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Ain’t no mountain high 🗻🌋 we woke up at 2am for this, it was my first time hiking in the dark! 🔦 it wasn’t easy, I had so many thoughts that ran in my head such as omg I could’ve stay in bed💭💭 should’ve bought a proper hiking shoes, is my knee going to be ok. 💭  the #pilgrimage that I saw in #bhutan during a nice 5 hrs hike that I did came onto my mind, they were sort of doing push-ups/burpee pose with the floor FROM their home, hopefully to get to the monastery on top of the mountain one day, many are very old people.. so that’s why I kept going in Bhutan as those people gave me energy! Here, I slowly walked up in the dark, thank god I found a wooden walking stick that helped me so much .. there was some point that I was soaking wet because of the sweat.. it was warm and some point that it was 🌬❄️. Sometimes, I couldn’t catch up with the group, and wasn’t sure where I was going, it was really dark.. I kept going and stopped briefly when needed to .. was annoyed a little at motorcycles because they made the path become even more dusty, but others suffered too and nobody is giving up... finally, I’ve made it to the top! (with the help of Andrew’s🎶 and the hope to catch up with others) On top, It was really foggy, couldn’t see the crater or the sun ☀️#whereareyou 🤔 #ohwell the way down was a lot better because of the light, I got to observe trees, lava rocks, the area that was affected by lava etc. Mother Nature is so fascinating. Also was witnessing very beautiful human connection!!!(can’t even find proper words for this)... #blessing #spreadinglove #fromtheheart This hike has definitely made me become a stronger person, and it taught me to be patient and enjoy the journey! The best part is I shared it with people with such amazing energy #soultribe #localguide #experience  #memories #lesson #notetoself first thing that I did when I got back at hotel was to shower, felt like a chocolate truffle that was
Wow❣ this❣ women ❣exists❣❣
Visited skate heaven at the @moxiskateshop in Venice today! Thanks for the warm welcome!! ... #moxiskates #rollerskates #pilgrimage #skatelife #california #rollerskaters #rollerderby
The view from the summit of Mt. Misen is breathtaking. I am sure I could have seen even farther on a clearer day. The deer like to hang out up there too.  #mtmisen #summit #sikadeer #mountain #pilgrimage #miyajimaisland #japan #viewfromthetop #travelblogger #womenwhotravel #wanderlust #notallthosewhowanderarelost