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A beautiful autumn day to harvest some root medicine. Loving the fall times feels 🍁✌️❤️ . #valerianaofficinalis #herbalism #rootmedicine
A crisp autumnal morning in the yard digging up elecampane roots. Chewed on a bit to find a very strong and bitter taste, I found to be reminiscent of osha. An herbalist friend suggested making a honey infusion. As a good herb for lung diseases and respiratory issues, I’ll be tincturing it tomorrow for future use. ~Anne --------------------------------------------------- #herbalism #herbalist #alternativemedicine #medicinalplant #plantmedicine #growyourown #rootmedicine #tincture #elecampane #botanicalmedicine
A little product love today.  I just ordered this turmeric creamer to try, and it’s pretty great!  Made by @lairdsuperfood each teaspoon gives you 390 mg of turmeric. And-bonus- it tastes great because the base is coconut 🌴 milk powder 🥥 I’ve been adding it to my coffee along with a little extra coconut creamer (liquid) and it’s fabulous.  I’m guessing it will be a great addition to smoothies as well. . . Turmeric is one of the most studied, used, and effective herbs/roots on the planet. For thousands of years this herb has been used and loved especially for fighting inflammation.  Having it available in a practical easy to use way like this is awesome 👊 . . A great way to get in some extra anti inflammatory herbal medicine in such an easy way.  Because, really... Why not? 🤷‍♀️ . . . #vegan #nongmo #glutenfree #superfoodcreamer #turmeric #lairdsuperfood #antiinflammatory #herbalmedicine #rootmedicine #easytouse #creamer #vegancreamer #veganfood #takeitupanotch
Harvested dandelion roots from my gardens yesterday afternoon...planning to make an apple cider vinegar root infusion. 🍎  #dandelion #vinegar #rootmedicine #plantmedicine #herbalism #infusion
Happy to harvest the last from my garden box. Beets are triple goddess goodness—root-sacral and heart chakra medicine. Just what the doctor (I am so much of my own healer) ordered as I send so much of my breath into my roots right now so I can gracefully rise up. 🌱✨ All organic ingredients if you can... Root Medicine Chili: 1 large leek 4 large carrots (peeled and diced small) 1 small garnet yam (peeled, diced small) 2 medium beets (peeled and diced small) The beet greens and stems chopped as in image. 2 large charred, peeled, deseeded and chopped pablano peppers 1 # grass finished local beef burger (raised by my friends dad...go local, trust life wants us to be nourished. Protein is essential to keep us grounded. Choose responsibly) 1 lg can organic crushed tomatoes 1 pint local fresh cherry tomatoes (sliced and smashed) 2 TBS org tomato paste 1 Qt org veggie stock Spices— teeny tiny spice co— “chocolate chili” + “perfection” spices + cumin + sea salt and pepper :: Aromatics first—then add beef, brown with spices, add chopped veggies, allow to cook slowly adding stock, add beet greens and tomato product, add rest of stock and simmer for an hour. 😊 #yummo #rootmedicine #foodasmedicine #realfood #rootdowntoriseup #yourbodyknows #vitalityfromtheinsideout #ilovethefall #natureheals #trust #sacredself #sacredhealth
A blissful and meaningful Valerian harvest on a late afternoon in October. Digging roots is asking the plants to give their lives in service of healing, an act I honor by asking the plants for permission, giving them gifts, sending them energy, talking to them, singing them songs, honoring their lives. I've been tending this Valerian for three years, and left most of the plants in the ground to continue to mature. I've been working with letting go of the sense of entitlement that I've felt along with farming and gardening, as if the plants owe me their lives and energy if I planted and tended them. I'm working on rewriting the relationships, and giving full honor where it is deserved. This Valerian already has my consciousness shifted: a little calmer, dreamier, slowed down and aware. Thank you Valerian!
My class and colleagues from @bloomherbalstudies !!! So excited and blessed to be a part of the first official Herbal College of Atlantic Canada. . . I taught my first herbal pharmacy class of the year at a beautiful organic/permaculture farm this past week on a perfect fall day. Tincturing theory and practice with farm fresh roots! . . Had a great day with a keen, engaged and openhearted class and met a most majestic giant Oak with @thedreamingcanvas . . Life on the Green Path! . . . #herbschool #greenpath #herbalist #education #medicinemaking #teaching #tincture #herbalmedicine #plantmedicine #naturalmedicine #organicfarming #permaculture #bloominstitute #oak #rootmedicine #localmedicine #plantextracts #extracts #farmfresh #herbalpharmacy
Fall abundance; wild and farm harvests! . . Pictured: Ashwagandha root (NS!), Japanese Knotweed root, Chicken of the Woods and Phellinus Polypores. . . It's been an extremely busy fall digging up roots, roaming forests for fungi, cleaning/cutting/drying and of course medicine making! In the past two weeks with the help of @greenmanbotanicals @thedreamingcanvas @thewayof_light, over 100 liters of Spagyric tinctures have been started from mostly locally grown or harvested herbs/fungi! . . Must design larger capacity calcination methods... . . Visit www.secret-fire.com for currently available Spagyric medicines, educational info and more! . . . #spagyrics #alchemy #wildharvesting #organicfarming #herbfarm #herbalist #medicinemaker #rootmedicine #medicinalmushrooms #tincture #herbalmedicine #naturalmedicine #holisticmedicine #plantmedicine #plantextracts #extracts #foraging #hiking
Luminous, glowing Golden Root, aka Chinese Skullcap, aka Baikal Skullcap (Scutellaria baicalensis, not to be confused with our more familiar S. lateriflora). This is my first time growing this pretty little plant, and my first time working with its potent root medicine. I didn't harvest much, as the older roots are more potent and I'm hoping it will overwinter in its protected garden spot.  With its huge range of activity against viruses, this broad spectrum antiviral is Stephen Harrod Buhner's number one recommendation for treating emerging and resistant viral infections. It's the kind of thing you hope to never need, but are glad you have on the shelf just in case. Keeping medicines like this around in case someone in my community or family should need it makes me feel grateful and empowered. Hit me up this winter if that's you and we'll talk! 💛💛
I love the Dandelion for their deep roots!  7x10 hand printed 8$ Link in Bio ✨🌱✨ #dandelion #plantsarefriends #plantfriends #rootmedicine #flowerpower #handprinted #silkscreenprinting
The three of us spent a bunch of time doing some really rewarding and exciting things today. To start off the day, Forrest let me sleep in and had biscuits and maitake gravy made from scratch hot and ready when I woke up. then after a much-needed morning cleaning sesh, we went out to the garden and down by the old stone foundation to dig up some roots that we’ve been meaning to gather this fall- dandelion, chicory, burdock, and yellow dock roots are all now being processed for some items that will hit the shop in the next months. We also dug up a bunch of clay at the top of the hill that we’ll process into more usable clay and play around with that this winter so we can experiment firing our creations in the sap burner come spring. We cleaned up the yard and made a big fire, simultaneously getting rid of old paper and burnables that were just taking up space and setting the mood for the productive autumn day. Forrest harvested a squirrel and it was damn good with our fresh garden salad and mashed potatoes. We talked a lot about goals, plans, exciting stuff really, but it’s all gunna take a ton of hard work. Not everyday has been easy, especially recently but days like today really help me to stay motivated and grateful for the life I am very lucky to be living. . . . . . #earthconnection #living #burdock #chicory #yellowdock #dandelion #herbalism #herbs #medicinal #harvest #autumn #stonefoundation #1840farm #michigan #homestead #primitiveclay #ancestralhealing #foraging #forage #postpartum #rootmedicine #venusretrograde #motherhood #chippingawayatit #humannature #eattolive
There's this cool thing that starts to happen the more you align yourself with the plant realm. You'll hear about a plant that you've never seen (or noticed) before and then you'll start to dream about it. On walks you'll keep your eyes peeled for the areas it may be growing and then one day, you'll walk past the same patch of woods you've walked through thousands of times and there that plant will be. Then you'll go somewhere else and it will greet you again. Over and over until finally, you've formed a relationship with this plant and you find an area with enough growth that allows you to harvest a small amount of its medicine. For me this plant has been Solomon's Seal, though I have had this experience with many of our medicinal allies. I will now be distributing seeds collected from the plants I have encountered over the last few weeks in all my regular foraging spots to hopefully re-establish this native medicine. So so grateful for the abundance one can discover through relationship and reciprocity with mother nature 🌿
::ashwagandha:: this grounding potent plant friend is my last medicine collection of the season. If you live in the midcoast send me a message and you can purchase some for pick up at the Saturday farmers market in Belfast, possible to mail some too! . #hidingbehindplants #roots #withaniasomnifera #rootmedicine #nightshade #herballies #plantallies
Just landing from 2 days of Forest Bathing ~ Shirin Yoku ~ to say this has been profound for me & my personal journey of healing doesn't really come close to the magic of my experience. Honestly I'm still processing this gift from mother earth. In every cell of my body, I know that this will change the way that I offer my service & I have to be ready to implement these changes as my body leads the way 🌱🍁 We spent time with Sequoia ~ these great mystical & mythical beings ~ their healing ability & their love for humanity is boundless ~ What a gift & joy to be able to commune with them & their infinite love & wisdom. 🌿🌼 On a physical level forest bathing offers us the medicine to our western disconnected lives 🌳💃 we all need to enter the forests in a conscious way & listen in deeply  With deep love & honouring of our journeys to wholeness 💞💟 love you roadtripper @tobeborn . . . .  #conciousconception #fertility #fertilitymassage  #holisticpelviccare
Parsley root. Not the vegetable kind that's grown for the root, just the taproots left behind after my herb harvest. I'll scrub these babies, freeze then, and add them to mashed potatoes for a burst of flavor and antioxidants throughout the winter. #wastenotwantnot #useitup #mygarden #herbgarden #culinaryherbs #medicinalherbs #antioxidant #roots #rootmedicine
1 oz bottles of🔥Flame of the Earth🔥fire tonic coming right up - plus I still have some of these 2 oz bottles! Just in time for cold and flu season. #firetonic#firecider#immunity#immunesupport#warding#antiviral#antibacterial#ginger#turmeric#garlic#horseradish#oregano#staranise#applecidervinegar#heal#fresh#herbalmedicine#rootmedicine#herbs#herbalist#etsysellersofinstagram#littlekestrel#littlekestrelapothecary
Asi de hermoso, el primer taller #pelvicbowl  #rootmedicine .  Agradecimiento, toda semilla plantada y cuidada con amor, da frutos.  #uteroraiz  #sabernatural #memoriasuterinas #terapiasholisticas #mujeressanando
Root Medicine Season! Fresh-dug Echinacea purpurea and Japanese knotweed roots. I dig them with a fork or CobraHead (depends on the plant, sometimes a sharp spade), shake off the dirt, hose off with the jet/power spray nozzle of my hose, then clean of further as needed with a potato scrubber and cold water. Then I chop coarsely with garden clippers/pruners (loppers or hatchet for JKW). First Pic - Echinacea: I’ll combine the echinacea roots with a summertime tincture of the aerial parts for general immune stimulation and lymph support. Second Pic - Japanese knotweed: I use in protocols for clients with Lyme disease as well as a general anti-inflammatory, blood-thinning, blood vessel toning herb. Do not plant Japanese knotweed in your yard - it’s terribly invasive! I am grateful to have been able to dig this on a colleague’s property where it is growing wild and not treated with any chemicals. The root bark is particularly potent. I add 10% glycerine to help stabilize the astringent tannins so the tincture doesn’t get gloppy. #rootmedicine #autumnharvest #backyardmedicine #invasivemedicine #echinacea #echinaceapurpurea #japaneseknotweed #jkw #fallopiajaponica old name #polygonumcuspidatum #thosepeskybotanists always renaming things!