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Authentic exile is living if we lack an ideal.. New places lighting in my mind the flame of other possibilities.  #getlost #explorer #optoutside #worldshotz #theworldshotz #createexplore #exploretocreate #discoverearth #travelphoto #travelworld #keepexploring #globe_travel #theglobewanderer #roamtheplanet #letsgosomewhere #exploretheglobe #nakedplanet #places_wow #instapassport #instatraveling #igtravel #travelblog #instago #mytravelgram #travelingram #sharetravelpics #worldtravelpics #stayandwander #keepitwild #rei1440project
Teletrasporto? 🕰
Forever grateful and indebted for every sacrifice made for me to be here 🙏🏽
Not goin away
𝕀 𝕃𝕆𝕍𝔼 #mountains ❤️🏔 . 📸: @joemackin
Stairmaster 2000 📈📉
Daughter and mother  Shot on Nikon F3Hp 50mm  Kentmere100ASA
Fisher woman
The goldsmith  Shot on Nikon F3Hp 50mm f1.8 kentmere 100ASA
She owns absolutely NOTHING, another scary old age.  Image from the fastest growing country in the world. (@8% growth rate)
♦ NAPOLI #trip
♦ ROMA #dolcevita
Local sports
Ice cream
Style. By Photographers. Shot on Mamiya C220 //85mm // ILFORD 400
Boat Race
One chair and two standing mannequin.
Vintage flight Shot on MamiyaC330/104mm f3.5/ teacher 100
Unheard Stories/ wrinkled Child 5 Shot on Yashica Mat124G  85mm/f3.5/Tmax 100/ expired roll
Neeraj Kabi/ Actor/ Director/Theater Artist  Shot on Mamiya C330/ 124mm/f2.8/ t-max100
Niece// Shot on Mamiya C220/85mm/f3.5/ 120mm / t-max 400ASA
Alphabet seller: She sells your name, your lovers name, and anything that make sense with English alphabets. And she keep a note on the sold alphabets.
The conference
Dancing yellow. /Throwback
3days old
The journey man // A Carpenter from Germany// Nikon F3Hp/ Kentemere 100asa,50mm f1.4//
Mumbai train stories9 /wrinkled Child 4/ engaged in thoughts. everyone around him is on phone. He never used to this mobile culture.
Wrinkled Child3//Evening // Analogue love // yashica Matt 124G // ilford 100asa.
The tourist// Analogue love// Shot on Yashica Mat 124G// t-max 400(expired)
Dhobi Ghat 2: Water like dust// Analogue love// Shot on Mamiya C330 // 80mm f2.8// t-max 400(expired)//
Sleep 16:
Morning in Kolkata
Good morning
Morning cycle
Shooting in style
Vintage still in use1: Mixer grinder / kerala (making chammanthi) .
Wrinkled Child 2
Symmetry / Nikon f3 HP. Ilford 100, 50mm f 1.4
The newborn
The Cloud man.  Shot on a TLR, Mamiya c220, 55mm f3.5, tmax-100.
Have a break
selfie 5: “click, before I loose my anger”
Old man and his old dream
Selfie4: with elephant
The flower vender and her dog
Still holding tight, the jouney of love and togetherness.
Streets in harmony1: sometimes street surprises with absolute harmony
Photographer’s conference at Juhu  Mamiya C330/55mm/ ilford 100
Message delivering boy...
Sleep14/ She is not a homeless, at home she is sleepless. She comes to the platform just to have a peaceful sleep.