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Dear @kiara_shankar, wish you a very Happy Birthday!! Although I had predicted it to be on 25th July, now, I think its on 23rd July. You are as I have already mentioned to your father, a very talented young lady and I wish you loads of success and happiness! The cake here is very alike the castle you described in Primrose's Curse, which I had the pleasure to read. Have a great birthday!  @vikipublishing great way to celebrate her birthday! @bong_books_and_coffee kudos on hosting this!  #kiarashankarbirthday #primrosecurse #birthdaygiveaway #goodwishes #giveaway
Primrose's curse A fairy tale of an audacious girl was written by kiara shankar and Vinay shankar.  Blurb:  Primrose Fernetis a 12 year old girl with long hair and blue eyes who lived in Amiableve with her mother,father and her brother.one day her father suddenly suffered a stoke that causes a severe paralysis. so she went to the dense forest to collect a nectar from the divine flower to cure her father's illness.In there she met woodland animals with their mystical powers.and then when she came to know that the queen Evelyn put an evil spell on humanity primrose with her mysterious animals they set out an adventurous mission in vanquishing the evil sorceress Evelyn and breaking the curse to save our planet from evils and to destroy the curse that the Evelyn cast on humanity. Will they bring happiness to humanity? To know more keep reading this entire book.  My review ✳Primrose's curse is an adorable and adventurous fairy tale. ✳The story line is so enthralling.It is a gripping story one can finish in one sitting. ✳The cover is beautifully designed mainly to attract the children. ✳The narration of the story is awesome and fastly paced. You also enjoy the amazing pictures while flipping through pages. ✳Language is simple. I personally like the chapter Attending queen sarah's marriage. ✳Character picturization is well developed.overall good and quick read.  My rating 4.5🌟  Special thanks to @vikipublishing  #bookstagram #indianblogger #primrosecurse #bookobessed #bookishworld #blogger #reviewer #bookinstagram #bookoftheday  #booksbooksbooks
Book: Primrose’s curse  A fairy tale of an audacious girl. Author: Kiara Shankar  Vinay Shankar  No of pages :138  Review: This is a fairy tale starting with a dreadful and gut wrenching past to entering an enchanted forest with mystical woodland animals who can speak and needed primroses help in defeating an evil sorcerers. I loved the character of hedgwig.  It’s a predictable happily ever after end to an enthralling story in which our protagonist saves the day.  This book is written in a play form where dialogues are thrown to and fro which kind of emboides the characterisation of the forest animals and primrose  perfectly. I just wish the grammatical errors would be taken care of and would be corrected in the next print. The animation and graphics were good.  The book is a short story which makes it perfect for bedtime.  Looking forward to your next book.  4/5 #bookcommunity #bookaesthetic #bookclubofinstagram #bookishcandles #vikipublishing #primrosecurse #bookclub #bookreviewersblog #bookreviewersofindia #booklogic #fairytales #hedwig #readersofig #readersofindia #igbookclub #igbookforchildren #bookpedia #booknerd #bookworm #bookgasm #booktography #childrenbooksofinstagram #bookblog #igbookcommunity
My Review- Like any other fairytale , this tale also starts with “Once upon a time” and ends with “happily ever after”. The story of the book is kinda good and definitely good for children. We get to learn love,care and the value of friendship and bravery in the book. However, the writing style was kinda poor and the author needs improvement in narration as well. Also there well some grammatical mistakes like ‘ We’ll tell you the whole entire story.’ Also, since the book is for children, there are some unnecessary use of hard words. When a child is reading a book, we cannot expect him/her to sit along with a dictionary to read a fairy tale. So, it would be better if the authors write in more simpler language as the major audience of this book is gonna be children. My favourite character in the story was Hedwig: the owl because he is the only one in the book who seemed to be matured. He teaches us how to stay calm in difficult situations and how duty is more important than leisure. However, the illustrations shown in the book are beautiful in the book and very similar to the descriptions. They make the reading faster as the illustrations are present in every chapter. The book is a short read and can be completed within an hour. I recommend this book to children who have good vocabulary or can sit with a dictionary to read the book. 🌈 Cover of the book- The cover of the book represents a illustration of Primrose and the woodland animals which is very beautiful. The title of the book is also related to the story. 🌈 Rating of the book- 3⭐/5⭐ Rating of the cover- 3.5⭐/5⭐ 🌈 To get more detailed review, follow the link in my bio. 🌈 #qotd🌸 - Do you believe in magic? Have you been to magic shows? How was it?  #fairytale #magicalworld #primrosecurse #childrensbooks #coffeeandbooks #bookblogger #bookphotography #bookpicture #spectreshz #slgthree
I mean who doesn’t like to travel back in time?? I literally travelled back into my childhood reading days while I was reading Primrose’s Curse: A Fairytale of an audacious girl. . . . The story revolves around Primrose Fernetise. She is a twelve year old girl taking up the responsibilities of her family and her sick father on her tiny shoulders. To cure her father.. she goes in search of a divine flower in the forest... Instead of finding the flower, she comes across the woodland animals. And then she embarks on an undaunted journey to save humanity. The narrative is kept simple for the young readers whereas the people belonging to the older age groups can have their own interpretation of this fairy tale. I feel the young author and her father have put up a great work which go very well with the young ones as well as grown ups. Primrose‘s Curse shows beautifully how these animals and Primrose help each other to ward off evil to save humanity. The fairy tale teaches the young minds to develop moral qualities like friendship, kindness and care through the various characters of the book. Keeping her family‘s urgent needs aside, she decides to put the welfare of the larger mass into the bigger picture. This is the main highlight of the book for me. Also the illustrations make the book even more interesting. I would give a 8.5/10 to this simple yet adorable Fairytale. . . To find more about how Primrose and her journey to save Humanity... grab yourself a copy of Primrose‘s Curse: A Fairytale of an audacious girl on Amazon.in  And also heartiest congratulations to the young mind behind the story Kiara Shankar and her father Vinay Shankar and @vikipublishing for this Giveaway competition. . . . #vikipublishing #primrosecurse #whatshubhireads #missbookhoarder #loveforreading #bibliophile #bookstagrammers #readingnook #bookphotograph #fairytales #lovebooks📚 #kiarashankar #vinayshankar #bookstagramonfleek #giveaway
#partner thank you so much to @vikipublishing for sending me a copy of Primrose Curse a Tale of an Audacious Girl to share with my niece! . . . Primrose is a sweet girl who works hard on her farm to care for her family. After the loss of her mother, it is up to her and her brother to assist in taking care of the household. While out in the woods, primrose comes across a group of woodland animals that reveal her true destiny to save the world from the evil Sorceress Evelyn. Will Primrose and her friends be able to stop Queen Evelyn in time? Does Primrose have what it takes to save her family and humanity as we know it? . . . This children’s book was a really fun read! They also had some great illustrations for every chapter to help you see what the authors visioned for the story! It’s also written by a young girl with help from her very sweet father! Overall some of the language is more advanced. My niece is 7 and did well with this, but I would defiantly recommend this as a read along or allow for older independent readers (9-12)! I think this would also be a great chapter book for new readers as the story progresses well and the characters are so fun! . . . Do you have any great recommendations for children’s books/chapter books? . . . #primrosecurse #booksofinstagram #childrensbook #chapterbook #chapterbooks #chapterbooksforkids #chapterbookseries #indie #indiepublisher #indiepublishersofinstagram
PRIMROSE'S CURSE .  A beautiful book by a beautiful  father and daughter duo.  Primrose's curse by Kiara Shankar & Vinay Shankar  revolves around Primrose and a group of woodland animals possessing divine abilities. It describes their dangerous voyage set against an evil Queen who is adamant over destroying humans from the face of earth.  Only primrose can prevent this from happening. Will she be able to succeed? . . Primrose is a very Kind and loving girl, she loves her father dearly so she was my favourite character. Along with her I loved Hedwig! I am a potterhead so I have an inclination towards Stories containing intelligent owls :) .  The language of the book is flowy and easy to understand. The characters are smart and wonderfully portrayed. . This book is written by a ten year old talented and gifted Kiara. Yes she's just ten year old. This book came into existence by the undying support of her father.  I wish you both luck for your next book. You both are undoubtedly great. . After reading this book I realised that I should have read more children's books during my childhood. The story reflects so much of innocence and purity. I was touched by goodness filled in a child's imagination. For them everyone is so good at heart. If only our world would have been exactly as they imagine. All of us had to fight just one evil together. . . I'll recommend it to everyone irrespective of their age. It will elate your mood. If you are in a  reading slump then it will surely take you out of it. . #qotd Which was your favourite book when you were a child? . . #paperback #bookstagram #reviewerofinstagram #indianbookreviewer #reviewer #browntheme #darkfeed #pokemon #flowers #booksarelife #bestfriendbooks #beautifulbook #photooftheday #primrosecurse #today #sundaypost  #lightread #bookstagram #bookreview #bookstagramcommunity #life_of_bibliophile #posndz