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💕 WE LOVE READING 💕 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ My little man is such a sponge at the moment and devouring as many books as he can. He is particularly fond of anything to do with dinosaurs, sea creatures and this amazing book "Stories for boys who dare to be different 2". After reading a story we often chat about the men afterwards, sometimes looking them up online. It's opening up so many lovely conversations between my son and I, which I love as it also reminds me how grown up he is... and who knows, maybe one day he will be in there too 💙 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ We were gifted this book by the lovely @anabooks from @quercusbooks, thank you xxx ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #boyswhodare #boyswhodaretobedifferent #kidswhodare #storiesforkids #storiesforboyswhodaretobedifferent #stories #boys #gender #genderfluid #genderroles #nogenderroles #kids #childrensbooks #children #bedtimestories #rolemodels #breakthemould #bedifferent #dare #bedaring #tomdaley #princeharry #readwithkids #peterpan #loylecarner #lovereading #readwithkids #mumlife #quercusbooks #welovebooks
Есть отличная возможность выбрать на каком языке прочесть сильный роман Уильяма Николсона / William Nicholson «Родной Берег» / «Motherland», в прекрасном переводе Натальи Миронычевой от издательства @sindbad_publishers или оригинал от @quercusbooks – удовольствие и эмоции гарантированы, как и лучшая цена в столице на оба издания.  О романе:  1942 год, Англия. Союзные британские и канадские войска готовятся к Дьепской операции, которая завершится провалом и станет кровавой прелюдией к знаменитой высадке десанта в Нормандии в 1944-м. Война сводит вместе трех молодых англичан – Китти, Эда и Ларри. Оба парня влюбляются в Китти, она выбирает Эда. Вскоре друзья разлучаются. Ларри и Эд отправятся на фронт – они станут участниками Дьепского рейда. Эхо этой трагедии будет не только преследовать их всю жизнь, но и врываться в судьбы их потомков. «Родной берег» – это захватывающая сага о грандиозных мировых событиях, втягивающих в свою орбиту обычных людей со своими радостями и горестями. Это глубокие размышления о смысле человеческой жизни, о месте в ней искусства и религии. Это история о всепоглощающей любви и нашем
Well, this is rather a fabulous novel - it’s #beautifulbad by @annienighward @quercusbooks .. I will tell you all about it very soon... Thank you @ellakroftpatel  @quercusbooks for my gifted copy... #yearsofreadingselfishly #beautifulbad #annieward #quercusbooks #bookstagram #booksofinstagram #booklove #booklover #bookworm #booknerd #bookaholic #bookaddict #bookish #bookblogger #bookshelf #bibliophile #lovereading #lovebooks #amreading
📖 Book Review 📖  Holy Cow, another remarkable thriller, right up my street! A gloomy, twisted tale that’ll have you biting your nails whilst hastily turning pages until the penny drops with a twist you will not see coming.  Beautiful Bad follows the three main characters – Maddie, Ian and Joanna. Timeline alternating between the years when the three characters met and the weeks before the killing, making you believe authors deceit into how they arrived to the point where the 911 call was made in the opening chapter. I cannot remember the last time I was so wrong about the characters and the plot twist. This one hit me like a ton of bricks out of the blue and I LOVED IT!  Annie Ward is a new author for me, so I had no idea about what I was getting myself into. I absolutely love psychological thrillers and Beautiful Bad is just that- a slow burning, yet entirely captivating tale of deceit, jealousy, greed and suspense. I was completely mesmerized throughout and for once I did not foresee the ending!  5 out of 5 🌟, deservedly so!  A massive thank you to Quercus Books, NetGalley and Annie Ward for the ARC.  #bookstoread #bookstagram #andmorebooks #bookblogger #bookreviews #bookskatlikes #thriller #bookstagramfeature #bookflatlay #bookish #tea #saturdayvibes #pageturner #mustread #beautifulbad #annieward #quercusbooks #netgalley #anhonestreview #freearc
Hi guys, I'm so happy cause today I'm starting a fabolous book! Thanks to @quercusbooks I had the chance to receive an early copy of "The Flatshare" by Beth  O'Leary.  I'm very much into contemporary romances, and the premise of this book, two people living in the same flat and sharing the same bed  but never actually meeting each other, is really fascinating to me. I'm sure I will fly through it ❤ The book will be officially out on April 18th.  What is your next read? Let me know 👇 ~ S. - (This is not a sponsored post. Everything I say is my own opinion.)
Stories for boys who dare to be different De Ben Brooks Ha entrado un nuevo libro en casa. Esta vez en inglés. Son 100 historias de 100 hombres q han sabido vivir de una forma diferente. Una cara de la hoja del libro la ocupa un dibujo del personaje y la otra cara es un relato de su biografía. Es muy interesante, en un inglés bastante fácil y accesible para los niños y sobre todo, lo que más me ha gustado, es que son historias que te abren la puerta a otros libros, en la mayoría de los casos, totalmente diferentes. Por ejemplo, a mi hijo le ha encantado la vida de Benjamin Zephaniah, un poeta jamaicano con poemas de títulos divertidos, que creo va a ser el siguiente libro que entre en casa. Para chicos interesados en mundos e historias distintas, que tengan un nivel medio de inglés (preferiblemente mayores de 10 años). #boyswhodaretobedifferent, #biography, #storiesforboyswhodaretobedifferent, #cuentosilustradosparaniños, #literaturajuvenil, #quercusbooks
Thinking about the fact it’s Monday and that means #nighttigertogether this evening with the loveliest group of readers. Just putting this out there....I think we should do another buddy read together once we’ve finished this one... #nighttigertogether #yangszechoo #quercusbooks @anabooks
This is #beautifulbad by @annienighward @QuercusBooks  It’s out on 21 March, and tells the story of Maddie and Ian, and whether their beautiful life is really that perfect.. Thank you so much @ellakroftpatel for my gifted copy, and I’ll be sure to let you all know what I think soon.. #yearsofreadingselfishly #beautifulbad #annieward #quercusbooks #bookstagram #booksofinstagram #booklove #booklover #bookworm #booknerd #bookaholic #bookaddict #bookish #bookblogger #bookshelf #bibliophile #lovereading #lovebooks #amreading
Thank you so much to @millspublishing @quercusbooks for this gorgeous gifted copy of #thebookofwonders by @juliensandrel ... It’s out on 30 May 2019, and it sounds fantastic... #yearsofreadingselfishly #thebookofwonders #juliensandrel #quercusbooks #bookstagram #booksofinstagram #booklove #booklover #bookworm #booknerd #bookaholic #bookaddict #bookish #bookblogger #bookshelf #bibliophile #lovereading #lovebooks #amreading
One of my favourite rooms at Scarlett Hall, home to last weeks reading retreat. I thinks it's fair to say the this beautiful room 💛 deserves a beautiful book, there is none more so than the historical fiction of Blackberry and Wild Rose. . . If you could go on a retreat what would you choose? Reading, sketching, yoga, crafting or maybe mindfulness. . . #uniquehomestays #scarletthall #blackberryandwildrose #historicalfiction #readingretreat #tbmreadingretreat #booksofinstagram #bookstagram #howihome #mybookfeatures #myspaceanddecor #myperiodhomestyle #myhomestyle #cornerofmyhome #englishcountryhouse #myinteriorvibe #countryhouse #escapetothecountry #bookworms #bookishlove #bookishlife #bookcommunity #bookaholics #bookcover #beautifulbooks #piano #instabooks #quercusbooks #idealhome #realhomesofinstagram  @uniquehomestays @thebookmatchmaker @quercusbooks @mybookfeatures @soniavelton
It's always a wonderful pleasure to meet Cathbad (and Dr. Galloway, of course). Thank you @ellygriffiths17 ! Word of the day: cist. #ellygriffiths #thestonecircle #quercusbooks
Sisters Reading Night begins with this lovely little sampler sent to me by @quercusbooks and @ellakroftpatel thank you so much to them. I'm a huge fan of The Wizard Of Oz and this novel provides "a fascinating backstage pass into the book that inspired the iconic film, through the eyes of author L. Frank Baum's intrepid wife, Maud." I've already read some fab reviews of this book and I'm definitely intrigued to read it for myself! #bookblogger #bookstagram #bookworm #sistersreadingnight #readingwithmysister #ilovemysister #bookwormsisters #findingdorothy #elizabethletts #quercusbooks
The Flat Share by @betholearyauthor  Just finished reading this!! 📖  I haven’t been as touched by a book since Dear Rosie Hughes and Me Before You.... it’s laugh-out-loud and all kinds of crying (sad and happy tears were shed in the reading of this novel!) * full review to come * 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 #theflatshare #betholeary #quercusbooks #netgalley #romcom #bookstagram #igreads #igbooks  Photo credit: @quercusbooks
Wem der erste Teil von "Boys who dare to be different" so gut gefallen hat wie uns, der muss nicht mehr länger warten, bis es Nachschub gibt - und kann gleichzeitig Englisch üben ;) Der zweite Teil liegt im Original bei uns und wartet auf boys and girls who dare to be different. #boyswhodaretobedifferent #loeweverlag #quercusbooks #rebelgirlsandboys #yourenglishteacherwillbeproudofyou #vaihingerbuchladen #buchladenstuttgart
Söndagsläsningen.  #ellygriffiths #thestonecircle #quercusbooks #bookstagram
On the power of attempting true vision, #toseeclearly: Why Ruskin Matters by Dr Suzanne Fagence Cooper (@quercusbooks). Published to coincide with #ruskin200. . . . . . . #thebigdraw #illustrationnow #johnruskin #unescoworldheritagesite #thelakedistrict #theenglishlakedistrict #lakedistrict #grasmere #ruskin #johnruskin #toseeclearlywhyruskinmatters #toseeclearly #whyruskinmatters #suzannefagencecooper #quercusbooks #bookstagram #bookshop #newbooks
Good morning! 💮🌸🌼🌷 It's Sunday and the second full day of the reading retreat. After some hardcore reading yesterday I finished Blackberry and Rose, yep that's right I read a whole book in a day! I'm pretty sure that's a first for me. Reading Retreat goal ✔️ now more on the book.  A beautiful historical fiction set in Spitalfields, London during 1768. It follows the lives of Esther Thorel, wife of a Huguenot silk weaver, and their household servants. A captivating story with 2 strong female leads, based on true historical events. Think The Miniaturist, or The Lady and the Unicorn an impressive debut novel for Sonia Velton. A book to be moved to the top of your reading pile. Not to mention the stunning bookcover, which gained much admiration by many at the book retreat.  #gardenteacakesandme #thebookmatchmaker #blackberryandwildrose  ##tbmreadingretreat  #readingretreat #readingchallenge #booklover  #lovetoread #bookproblems #seasalt #toomanybooks #booksofinstagram #booklove #igreads #ilovebooks  #ilovereading #readingisbetter #bookishfeatures #quercusbooks #bookrecommendations #booknerd #booksbooksbooks  #bookstagram #booklover  #whattoreadnext  #readinggoals #readingtime #historicalfiction #beautifulbooks #booksarelife
Looking for a gripping, intriguing, suspenseful thriller? Go grab a copy of ‘To Kill The Truth’ by Sam Bourne which was just published this week! Someone is rewriting history one death at a time and it’s up to Maggie Costello to find out who. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 _ I flew through this book as I found it very difficult to put down. The end of each chapter left me hanging and desperate to read more to see how the story would unfold. I found the political side of the book very interesting, especially how a certain President was mentioned without really being mentioned...I’ll leave you to guess which one... _ I really like Maggie and I’m now very excited to go back and read previous books by Sam Bourne which also feature her as the main character. This is the type of book which is technically in a series but could easily be read as a stand alone and I really love books like that. I definitely recommend this one if you want to be on edge and you want to use your brain a bit to try to figure out who is committing these acts of terrorism. Fair warning though...history is being destroyed which means some libraries are injured in the making of this one and your heart may hurt like mine did when reading! _ Thank you to @quercusbooks for sending me this free book and asking me to share my thoughts! I really enjoyed this one 🤗 _ _ _ _ #bookstagram #bookish #bookworm #bookblogger #booklover #bibliophile #booknerd #bookphotography #bookaddict #instareads #instabooks #sambourne #tokillthetruth #quercusbooks #beatthisalgorithm
To Kill The Truth by Sam Bourne : a tense, exciting, thought-provoking and topical thriller that I absolutely devoured. @quercusbooks @ellakroftpatel —— #bookstagram #bibliophile #bookaddict #bookworm #alwaysreading #bookish #bookobsessed #fortheloveofbooks #iheartbooks #bookaholic #avidreader #booksofig #bookblogger #bookreviewer #bookphotography #thriller #quercusbooks
Just wow: from the cover, to the atmospheric backdrop of 18th century London, to the frustration you can’t help but feel when any piece of historical fiction highlights the hopelessness of those at the wrong end of society’s hierarchy. 🥀 ————- It is not a story without hope, though. Whether or not it has a happy ending is for the reader to decide. 🥀 __________ What I oddly liked most about this book was that all the characters were dislikable at some point. Because they were real - they represent the realities of living in a society steeped in injustice. For there to have been a perfect hero or heroine would have turned this into a fairytale. 🥀  __________ For any lovers of historical fiction like me, it is a must read. The plot focuses on the Huguenot silk weavers in Spitalfields and is based on the true story of Anna Maria Garthwaite. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 💫/5 . . . . #blackberryandwildrose #soniavelton #quercusfiction #quercusbooks #bookstagrammer #bookstagram #bookreview #bibliophile #bookstoread #historicalfiction #18thcentury #canon1300d #thefamilybookshelf
How beautiful is this cover of The Night Tiger 🐯by @yangszechoo?  I couldn’t resist taking a picture of it with this stunning backdrop either – I think London is so spectacular at night, I love it there! (swipe right for more pics)  This week marks the start of the #nighttigertogether buddy read.  Sadly I couldn’t fully participate in the chat last night because I ended up working late and I had no internet access because my one-year-old son insisted on using up all my data allowance so he could watch nursery rhymes on YouTube (it was a long car journey; he refused to sleep 😟😩). But I enjoyed looking over everyone’s theories and observations, there were some great ones! Tiger being a man, five elements corresponding to five characters, a sibling sordid love affair…! I think I’m going to reread the first few chapters just to see the clues I didn’t pick up on that others’ did, and also if there are any more!  So far I’m loving it; it’s magical and evocative and lush. Although I’m not too keen on picturing the severed finger that features prominently!  What are you reading this week? . . . . . . . . . . . #gifted #thenighttiger #avidreader #greatreads #lovereadingbooks #bookphotography #readinglist #amreading #bookbuddyreads #buddyread #bookcommunity #bookpile #bookrec #hardback #southbank #lovelondon #bookstagram #bookblogger #instareads #igreads #readingismagic #readabook #yangszechoo #quercusbooks #bibliophile
“In 1930s colonial Malaya, a dissolute British doctor receives a surprise gift of an eleven year old Chinese houseboy. Young Ren has a secret mission; to find his dead masters severed finger, lost years ago in an accident, and reunite it with his body. Ren has forty-nine days, or else his masters soul will roam the earth forever. Ji Lin moonlights as a dancehall girl to pay her mother’s debts. One night, Ji Lin’s dance partner leaves her with a gruesome souvenir which leads her on a dark trail. In their journey to keep a promise and discover the truth, Ren and Ji Lin’s paths will cross in ways they will never forget.” A sweeping historical novel, The Night Tiger explores the rich world of serpents and masters, ancient superstition and modern ambition, sibling rivalry and unexpected love. 🌸 Follow the hashtag #nighttigertogether to follow the chat about this intriguing novel. The chat starts at 8pm (uk time) tonight so be sure to check it out on Instagram and Twitter. Each week we’ll discuss a section of the novel, and have the chance to ask @yangszechoo questions. Feel free to join in! If you’re reading this and would like added to a group chat with myself and other bookstagrammers, please let me know! . Thanks again to @quercusbooks @anabooks and @millyreid1 for #gifting me this copy. . . #bookstagram #bookphotography #readingnow #whattoread #amreading #buddyread #proofcopy #thenighttiger #quercusbooks #asianliterature #malaysia #historicalfiction #magicalrealism #beautifulbooks #bookcover #yangszechoo #newreleases #sarahs89reads
A short book review for today’s post 📚 I finished Sonia Velton’s Blackberry and Wild Rose a few weeks back, and ended up quite enjoying it, in spite of it having a few flaws. Set in 18th century London, it follows the young and naive Sarah Kemp, who is rescued from a brothel by Esther Thorel, the wife of a Huguenot silk-weaver. Esther has ambitions to design silk herself, but her position forbids it, so instead she takes on the project of saving Sarah from her unfortunate fate. However, as they uncover each other’s secrets, the household is threatened with collapse, and both must face the consequences of their actions.  Now, I truly enjoyed the historical setting, and really liked learning about the silk-weavers and their trade, but unfortunately the characters fell a bit flat. I struggled to follow Sarah’s reasoning for her actions, and found the character of Esther a bit bland, which was really a shame since her story had a lot of potential. The writing was great, though, and the atmosphere was wonderful! The narrative was well structured and had me speeding through the pages, although parts of the plot felt slightly predictable. Overall, I think you would really enjoy this if you like historical fiction, and are looking for a quick and immersive read. I personally enjoy very character driven novels, so to me, it lacked some profoundness, but the historical setting made it well worth the read 🖤 3/5 ⭐️ Thanks a ton to @quercusbooks for sending over a copy for me to read and review! 📚 #bookreview #soniavelton #quercusbooks #review #bookstagram #bibliophile #bookster #cozy #hygge  #historicalfiction
Well my body may be in NZ but my head has been floating around the jungles of Malaysia all day in anticipation of our #nighttigertogether buddy read from @quercusbooks. Ren, an orphaned twin, and step-siblings Ji Lin and Shin are all caught up in The Night Tiger’s central mystery of a severed finger contained in a glass vial. Drawing on Chinese mythologies and set in 1930s Malaysia I’m thoroughly enjoying the exotic setting and premise of this novel by @yangszechoo!! Roll on the next 10 chapters 📖 Many thanks to @quercusbooks and @netgalley for my ARC! . . . #quercusbooks #thenighttiger #amreading #currentlyreading #nowreading #buddyread #bibliophile #literaryfiction #booknerd #booknerdigans #booknerdigan #bookworms #bookishlove #bookishfeatures #bookstagrammers #bookishgirl #bookreview #bookreviewer #bookrecommendation #readabook #readersofig #igreads #igreaders #epicreads #readathon #readinglist
The upside to having spent all weekend in bed is that I devoured Polly Clark’s fantastic new novel, Tiger. It veers from the story of poacher Dimitry, to disgraced zookeeper Frieda, to reluctant conservationist Tomas, to Native forest-woman Edit and her daughter Zina. Their stories are entwined with the Countess - newly king of the forest - and her cub Luna. The research that’s gone into this novel is astounding (including a -35c trip to the Russian Far East), and I’m so excited for more people to read this when it comes out in May. 🐅 (Thanks @anabooks! #gifted) 🐅 (Swipe for mini-tiger doing her best roar) . . . . . . . . . . #pollyclarktiger #pollyclark #tiger #igreads #books #bookish #booksbooksbooks #reading #weekendreading #weekend #tigers #siberiantiger #catsofinstagram #igcat #quercus #quercusbooks
| Book Review | The Dollmaker ~ Nina Allan* … The Dollmaker tells the story of Andrew a 4’9” dwarf, and Bramber, a woman in her thirties who resides (voluntarily) in a psychiatric hospital. The two become penpals, connecting over their shared love of dolls, finding in each other someone with whom they feel at ease, even from a distance. One day, Andrew makes the bold decision to travel from London to Bodmin Moor in order to meet Bramber, completely unbeknownst to her. … The reader comes to learn that Bramber has spent years researching the work of Ewa Chaplin, illustrious dollmaker and writer of fairytales (think Brothers Grimm rather than Walt Disney). These tales are interspersed throughout the book, along with Bramber’s letters to Andrew, as the reader follows him on his journey to finally meet her. Along the way, you also learn more about Andrew’s life. All of this makes the book extremely difficult to describe but all the more unique. … Admittedly, it took me a minute to really get into the story, however, this didn’t last long. Nina Allan takes the reader on quite a journey as we encounter all manner of people: dwarves, witches, artists, musicians, ’monsters’ and, of course, dolls and, whilst I wouldn’t say they were at all scary, they were definitely a little unsettling. … The Dollmaker is a story about people and what it is to be human- totally vulnerable and at the mercy of our thoughts, feelings and emotions. We are ruled by both our need for human connection and our fear of it but the reality is that it is only by connecting with others are we brought to life. … Ultimately, this book is a love story but quite unlike any I’ve read before so, with that in mind, it seemed pretty fitting for Valentine’s Day. 🧡 … *Thank you to @anabooks and @quercusbooks for the proof.
When you realise you are not the only one who imagines what it's like to find a tarantula 🕷️ in your home 🤷🏻‍♀️... #calmthefdown  Another book that will be coming with me to the 💙💙📘📘 Reading Retreat, only a week to go!  Disclaimer **a note to my niece please excuse the language you know I don't normally swear 🙊 much 😉 . . . I #gardenteacakesandme #shropshire #quercusbooks #booklover #sarahknight #chinacupandsaucer #currentlyreading  #bookworm  #ilovereading #readingchallenge #bookstagram #bookandtea #readinglist #instabooks #lovereading #readingtime📖 #bookaddict #bookish #booknerd  #whatimreading #ilovetoread #booksarelife #readinglove #booksbooksbooks  #bookish  #bookcover #anicecupoftea #readinggoals #biblophile
Did you know that there’s no evidence of an association between Valentines Day and love until Chaucer? It was originally a saints day which superseded a Roman festival which heralded the start of Spring. . Reading Update: I’m around 1/3 of the way through Columbine, and about the same for Feminists Don’t Wear Pink- they’re both very different, but both should be on your tbr. Over the weekend I’ll be starting The Night Tiger by @yangszechoo as part of the #nighttigertogether read along hosted by @quercusbooks - I’m excited! If you’re taking part, let me know 😉 . . #bookstagram #bookphotography #bookmerch #bookcandle #janeausten #austenite #janeite #foliosociety #beautifulbooks #classicliterature #davecullen #quercusbooks #feministsdontwearpink #thenighttiger #whattoread #amreading #sarahs89reads
Happy publication day to The Night Tiger 🐯 by Yangsze Choo released by @quercusbooks I'm about halfway through this beautiful review copy and absolutely loving it. Thank you so much to them! 😍 "A sweeping historical novel, The Night Tiger explores the rich world of servants and masters, ancient superstition and modern ambition, sibling rivalry and unexpected love." #bookblogger #bookstagram #bookworm #reviewcopy #thenighttiger #yangszechoo #quercusbooks
Happy Publication Day @elizabethletts 🎉🎉 Today is the US publication and you can order it in the UK though on amazon it says it is released here on April 4th.  I'm so excited to read this book. I've been obsessed with anything Oz-related since I was 3 years old. I won't be getting this book until my birthday though so I've got 4 and a half weeks to wait until I can dive in and enjoy ❤️ . . #findingdorothy #elizabethletts #quercusbooks #books #bookstagram #instabook #booklover #bookaddict #booklife #booklove #ilovebooks #bookish #bibliophile #wizardofoz
Thank you @katyaellis_ & @quercusbooks for gifting me the newly published Parkland and updated edition of Columbine. Saying I can’t wait to read them feels wrong given the subject matter, but that is sort how I’m feeling - I know these are going to be hugely powerful and compelling books. For those who aren’t aware, these books focus on the two deadliest school shootings in the US. Parkland is interesting in that Cullen focuses more on the student activism that was born out of this harrowing experience - I don’t know many of the details of either incident, but I’ll never forget the image of Emma González speaking at the rally protesting gun violence. I’ve been interested in reading more true crime since becoming a fan of @thestackspod - this is certainly a good place to start. . Sticking with non-fiction, swipe across to find my #currentread - @allweatherreader @shatterlings and I kick off the readalong of Eat Sweat Play today, DM me if you’d like to join! 📚❤️📚 #mynonfiction19
Columbine and Parkland by Dave Cullen ( gifted by @quercusbooks @davecullenwriter @katyaellis_ ). . .  To be honest my knowledge of The Columbine massacre of 20 April 1999 where two teens went on a shooting spree and Parkland shootings  in Florida on the 14 feb 2018 is very limited to what I heard on the news or read from other media outlets.Saying that what is clear is that the number of similar massacres is increasing and if there is any truth in the statistics and research  done suggesting that from 2009 to 2018 there have been at least 288 school shootings in America, 57 times as many school shootings as other G7 countries combined is simply heartbreaking. I don’t really think I can say truly that I’m looking forward to reading these books because the subject matter is shocking and just heartbreaking,however my interest lies in the hope that these books will shade light and help me gain a broader and better understanding why these horrific crimes keeps happening. . . Dave Cullen ‘s Columbine considered the definitive book on the 1999 high school massacre New paper back edition will be published in 14 Feb 2019. . . Parkland his new book will be published in 12 Feb 2019 focuses more on the aftermath, March For Our Lives Campaign for gun control run by the teenaged survivors. . . . Have you read Columbine,If you have what did you think of it ?Since I have not read it I think I will start with it! Happy new week everyone ❤️ . Thank you so much @katyaellis_ and @quercusbooks for free copies . . . . #columbine #parkland #davecullen #bookish #readersofig #womenwhoread #igread #the_readersdiary #unitedbookstagram #quercusbooks #bookaddict #ilovetoread #met_createchange #readingforfun #booktography
"Parkland was different. Day One, these victims refused victimhood and demanded change. America is awash in guns and they will never be safe until we take control of the obvious. Adults have failed them, so these kids launched their own movement." * Thank you for the gifted copies of Columbine and Parkland @quercusbooks @katyaellis_ I feel very lucky to have been sent these. * Cullen's account focuses on the aftermath of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting and the extraordinary teenage survivors who organised debates, walkouts and the #marchforourlives movement - the fourth largest protest in American history. I know these will both be devastating reads, but also show the resilience of the survivors and the hope for better times ahead. * Parkland and a new paperback edition of Columbine are both published on the 14th February. * #davecullen #parkland #columbine #neveragain #bookstagram #booksofinstagram #bibliophile #booknerdigans #nonfiction #quercusbooks #riverrunbooks #booknerdigans #unitedbookstagram #giftedbooks
. 🥐☕️ It was such a pleasure to host the first ever #bathbookstagrammersbreakfast, for 18 lovely book lovers, in the sumptuous private dining room of @no15gp on Saturday. . 🥐☕️ Over a breakfast of delicious pastries, we enjoyed reading and listening to some of the poems from our copies of the newly published #tenpoemsforbreakfast poetry pamphlet, edited by the amazing @anabooks,and generously provided by the wonderful @candlestickpress. . 🥐☕️ A Literary Food Quiz, compiled by the learned @contraryreader, followed, which gave us an opportunity to put our literary skills to the test!Congratulations to  @amyandbooks and @lost.in.lit. who shared the first prize of some Breakfast at Tiffany’s delights! . 🥐☕️ Next, the lovely local author, @maggieharcourt chatted about publishing, and her experiences of being a writer, and answered our burning questions. . 🥐☕️ A raffle and lucky dip gave everyone the chance to win a book from a selection provided by @quercusbooks, @omarabooks and @panmacmillan. Then it was time to reveal the contents of the much anticipated goodie bags! . 🥐☕️ Each gorgeous grey Neptune jute shopping bag  had a copy of: .📕The Last by Hanna Jameson, courtes of @vikingbooksuk 📗Marked for Death by Tony Kent, from publishers Elliott & Thompson 📔A Slightly Foxed tote bag, containing a copy of one of @foxedquarterly’s beautiful literary magazines and postcards 📚A copy from a selection of books from @serpentstail. 📰Finally, everyone was given a Literary Quote Print of their choice from the generous @thestorygift and, of course, took home a treasured copy of the Ten Poems for Breakfast pamplet from @candlestickpress. . 🥐☕️ Our morning finished with a photo shoot, with all our lovely goodies, and we then departed for some book shopping in Bath’s beautiful bookshops, including the much anticipated @mrbsemporium and @toppingsbath! . 🥐☕️ A massive thank you to all the aforementioned
“I felt ripe with coincidence, shaky with it, as if I were being manipulated somehow without my knowledge. As if - and I know how this sounds - I were myself a character in one of Chaplin’s stories. Yes, you can laugh, as I know I would be laughing myself if this hadn’t really happened, if those co-incidences hadn’t unfolded before me on the page in black and white.” . . . As a child I rarely played with dolls. They always scared me; tiny little humanoids with eyes that snap open and stare. This book reminded me of my childhood fear with its creeping tension and ability to worm its way into your consciousness. Andrew and Bramber are drawn together by their love of dolls and the history of doll making. Andrew is 4ft 9in tall and Bramber is living in an institution on Bodmin Moor. They strike up a correspondence and Andrew travels to meet her hoping that they might develop a closer relationship. Interspersed with his journey are short stories by Ewa Chaplin, a doll-maker and author who moved from Poland to London at the start of World War II. Her stories are dark, twisted fairy tales with evil fae and living dolls. Recurring characters, objects and themes appear in both Andrew’s and Ewa’s stories blurring the lines between alternative realities.  The Dollmaker is well-written and constructed and Ewa’s stories are particularly masterful with their looming menance. Verging on horror at times, fans of noir magical realism will love this book which is due out on the 4th April. Many thanks to @quercusbooks and @netgalley for my ARC. . . . #thedollmaker #ninaallen #quercusbooks #netgalley #amreading #literaryswag #bibliophile #literaryfiction #booknerd #booknerdigans #booknerdigan #bookworms #bookishlove #bookishfeatures #bookstagrammers #bookishgirl #bookreview #bookreviewer #bookrecommendation #readabook #readersofig #igreads #igreaders #epicreads #readathon #readinglist
#merveilledujour ✨🇬🇧 Teaser pour la presse britannique... j’adore 😍 Love this PR material, thanks @quercusbooks ! . . #thebookofwonders #lachambredesmerveilles #juliensandrel #quercus #quercusbooks #calmannlevy @calmann.levy #book #livre #novel #bookstagram #livrestagram #instabook #instalivre #uk #usa #australia #translation #english
Qotd - If you were transported to the setting of the book you’re currently reading, where would you be? . One thing I really want to do once I have more free time is to travel abroad. It always makes me laugh when I hear some people say they can’t wait until space travel becomes the norm and I think to myself why not explore Earth maybe?🤣 . It’s hard to think of all the places I want to travel to but Japan, Malaysia, Portugal, Denmark and Italy are some of the ones that come to mind. Japan through is on the top of my list mainly due to Haruki Murakami books .  Anyway, to answer my question! Currently I am reading The Night Tiger by Yangsze Choo. The book is set in Malaysia in the 1930’s so I guess I’d be transported there 😎 . QOTD - If you were transported to the setting of the book you’re currently reading, where would you be?
Super excited to get involved in the #nighttigertogether buddy read with some of my favourite Bookstagrammers! Thanks to @quercusbooks and @anabooks for my copy of this beautiful book (that conveniently matches my kitchen wall 😂🙈). #nighttiger #yangszechoo #bookstagram #quercusbooks #buddyread
NEW: “Katalin Street” by Magda Szabó.  From the publisher (we have the @maclehosepress / @quercusbooks edition): In prewar Budapest three families live side by side on gracious Katalin Street, their lives closely intertwined. A game is played by the four children in which Bálint, the promising son of the Major, invariably chooses Irén Elekes, the headmaster’s dutiful elder daughter, over her younger sister, the scatterbrained Blanka, and little Henriette Held, the daughter of the Jewish dentist.  Their lives are torn apart in 1944 by the German occupation, which only the Elekes family survives intact. The postwar regime relocates them to a cramped Soviet-style apartment and they struggle to come to terms with social and political change, personal loss, and unstated feelings of guilt over the deportation of the Held parents and the death of little Henriette, who had been left in their protection. But the girl survives in a miasmal afterlife, and reappears at key moments as a mute witness to the inescapable power of past events.  The book was first published in Hungarian in 1969 and translated into English by Len Rix — first published by @nyrbooks in 2017.  Its French translation won France’s 2007 Prix Cévennes for Best European novel. It’s English translation won the 2018 PEN Translation Prize @pen_america.  From @pwpics: A gorgeous elegy for the joy and the life once shared among three neighboring families in prewar Budapest.  From @kirkus_reviews: Szabó's quietly captivating novel excavates the tangled history of Hungary's capital from the portentous moments before the German occupation to its suffocating postwar regime.  From #threepercent @urochester: “ — what seems at first to be a realist novel of class displacement and family dysfunction quickly turns out to have an unexpected but crucial presence binding the narrative shifts in place and time.  From @the.independent: Szabó explores the interconnectedness of private and public spheres,
Never been so excited about reading a book BECAUSE this just isn't any normal read, BUT a readalong with other great book bloggers as well as @quercusbooks and the lovely talented @yangszechoo - starting 18th Feb! #bookblogger #ilovebooks #yangszechoo #quercusbooks #readalong #booksaremylife📚
Out of Thin Air Anthony Adeane  An examination of two suspected murders in Iceland, and the consequences of an ill equipped task force. Interlaced with nuggets of both the history of Iceland and facts on the human psyche, the story illustrates how far a society will go to retain a sense of order. Achieves the perfect balance of educational, informative reading and passionate storytelling -  hard bent not to ravish it whole.
📚Hot off the press📚 The very latest offering by this fabulous author. Stone Circles by Elly Griffiths - continuing the exploits of Dr Ruth Galloway and DCI Nelson. Smashing. . . . . @ellygriffiths17 #newbooks #thestonecircles #shoplocal #shopsmall #ellygriffithsbooks #quercusbooks #crimebooks #visitclaresuffolk #bookworm @quercusbooks #crimefiction #bookstagram #books #independentbookshop
Here are a few keywords you need to know about Dirty Little Secrets by @jospainauthor —— Clever, addictive page-turner, hugely entertaining and absolutely unputdownable! Published by @quercusbooks on February 7th but just do yourself a favour and preorder it now! —— #bookstagram #bibliophile #bookaddict #bookworm #alwaysreading #bookish #bookobsessed #fortheloveofbooks #iheartbooks #bookaholic #avidreader #booksofig #bookblogger #bookreviewer #bookphotography #jospain #quercusbooks
how many books did you read in january? 🌝 i had a wonderful reading month and managed to devour 9 books, including favourites the grisha trilogy and daisy jones & the six. for february, i plan to read #blackberryandwildrose which was #gifted to me by @quercusbooks, thank you! 🧡✨ also, how stunning is that cover?!
For fans of Jessie Burton and Tracy Chevalier, Sonia Velton’s Black Betty and Wild Rose is an elegant, magical debut set among the Huguenot silk weavers of 18th century Spitalfields . ‘Velton gives her characters genuine depth in a moving story of love, secrets and betrayal’ - Sunday Times . ‘Beautiful inside and out. A richly imagined and brilliantly twisty tale of secrets, silk weaving and betrayal based on the true story of master silk designer Anna Maria Garthwaite’ - Anna Mazzola . #newbooks #newfiction #bookstagram #books #bookshop #instabooks #newandreviewed #waterstones #soniavelton #quercusbooks #chippenham
😍😍😍 Now I’ve got your attention with a picture of this beautiful floral cover I’m guessing you want to know what the actual book/story is like?! Blackberry and Wild Rose by Sonia Velton gets a solid ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ from me. It’s an engaging historical fiction set in the heart of Spitalfields, London in the late 18th Century. Told via the alternating viewpoints of two women, Sara and Esther, whose lives become intermingled I was swept up in the storyline instantly and read this in two large sittings. There’s a element of ‘Upstairs Downstairs’- Madam’s and their maids etc alongside the workings of the silk weavers of Spitalfields. I really enjoyed this element of it- learning more about silk weaving and the importance it held in the community at that time. I think if you enjoyed The Miniaturist or The Essex Serpent you will most certainly enjoy this. Plus I think the cover alone makes it worth a look!! I picked up this copy at a booksellers event run by @quercusbooks last October and was lucky enough to meet the author- Sonia- and discuss the book with her. I’m glad I’ve finally got around to actually reading it! Do you enjoy historical fiction? And what area of history would you love to learn more about? Looking forward to a chat in the comments 😊
🆕️ Out today, January 24th: Vilage of the Lost Girls by Agustín Martínez @QuercusBooks 📚📰. . . "Five years after their disappearance, the village of Monteperdido still mourns the loss of Ana and Lucia, two eleven-year-old friends who left school one afternoon and were never seen again. Now, Ana reappears unexpectedly inside a crashed car, wounded but alive. .  The case reopens and a race against time begins to discover who was behind the girls' kidnapping. Most importantly, where is Lucia and is she still alive? .  Inspector Sara Campos and her boss Santiago Bain, from Madrid's head office, are forced to work with the local police. Five years ago fatal mistakes were made in the investigation conducted after the girls first vanished, and this mustn't happen again. But Monteperdido has rules of its own." . .  A compelling mystery with many unexpected twists. Sometimes, small communities have rules of their own.... even when it comes to missing children. 🕵️‍♂️ . .  Grab your copy today!! 📖 . .  #villageofthelostgirls #bookstagram #releaseday #mystery #fiction #crime #thriller #spain #pyrenees #bookdragon #readmorebooks #bookaddict #bookphotography #quercusbooks #moonlightbookreader #bookish #books #reading
Thanks so much to @quercusbooks @hachetteireland and the lovely @betholearyauthor for the visit and the gifts this morning. Beth's moving uplifting and novel The Flatshare is out in April. We predict a bestseller! #argosybooks #theflatshare #betholeary #quercusbooks #hachetteireland #booksareback #tiffyandleon ❤️
#merveilledujour 🔥🇬🇧 🇺🇸 🇦🇺 🔥Print proofs of The Book of Wonders just landed in Paris ! La Chambre des merveilles sortira au UK, aux USA et en Australie en mai 2019 ✨✨✨ . . #thebookofwonders #quercusbooks #lachambredesmerveilles #juliensandrel #calmannlevy #translation #traduction #english #anglais #uk #usa @quercusbooks @calmann.levy #bookstagram #livrestagram #instabook #instalivre #livre #book #novel
I received this beautiful novel in the mail the other day, and can’t thank @quercusbooks enough for sending a copy my way 😍 I’ve heard great things about this one already, and can’t wait to read it myself, once I’ve finished my current read ☺️ #bookstagram #bookster #bookhaul #newin #newbook #quercusbooks #blackberryandwildrose #tbr #bookmail #bibliophile
The Dollmaker ~ Nina Allen ✨ . So, I accidentally started this book today. By accidentally I mean I had no intention of starting it yet but then I read the blurb and a couple of pages and I had no idea where it was going so I had to keep going because I need to know where this is going!  I still haven’t worked it out yet but so far so good! . This one is published on 4th April 2019. Thanks @anabooks @quercusbooks for the proof! ✨
I’ve seen Blackberry & Wild Rose everywhere on here over the past few weeks, so I bowed to peer pressure and purchased a copy - and I’m so glad I did! 🍇🍃 ⁣ ⁣ It’s as brilliant inside as the beautiful cover suggests. Perfect for fans of The Miniaturist, this tale of Huguenot silk weavers in 18th century Spitalfields is enthralling. I particularly enjoyed how the technical details of the silk industry were woven into the story and  I loved the contrasting perspectives of Esther & Sara.⁣ 🌼 out now from @quercusbooks 🌼
As a bit of change to my usual non fiction straight out music books I’ve been having a bit of a run on a series of fiction crime genre police procedurals. This is the fourth in a series, but what provides the link is that the books are set against the late 60’s supposed counter cultural revolution, with music, drugs, the radical press etc all contributing to the background along the way. In this case, as the title suggests, the novel is set against the background of Brian Jones’s “death by misadventure” in his backyard swimming pool, following his dumping by the Stones as a result of his increasingly erratic behaviour. For any of you familiar with the tv series that is the prequel to the Morse series with Sean Evans, (which is also quite good), you’re on the right track. I’ve enjoyed the series very much so far as a bit of fiction with some social history of the time thrown in. The pressing of The Stones “Let it Bleed” is a lovely - great sounding - very clean copy US first press. (Doesn’t have the poster though) Although not a massive fan (Jagger gets up my nose and “Keef” never got over Bowie’s having-a-pop pisstake in “All the Young Dudes” 🙄😂), this for me is my favourite of their albums. #vinylandbooks #therollingstones #letitbleed #1steditionvinyl #1stpressing #williamshaw #quercusbooks #vinylcollection #vinylgram #vinylrecords #vinyllovers #vinyljunkie #theglimmertwins #brianjones
Yesterday I met up with @remembery_tree_reads as she was so sweet in offering me a spare copy of ‘Blackberry and Wild Rose’ and we both happened to be in Belfast.  How could I resist such a pretty cover?  Yes our husbands did think it was rather strange of us meeting a ‘virtual friend’ but thankfully I don’t think either of us are serial killers.  Well at least I hope not 😱....It was really lovely to catch up and have a chat in the real world.  Although there is so much criticism about social media it really can connect kindred spirits with shared interests.  Of course we still talked about Instagram, (pesky follow-to-unfollowers and addictiveness) and how it eats into reading time and even where to buy teacups (eBay). The book sounds right up my street.  Apparently lovers of ‘The Miniaturist’ should enjoy.  Esther Thorel the wife of a Huguenot silk-weaver takes in Sara Kemp in what she thinks is an act of charity.  Esther paints designs  hoping her husband will weave them into silk but it is the 18th century and he laughs at her ambition. Oh oh it seems this spells trouble and the price of a piece of silk is going to stir up problems for them all.  Can’t wait to read it!
The hardbacks of #ourchildofthestars came today and they look amazing. ✨☄🚀 . . Released in the UK as hardback on 24th January. It is getting all the love on Amazon and goodreads. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/42391452-our-child-of-the-stars . . . #stephencox #bookstagram #books #booklover #bookworm #bookaddict #igreads #bibliophile #jofletcherbooks #quercus2019 #quercusbooks #ourchildofthestars
The Beautiful Bad by Annie Ward will be published in March by @quercusbooks. How pretty is this proof copy? The answer is : very pretty indeed! Huge thanks to @ellakroftpatel for sending me this to review. Look out for the social media tour, coming soon! —— Maddie and Ian’s romance began when he was serving in the British Army and she was a travel writer visiting her best friend Jo in Europe. Now sixteen years later, married with a beautiful son, Charlie, they are living the perfect suburban life in Middle America. • But when an accident leaves Maddie badly scarred, she begins attending therapy, where she gradually reveals her fears about Ian’s PTSD; her concerns for the safety of her son Charlie; and the couple’s tangled and tumultuous past with Jo. • From the Balkans to England, Iraq to Manhattan, and finally to an ordinary family home in Kansas, the years of love and fear, adventure and suspicion culminate in The Day of the Killing, when a frantic 911 call summons the police to the scene of a shocking crime. But what in this beautiful home has gone so terribly bad? —— Does this sound awesome or what?
I'm already thinking of the essentials to take on next month's Reading Retreat with @thebookmatchmaker I'm super excited and can't wait to read and talk books all weekend!  Fluffy socks 🧦 equals cosy toes New book with a lush 💕 cover design. Bookish purse ££ for spa treatments.  Mmm 🤔 do you think there is anything else I need? More books maybe? . . . #gardenteacakesandme #prettybooks #readingretreat #bookcover  #bookstagram #blackberryandwildrose #booksofinstagram  #beautifulbook #bookmatchmakerreadingretreat #bookish #bookishgifts #bookishlove #booklover #bookishlife #bookpurse #bookishfeatures #bookishmerch #bookishthings  #bookrelated #bookpost #bookblogger #quercusbooks #yoshibags #fluffysocks #nonfiction #readingisbetter #readingchallenge #lovereading #lovereading #lovebooks @yoshibags @joules @quercusbooks
Post Brownies and Guides reading. (Our second local group we've joined) I'm quite proud she picked Bikini Kill, as H is pretty familiar with Rebel Girl, but hadn't realised who the song was by. God I love this book. #storiesforkidswhodaretobedifferent #bikinikill #kathleenhanna #riotgrrl #quercusbooks
How has your weekend been? I had a good day yesterday having lunch with my best friend and in the evening my family went bowling and out for dinner as a belated birthday treat for my son. Today has been about catching up on jobs!  I finished BlackBerry and Wild Rose over the Christmas break and loved it. I really enjoy historical fiction and this is set in the time of the Huguenot weavers of Spitalfields in 1768. Told from the point of view of two women, Ester the wife of a master weaver, and Sara, a prostitute who ends up working as a housemaid for Ester. And just look at that cover!  My full review is on my blog (link in bio). Do you enjoy historical fiction? Do you have a favourite you can recommend me? #blackberryandwildrose #soniavelton #historicalfiction #bookreview #bookblogger #quercusbooks #librariansofinstagram #huguenotweavers
‘A River in the Trees’ is an incredible historical fiction novel by Jacqueline O’Mahony which really captured my heart and made me want to keep reading and reading and reading until I was done. It’s set in Ireland which I absolutely loved and it has made me want to read more stories that take place there. _ This wonderful book takes you on a journey back and forth between Hannah, in 1919 and Ellen, in the present 2019. Both characters were developed so well and I fell in love with them instantly. I related a lot to Ellen in the present and felt her pain on a deep emotional level, and Hannah was just such a badass, strong woman and I loved seeing their stories unfold. _ I’ve never read much historical fiction but this book has got me completely hooked now. It’s just such a great story that made me feel so many raw emotions and I absolutely loved it. The first chapter or two were a little slow but then the story completely takes off and unfolds tumultuously, taking the reader with it. A great read, especially if you’re a historical fiction fan. Although I would recommend this book to anyone! _ My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ _ Thank you so much @anabooks @quercusbooks for sending me this beautiful copy and including me on the social media tour for this one. I loved taking part and this book will now proudly sit on my shelves 🥰 _ _ _ _ #bookstagram #bookish #bookworm #bookblogger #booklover #bibliophile #booknerd #bookphotography #bookaddict #instareads #instabooks #ariverinthetrees #jacquelineomahony #blogtour #quercusbooks #beatthisalgorithm #bookrecommendation #bookreview #historicalfiction
12 days into the year and I've barely touched a book. Instead I've been staring out bus windows making up stories about the lives of the people outside on the way home from work and then KOing on a sofa like an absolute asshole. - Time to stop that shit. My next read is a go. And the first chunk is about a dwarf murdering his love to death. Excellent 👏 - #books📚 #readersofinstagram #thedollmaker #quercusbooks #netgalley #wemurderingalready
Never expected this book to make me cry. But when Salandar feeds Palmgren.....😭😭💞
I haven’t read much Irish fiction, so I’m delighted to have A River in the Trees by Jacqueline O’Mahony on my TBR.  A ‘fierce and gripping novel about families, secrets and the impossibility of ever coming home’, the novel tells the stories of Hannah O’Donovan, hiding rebel soldiers in her attic during the 1919 War of Independence, and her descendant Ellen, who is returning to contemporary Ireland after years in London.  I’m really looking forward to this one, I’ve heard nothing but good reviews.  Thank you so much to @anabooks and @quercusbooks for sending me a copy.  #ariverinthetrees #jacquelineomahony #quercusbooks #bookstagram #unitedbookstagram #bookishfeatures #beautifulbooks #fiction #guardianbooks
Happy publication day to "Blackberry and Wild Rose" by Sonia Velton! This is a historical novel set in 18th century Spitalfields and it tells the story of Mrs Thorel, a wife of a prosperous silk weaver avd Sara Kemp, a whore turned maid. I must say that even though I wasn't convinced by their relationship, the part of the story about silk weavers was very interesting! I think 2019 will be a great year for historical fiction - I have so many great sounding books lined up! 📚📚📚📚📚 "Blackberry and Wild Rose" Sonii Velton to powieść historyczna, której akcja toczy się w środowisku tkaczy jedwabiu w osiemnastowiecznym Spitalfields. Myślę, że 2019 to będzie rok powieści historycznych. 📚📚📚📚📚 #bwr #netgalley #arc #historicalfiction #blackberryandwildrose #sonisvelton #quercusbooks #instaksiążki #instabooks #igreads #bookstagram #bookisofinstagram #bookaddict
Today I have the pleasure of being on the blog tour for @quercusbooks with Blackberry And Wild Rose by Sonia Velton. Thank you so much to them and to @ellakroftpatel for the chance to read this gorgeous debut novel which as a piece of historical fiction, really stands out in the genre. Check out my full review today by visiting my blog (link in bio). 💐🌷🌹Swipe to see the other bloggers on this tour! #bookblogger #bookstagram #bookworm #blogtour #blackberryandwildrose #soniavelton #quercusbooks #historicalfiction
18 - The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k - Sarah Knight #lifechangingmagicofnotgivingafuck #sarahknightauthor #quercusbooks
My 2019 is starting very well. The first book I have finished is called The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary and out in May of this year. One of the most endearing and heart-warming tales I have read in a long time.  A love story with a twist, The Flatshare follows two cash-strapped twentysomethings who agree to share a room: Leon, a night-shift worker, occupies the bed during the day, leaving Tiffy the run of the place the rest of the time. The book explores their blossoming relationship as they communicate through Post-it notes, and asks if you can fall in love with someone you’ve never met.  I really really enjoyed this book and highly recommend. It was so cinematic and had the feel of a great Richard Curtis movie.  Do look out for it when it comes out later this year as it is a dazzling debut by Beth O’Leary.  Not icing sugar in this photo but a sprinkling of snow on my balcony and my friends will know I am obsessive about a mug of hot lemon water every morning.  #theflatshare #quercusbooks #2019books #bookproof @betholearyauthor #opheliasbookreview
January’s TBR pile is small but perfectly formed. I’m excited for this mix of thriller, memoir/non-fiction and historical fiction. Wondering whether any of these will be my second 5 star read of 2019?! (A review of my first will be up very soon 😉) 📕Our House by Louise Candlish- this is our @mums_the_word_bookclub read for January and I’m excited to get to it. Always keen for a good thriller! 📗The Language of Kindness by Christie Watson- I have loved medical memoirs in the past (This is Going to Hurt and When Breath Becomes Air were both 5 star reads for me) and when @waterstones picked it as their non-fiction book of the month I knew it had to go on the pile! 📘The Absolutist by John Boyne- another book club pick (for my in-person book club). We all loved reading The Hearts Invisible Furies early in 2018 so I was pleased when John Boyne was picked again. 📙Blackberry and Wild Rose by Sonia Velton- I was kindly given a proof copy of this back in October at the amazing @quercusbooks Word of Mouth event. It’s released for sale this month so I thought it would be the perfect time to read it. Plus that cover 😍😍😍 What will you be reading in January? Any match mine? Or do any of the ones on this pile take your fancy? Let’s chat ☺️
بنت دجلة ستصدر روايتي (بنت دجلة) هذا العام بالانكليزية، بتاريخ 14 نوفمبر، وهي الجزء الثاني لرواية (حدائق الرئيس) ولكن يمكن قراءتها أيضا كرواية مستقلة. كنت قد عنونتها (رؤساء الحديقة) وبعد نقاشات طويلة مع الناشر الانكليزي تم الاتفاق على عنوان (بنت دجلة)، أما بالعربية فسوف نحاول إصدارها قبل الإنكليزية أو معها، لحد الآن لا أدري متى بالضبط.. وآمل أن تعجبكم حينها 📚🌹 https://www.quercusbooks.co.uk/books/detail.page?isbn=9780857056825 #daughterofthetigris #muhsinalramli #thepresidentsgardens #quercususa #محسن_الرملي #حدائق_الرئيس #دار_المدى #quercusbooks #books2019 #arabicliterature #reviews #literature #maclehosepress #books #newbooks #literaturaarabe #losjardinesdelpresidente #librerias #literatura #libros #العراق #arabicliterature  #iraq #irak #روايات #أدب_عراقي #alianza_ed
Another saucy jacketless book picture! We went for a long walk around the Great Orme today, so I'm utterly shattered. Had lots of lovely hot chocolate and now going to relax with my cats and a book.