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I hope you can do the same for yourself today.  Ignore what others think about you and just choose to be happy and love yourself for everything that you are and that your are striving to be.
Anxiety, depression and psychosis – these postnatal illnesses don’t discriminate and can happen to any new or expecting mums and dads out there. This Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Awareness Week, we’re encouraging you to check in with your loved ones, or share your story to break the stigma. At Vim&Co we’re here to help you through the tough times – come in for a chat and we can refer you to some health services. 🖌: @rowansterenberg
This is my constant work in progress #postnataldepression #mentalhealth #wip #letsgettalking
#pmhphoto2018 photo challenge, Day 15 IN THE MOMENT  Welcome to our photo challenge for 2018! Please feel free to join and share your images using the hashtag, tag us too we love seeing your pictures!  A bit late again with my picture today!  I chose this quote, it’s a quote from Eckhart Tolle. I began reading his book ‘The Power Of Now’ which I’ll admit was a bit heavy going - maybe one to read when your feeling a bit better, but it was an interesting message. It challenged me to think about living in the now, and mindfulness, you can watch clips of him on YouTube, some of his interviews with Oprah are really interesting.  I try to live more in the now, it does help with my anxiety, I spent so much time panicking and causing myself so much distress by obsessing over the future, but it’s still something I’m learning. There’s so many different boos and videos online if you want to try and read up on it, and another tool which I find so useful is grounding for anxiety. (There’s an exercise for that if you scroll down my feed)  You can join in with our photo challenge, it’s never to late! Share your images using hashtag #pmhphoto2018. . . . . #mentalhealth #pnd #postnataldepression #postnatalanxiety #ppd #postpartumdepression #mum #mums #mom #mama #mummyblogger #pblogger #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthblogger #pregnancy #newmum #newmom #anxiety #depression #hope #inspire #photochallenge #health #grateful #strength #inspire #motherhoodunplugged #eckharttolle #mindful #mindfullness
Beetroot Chai and Oat Latte at Kings House this morning whilst meeting the lovely @delphiellis from @helpingyousparkle to talk about Bedford MVP and women's mental health 💜  #beetrootchai #beetrootchailatte #beetrootchaioatlatte #yummy #vegan #kingshouse #ampthillroad #groundfloorcafe #mvp #mvpbedford #maternityvoices #maternityvoicesbedford #maternityvoicespartnership #maternityvoicespartnershipbedford #womensvoices #womensvoicesmatter #perinatalmentalhealth #antenatalanxiety #antenataldepression #postnataldepression #pnd #therapy #support #mindfulness #networking
2 years ago on this day, I won the Speaking Out Award at the #mindmediaawards for my work supporting the @bbceastenders #postpartumpsychosis storyline. Sharing my personal experience of the illness and watching it be played out on screen with such care amd attention to detail, really has helped to educate people.  You can recover from maternal mental health. Mums who are unwell are not a danger to their child. We have wonderful places such as psychiatric mother and baby units to enable recovery - going into one saved my life and these mums love their babies and deserve to get better @laceyturner @jimmybye #maternalmhmatters #postnataldepression #perinatal #mentalillness #mentalhealth #maternalhealth
I had a powerful breakthrough last night with my coaching group whilst we discussed the learnings from the past week and how we incorporated what we have learnt into our parenting approach. . I realised I’ve been locked in a mindset which is draining my resources before the day has even started. I programme my day to be GO, GO, GO - to give my all to my girls, to take them for fun, to be present, experience play dates - however I’ve subconsciously been EXPECTING a reward in return. I’ve been expecting that because my girls have had a fun filled morning with me - that they should then REPAY me - by resting. Having some quiet time. Allowing mummy to have a cup of tea and read. To rest and recharge. Up until recently that was our routine - because my toddler daughter did nap until the summer time. And that’s when life has been getting harder. Because I’m still locked in the routine mentally but physically it ain’t happening anymore. . I was invited to ‘Let it go’ to let go of this train of thought. As my words were repeated back to me I realised that I indeed was being the child. I felt ENTITLED to a break. Deserving, like I had earnt the reward of a break in the afternoon - after all I’d given so much! As I agreed to let it go, to accept the situation for what it is. To just be. I felt all the tension release in my body. I felt I could breath. I felt clearer- it was a transformational moment. I learnt so much just from that one group call and every week I realise the investment I made was the greatest one as it benefits my whole family, my whole being. . And strangely enough - by some sort of miracle. I am typing this whilst BOTH of my daughters are taking a nap. Yes my toddler daughter is napping and I am having that ‘break’ that I woke up this morning and accepted I wouldn’t be having as we just went with the flow of the day. Maybe the vibrations I was giving out today were slightly different. Who knows but I’m grateful for these daily
In the New Year I will be focusing this IG profile much more on knitting and mental health related posts, which means there will be fewer posts about Baby B 🐝  But never fear, if B is why you're here, head on over to @itsa_bonnie_life where I will be posting more about Bonnie and how she's doing, plus other more personal, less biz related things!  If you aren't interested in knitting or mental health/illness at all, feel free to unfollow Blissfully Crafted! ❤ . . . . . #smallbusiness #smallbiz #knitting #knittingbusiness #craftbusiness #crafty #mentalhealth #mentalillness #mentalwellness #depression #anxiety #postnataldepression #postnatalanxiety #knittingtherapy
So today I have been invited to have my picture taken as an article about my mental illness is going in the local paper!! Not crapping myself at all 🤨! I'm very happy about it though, the more awareness I can raise about postpartum psychosis the better. 👍 Im just wondering which pose gives the look ' non crazy woman who turned in to a crazy woman who's is no longer crazy, but who is still a little bit crazy at times woman'? 🤪 #postpartum #psychosis #postpartumpsychosis #postnatal  #mentalawareness #awareness #excited #spreadtheword #breakthestigma #pnd #postnataldepression #newspaper #crazy #crazywoman #mum #mumlife #mumblog #blogger #mentalhealthblogger
Today’s learning #mentalhealthawareness #depression #phobias #postnataldepression
Being a mama isn’t always about enjoying every moment with your child. Yes, I love my baby with every fibre of my being but some days are bloody hard.  No one. I mean, absolutely nobody prepares you for motherhood. You have a tiny little soul completely dependent on you for their survival. You think “shit, what if I do this wrong, what if I do that wrong, what if I hurt him, what if I can’t feed him like this or like that, I can’t do this I’ll create this “bad” habit and that “bad habit”. These crazy misconceptions and expectations our society carries from years and years of outdated and fear mongering information has created so much anxiety and doubt in us mothers and fathers. You hear and see things splashed all over social media “ don’t judge, let’s support each other ” yet I see and hear judgement everywhere. Life isn’t as simple as it once was, our families are not as large, we don’t have the village community there once was. It can be isolating and draining but that’s no reason to stay in the dark if you or your partner are struggling. This week in light of Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Awareness Week, I want to talk about these things out loud because I know myself how hard it is to stay in the dark. If you know someone or you yourself need support on this journey, please ask for help. Head to the @pandanational website, talk to someone you love and trust, make sure you make the time for YOU time too. Be the best, healthy self you can be for your babe and remember they don’t need a PERFECT parent, they just need a HAPPY one ✨💕#postnataldepression #postnatalanxiety #pandaaustralia #ig_motherhood  #pndawarenessweek
After my second child I suffered from Post-Natal Depression. I felt the most isolated, misunderstood and alone I have ever felt in my life. People closest to me either didn’t believe me, brushed it off or simply carried on as if nothing. I don’t blame them really and I certainly don’t harbour ill feelings because of it. I truly believe that people don’t understand what suffering from PND is about.  As described on the PANDA website “Up to one in five expecting or new mothers and one in ten expecting or new fathers will experience perinatal anxiety or depression. Around 100,000 families will be affected by this illness every year across Australia.” So please, if you do nothing else next time someone tells you they are struggling with becoming a parent or with parenthood don’t ignore them and #educate yourself and become #aware of how you can help and support them. #pandaweek2018 #pandaweek #postnataldepression #perinatalmentalhealth #mentalhealth #wellbeing #support #listen #seektounderstand #payattention #nojudgement #forgiveness #kindness #compassion #empathy #love
Taking the time to stay clean and fresh after birth is SO important for keeping our bodies and minds healthy. It might seem super obvious before we have our babies, but it's just too easy to put it on the back burner when we have a newborn to look after.  Here in the UK baths are advised pretty much straight away for most mamas however we've given birth. You can add salt, witch hazel and/or lavender oil to aid healing, but don't add any other bubbles, oils or bombs for the first 6 weeks.  Baths are great because not only do they keep our tushies and stitches really clean, they are AMAZING pain relief for soreness, itchiness and aches, and are perfect for soothing tired, stressed minds. But if you don't feel comfortable getting in the tub, or don't have one at home, warm showers are great too.  However we bathe we should use only baby wash on our hair and bodies, and keep soap and hands away from our tush and our stitches - just water until we're fully healed. For the first 3-5 days we should always have someone around to help us - we'll be weaker and shakier on our feet than we realise, so never feel shy to call for help getting in and out.  We'll be bleeding a lot for the first 10-14 days after birth, but DON'T let that stop you from taking baths or showers! Just have a pair of underwear with a big night-time sanitary towel inside ready, and put them on as soon as you get out. They'll get wet and you might have to wash your legs again after you put them on - but don't worry that's completely normal. Wrap yourself up in a towel, sit or lie down on your bed and let yourself air dry, then toss the pad in the bin, the pants in the laundry, put on a fresh pair with a fresh pad, pull on your cozies, and you're good to go.  Honestly mama, as long as they're fed, clean and warm, newborns are very happy to be in someone else's arms, their bed, or in a moses basket or baby chair on the bathroom floor for half an hour - so never feel like you can't take the time to look