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From time to time, I get emails from people who have been scammed by a psychic and I am talking about it here to raise awareness so that it (hopefully) doesn’t happen to anyone who reads this.  One of the unfortunate things about the psychic industry is that there are no regulations, no objective way to know if the psychic you’re choosing is a scammer. Only the sense you have about the person, and your impressions and feelings (and of course other peoples’ recommendations.) There are some great psychics out there who have integrity.  There are also ones without integrity. Some of the ones without integrity have some ability. Just because a psychic tells you something about yourself that is true, doesn’t mean they have integrity. People can have psychic ability and be scamming ratbags.  What is your experience with psychics? Have you had any experiences that stood out for a particular reason, or where your gut was telling you something was off?  Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!  Read more about it here: link in bio!  #annasayce #psychicscam #intuitivedevelopment #spirituality #spiritualdevelopment
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Thoughts I have..lol . . . . . . . #psychic #psychicreading #psychicscam #fakepsychic #oldman #makeup #spfx #oldagemakeup
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