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💗Tisraa Shaks Msaiil Ka Sabab Hota Hai! 💗3 Misroon Ka Koi Sharr Nahi Hota Yarrr! ____________________________________  Comment/Like/Share _______________________________  Follow 👉@ishaq_zady.writes _______________________________  Turn On Posts Notifications _______________________________ #urdupoetryworld #urduliterature #urdushayeri #urdulovers #urduadab #urduwriter #urdushayri #urdu #urdupoetry #urdu#urdupoetry #urdupoetrylovers #urdughazal #urduquote #urdunovels #urduzone #romanticquotes #romanticcouples #romanticpoetry #romantic #romancenovels #poetrylovers #poetry #poetrycommunity #poetryslam #poetryworld #poetryworld #ishaqzadywrites #bestpoetry #sadpoetry
Episode 35 comes out next Wednesday! Guys... seriously. This is one of our favorites (and actually Saylet's #1 most favorite). Join us for book one of the Immortal Curse Series, Blood Laws by Lexi C. Foss. Luckily for you guys, this book just came out on audio and you can get it on Amazon or Audible, listen to it and join us next week. We'll get to meet Stas and Isaac and discuss this unbelievable world Lexi's created. The story is smart and beautiful, the sex is wonderful, and their love is everything.  #girlhosts #paranormalromancenovels #podcasts #dirtybooks #kissandtell #podcastlife #paranormalromance #read #listen #editing #audiobooks #womenpodcasters #romance #onlinebookclub #bookreviewers #romancenovels #podcastsofinstagram #podcastsofig #podcastsofinsta #girlhostsofinstagram #girlhostsofig #girlhostsofinsta #bookclubs #femalepodcasts #readinglife #femalepodcasters #ladypodcasters #booksbooksbooks #audio
Congrats again to @meloniejohnson on her latest book release Once Upon a Bad Boy - that's 3 books in 3 months! Today June 26 check out her reader party on Facebook under the group The Reading Lushes - search the group and request to join in!  #onceuponabadboy #windycityrwa #readercommunity  #romancereads #romancebooks #readromance #romancebook #romancestagram #romancereaders #readingromance #romancenovel #ireadromance #romancenovels #contemporaryromance #amreadingromance #romanceinthewild  #rombklove #rwa #romanceblogger #badassbookbabes
⠀ 😎😎😎⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #authorlife⠀⠀ #authorsofig⠀⠀ #authorsofinstagram⠀⠀ #romancewriter⠀⠀ #amwriting⠀⠀ #instaauthor⠀⠀ #contemporaryromance⠀⠀ #amwriting⠀⠀ #romancenovels⠀⠀ #lailakelly⠀⠀ #afternoonmotivation
❤️🔥 THINGS JUST GOT REEL ❤️🔥 REEL LOVE IS LIVE!!! Amazon – http://bit.ly/ReelLoveAMZ  Amazon UK – http://bit.ly/ReelLoveUKAMZ  Amazon CA - http://bit.ly/ReelLoveAMZCA  Apple – http://bit.ly/ReelLoveApple  B&N – http://bit.ly/ReelLoveBN  Is it Reel Love or Real Love?  Hollywood  The moment I laid eyes on Finn Parker’s headshot, I knew that if this guy could act, I wanted him for the hero role in the film being made from my book, Fleeing an August Moon.  The tall, blond, and ruggedly handsome actor looked exactly like the picture I’d seen in my head the entire time I was writing the book.  The studio, however, had different thoughts on a leading man.  Box Office crusher, Maverick Dailey, made it clear that he wanted the role. The producers, studio, and everyone involved were thrilled to score such a celebrity. Well, everyone except me.  And it’s my vote that counts since, according to my contract,  I get final say on casting. Maverick is amazing, yet I’m just not sure…  It certainly didn’t help that Finn Parker and I seemed destined to cross paths. We ran into each other all over Hollywood. And the more time we spent together, the more the sparks between us flew. We had an intense chemistry, something I’d only ever read about in books like mine.  Which made me wonder, was I really falling for Finn or just living out a fantasy with a red-blooded, live version of my hot hero character?  It’s easy to confuse fiction for reality in Hollywood. Everything is not as it seems in this town.  Not to mention, Finn’s life would forever change if he landed the role. Which made me question how good of an actor he really was? Was he interested in me, or the role I had the power to give him?  Is this Real Love or just Reel Love? #booksofinstagram #bookstoread  #romancebooks #newrelease #romancenovels #authorsofinstagram #supportingauthors
My go to when I’m feeling a little overwhelmed ! (Hint, the #goldengirls is my absolute favourite) 💕💕 Effie
🎉 It's #releaseday! 🎉 ⠀ http://mybook.to/RakishEarl⠀ ⠀ You can now grab your copy of Redemption for the Rakish Earl for #free with Kindle Unlimited! You don't want to miss this steamy regency romance!⠀ ⠀ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⠀ "Rue is a girl after my own heart because she expresses what she feels. The storyline was epic and the characters interesting. What a great read."⠀ ⠀ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⠀ A must read - You will not be disappointed⠀ This book has it all. Unrequited love, dangerous love, romantic love and jealous love. There are twists and turns in the story that keep you turning page after page and you will never ever guess who "the Watcher" was and their motive. Unbelievable shocking ending. A must read.⠀ ⠀ Get your copy now: http://mybook.to/RakishEarl
Currently Reading: Blurred Lines by @laurenlayneauthor and holy crap I am loving Parker and Ben SO. HARD. . Basically, I can say goodbye to any productivity I had planned for today bc I can’t put this book down. I’m a sucker for a great best friends to lovers trope and this one is done so well! There’s a perpetual smile on my face as I’m reading. If you haven’t picked this one up yet, I highly recommend you do! Smiles, laughter, and sexy times are guaranteed! 💗 #laurenlayneauthor #blurredlines #romanticcomedy #bestfriendstolovers #oneclick #romancenovels
Are you getting your summer reading list together? ⛱️👙☺️ Breaking All The Rules is on sale for $.99 through Friday. You can also read it for free on #kindleunlimited.  Deniece Malcolm’s baby sister is marrying her ex, even though she knows there’s a rule about dating exes. Rules are made to be broken right? Deniece doesn’t think so, but she’ll help with the wedding and break a few of her own. Link in my profile ↩️ #99kindle #romancenovels
Are you in the San Diego area August 10? If so, come on by to this amazing reader event!  So many books, so many authors, signed copies, freebies, giveaways, photo ops!  I also have a free ticket if you PM me today!  #readers #books #bookconvention #romance #romancereaders #romancebooks #romancenovels #bookbloggers #bookcommunity #bookishpost #bookaddict #booklover #bookcollector #sandiego #sandiegogram #sandiegolife #sandiegoblogger #sandiegoevents #sandiegoart #bookblog #bookworm #booklover
We're #waitingonwednesday for the next gorgeous book by @JillShalvis which is out on 24th September! We're thrilled to show off our cover for WRAPPED UP IN YOU today - we absolutely love it! 😍  You can preorder now! amzn.to/2ZOp5RK
🥳𝗪𝐫𝐢𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐂𝐫𝐮𝐬𝐡 𝐆𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐚𝐰𝐚𝐲! Head over to Twitter and follow/retweet any of the authors tagged in this post to enter + nominate your favorite debut indie ebook for our giveaway! We’ll select 7 nominated titles at random to giveaway to one lucky reader on July 24th! All genres welcome! Single self-nominations allowed! #wcw #giveaway #squadgoals❤️ ⁣⁣ @sydwestauthor⁣⁣ @authorwaverlysuealexander⁣⁣ @katie.j.douglas⁣⁣ @payton_taylor_author⁣⁣ @brookeellisauthor
⁣@authoremilymurray⁣ @savannahlayneromance. . . #giveaway #romanceauthor #romancebook #romancebooks #romancenovel #romancenovels #romancereader #romancereaders #romancereads #romancestagram #ireadromance #amreadingromance #readromance #readingromance #beautifulbooks #prettybooks #influencers #blogger #bookstagram
A bodice ripper in the most realest sense of the word.  I live for the gentle witch being saved by the giant chieftain 😍 💕💕 Effie
“The Mountain Sun Rises”  December 2019
Hold tight for product photos and hopeful website launch (I’m being very picky a.k.a I have no idea what pictures to use !) And these #swarovskitumblers will be for sale! Currently I will be retailing them between £180-200.00 (plus shipping)  They’re 100% Swarovski crystals, handmade in England, 16oz, and reusable. So, stylishly #ecofriendly ? ;P  Tell me what you think in the comments below !
Lord give me strength 💕💕 Effie
Of course I’m almost out of crystals 🙄 time to put in another order.  What do you all think? Comment below, I love to hear your opinions ! 💕💕 Effie
Friends, I swear I am NEVER this social. But apparently something in the stars has happened because instead of being a lay-about, and binge watching the beautifully made “Good Omens”, I’m going out for drinks and dinner... again?! My social battery is dying !  The shoes are, of course, @cultofcoquette. Some of the most beautiful vegan shoes there are (I will always preach this, but compassion is the future ! Look at how beautiful these shoes are, I’m not missing a thing by being vegan!) 💕💕 Effie
Oh dear ... will I have a headache tomorrow ? Yes  Do I care ? No 💕💕 Effie
Today’s bag of choice for the office ! A @matt_and_nat_ Faux leather piece. It’s one of my absolute favourites !  Going through my timeline, I realise I don’t harp on about my #veganism as much as I should ! I became a vegan at 18 years old, 5 years ago, after watching the documentary “Earthlings.” And since then, I have not wanted for any animal products. Partially because of the stunning amount of vegan foods on offer, but mostly because when I watched that video, I recognised how evil the human race can be. And I chose not to take part in doing what we do to animals. I love everything about being a vegan. Just look at this bag, how beautiful is it?! I hope to include vegan characters in my romance novels, the same way omnivore characters are introduced. “Naturally”. I know that I’d love to read more novels with vegan protagonists ! 💕💕 Effie
Wearing my @cultofcoquette faux leopard suede shoes 😍 note, the last picture is my “it’s almost 11, I NEED to be in bed, my social battery is 💀” 💕💕 Effie
Can you tell I’m obsessed ?  #booksleeves coming soon 💕💕 Effie
Today’s read after six hours of gardening! I’m such a #floozie for the classic bodice ripper covers  Sandra Hill has to be my go to for a feel good read, her characters are beautifully rounded, and I’m always knowing that I’ll get my happy ending !  In other news, I wanted to say thank you to everyone for their kind words regarding the move of my release date. I don’t want to rush this process, and it’s the best decision for me.  HOWEVER, please keep an eye out for my upcoming website, where I’ll be releasing my #booksleeves. On the website I shall be adding detail as to why some of the prices differ. Essentially, I have limited edition booksleeves that are hand embellished, they’re absolutely stunning, and took a long tome to be made. Therefore, they’ll cost more than my standard booksleeves (with no embellishment, but still beautiful !) I’m very much looking forward to all of your feedback ! 💕💕 Effie
One of my FAVOURITE novels, and not only because the cover is pink and red !  Definitely a feel good, romantic, historical. It’s one of my go to’s ! 💕💕 Effie
My bookshelf is a mess ! 💕💕 Effie