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For the last year, I've been working on a project documenting a @alfasenturion and a group of friends that collect barn owl pellets to make money.  What is a barn owl pellet and how do you make money from it? Well barn owls eat small rodents and puke up their skeletons and fur in the form of small grey pellets.  Elementary school classes buy these pellets and dissect them to learn about mammalian anatomy and barn owl's diets.  PUKE, the title of the forthcoming documantary,  follows a group of friends as they search for quick cash and other answers in the decaying American West.  Here's a few lil teasers and some Venn diagrams that sum up what the film is about. 🦉🦉🦉🦉🦉@moviemountain #pukefilm #greygold
Если вы вдруг решили сходить на Assassin's Creed вот вам спойлер: это сарайная грязь смешанная с шерстью дряблой овцы! Самые глупо потраченные 65 грн за всю мою жизнь! Не ходите! Если вы цените своё время - не ходите. на этот. кал. #assassinscreed #shit #lame #pukefilm #ссанина #theworstfilmever
#ladygaga #danceinthedark #pukefilm
#ladygaga #themonsterball #pukefilm oh how I miss these days