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Mumlife The Label are super excited to announce that we are registered in this years Local Business Awards.  If you think that we deserve your vote for this award, could you pretty please head on over and vote for us. (Link in bio)  Once you have voted, you need to check your emails to confirm your vote and make it count.  Thank you so much xxxx
Yoga in Pregnancy- Mothering is a great equalizer and deeply humbling. The love of a mother knows no limits and sees no ceilings. Also humbling..practicing yoga while growing a human baby. In my first pregnancy I was afraid to move my body too much which really meant I was struggling to trust my body. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ •⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ This came across throughout my pregnancy and even stretched into labor and postpartum. This go-round, I knew things had to change- I needed to hear my thoughts more clearly and trust my body more deeply. In stepped yoga. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ •⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ It not only cleared a path for me to enjoy this pregnancy but also solved nearly all of the nasty symptoms that come along with it and I want you to feel this! I want you to ease your body and mind using some of the most basic yoga poses all the way through your third trimester and beyond. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ •⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I am putting the finishing touches on a Simplified Guide to Yoga in Pregnancy which will launch July 1st! Want me to send you a copy upon its debut..for free? Click the link in my bio and get your name on the list! {p.s. I’ll send you a sneak peak of the guide if you keep it between us for now} 🧘🏽‍♀️ #newmama #motherhoodunplugged #postpartum #mumlife #motherhoodrising #sahm #momsofinstagram #mynameismama #momitforward #honestmotherhood #momdiaries #momswhoblog #mommymode #momstatus #inspirationeveryday #rawmotherhood #dailymotherhood #momsirl #honestparenting #storytellingmama #pregnancy #pregnancyhacks #babyonboard #pregnancytips #prenatal #prenatalyoga #pregnancyyoga #postnatalyoga #yogafornausea #yogaforbackpain
Today felt chaotic + slow at the same time . I couldn't get a firm grasp of the day...dishes to be done, laundry to fold, etc, yet the time between naps felt drawn out + thick. Yes. Thick. Do you know what I mean? Maybe the grog carrying on after the morning time or 95% humidity outside dampening my mood (pun intended!). I really just want to properly style my hair, okay!? . I'm really feeling the need to examine value in my life. The things I value most are my family + my relationships + my household. Predictable, maybe. But necessary, YES! I can be a pretty cutthroat lady. I'm not one to hide my feelings. You want an opinion? I promise, I have one. And I always have an opinion for myself as well. If I'm working hard enough. Presentable enough. Perfect enough (where my type 1 enneagrams at!?). While some may prescribe self love (you are enough), I am working on valuation. Sounds harsh...maybe. . But how about this! Can we focus all of our tasks around what we value most? If something is consuming our time (whether in a physical or mental way) but not providing value, why continue? Asking for YOUR opinion here 😉 . I'd also like to point out that my 90s grunge upbringing is rubbing off on my modern day child + I find value in that. . . . #bainumlane #calvindavidbainum . #honestmotherhood #rawmotherhood #mamaselfie #newmom #march2019mom #bringingupboys #values #motherhoodsimplified #simpleliving #momentsofmine #kentuckymom #mamahood #mamalife #momblog #honestmom #momrant
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Q: do you regret sharing your pregnancy so early?  A: NOT ONE BIT! Our baby was and is loved by so many. Not just family, but close friends following along on our journey. Our pregnancy was prayed over daily, by so many. Our baby was celebrated, as she should have been. Clients I had never met before their sessions shared in the excitement and hugged me so tightly. @deck.ehh.crew son Lucas, claimed her as his “Girlfriend” and he still asks about her. Even when we lost her, the village we had behind us, the understanding clients, the loving family gave us so much comfort. So no, there isn’t a single piece of me that wishes we held off on sharing her life. • • • #portlandphotographer #pdxphotographer #pdxmom #helloadventure  #joyfulmamas #pnwcanon #motherhoodunplugged #morherhoodinspired #lightroom #wanderingphotographers #familycollective #muchlove_ig #love #girlmom #broodandtribe #familyphotography #iglove #familyphotographer #sunkiss #meganrosephotography #love #candidmotherhood #rawmotherhood #family #loveherwildpresets #kidsofig #igmotherhood #sunset #goldenhour
This is my self-care plant :) It makes me happy.  I bought it a few months ago on another bad day.  It made me feel so much better then, just like it does today.  Today was brutal.  Just a day of hurting inflicted by someone unnecessarily.  But the sun is shining and I still have my life and my bus and my daughter and this silly plant.  Scroll to see planty's earlier days.  I can't wait to get to the plant wall in my bus....its actually coming up soon on the list.  For now I will take a moment to breathe, remember not to be hard on myself for the actions of others, and be grateful for my many, many blessings.  Currently accepting virtual hugs and words of encouragement 😂💜😊 #succulents #draughtresistentplants #terracotta #flower #skoolie #skoolielife #rawmotherhood #selfcare #gratitude #gentlelife #lovewins
#stephsays | Matcha Tea: "I'm not typically a fan of tea....however, after reading a bunch of research on the importance of L-theanine (an amino acid found in green tea, especially high in matcha tea), I decided to get over my tea aversion and figure out a way to enjoy it.⠀⠀ ⠀ Because of my history with anxiety, I'm cautious about what I eat. Sugar and gluten impact my mental health negatively, while protein, veggies, and healthy fat make my brain SUPER happy. I also choose foods that have known anxiolytic effects, meaning they're known to reduce anxiety and provide a sense of overall calmness.⠀⠀ ⠀ If you're navigating anxiety, something you want to be cautious of is your caffeine intake. With matcha, high amounts of L-theanine beautifully balance the caffeine, so you can feel a boost in energy without the jitters you'd feel with coffee.⠀⠀ ⠀ And get this mamas, L-theanine can enhance levels of BDNF, which improves learning and memory. I blend matcha tea, MCT oil powder, and full-fat coconut milk together for an energizing, anti-inflammatory, mid-day boost. The ultimate in #mombrainmeals. Our friends @vitalproteins make a matcha powder with collagen, so you're getting some protein too! Find our affiliate link in profile. Are you a tea drinker?" - @Stephgreunke, RD and Whole Mamas Program Director⠀⠀ ⠀ http://tracking.vitalproteins.com/SH1eR⠀⠀ #stephsays #wholemamas #whole30mama #momstrong #postbaby #likeamother #maternal #modernmotherhood #myhonestmotherhood #rawmotherhood⠀
Tomorrow’s the big day, baby boy. You and me are home for the summer together kiddo! Get ready for endless kisses, hugs (you hate being confined) and made up, annoying songs about your puppies. I can’t wait! #summervaca #homeforthesummer
🐚Who says that my dreams have to stay my dreams? -Ariel🧜🏻‍♀️ I’m pretty sure she’s dreaming about being a mermaid! 📸: @mama.mia.2018
T-minus 6 days until this dudes birthday!🎉 I can’t believe I have an (almost) 2 year old. Weston’s favorite things right now include his leaf blower, lawn mower, & all of his tools. 🔨He’s also a big fan of pizza & snuggles. (probably why we get along so well😜) When he’s not taking a snuggle break, he is on the go NONSTOP & has been since the day he was born. He is just the sweetest, funniest, craziest kid ever & I can’t wait to watch him take on his role as a big brother in the very near future. 😭❤️
My brave little fishy 🐠 . Hey, if anyone has any suggestions for swim lessons in the area that won’t destroy my wallet, I’d love to hear them 😭 Addisyn could live in the water if I’d let her and I think she’d thrive in a swim class!
“OK Mackenzie, mama has a training call in 3 minutes...” . MJ - “3-2-1 go mama go!” . Gotta love when your toddler supports your mama hustle! ❤️ . . . . . #babynumber2 #babyboy #newborn #postpartumfitness #postpartumjourney #fourthtrimester #newmomadventures #toddlermom #themommydiary #rawmotherhood #bodyafterbaby #breastfeedingmama #tiumama #boymomlife #newbornbaby #miraclebaby #familyoffour #newmomlife #newmommoments #naturalbirth #thisismotherhood #mommyhood #bodypositivemovement
✨ TWELVE ✨ Hoping he feels better soon because he is not taking those twelve month vaccines well. . . . . . . #twelvemonths #oneyearold #toddler #babyboy #mama #momofboys #motherhood #rawmotherhood #mylittlemoments #target #targetstyle #catandjack #parenthood #mom #mommyblogger #momblog
Hey mama, I see you. I see you wondering If you are good enough If you are strong enough If you are tough enough If you are *enough* You are. You are exactly the right person to mother your children. EXACTLY the right person. Read it again. You are doing a wonderful job. I see you. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Before you have children. Before you become a mother. You are idealistic. You will not be like the other mothers. You will be different. You won’t be uptight and stressed. You won’t be over the top. You will have a routine and be organised. Your children won’t be like the children you see screaming in the shops or the children eating McDonald’s on a Tuesday afternoon (may or may not be my children 😅). Your children will be well behaved. They won’t get too tired. They will sleep through the night in their own beds (bahaha 😂). They will eat the fresh organic, grass-fed, sugar free, dairy free, gluten free, taste free, pure dirt bliss balls you make them. Then you *become* a mother. Oh. Wow.  Your children will not only teach you how to be a mother but they will hopefully also teach you how not to judge other mothers. #parentsunite #mothersunite ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ When Halz from @mumlifethelabel contacted me for a #collaboration I said absolutely GF, without question and you guys know how I feel about collaborating with brands these days haha ! I was gifted this tank. There’s no discount code but I wanted to share something that hopefully makes you feel empowered. #mumlife is *my* life and I wanted to bring it to you in truth, honesty and reality- Rachael style 💁🏼‍♀️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ If you’re a new mum. If you’re a 4 times over mum. If you’re a twin mum. A boy mum or a girl mum. Whatever kind of mum you are. One thing reigns true: it’s ok to not enjoy every single moment. Being a good mum doesn’t mean you have to have it all- be it all AND sacrifice it all *without* feeling like it’s all too much
🌿 T H R E E  F A C E S 🌿 The three faces of miss Lilly. Oh so cheeky, oh so sweet. Constantly trying to get her big brother in trouble but also melting our hearts daily with her love. 💕 #livinglikekennedy
My little loves, I love them so much. Sometimes i can’t believe I have two tiny humans that are all my own. Crazy! It’s been crazy over here trying to pack and get things in order before we leave for our trip to Ohio. Can’t wait to see my family but I can definitely wait for the flight with the babies 😑 Sonny is constantly on the move so being contained for 4+ hours is gonna be VERY INTERESTING! #momjourney #southbaymoms #socalmoms #lamoms #irishtwinmom #irishtwins #lovemybabies #momsthroughinstagram #motherhoodlife #motherhoodrising #rawmotherhood #momssupportingmoms #mommyblogger #boymom #10monthsapart #bestiesforlife
Sometimes I post things thinking “one day I’ll be able to show my grand kids what grandma used to look like “ 😂
My girl loves all animals. Love photographing these tender moments.
As part of my job, I teach business development to our team and one of the first topics was how to make it a habit. The fun thing about habits is that the same basic principles apply no matter if it's for work, health, or even keeping up the house.  So - here's the Busy Mom's Guide to Habit Creation! Step-by-step bits to change your habits and effectively change your entire life. We've all got habits. Might as well make 'em good!  Link in profile.  https://themotherforce.com/busy-moms-guide-to-habit-creation/
🕶Luna is obsessed with all forms of glasses lately, and it’s pretty cute.👓 Her little personality is my favorite. 💕☺️ . .. ... .. . .. ... .. . .. ... .. . .. ... .. . .. ... .. . .. ... .. .  #momlife #mommydaughter #babylove  #honestmoherhood #breastfedbaby #postpartum #mymotherhood #toddler #mommyblogger #motherhoodrising #breastfedtoddler #rawmotherhood #toddlerbreastfeeding #cameramama
They are my home! 💙💚🏡
first thought when I look at this picture: I’ve been Multitasking since day 1. These little boys have always kept me on my toes. But there’s a deeper story. When this picture was taken, I was struggling a bit with depression, withdrawing from society, always felt like a failure, always worried about judgments from others, felt like most people around me couldn’t relate to me. I was a young mom and most of my peers had no children. I was halfway across the world from family, it was both a beautiful time and a very stressful and lonely time. I kept those German rouladens pulled down day and night, living in perpetual darkness. And for the most part, I just tried to get through each day. It was so hard for me. I wasn’t ungrateful, I wasn’t unappreciative of the gift God gave me in those babies, I was just dealing with hormonal and mental feelings that I didn’t know how to control. and the feeling of no one understanding only further pushed me into isolation. If I’m completely honest, I still feel like this some days. It’s not as bad as it once was, I no longer think people cannot relate, because I’m now in a different phase of life and most of my peers have children. But social media isolates. Everyone’s “individuality” and personal schedules isolates. Our need for likes and validation from the internet isolates. Moms, don’t stay quiet. Talk about how you feel. You may be surprised at how many people feel the same way you do. And if you suspect someone feels this way, reach out. Take your eyes off your phone for a second and notice what’s going on around you. You may be the friend that someone needs. #isolation #motherhoodistough #motherhoodisntglamorous #depression #realmotherhood #rawmotherhood #postpartumdepression #babyblues #dontstayquiet #speakup #dolifetogether #supportyourfellowmamas #multitaskingmama #dontjudgeothermoms #reallife #awareness #yourenotalone #twinmama #motheroftwins #twins #twinboys #mamaoftwins
P O S T P A R T U M | Pump, feed, diaper change, sleep, and repeat!  Postpartum this time around feels very different. Body is still healing from a natural birth and boy can I tell the difference between this birth and my last two. My pelvis is still sore and my body just feels so much weaker. With this being my third pregnancy, I'm understanding my body may take a little longer to recover. Just trying to take it easy, love on all three of my babies & hubby, and keep my emotions under control...all at the same time. What were some of your challenges as a new mom, or just a mom in general??? . . . . . #fourthtrimester #postpartum #postpartumlife #maternity #rawmotherhood #parenting #momofthree #postpartumjourney #lifewithanewborn #toddlerlife #blackmomsblog #momlife #newbaby #naturalbirth #pregnancy #birth #birthingwithoutfear #wombman #blackgirlsblog #munamommy #motherhoodthroughinstagram #blackmomskillingit #momseithcameras #mynameismama #honestmotherhood #thebump #teammotherly #melaninmotherhood #motherhoodunplugged #ohheymama
Final touches⚡️
J’ai une confidence à vous faire : il m’arrive de me sentir débordée!  Les derniers mois ont été très occupés et les mois à venir le seront encore plus!  C’est pourquoi j’ai décidé de me trouver des stratégies qui me permettraient d’en accomplir davantage en moins de temps!  J’ai commencé à écouter des podcast au sujet de la productivité et ça m’aide vraiment!  Je me suis trouvé quelques trucs au cours des derniers jours. Je les ai mis en application et je vois déjà un très bel impact sur mon organisation de travail.  Je fais des listes et je priorise ;  Je prends des pauses de 25 minutes à chaque 35 minutes de travail ;  J’utilise parfois ces pauses pour faire des tâches autour de la maison ;  Je ferme les trop nombreux onglets ouvert sur mon explorateur ;  Je ne regarde pas mes courriels pendant que je réalise une tâche ;  J’écoute des podcasts sur la productivité et la motivation ;  Je bois beaucoup d’eau.  Et vous, quels sont vos trucs? . . . #photographedenaissance #montrealbirthphotographer #quebecbirthphotographer #canadianbirthphotographers #ontariobirthphotographer #torontobirthphotographer #birthphotographer #birthphotography #birth #birthart #labortime #laboranddelivery #childbirth #birthstory #birthstoryphotographer #empoweredbirth #birthisbeautiful #positivebirth #thisisbirth #takebackbirth #exposingbirth #birthwithoutfear #bumpbirthandbeyond #rawmotherhood #motherhoodrising #badassbirthbabes #stopcensoringmotherhood #motherhoodphotography #newbornphotography
Hey 🙋‍♀️ I am Terri the mum behind  The Healthy Wallet Project.  My husband and I moved to Perth 10 years ago, we have 3 kids 👧🧒👶 youngest is now 11 weeks old.  3 random facts about me 💕I am awkard 24/7 😂 I found this incredibly hard in my teenage years but now i just laugh it off 💕I spent the first 5 years of my life living on an island 💕I had 3 ponies when I was 12 I would get up early before school and ride one then come home and ride the other 2 🐴🐴🐴 best childhood ever 🥰  What I want to be be able to do with The Healthy Wallet Project is travel Australia and New Zealand spreading my message with my family and meet as many families as I can 🙌  I would love to learn more about you 🙋‍♀️, where do you see yourself in 12 months?
Lately these two love to sit as close to each other as they can, or lay right next to each other to watch movies, and I’m loving it!! I’m also choosing to focus on these times, and block out all of the screaming, fighting, stealing toys, and crying. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Big 🐻 we ❤️ you. //also getting a toddler to look at the camera AND smile is pure wizardry. 🤷🏼‍♀️
"A little child, born yesterday, A thing on mother's milk and kisses fed." - Shelley  Something about being a mother...I've learned so much from raising my 3 little mischief-makers already.  #rawmotherhood #easternncphotographer #motherhoodsimplified #storytellingmama #nclifestylephotography #rawportraitsofmotherhood #stephaniebeephotography #sharetheeverymom #goldsboronclifestylephotography #liveauthentic #theeverydayproject #raleighlifestylephotographer #goldsborobirthphotographer
Sometimes the days get long, the stress piles high and the end of the day feels further away then ever. On those days there’s usually a lot of yelling, crying and emotions. From not just Tate but me too. Today I decided for things to be different. I made a commitment to Tate and myself for it to be so. • • • If you watched my stories you saw that Tate had a mosquito bite over his eye and was just a bit crabby about it 🤦🏽‍♀️ Instead of letting it become a terrible day and have us both running high with emotions. I instead paused before yelling, gave more hugs then orders and just let the day unfold naturally. It’s not always about the situation you’re in, sometimes it’s in how you handle it 💛 • • • Few affirmation cards still available! Get them through the link in my bio!
This was me yesterday after struggling through a tough feed. Exhausted, in pain, feeling defeated. I’ve had many moments like this since my son arrived. My only concern is making sure his needs are met, yet I often feel that I’m falling short. Motherhood is an overwhelming combination of bliss and self-doubt. I try to remind myself that I can’t be perfect. I can’t be everything for everyone. I just have to do my best and take it one hour at a time. Thankfully, this little guy is worth every second of struggle. Mamas out there - tell me I’m not alone?? . Repost CREDIT @claireholt . . ❣FOLLOW @postpartummotherhood and tag us to be featured 💐💐💐 . . . #realmotherhood #rawmotherhood #postpartumjouney #mumlife #momlife #newborns #postpartum #thisispostpartum #mothersaremagic #maternalhealth
Awww just look at those tiny little fingers! 👋 ⁣ ⁣ Can you tell what’s going on here? No scissors or clippers in sight… but Mama @vicky_dunks is trimming her little one’s nails 🤗⁣ ⁣ Safe, efficient and oh-so-gentle, the Baby Nail Care Set is perfect for filing soft and developing nails… without any of the anxiety that comes with putting anything sharp near those little fingers! 🌸⁣ ⁣ It includes five grinding pads varying in strength – suitable for the whole family! 👏⁣ ⁣ Shop at haakaa.co.nz 🌿
And some days, just when you think you can’t take anymore, your toddler dances in the rain and reminds you just how fleeting childhood is ❤️ . Sam has been EXHAUSTING lately! He has been testing us day in and day out and with a newborn and very little sleep that has been trying...to say the least 🤦‍♀️ . So today I said, go outside and play in the rain...and in those moments of pure two year old joy I was reminded just how great being a parent is 💕 .  Now, let’s see how long we have before the next meltdown....send wine 😂 #toddlermeltdown #toddlermoments
Today I taught my daughter to stick up for herself. I want her to be kind, giving & empathetic, of course but more than that I want her to be strong. To feel confident and know that she can think for herself. Stick up for what is right. And certainly never let anyone, man or woman, take advantage of her. . Jayde was sitting nicely doing her puzzle at the table, and little boy came up and started to take the pieces from her. I watched as she let him him do it. She was upset but she didn’t cry or throw a fit. She looked at me with wide eyes and I told her she could finish her puzzle, that she had it first and he can play after. She continued on with what she had left. We talked about what pieces she had, a taxi, a train, a race car. The little boy watched as she continued to play, unbothered by his failed attempt to kill her vibe. . . I’m just a mom, trying to raise a confident little girl, in hopes she  becomes a strong women who doesn’t let anyone kill their vibe ✌️ . . . . . #motherhoodmoments #rawmotherhood #raiseconfidentgirls #fiercemamahood #momentsofmine #letthembelittle #ohheymama #momtruths #discoveredunder10k #raisinggirlsright #raisinggirlsisawesome #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodthroughig #momswithcameras #motherhoodrising #childhoodunplugged #motherhoodslens #connecticutblogger #newenglandblogger
Mary Poppins and her spoonful of sugar often comes to mind when you think of castor oil. . A vegetable oil that originates from castor beans it’s known for its distinct taste, but castor oil’s many benefits actually make it an ideal ingredient in our Spritz for Bits!  Known to have anti-inflammatory properties it can relieve the pain and discomfort of skin problems. .  It is anti-microbial and can also help to reduce swelling. Its moisturising properties prevent the build-up of dead skin cells, helping to promote an optimal healing environment.
Soaking up all these sweet baby snuggles because I know in just a blink of an eye he’ll be all grown up! Also because he cries most times if not being held 🤪
“Our stair gate has protected both the baby and the parents. It’s so easy to be tempted to step over the gate sometimes. That’s why we chose this extra tall gate for our family. But, that’s just one of the many reasons we love it so much.” ⠀ Our friend, @bumpsandbottles has a blog post for tips on what you should be looking for when choosing a stair gate for your home ♥️ // 📷@bumpsandbottles ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #capturemotherhood #babysafety #babygate #babyjail #mobilebaby #stairsgate #babyproof #babyproofingtime #crawlingbaby #walkingbaby #babylife #momlife #mamatired #rawmotherhood #candidchildhood #motherhoodunited #honestmothering #motherhoodunplugged
Her new thing is dressing herself & changing her clothes 19380181 times a day & half the time, her shirt or pants are on backwards 🤷🏻‍♀️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #athenasleeps #athenaelizabethbarr
I just love how good the minis come out at the Bishop’s Garden! And how beautiful this family is?
I just love how good the minis come out at the Bishop’s Garden! And how beautiful this family is?
I have THREE MINUTES to chat with the CDC at the ACIP meeting next week, if you could say ONE thing, what would you say?! I will create a speech with as many of our statements/concerns as I can in three minutes 🤪 . I’m planning on appealing to the emotional side of this issue, there will be nurses and others representing the facts. . Funny side note, I was reading about my personality type (#8 on the enneagram) last night and chuckled at this section: Eights see themselves as protectors of others, and when they are healthy, they actually are. Eights are more likely to seek justice for "their people"–their family, friends, co-workers, ethnic group, and so forth. It is usually expressed in a concern that those in their care (or under their power and authority) be treated fairly. With Eights, the sense of justice usually involves addressing an imbalance of power. . 🎤 BOOM. Watch out CDC. . :: . :: . #literalmomgoals #youareabadass #legitmomstyle #motherhoodinspired #motherhoodco #motherhoodinstyle #momliferocks #inspirationintheeveryday #dailymotherhood #rawmotherhood #momsirl #thisismotherhood #slowmotherhood #momgoals #modernmom #crunchymama #enneagram8 #enneagram
Thank you to @yeouthskincare for sending me this amazing face serum! I’ve been using it for a couple weeks now and so far I’m loving it. If you want to try some for yourself the  code is SOCIAL20. For 20% off your first order. Link in my bio. #momjourney #southbaymoms #socalmoms #lamoms #motherhoodlife #momsthroughinstagram #motherhoodrising #rawmotherhood #mommyblogger #irishtwinmom #momssupportingmoms #yeouthskincare #skincare #nomakeup
👋🏻Howdy! • I have a few new faces hangin out here in my little corner of the internet. So, it’s the perfect time to share a bit about who I am and why I’m here! • 👋🏻Hi! I’m Alisha. I’m almost 27. I live in Nebraska with my husband, Nick, and our four “babies.” 💜Adelai 7, 💚Audrick 6, 💖Acharli (Charli) 2.5, and 💗Azia 10.5 months • If you saw me on the street, you’d probably see me herding my little ducklings to walk single file. 😂 But you may also notice that I’m tall, 6’1” to be exact and I birth giants. • Our lives are busy. Azia was infected by late-onset group B strep at 6 weeks old. It presented as pneumonia, sepsis, and meningitis. It tried really hard to take her from us but she fought harder to stay. The meningitis left her with brain damage so she has therapy three times a week. Head to @theaziawarriorproject to read more about her story. We’ve made it our mission to spread GBS awareness. • My son, Audrick, has some struggles with coordination and motor skills. So, he also goes to therapy twice a week. Add in sports and a handful of free activities and you get me and my kids practically living in my car.🙈 • Since I’m not one to do anything the easy way, I decided to really devote time to developing this page, also. I’ve learned some tricks to keep up with everything and I want to share them with other mamas. • We’re all busy. Life in 2019 is just busy. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t still feel accomplished without being defeated. You can thrive in the busy chaos instead of just surviving. ♥️ Come along with me, I’ll help you. Plus, there’s a lot of laughter going on over here and we all need a bit more humor in our lives. • 👉🏻Now, tell me a random fact about you that most people may not know👇🏻 .... ... .. . .. ... .... #momsplaining #mommyhooddiaries #momstories #funnymommy #reclaimthehappy #honestmom #givemeallthecoffee #parenthoodmoments #funnymoms
Continuing our series on #boundaries by giving you 7 ways to talk to your child when they are hitting you. Like the other one this is very simplified and what works will really vary situation to situation. We hope that these will give you some good starting points for those moments that are difficult!
My mother came to stay with us for a week and now that she’s back home I’m missing her lots! ♡
🐴Today, we took the kiddos to an awesome working ranch about an hour from home! The kids got to meet the horses, cattle, pigs, and goats! They even had bees, so we got some fresh and local honey to take home! The girls made a new friend too.😍 I just love how friendly and vulnerable kids are. Like, “hey, I don’t really know you, but let’s be friends and hold hands!” 😆
La mamma dovrebbe essere come una trapunta: tenere i figli al caldo, senza soffocarli. [Anonimo] Questa citazione mi ha fatto riflettere: Ma anche i vostri mariti vi “accusano” di essere un tantino apprensive con i figli? No perché da circa sei anni, me lo sento ripetere spesso e la cosa comincia a darmi parecchio fastidio 🤬  Che già fare i genitori non è facile, poi mettici anche che viviamo all’estero e non abbiamo tutti gli aiuti di questo mondo, ma anche no 😓 C’è qualcun’altra nella mia stessa situazione? Stasera ho bisogno di conforto 🧡 #genitorialmente #mammeitalianeallestero  #igersmamme  #parenthood  #italianwomenusa
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the cutest of them all?
Last week was hard ... . . Warning : long post ahead ... . . Honestly guys, I really struggled last week and had to do it all alone with my husband trying to finish planting. Lennon got pretty sick on Sunday with HIGH fevers and I couldn’t put her down or she would scream. 😔 Sundays I plan out everything for the week including Instagram, since that didn’t happen, I didn’t have anything planned and that threw me off to begin with then on top of it I didn’t know what or have anything to say I was so physically and mentally exhausted. . We took her into the Doctor on Monday and they told us it was viral, nothing we could do but keep her comfortable ... okay. Tuesday came and she was so out of it. She took 5 naps (compared to her normal 2) that day and looked miserable and exhausted. I knew something was wrong but just waited it out thinking she was just exhausted from the high fevers the day before. Wednesday came and I finally called the nurse because she had woke up with a rash on her belly, after her morning nap the rash had spread all over up to her head. Called doctor and they wanted to see her ASAP. They tested her for strep (which normally if they are under 1 they don’t get that) leave it to my daughter to get strep. Atleast we finally have an answer to these high fevers and can get on the right track! . Now let’s add to the week. I get a call Wednesday while at the Doctor that my background check came back and was supposed to start work the next day 😳 I didn’t have anyone to watch Lennon since she hadn’t had antibiotics for 24 hrs yet.  So finally started work last Friday while my mother in law was able to watch them and enjoyed every single minute with them this past weekend. . I apologize to my followers for not posting last week and letting you in on everything going on until now. I am hoping I can find a schedule that works with my new job and spending the little time I now have with them. . Thank You to everyone that has stuck
These two 😍 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Happy Father’s Day to the best dad ever! We would be lost without you & are so blessed to have you! We love you so big ❤️
This girl is obsessed with water in every way 💦 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #waterbaby #athenaelizabethbarr