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Best goose in #hongkong? Or have you had better? #omgwhereskim
Hello @ichiranjp, can you come to Melbourne and Singapore please? 🍜 #omgwhereskim #hongkong
Senposhi oysters #omgwhereskim #hongkong
What’s for breakfast! #omgwhereskim #hongkong
Have you tried Little Bao in #hongkong? Thoughts and feelings? 🤔 #omgwhereskim
Probably not gonna have bubble tea in a longggg time. On my first day in Melbourne, my housemate asked if I wanted bbt, I exclaimed yez!!! But I didn’t order because it was $7.50 🤷🏻‍♀️ There’s no koi here, and gongcha’s milk tea with pearls is $5.80... 😭 Please cherish your bbt in Singapore, guys.  Anyway, Tiger Sugar was 30HKD, how much is it in Singapore?  #omgwhereskim #hongkong
Not as greasy or juicy as the burgers at Shake Shack Japan but it was still good! Shake Shack Hong Kong has Milk Tea shake and HK style concrete! #omgwhereskim #hongkong
The chee cheong fun damn solid #omgwhereskim #hongkong
Ate at quite a number of famous restaurants in #hongkong and was quite disappointed. Strangely, one of the best meals for me was this pork chop rice which was so yummy! #omgwhereskim
Overpriced and overhyped 😦 #omgwhereskim #hongkong
🤩🤩🤩 #omgwhereskim
Accurate representation of keeping up with the Kardashian 😂 What you think ?  Follow US for daily content ! @takenotesnchill 📽 @menshumor  @kimkardashian  @khloekardashian @kourtneykardash @kendalljenner . . . . . #accuratememes #keepingupwiththekardashians #kimk #khloe #koutney #kendall #wtfisthis #funny #takenotesnchill #immadatyall #omgwhereskim 🤔
Visited more than 40 Japanese cities/islands in 3 trips(57 days). Could have done more and better of course but most of the time I was stuck in Tokyo eating sushi and partying at jumanji55 HAHAHA. I really miss Japan and I can’t wait to go back 😢😢😢 Leaving for Melbourne in exactly a month’s time and I’m really looking forward to what’s in store for me, even though I haven’t even found my apartment. I’ll be spending a year in Aussie(if I don’t bail and come home early that is) so please visit! #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
Still thinking about Kyubey😭  Article on 4 of the best mid-range sushi omakase restaurants in Tokyo is now live on www.strictlyours.com. #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
Had the best meal of 2018 at @jungsik_inc in Seoul. This two Michelin-starred restaurant is F A N T A S T I C 😭 #omgwhereskim
A NEW post on 39 cafes to visit in Seoul is live on www.strictlyours.com. Access via IG story highlights if you prefer! #omgwhereskim
Popular snack, or appetiser, in Fukuoka #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
Saw a lot of tourists queueing for this on a Sunday. I was craving for uni, but my fave uni vendor was out of uni, so I decided to try this little package too. Got this for 900yen and I have to say that it’s NOT worth it at all because it’s not grade A uni. When I saw the person picking the uni out of a plastic box, my heart sank. You can get a whole box of Grade A Bafun Uni for just 3000yen - 5500yen so.... If you’re keen to know which vendor I go to for my otoro and uni, drop me a message ! #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
Supposed to be deli-f*cking-cious I think. 🤔 #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan