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24’s- @troubleman31 👈🏾 everybody tag him!!!! Tag somebody from Tennessee 👀 #smokedogg870 #teamsmokedogg870 #alreadythemob
It’s stuff like this that makes me weary of approaching a psychic. Which is why I’m tapping into my own powers. Fakes. Fakes everywhere. And you know what else makes me sick? They’ll charge an arm and a leg if you hire them to “help” you. Only for them not to help you at all. Cruel. You fakes that rip people off of their money by telling them what you think they want to hear...shame on you.  It’s a good thing I stepped my foot down with this one by telling him...all he wanted was a date or to hang out. He didn’t want money. I told him it would happen after I got what I was told would happen.  This guy turns around and tells me “you actually believe that ****?” Yes I do. I take it very seriously because I’ve come across legitimate psychics who’ve told me things, very descriptive things that have happened to me growing up. And I’ve had very bad psychics like this one telling me stuff that never happened in my past...I’ve had psychics tell me what’s going to happen in the future..with specific dates and everything. Fake fake fake fake fake fake.  From here in out, Psychics, put your “energy” out first and see if it manifests before asking your clients for immediate payments people like you make the psychic community look like a joke. You treat it like it’s a joke and that’s wrong. Not only that but you’re messing with someone mentality. You ruin it for everyone that has this gift and it is a damn shame you use a gift to gain a lot of money when it’s given to you to help. Help people. Yes I understand ones gotta eat, ones gotta put a roof over their head . BUT DO NOT TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OTHER PEOPLE. . #psychic #psychicfraud #psychics #fakepsychic #clairvoyant #fraud #fakewitch #witch #psychictarot #tarot #candles #candlemagic #candlespell #spells #witchesofinstagram #gypsy #gypsies #chakra #chakras #thirdeye #tarotoftheday #psychicadvisor
ah..... dang! x (((o))) #psychicfraud #psychicfair #oops #perhapsnot
for real why do people put up so much info on their accounts. (Deleted pictures from @monalisa_evans squealing on some ladies) 👏🏼 #psychicscams #psychic #scams #fraud #psychicreading #psychicfraud
#bobnygaard is decked out in #humphreybogart, #filmnoirinspired detective gear as he enters the lobby of his Lego-stack-like Sea Ranch Club of Boca building, nestled on a narrow strip of land between the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway in south #palmbeachcounty. He wears a dark-gray fedora, a chalk-striped navy suit, and slightly tinted, black-rimmed retro-square eyeglasses.  The stout but impeccably groomed 55-year-old private detective worked on the Peaches Mitchell case for more than three years, he says. Annie reached out to him in 2013 after finding his name online.  He told her he had worked scores of #psychicfraud cases. "No other victims are more maligned than victims of #psychic fraud," Nygaard says in an unmistakable New York accent after sitting down at a table. "The embarrassment of being swindled plays right into the hands of phony psychics." Read the full story at miaminewtimes.com/longform. Illustration by @staufferstudio #miaminews #longreads #longform #investigativejournalism #miamicrime #truecrime
Medium just told me that I have a small dog 😂 #simongoodfellow #dodgymedium #showman #lisasherwani #psychicfraud
Lol lol.... Not that Psychic are you???? I'm dying laughing right now because and I don't even know how I'm receiving emails from these people! 😠 it could be those one sampling services you never receive shit from that in the fine print it says they don't give your email to a 3rd party which is a lie and I do read the fine print.  The times I didn't is when I screwed myself. But all last week they sent me these emails and out of curiosity I enjoy reading the utter ridiculousness, asking me to send $$$$ for a more detailed reading. I'm not giving my $$$ to Scams!  So I just checked my emails and I get this.  So because I don't give you $$$, your "abilities" are saying I'm financially struggling?! Lmfaoo stupid!  The past emails,  to some they may be like "OMG!  They know everything about me" ...uh,  NO!  They know everything about you from posting online! They do,  they search out your SM pages and it's not hard to try to look up someone's info like your Age,  Name,  Spouses,  even if you post about a Deceased Loved One and you talk about your life and if you use your real name and not a handle,  they Can find all that info out!  How I feel,  if you do Truly have this Gift,  you Help people Without asking for a Dime! This stuff is Fraudulent! Seriously,  I have someone Very close to me who has these amazing at times creepy asf abilities and some entity offered for them to make $$$. They said Absolutely Not because they want to Help people and don't feel right to ask for $$$$. But most of these people Online or Call on a Phone?  Are Frauds! Lol,  I Libe in Michigan and I think it was 10 years ago?  On my way to work there was an office for this "psychic". Well there was an investigation done and it was found that she is a fraud!  I believe she may of went to Prison.  But I remember before this incident,  someone telling me they went to her, at first they were amazed and then they figured she was a fraud.  I'm like see?! #psychicfraud #psychics