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I want to show my another Otlander sketch😊 (yeah, I spend my evenings very productively😁) It's about Frank and Claire, and mrs. Graham. An unforgettable moment❤️: "She set the cup down carefully, as though afraid it might blow up in her face. The grooves on either side of her mouth had deepened, and her brows pressed together in what looked like puzzlement. “Well,” she said finally. “That’s one of the stranger ones I’ve seen.” “Oh?” I was still amused, but beginning to be curious. “Am I going to meet a tall dark stranger, or journey across the sea?” “Could be.” Mrs. Graham had caught my ironic tone, and echoed it, smiling slightly. “And could not. That’s what’s odd about your cup, my dear. Everything in it’s contradictory. There’s the curved leaf for a journey, but it’s crossed by the broken one that means staying put. And strangers there are, to be sure, several of them. And one of them’s your husband, if I read the leaves aright.” #outlander #outlanderart #outlandertvseries #outlanderdrawing #outlanderwatercolor #outlandersketch #outlanderfan #jamiefraser #jamieandclaire #clanfraser #clanmackenzie #clairefraser #castleleoch #outlanderfanart #sketching #mydrawings #mysketchbook #cozyautumn #warmandcozy #autumnaesthetic
!!!!!!!!!SPOILER!!!!!!!!! °°° Overall it was a good episode but I found it a bit dull at times... Here is what I thought of it: (Please not that this is my opinion and that you might not agree with me! But I hope that you still understand and respect my opinion!) °° • Love the sweet moments between Jamie & Claire but I want my passionate Frasers back (might be because of the circumstances) But those scenes we got were sweet and we should cherish them!💞💏 • Maria's scenes with Sam and with Caitriona were incredible! • Sam's "face acting" is on point!😍 • I have a lot of questions about Claire's shoes!😂 Zipper? How could they survive that long (salt water, the ship accident etc.) and no one got suspicious yet (at River Run e.g.)? • Clarence!!! • I love that Jamie & Claire talk about Brianna so much but why do they always have to bring up Frank?! Claire saying that Frank and Bree had such a strong bond...I felt so sorry for Jamie!😕 • Loved the last scene, the "strawberry scene," even though I expected more of that scene (→ book)🍓 • Brianna & Roger's part was okay. I actually quite enjoyed it.👫 • Brianna being at the same place her parents are (just in a different time)!😍😢 • Even though some people don't really like Sophie as Brianna, I love Sophie and I thought she was really good in that episode!💪🏻 • Roger, you're a dick! • In general: the CGI, editing (sound, light...) is cringeworthy this season (as well as the wigs) and I feel like they focus too much on those things that don't really matter/aren't that important.😬 • ...and one more thing: poor Sam & Caitriona! The woods looked so cold!!!😨 °°° Can't wait for next week!😍 °°° (PS: I didn't do this last week because it was a very difficult topic and after watching it I was quite shocked and felt quite sad.) °°° Via: @outlanderuniverse  Follow us for daily pics! #outlander #outlanderseries #outlanderstarz#samheughan
🇬🇧 Since season 4 of Outlander is starting, here comes a drawing of Jamie Fraser I made a few months ago, based on a photo. Pencils and a lot (a lot !) of hours. I also put a close up view and some preparatory sketches (the stranges doodles are a participation of one of my chlidren...). 🇨🇵 Vu que la saison 4 d'Outlander commence, voici un dessin de Jamie Fraser que j'ai fait il y a quelques mois, basé sur une photo. Fait aux crayons et avec beaucoup (beaucoup) d'heures. Vu le format d'Instagram, j'ai mis aussi un gros plan, et aussi quelques ébauches (les étranges gribouillages sont le fruit de la participation d'un de mes enfants...). #jamiefraser #outlander #fanart #pencildrawing #pencilsketch #outlanderfanart
#outlanderfanart 💞
Jenny Fraser Murray... can't wait to see her again in Outlander!! #ilovewatercolor #outlander #outlanderfanart #jennyfraser #watercolorartist
Move With Me! ********************************** Via: @outlanderuniverse1743  Follow us for daily pics! #outlander #outlanderseries #outlanderstarz#samheughan #jamiefraser#caitrionabalfe #clairefraser#outlanderseason1 #outlanderseason2#outlanderseason3
Move With Me! ********************************** Via: @outlanderuniverse1743  Follow us for daily pics! #outlander #outlanderseries #outlanderstarz#samheughan #jamiefraser#caitrionabalfe #clairefraser#outlanderseason1 #outlanderseason2#outlanderseason3
A Wedding Moment To Remember ********************************* Via: @outlanderuniverse1743  Follow us for daily pics! #outlander #outlanderseries #outlanderstarz#samheughan #jamiefraser#caitrionabalfe #clairefraser#outlanderseason1 #outlanderseason2#outlanderseason3
Excerpt-  REVELATIONS OF THE BRIDAL CHAMBER The Wedding Night Chapitre 15 Part 2 “The room was furnished with a thick twelve-hour candle, rings of dark wax marking the hours. We talked through three of the rings, only letting go of each other’s hands to pour wine or get up to visit the privy stool behind the curtain in the corner. Returning from one of these trips, Jamie yawned and stretched.” “It is awfully late,” I said, getting up too. “Maybe we should go to bed.” “All right,” he said, rubbing the back of his neck. “To bed? Or to sleep?” He cocked a quizzical eyebrow and the corner of his mouth twitched.” “In truth, I had been feeling so comfortable with him that I had almost forgotten why we were there. At his words, I suddenly felt a hollow panic. “Well—” I said, faintly. “Either way, you’re no intending to sleep in your gown, are ye?” he asked, in his usual practical manner.” “Well, no, I suppose not.” In fact, during the rush of events, I had not even thought about a sleeping garment—which I did not possess, in any case. I had been sleeping in my chemise or nothing, depending on the weather.” “Jamie had nothing but the clothes he wore; he was plainly going to sleep in his shirt or naked, a state of affairs which was likely to bring matters rapidly to a head.” “Well, then, come here and I’ll help ye wi’ the laces and such.” His hands did in fact tremble briefly as he began to undress me. He lost some of his self-consciousness, though, in the struggle with the dozens of tiny hooks that attached the bodice. “Ha!” he said in triumph as the last one came loose, and we laughed together. “Now let me do you,” I said, deciding that there was no point in further delay. I reached up and unfastened his shirt, sliding my hands inside and across his shoulders. I brought my palms slowly down across his chest, feeling the springy hair and the soft indentations around his nipples. He stood still, hardly
a wonderful good night with fantastic dreams to you☄😊😘❤🌹 #goodnight🌙 #jamesfraser #clairefraser #outlander #caitrionabalfe #outlander #caitrionabalfe #outlanderfanart #jammf #samheughan
Also available, an Outlander inspired wooden bookmark with a Sassenach or Je suit prest design. These can be personalised with a name on the reverse (shop link in bio). #outlander #outlanderfan #outlanderart #outlanderfanart #outlanderposts #outlanderinspired #jamieandclaire #jamiefraserquote #jamiefraser #outlanderbook #scottishgift #clanfraser #sassenach #lallybroch #jesuisprest  #outlanderobsessed #outlandish #outlanderseries #outlanderlove #outlanderaddicted #sassenachwarriors #littleheartarts https://etsy.me/2zXXIcJ
My drawing of Claire and Jamie Fraser from #outlander - the bottom drawing - was today showcased by the official Outlander social media accounts. Catch it on Facebook, Twitter and here on their Instagram Stories. Thank you @outlander_starz for sharing the amazing art that the fans create!  @caitrionabalfe @samheughan  #samheughan #caitrionabalfe #clairefraser #jamiefraser #claireandjamie #artist #art #fanart #outlanderfanart #recognition #iloveoutlander