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Nov.17 is #worldprematurityday ❤️ I can sit here and talk about what my husband and I went through, or what I went through. Or even that I blame myself and my tiny body to no end. But it's not about me. it's about this beautiful and strong 3 pound 11 ounce little miracle, who fought with everything she had to be here today. Not once but TWICE around in the NICU.  It's about the greatest love I've ever own. It's about Madelyn Rose Kolvenbach , "Mighty Maddy " . Here's to you my love and everything you have overcome❤️ #32weeker #preemiepower #preemiestrong
First family photo, minus Luca of course, a one year old wasn’t exactly allowed in the Special Care Nursery.  Despite not getting to hold my babies after their birth, not getting to instantly bond with them after being placed on my chest, for missing out on the coveted photo with one placed on each side of my face while the doctor sewed me back up, to having to wait 4 days to take a photo of them TOGETHER to waiting another 9 days after their birth to capture this one to their first encounter with their big bro meet through a window in the hospital, I am BLESSED!  These two were a day shy of 33weeks.  They were due on 8/22, I was sched for a section on 7/27 (identicals usually don’t go past 37 weeks-risk of twin to twin transfusion) and I had them on 7/3.  All whopping 5.3 and 5.7 of them.  They quickly made us a family of five and we couldn’t imagine life without them.  National Preemie Day was yesterday, but I never miss a chance to boast about our little Miracles 💙💙 . . . #preemie #preemiestrong #preemietwins #33weeks #familyoffive (just like that) #nicu #specialcare #rhnegative #identicaltwins #twinboys #twinparents #motherhood #parents #parenthood #warrior #miracle #christianjon #casonrussell #tiredparents #csection #csection
My preemies!  Then and now! I'm so proud of how far they've come. Preemie who?? My Warriors! #avagracemarie  #xavier  #xeb  #preemiestrong
I get so emotional when I read these stories. This is also @cwags_6 and Cohen . This weekend, and everyday, I’m thankful for my son’s life. And with that comes a huge list of other things to be grateful for. Cohen was born at 24 weeks + 4 days gestation, 24 weeks being the cusp of viability in pregnancy. Had I spontaneously gone into labour 4 days earlier, our story may not be the happy story it is today. . I’m grateful for modern medicine being able to intervene, saving the life of a 1lb 11oz baby who was born 3 and a half months early. Also to live in a country where we’ll never see a bill for his 1.5+ million dollar, 158 day hospital stay. I’m grateful for the charities that helped us out so that my husband could stay by our side as Cohen fought for his life. . I’m grateful for the friends and family we have from near and far who came to visit, called us, took care of our house, brought us food, and those who encouraged us to get out of the hospital and try and enjoy ourselves once in a while. I’m grateful for the other families we met in the NICU, as you’re the only ones who can ever truly understand what it’s like to have a micropreemie. I wish we hadn’t met under such unfortunate circumstances, but I’m glad we did, and that we’ve formed such an unbreakable bond. . I’m grateful for the nurses who were there for Cohen around the clock, and who were there for me through the happy and the sad tears. . I’m grateful to the women who donate breast milk to babies in need. . I’m grateful for every dirty diaper (including the nano preemie diapers made by Huggies that are literally the size of a case of tic tacs), every spit up, every snot suck, and every other gross thing in between. . Squeeze your loved ones extra tight this weekend, tell them how much you love them, and why💕 . #preemiestrong #cohenstrong #nicubaby #nicuwarrior #battlescars #24weeker #micropreemie #tinybutmighty #preemiewhere
Everyone say hi to Cohen 24+4weeker NICU warrior with a big smile that warms our heart. NICU mom @cwags_6 shares her story. . Today is World Prematurity Day! The first time I heard of this day was exactly a year ago, 12 days after I found out I was pregnant with Cohen. A childhood friend of mine changed her Facebook profile photo to a picture of her holding her preemie, which I now know was her providing “kangaroo care”. I remember looking at the photo, thinking “How unfortunate!!”, “ My poor friend!”, and “I can’t imagine”, as I was certain that this kind of thing would never happen to my baby. . 4.5 moths later, it happened to Cohen. I left work feeling a horrible pain, and within 3 hours Cohen was born. He was 24 weeks gestation, weighed 1lb 11oz, and was small enough to fit in one of his father’s hands. Surprisingly, that was huge for his gestation - the 89th percentile. . The first picture is Cohen at 1 week old. He had dropped to roughly 1lb 8oz. To put size into perspective, the cuff on his wrist was nearly too small to fit on my ring finger, which is a 4.75 . The second picture was taken 20 minutes ago, showing battle wounds, hearing aid, and all. He recently broke the 12lb mark, and is tiny - so small he doesn’t even register on the growth chart.  Until today I had no idea that this happens to 1 in 10 babies. . #preemiewhere #preemiestrong #tinybutmighty #24weeker #micropreemie #preemie #instapreemie #nicu #nicubaby #nicuwarrior #strengthofafighter #cohenstrong
Premature babies are bittersweet. On one hand, you are thrilled to finally meet your precious babies, excited to see the faces you’ve dreamed of for months and months. On the other hand, you are scared and sometimes devastated that things didn’t go as planned. I grieved the whole process; the birth of my dreams, breastfeeding, actually getting to see my babies on the day they were born. For months, I felt cheated. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. My babies shouldn’t have been made to fight so hard, they shouldn’t have been left behind while we went home. When I look at them now, I know that it only made us all that much stronger. The pictures of them in their incubators bring back all the memories of monitors and wires. But this one, from the day we brought them home, always fills me with joy. I’m proud of my premature babies, for fighting so hard and growing so big. I'm proud to be their mother. #grahamandlilly . . . . #twins #twinsies #twinstagram #twinsofinstagram #twinsandmultiples #mom #mompreneur #momblogger #momlife  #momsofinstagram #momswithcameras #momblog #momoftwo #momtogs #motherhoodunited #motherhoodrising #motherhoodthroughinstagram #motherhood #brotherandsister #brotherandsistergoals #clickinmoms  #momofmultiples #worldprematurityday #preemie #nicugrad #preemietwins #preemiestrong #preemiemom #twinmom
«Life is a series of thousands of tiny miracles.» As a premature baby on my own I want to raise awareness about preemies. They are very strong and real fighters from day one and our parents are fighters as well. Thank you mom and dad!! • • • • #preemie #preemiebaby #babyme #preemiestrong #parents #love #baby #babygirl #strongparents #prematurebaby #strong #staystrong #fight #life #lifeevents #premmieday #neonatal #inspiration #inspirationalquotes #quotesaboutlife #miracles #worldpremmieday2018 #worldpremmieday #followme
When you first have a #nicubaby, one of the hardest parts is finding a sense of normalcy in... anything. I still remember desperately wanting to take Jayden’s first month photo with a milestone board. I ran to Babies R Us in the morning to get the board, spent the afternoon getting it ready, and drove up to the NICU with hubby after he finished work. I was so grateful the night shift NICU nurses went above and beyond to get #jaydenjindal propped up for his 📸! He was such a good sport about it then and he still gives us the best smiles to light up our lives - makes us *almost* forget about those early weeks ❤️❤️❤️ #worldprematurityday #prematurityawarenessmonth #preemiestrong #tinybutmighty #nicugrad
Kangaroo Cuddles ••• I had been dying for the day we could finally CUDDLE our babies.  Within about a week of my little boys life, I got to have a kangaroo cuddle with him and about 2 weeks after birth I got to do the same with my little girl.  Kangaroo cuddles are when the parents get to strip off their tops and have skin on skin cuddles with their precious bundle/s of joy.  At the start we could only hold them every second day as they needed time to rest and grow. So one day I would cuddle one and the next day hubby got to cuddle the other & vise versa.  This photo is of me about 1 month after their birth with them both snuggled up on me. This was by FAR the best birthday present I have ever had. I was in tears looking at them as feeling them against me made my heart just exploded with love and delight.  Did you get to do kangaroo cuddles? How did it make you feel? #kangaroocuddles #nicu #preemiecuteness #preemie #preemiebaby #preemiestrong #cuddle #twins #twinsofinstagram #twinbloggers #twinbabies #love #twinpregnancy
#gavinalexander on top, oldest of my two. #gracielalulu featured at the bottom. Both born prematurely.  Don't know why Gavin was early, water broke at 32weeks, contractions were controlled until I was 33 weeks, when I delivered him at 3lbs 10oz. My bet is on the stress his father put on me during our unhealthy relationship. But all that matters is he is now a healthy 4 year old who loves to learn and has so much love in his heart to share with the world. ♥️ Graciela was born early at 34 weeks due to my #placentaprevia and #placentaincreta. Unfortunately that resulted in a #hysterectomy, after 45 days in the hospital. Lucky to have such a healthy little girl in our lives to complete our family.♥️ #nationalprematurityday #naationalprematuritymonth #npd #nicu #dmc #crmc #preemie #notsopreemieanymore #preemiestrong #preemiebabies #timestwo 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
We celebrated our little lady on #worldprematurityday 💜 Cannot believe our little miracle will be SIX next week!! #preemiestrong #kaianoelle
Today was World prematurity day and of course I have to celebrate my little warrior’s life, the strongest little person I have ever met, the love of my life, my baby boy ❤️ By the way you guys can tell in this picture how tiny my little man was. #lgp #preemie #preemiestrong #worldprematurityday #warrior #hero
I have many fond memories growing up in my mother’s christening clothing business. Some of my favorites were running up and down the halls distracting all the workers by talking all their ears off and “working” alongside Carol “designing” some of my own dresses.⁣ ⁣ Back then, I never grasped the beauty and the symbolism of these dresses. Back then, the business was just a large playground to me.⁣ ⁣ As we get ready to bless our second child in one of these beautiful dresses just like older her sister, I am overcome with gratitude for my mother’s creativity, imagination, and determination to create such a beautiful business. I will forever hold these dresses dear to my heart and can’t wait for the day when I can pass them down to our girls⁣. 🌿
Mommy almost missed #worldprematurityday ! We were too busy finally celebrating my baby shower 😂. Here's  to my fave preemie. Growing so big so fast and doubling his birth weight already. 💙 #worldpreemieday #preemielife #preemiestrong #preemie #nicusurvivor
I had a busy day with my preemie and I almost forgot to post! How thankful I am to have today a healthy, thriving,  beautiful baby girl.  Having a preemie and going through the NICU is something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy... I pray for healthy term babies for everyone I know.. and if God forbid anyone I know goes through it... just know I'll be there to support- you don't understand it till you're in it!!! #preemiestrong #prematurityawareness
Saw this quote posted by #twentyfiveandfour and couldn’t help but share it. Mila has changed our lives for the better and I’m incredibly honored to be her Mom. She has so much strength packed into her tiny body! ❤️#preemiestrong #nicugrad