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These fish and chips were pretty good! #omgwhereskim #kimtakesmelby
Bez dish from Yardbird. Having a major craving for this risotto! #omgwhereskim #hongkong
Folded egg, hot smoked trout, charcoal bun, herb salad, and a side of pulled pork 👍🏻 #omgwhereskim #kimtakesmelby
Planning a vacation to Melbourne? You’ve to stay at @treasuryoncollinshotel ! The location is fantastic and the HUGE rooms are fully furnished with a kitchenette, washing machine, bath tub TV with Netflix, unlimited wifi and Molten Brown products and more. Book direct with #treasuryoncollins to enjoy late check out, free breakfast, lounge access from 10am-7pm and complimentary wine and canapés from 4pm - 6pm! Find out more on www.strictlyours.com #omgwhereskim #kimtakesmelby
Sydney Rock, Blackman Bay, St Helens oysters 👍🏻 #omgwhereskim #kimtakesmelby
🐮🐮🐮 #omgwhereskim #kimtakesmelby
Pretty darn good brownie #omgwhereskim #kimtakesmelby
🍣🍣🍣 #omgwhereskim #kimtakesmelby
Salmon taco bomb 👍🏻 #omgwhereskim #kimtakesmelby
🥞🍳🥓 #omgwhereskim #kimtakesmelby
Lobster bisque paella #omgwhereskim #kimtakesmelby
I’ve been pretty disappointed with the standard of Japanese food in Melbourne so I was skeptical when I was told to try Komeyui. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to spend $165 on a sushi Omakase that was gonna make me sad. Neoey and I popped by for sushi, and ordered about 20 pieces of sushi off the a la carte menu, and a soft shell crab($24). The bill was about $240. Wouldn’t say the soft shell crab was worth it, but the sushi was pretty good! Especially the otoro, which I had 2 pieces of. Thanks for the recommendation, @pootlepop! #omgwhereskim #kimtakesmelby
One of the best brunch spots in Melbourne ! #omgwhereskim #kimtakesmelby
Yummiest beef chilli cheese fries ! 💯 #omgwhereskim #kimtakesmelby
Is this food or is this art? #omgwhereskim #kimtakesmelby
Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day all! I hope that you’re enjoying the festive season, and that your holidays have been filled with joy, good food, and good wine! 👍🏻 Happy holidays! #omgwhereskim #kimtakesmelby
🤩🤩🤩 #omgwhereskim #kimtakesmelby
Let’s get the last day of 2018 started! 💚 #crabmeatscramble #chickenhotsauce #stayhungrybehumble ✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️📷 #repost @kimberleyyeo with @get_repost ・・・ There are lots of cafes in Melbourne but Humble Rays might just be the most popular. The never ending queue just keeps getting longer ! #omgwhereskim #kimtakesmelby #humblerays #humbleraysmelb #stayhungrybehumble #breafast #breakfastinmelbourne #breakfastclub #brunch #brunchtime #brunchinmelbourne #brunching #cafe #cafemelbourne #cafevibes #cafeofmelbourne #melbournetoeat #melbournefood #delicious #foodie #melbournefoodie #feedfeed #foodgram #instafood #melbournetodo
🤤🤤🤤 #omgwhereskim #kimtakesmelby
Chilli scrambled eggs 👌🏻 #omgwhereskim #kimtakesmelby
This pork belly was pretty dope. Thanks @theshutterwhale for the recco! #omgwhereskim #kimtakesmelby
There are lots of cafes in Melbourne but Humble Rays might just be the most popular. The never ending queue just keeps getting longer ! #omgwhereskim #kimtakesmelby
Pretty impressed with the food here. I’ll go as far to say that this is probably the best cafe in the CBD #omgwhereskim #kimtakesmelby
Burger break #omgwhereskim #kimtakesmelby
As I was eating this, I was thinking about how awful the two steaks that I baked in the oven tasted. Finally, some good steak! #omgwhereskim #kimtakesmelby
I miss having super duper awesome Kobe beef 😢 #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
The Marketeer market kitchen roll ($10.50) 👌🏻 #omgwhereskim #kimtakesmelby
Chef’s Omakase Sushi (7 pieces/$25) #omgwhereskim #kimtakesmelby
Pulled pork pancakes ! 😋 #omgwhereskim #kimtakesmelby
Sobs I really love uni so much. Sadly, you can’t taste the natural flavours of uni in this dish because of the seasoning etc 🤔 #omgwhereskim #hongkong
Best goose in #hongkong? Or have you had better? #omgwhereskim
Hello @ichiranjp, can you come to Melbourne and Singapore please? 🍜 #omgwhereskim #hongkong
Senposhi oysters #omgwhereskim #hongkong
What’s for breakfast! #omgwhereskim #hongkong
Have you tried Little Bao in #hongkong? Thoughts and feelings? 🤔 #omgwhereskim
Probably not gonna have bubble tea in a longggg time. On my first day in Melbourne, my housemate asked if I wanted bbt, I exclaimed yez!!! But I didn’t order because it was $7.50 🤷🏻‍♀️ There’s no koi here, and gongcha’s milk tea with pearls is $5.80... 😭 Please cherish your bbt in Singapore, guys.  Anyway, Tiger Sugar was 30HKD, how much is it in Singapore?  #omgwhereskim #hongkong
Not as greasy or juicy as the burgers at Shake Shack Japan but it was still good! Shake Shack Hong Kong has Milk Tea shake and HK style concrete! #omgwhereskim #hongkong
The chee cheong fun damn solid #omgwhereskim #hongkong
Ate at quite a number of famous restaurants in #hongkong and was quite disappointed. Strangely, one of the best meals for me was this pork chop rice which was so yummy! #omgwhereskim
Overpriced and overhyped 😦 #omgwhereskim #hongkong
🤩🤩🤩 #omgwhereskim
Visited more than 40 Japanese cities/islands in 3 trips(57 days). Could have done more and better of course but most of the time I was stuck in Tokyo eating sushi and partying at jumanji55 HAHAHA. I really miss Japan and I can’t wait to go back 😢😢😢 Leaving for Melbourne in exactly a month’s time and I’m really looking forward to what’s in store for me, even though I haven’t even found my apartment. I’ll be spending a year in Aussie(if I don’t bail and come home early that is) so please visit! #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
Still thinking about Kyubey😭  Article on 4 of the best mid-range sushi omakase restaurants in Tokyo is now live on www.strictlyours.com. #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
Had the best meal of 2018 at @jungsik_inc in Seoul. This two Michelin-starred restaurant is F A N T A S T I C 😭 #omgwhereskim
A NEW post on 39 cafes to visit in Seoul is live on www.strictlyours.com. Access via IG story highlights if you prefer! #omgwhereskim
Popular snack, or appetiser, in Fukuoka #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
Saw a lot of tourists queueing for this on a Sunday. I was craving for uni, but my fave uni vendor was out of uni, so I decided to try this little package too. Got this for 900yen and I have to say that it’s NOT worth it at all because it’s not grade A uni. When I saw the person picking the uni out of a plastic box, my heart sank. You can get a whole box of Grade A Bafun Uni for just 3000yen - 5500yen so.... If you’re keen to know which vendor I go to for my otoro and uni, drop me a message ! #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
Supposed to be deli-f*cking-cious I think. 🤔 #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
First time trying Yamagata beef and this was 💯 #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
Usually not a fan of tsukemen but this fish broth tsukemen was super yummy ! 😋#omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
Miss the days when I could get this box of otoro for just $45 😭 #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
After 6.5 weeks of travelling, I’m finally ready to come home ! Marking the end of my trip with one of my fave photos taken in Xitang #omgwhereskim
Monstrous portion 😱 #omgwhereskim
This is 20 times better than Isaac Toast. Ate Isaac toast twice (once in JB, once in Seoul) and I still don’t get the hype. #omgwhereskim
Awesome toast, pretty place, but prices are really steep here. This toast platter is 25,000 won ($31.25) 😮#omgwhereskim
What’s for brunch? #omgwhereskim
😍😍😍 #omgwhereskim
Some say that this is the best ramen in Fukuoka 🤔 #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
Easily the best tonkatsu that I’ve ever had. I’m not a fan of the batter which was light and flaky, but the pork was a solid 10/10. It was firm, but tender, and so juicy. And I loved that layer of fat. I had the 250g loin set which was too much for me but it’s apparently the best cut here! I queued for 2 hours in the light drizzle without a brolly, but #noregrets #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
I’ve been away from home for more than a month now. There were many highlights this trip - meeting a baby tiger, feeding otters, hugging alpacas, etc. But carrying a 35kg bear cub?  List topper. #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
The uni thing I love.  I had sushi at four places in Tsukiji and they can’t beat any of the 3 mid-tier sushi restaurants, outside of Tsukiji, that I dined at. If you’re in need of good sushi, go to Manten, Sushi Tokyo Ten, or Kyubey. Go to Tsukiji only if you wanna get slabs of otoro, and boxes of Uni! #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
A day as an alpaca whisperer #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
What’s for lunch today? 😉 #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
Not sure if it’s because they have more outlets now but there wasn’t a queue at the omotesando outlet this time round! #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
Not my fave tonkotsu ramen in Tokyo but still a must eat every trip 🍜 #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
First meal in Tokyo. Wasn’t allowed to take photos so I sneakily stole a shot. Had 11 pieces of sushi + tamago + miso soup for 4100yen at Sushi Bun at #tsukijifishmarket #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
There are tons of hotpot options in Shanghai, apart from Hai Di Lao. The most popular one seems to be Lao Wang. My Friend, Jasmine, brought me to her absolute fave, Ding Wang Wu Lao Guo a few days ago, and my aunt brought me to her favourite joint, Xiao Hui Ge, today. If you love hotpot, you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice in Shanghai! #omgwhereskim
Have been in Shanghai for almost a week and I’m actually loving it here. So thankful that so many people are in Shanghai too! 🤗 I haven’t had any mind-blowingly good food though, so if you have recommendations, please send them my way! #omgwhereskim
12/10 will recommend #omgwhereskim
May the days henceforth be as colourful as this place. #omgwhereskim
How much bbq can I eat. This bbq place has been my favourite since my one-month stay in Seoul back in 2012, and I’m happy to report that it’s still good! #omgwhereskim
BBQ IS LYFE #omgwhereskim
This chicken looks every bit fried but it’s baked 😮 #omgwhereskim
First meal in Seoul 👌🏻 If you’ve any food recommendations, please share them with me! #omgwhereskim
Had a pretty fantastic weekend at @resortsworldgenting with new found friends! The new Theme Park Hotel has spacious and well-equipped rooms which are perfect for families or a bunch of friends, and I'll really recommend staying here. New and noteworthy attractions include Zombie Outbreak where you go on a really dark trail (somewhat like a haunted house) and get scared by zombies, and Snow World where you can slide down a ramp and have your toes frozen off at -10 degrees.  Go for lunch at the Malaysian Food Street and be dazzled by a myriad of local delights, have pizzas at Motorino, and end your night at Redtail by Zouk with beer pong and sour plum shots! #resortsworldgenting #rediscovergenting #skyavenue #comeonup #excitingthingsarehappening #omgwhereskim
Missing the kaiseki dinner at @hiltonodawara 😢 #omgwhereskim
Met my handsome prince charming, Ricky the eight-month-old Timberwolf Shepherd, in Bangkok. Till we meet again, gentle giant ❤️