, Chicago PD, Ballers), as well as 2017 Sundance Writer’s Lab Alum and 2013 Blacklisted writer Cory Miller directing. - DYLAN is an award-winning short (Best Short 2018 – Illinois International Film Fest, Best Performance in a Leading Role – Malibu International Film Fest) as well as numerous nominations at the over 20 film festivals it’s been programmed in this year–among them Newport Beach International Film Fest, Catalina International Film Fest, LA SHORTS INTERNATIONAL, ScreamFest LA, Santa Fe Film Fest, Pasadena International, Julien Dubuque International (Nominated Best Short). - We had the wonderful opportunity to interview actor, writer, and director Rob Belushi. - Full interview on our website. Link in bio! - Follow #occhimag
كل يوم معلومة عن السينما وتاريخها في فقرة هل تعلم.  هل تعلم أن آلة السفر عبر الزمن التي تم استخدامها في فيلم “عودة إلى المستقبل” كانت مُصممة أصلا كي تكون ثلاجة.. . . . تعرف على خدماتنا :  هل لديك فكرة فيلم وتريد كتابة السيناريو . هل لديك سيناريو وتريد من يقوم بمراجعته. هل لديك سيناريو جاهز وتريد تصويره. هل لديك فيلم مصور وتريد عمل المونتاج.  نقدم لكم في ظبي للأفلام خدمات متكاملة لصناعة الأفلام. بإمكانك الآن التواصل معنا والتعرف على خبراتنا في مجال انتاج الافلام وغيرها من الخدمات ذات الصِّلة.  نحن نقدم العديد من الخدمات الفنية والإدارية والإستشارات والتي ستسهم في نجاح اعمالكم ومشاريعكم القادمة.. لا تتردد في التواصل معنا .  We offer a lot of filmmaking services in You can now communicate with us and learn more about our expertise in filmmaking and other related services .. We provide variety of technical services, production management and consulting, which will contribute to the success of your upcoming projects.. We will announce soon about our new services .. Feel free to communicate with us  #filmmaking #filmaker #production#filmproduction #postproduction#scriptwriting #doctorscript #moviescript#inabudhabi #mydubai #middleeast#filmphotography #cinemagraph#cinematography #editing #scriptwriting #moviemaking #cinematicinformation #seventhart #trainingcourses #acting #directing
#feature - Filmmaker Thiago Dadalt Shares His Experience and Journey on the Production of “DUKE” - It was an absolute pleasure to speak with Thiago Dadalt about his film DUKE. DUKE is about “a nonverbal autistic teen’s family is falling apart, he must find his voice to keep them together.” (Source: IMDb) - Hi, Thiago! Thank you for granting the interview. We’re excited to speak with you. You recently directed and written a film called “DUKE.” Tell us more. - “DUKE is about a nonverbal autistic teenager, who started to type after 17 years. In 2016, through Dru Miller, I was fortunate enough to meet the real DUKE and his family. I was struck by their journey. I was touched by DUKE’s strength, the resilience of a mother’s love for her son, and wanted to bring this story to life. - Throughout my research for this film, I discovered that there are so many others out there just like Duke–people struggling to be heard–whose friends and family have given up on communicating with them. Just like Duke, they couldn’t find their voice until they were given the outlet and the opportunity to do so, changing their lives forever. - For me, this film is about equality, about not judging a book by its cover and really seeing who someone is on the inside, regardless of any differences you may have. Duke is so much more than a story about someone with a disability, it’s about learning to listen, and forces us to open our eyes, reminding us that every person is unique and has their own story to tell. It also teaches us about community; society as a whole needs to come together as one and realize that all humans are equal, regardless of race, class, or disability, and should all be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. - DUKE is beautifully played by Robert Solomon, a young and talented actor from Atlanta. Piercey Dalton, a very experienced actress, did an amazing performance playing Duke’s mother, she’s based in L.A. All the cast and
As muezzin concluded the ishah’s azaan. My phone rang. It was Qamar, he never called me on regular basis. When I saw his name flashed on my mobile’s screen, I was surprised. I took three step and pressed the green button. Assalam u allikum Qamar, I said. Wallikum assalam, he replied. His voice was trembling, as if he was constantly running from hours. Kaisa hai? (How are you?), I enquired casually. Imad died, he said in a flash. Yes, he was murdered while he was on his way to market, said Qamar. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raj’un (we belong to Allah and to Him we shall return). That soon never came and that talk never happened. The very dawn he was killed by some hooligans. That’s was moment when it pained me harder than ever, because on the last day of his life he didn’t talked to me whole day. Who would have thought the first day of his presidentship going to last day of his life? The regret of breaking his trust and choosing what seems to be the safest option hit me? If I had the slightest of sight that it’s going to be the last day of his life. I would have attended the class even if I was on death bed awaiting end. I had never attended the Namaz-e-Janazah of anyone and never ever in my worst dream thought the very first would be of my friend. I don’t know when this burden eased. When I will be at peace the way he is resting in peace #hiyam #hiyamwrites #mywords  #poetryislife #poetofig #poetscorner  #survivor #goddess #healing #hearts #poemstagram #poetrynight #screenwriting #scriptwriting #scriptwriters #screenwriters #screenwritersofinstagram #quoteoftheday #writingadvice #writingtips #writinginspiration  #blog #wordpress #write #daily #language #life #story #author #inspiration
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I was in dilemma, because I got friends on both sides. If my heart was inclined towards Imad, my head say vote for Rahil’s candidate. It wasn’t like my vote was some kind of decider or say a tie breaker which decide their fate. But we share trust. Broken trust can be lethal. Once broken, nearly impossible to developed the same. In between the two I chose the third and the safest option. I decided to bunk the class. I realized later, what seemed to me the safest and better option proved the stupidest. And the regret of bunking, even thinking of the same still haunt me.  The news came, the candidate Imad projected lost. The margin was too high. So I was a little relaxed. When he looked at me, he was clearly dejected and disappointed. Tu ne dhoka de dia, Bhai (you betrayed me, bro). The margin of votes was too high, even if I had attended the class, your candidate still on the losing side, I defended. I don’t care about the margin, tell me why you didn’t attended the class? he enquired. I was spellbound. Don’t tell me the stories now, he walked away saying don’t talk to me. It didn’t hurt me at that time. I knew it was temporary. He will soon talk to me. TO BE CONTINUED.. #hiyam #hiyamwrites #mywords  #poetryislife #poetofig #poetscorner  #survivor #goddess #healing #hearts #poemstagram #poetrynight #screenwriting #scriptwriting #scriptwriters #screenwriters #screenwritersofinstagram #quoteoftheday #writingadvice #writingtips #writinginspiration  #blog #wordpress #write #daily #language #life #story #author #inspiration
The news hit me like a hammer. I burst into tears. I was like, oh! Allah, they slayed him, they slayed him. The rival group in our college killed him. But, at the same time I wasn’t convinced they can go down to such level. As it was unambiguously resolved with mutual consent that Imad will be president for first six months and Rahil will lead next six months. So killing him for such minor issue wasn’t shoving down my throat. I asked Qamar about the series of events which led to his murdered. When he told me the stories, I was shattered. From where the world these people got guts to kill someone. With tear ceases to desist, I came down and broke news to my family. Everyone was stunned and why not they knew him personally. He was a gem of kind of person. They all started to console me. I went to sleep, never slept that night. Memories of his flashed, the tears got thicker, rolled down and disappeared in pillow. It was like sleep eluded me. The tick tick of wall clock was so high as if someone was beating drum. The time wasn’t moving at its normal speed, it was literally crawling. Saddest nights are severest and never ending, mind you.  Don’t miss the class, Imad said. An almost 6 feet lanky guy. He wasn’t a muscular guy, but got the courage that most people lack. Every time we met. He jokingly says I will beat you some day. And when I asked him why? Because you share the same name man, with one of my enemy. And we laughed. Don’t worry, I will definitely attend the class and vote for your candidate, I assured him. He put his right hand on my shoulder and we went to canteen. He ordered tea. The guy at the canteen put the fuming tea on the cemented table and we took it up. We started slurping, talked casually about the election. Then I nudged him and gestured toward college gate. He smiled, said ‘you dog’ and we smirked.  TO BE CONTINUED... #hiyam #hiyamwrites #mywords  #poetryislife #poetofig #poetscorner  #survivor #goddess #healing #hearts
Tips & Quips by BD: The antidote to sucking at motivation is to NOT go into it with positive thinking.  #bdapproach #actors #acting #writers #scriptwriting #producers #producing #film #filmmaking