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|play + trauma| - not something that normally goes together - but for the last three days I was lucky to be surrounded by like minded professionals being taught by two brillant instructors on these concepts. how the impact of play for children experienced  trauma and the magic ways of working in a therapeutic concept.  in this intentional modality, I can explore with youth areas which they are struggling in.  although it may seem like we are just playing with toys; developmentally children cannot express through words their emotions and impact.  play meets the child where they are at in order to make positive changes. - this process takes time. but this time is so worth it for the children and their families. - #play #playandtrauma #trauma #yycplay #yyctrauma #yycmentalhealth #yycplaytherapy #playthereapy #psychologist #mentalhealth
WIP... currently working on a project in the local school. Had a whole classroom to design and create. Working with the children to create a usable room for reading and learn through play. So much fun, we are moving on to the textiles next week.. #schoolartist #nikkifokeytextileart #playthereapy #interiordesign #artist