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READ BELOW/New planet x/nemesis/biblical wormwood/what NASA calls planet 9/nibiru system information/ today showing you footage first video from Jacob Schmitt YouTube channel showing either nibiru itself with it's wings it's giving off while circling earth or one of the two major meteors that circle Earths horizon. Second parts a blood moon coming out of the UK as there shouldn't be any blood moons anywhere right now even with a waxing gibbous moon shouldnt of had one last night anywhere and notice moons tilted 180 degrees shadow off Because this px system messing with earth. Also asteroid or meteor/debri footage coming from the planet x system as fireball sightings globally are skyrocketing. As we can see the planet x system surround us  with it's multiple planets and moons and asteroids in the system. not including the chemicals being sprayed globally by military worldwide aircraft used to hide the planet x system in chemtrails are messing up the Earth's Atmosphere as well messing with wild life and humans. As NASA has a patented sun(solar simulator) or the fake sun being caught with a black hole center it's not your real sun the real sun is behind the sun simulator it's used to block out the surrounding planets and moons in the planet x/nemesis system. These planets and moons in the planet x/nemesis system God will use for the biblical judgement coming of 7 years of tribulation (God's judgement,wrath on Earth) pray if you have not accepted Jesus (yeshua) as Lord he's the only way to escape the Judgement coming to your planet not religion or other God's or goddesses which are idols or false God's . Jesus said in John 14;6 ( I am the way the truth and the life, no man comes into the father but by me) simply meaning no one comes to god accept through Jesus which is God and man fully, he is God in the flesh, that if you have faith come to Jesus willing to turn from your sins call on him to save you ( Romans 10;9-10,13) you shall be saved. Pray youd read under my
#satan  #satanisme  Les 11 règles sataniques  1. Ne donnez pas votre opinion ou vos conseil à moins qu'on ne vous l'ait demandé 2. Ne confiez pas vos angoisses ou autres troubles à autrui à moins que vous soyez certains d'être écouté 3. Si vous allez dans le repaire d'un autre, montrez-lui du respect, sinon n'y allez pas 4. Si un invité dans votre repaire vous contrarie ou vous embête, traitez-le cruellement et sans pitié 5. Ne faites pas d'avances sexuelles à moins que vous réalisiez que vous pouvez le faire 6. Ne prenez pas ce qui ne vous appartient pas, à moins que ce bien soulage son propriétaire et qu'il veuille s'en défaire 7. Reconnaissez le pouvoir de la magie si vous l'avez employée avec succès pour réaliser vos désirs. Si vous reniez ces pouvoirs après y avoir fait appel avec succès, vous perdrez tout ce que vous aurez obtenu par leur aide. 8. Ne vous plaignez de rien qui ne vous concerne pas personnellement 9. Ne maltraitez pas les petits enfants 10. Ne tuez pas d'animaux, sauf pour vous défendre et pour vous nourrir 11. Quand vous sortez, n'ennuyez personne. Si quelqu'un vous ennuie, dites-lui d'arrêter.S'il continue à vous ennuyer, détruisez-le.  Ave Satanas 😈
you’re missing out on what we could have been - - - - - - - - #goth #gothboy #grungeaesthetic #grungestyle #gothboiclique #gothgirls #grunge #numetal #emo #vampire #dark #edgy #demonic #lilpeep #yunggoth #spooky #screamo #$uicideboy$ #death #satan #heavymetal #suicide #demonic
Jennifer Gibbons Told journalist Marjorie Wallace of her intention to die, over a cup of tea. When Marjorie asked why, Jennifer simply said, “Because we have decided.” Shortly thereafter Jennifer died naturally of Myocarditis, a sudden inflammation of the heart. ************************************ The Silent Twins, June and Jennifer Gibbons spent more than twenty years speaking almost exclusively to each other. They had their own language, lost their virginity to the same boy, committed multiple arsons together and were ultimately both institutionalized at Broadmoor hospital for the criminally insane.  Based on their writings it sounds like the girls felt they were not two people but sort of like one soul occupying two manifestations. It was painful for them to be apart and thus impossible to live functional sane lives while both were alive. After Jennifer’s death, June proceeded to live a normal adult life.  https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=98WtP1qC61s
Dancing light
Satan  Lord of Darkness  Bringer of change and chaos. I honour you.  You are the Awesome One.  Bringing my spirit to soar to the highest of heights.  Leading my soul to the caverns of the greatest wisdom.  Thank you, for choosing me as your own, and giving me a chance to share in your work.  In the blackest of nights, you open my mind.  Amidst the snow and cold, you teach me strength.  How can I abandon what is meant for me?  Satan, I am yours.  Ave, Ave, Ave Satanas!  #satan #satanism #satanic  #lucifer #luciferian #pagan  #occult #witchcraft #spiritual #spirituality #magic #magick #world #earth #quran #christian #christianity #bible #islam #jesus #angels #demons #ghosts #ancient #god #explore
#horns#satanist#satan#pagan#darkart#darkbeauty#metalhead#headbanger#heavymetal#metal#deathmetal#blackmetal#666#evil#horror#goth#gothic#gothgoth#skull#my#follow#me into #hell