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Is turn it back Tuesday a thing? 2 years ago! @kepi37, @goals4miles, @runlikeabreezy had a frightening flight club. #oiselleteam #oisellevolee #oisellewi
4 miles turned into 3 miles when @irishmom64 texted! I called her instead of texted and we chatted about baby and running things on my mile walk back home 🤗 .. Also, this weekend I deferred my entry to NYC. I could give you a bunch a reasons why, but it ultimately came down to I just don’t want to. And that right there is reason enough. It wasn’t a tough decision. Running has taken a back seat & I couldn’t imagine myself even enjoying the race. I had no running goals when I found out I was pregnant and I knew there was always the possibility of not running NYC, I was fine with it that. I am just out here to keep me and this peanut healthy. New York will be there next year, and I’ll have a new cheerleader waiting for me at the finish☺️🎀 .. .. .. #keepshowingup #fitpregnancy #23weekspregnant
We're super pumped to have two #bigskybirds as Oiselle #straightscoop reviewers. Read more about @overthemoongal And @crossedrunner on the O blog. Can't wait to read the product reviews! https://www.oiselle.com/blog/meet-our-straight-scoop-review-team - - - - - - - -  #oisellemt #oiselle #oisellevolée #oiselleteam #flystyle
Finally made it back to Pilates for a serious core and booty burn 🍑 today!
Today’s #medalmonday is more than just this past weekend’s race. It’s the hundreds of miles that went into training for this race. It’s the cold mornings and humid afternoons. It’s the strength training after a tempo run. It’s the nights I wanted more sleep. And what this medal really shows is sitting down at the end of 2017 and writing down one big scary goal: a 1:45 half marathon at the Detroit Free Press International Half. It’s what I set out for this year as I deemed this year “The Year of the Half Marathon” and chased down that goal every single day. And what I got out of this race — a 1:40:03 finish. A 7 minute PR. 5 minutes under my goal time. So I think the moral of this Medal Monday is to set those big scary goals and chase after them. You never know what might happen.
And speaking of last night’s run...check meowt. Danger was my middle name but I changed it in college. ⚡️
You can’t control what happens to you, but you can control how you handle it.⁣ ⁣ My life is a little crazy right now - my husband and I joked (ok maybe half joked) that our motto for this year is, “Survive 2018”). Newborn twins and a preschooler are quite the combo and there’s a lot out of my control.⁣ ⁣ But right now what I can control is that I wake up early on Monday mornings and spend some time for me and get a workout in to set myself up right for the week. And then I step out of the garage, take a deep breath and my mom duties pick right back up.⁣ ⁣ Happy Monday everyone!⁣ ⁣ #mondaymotivation #momofthree #positivity #mindset #honestmotherhood
My level of enthusiasm for today’s run can best be summarized as “I’m glad THAT’S over” - lest my party pants fool you into thinking otherwise. 😉 . But I made a 7 mile deposit in the training bank this morning - a quick turnaround after ANOTHER 7 miles late last night. (Late being relative, that is, for someone who’s used to going to bed at 9. 🤷🏻‍♀️) #getitgetit
New squad, who dis?! Friday’s @runlittlewing photo shoot was 🔥🔥🔥 and wearing the pro kit for the first time had me GIDDY. Hey @fleshmanflyer, how long until I get to use it for real? 🤪
I’m still processing & at a loss for words. But this series of photos really says it all: 1. Overflowing with joy to be done. 2. Smiling, but still not 100% sure on accurate time, so there’s a little uncertainty in my face. 3. Complete & total relief. Thanks to @leswp1 for helping me express what I’m not quite able to say yet. *************************************** Huge thanks to my coach, Lowell Ladd, from #2lcoaching, who has stuck by me & never doubted that I could get it done. To my family, especially my husband, for putting up with this madness for all these years. To my friends & teammates who lift me up daily. And to the companies that have supported me along the way. I am beyond grateful to all of you. Up next? I have no clue. And I’m good with that. #thisis43 #sub3marathon #neverdoubt #fasterasamaster #2lcoaching #oiselleteam #jaybirdsports #teamnuun #hshive #zensah #runangel #virtualgoats #keepshowingup #always41
Three cheers for Detroit!  I loved running today’s @freepmarathon International Half with my Detroit and Dallas-based #comericabank colleagues.  I recommend it to anyone looking for a fast, flat half .... the only hills we hit were going up the Ambassador Bridge into 🇨🇦 and coming out of the Windsor Tunnel back to the 🇺🇸. The race directors were on point (can you even IMAGINE the logistics of an int’l marathon) and the crowds came out despite temps in the low 30s!  Happy to execute according to my @rad_running_co plan written by my awesome coach @kristinmetcalf.  Since today is less than 3 weeks til my goal race (#RichmondMarathon), I ran 11 miles at an 8:30 avg to get some pace practice and then let my legs fly on the last 2 to see what was left in the tank as a li’l challenge as we tweak and taper til marathon day.  I wore my Comerica race shirt but still rep’d all of my usual squads:  my beloved @lonestarbirds, @Oiselle (wore my Shade long sleeve and capris), @thewrrc (♥️ my new crop top) and @skratchlabs (gotta have my chews!) #oiselle #oiselleteam #oisellevolée #dfwvolée #lonestarbirds #radrunningco #thewrrc #gritfam #skratchlabs #skratchlabsambassador #fellowflowers #ffcrew #run #running #runtexas #runner #runners #instarunners #runhappy #runchat #runitfast #fasterasamaster #runnersofinstagram #runnersworld #runnerscommunity #womensrunningcommunity
Perfect Sunday so far. Miles with friends, then checking out a new brunch place, maker fair, and a scenic drive with family. Taking a quick nap (or reading break), then getting back outside to enjoy the amazing sunshine. 😎 - - - - - - - - - - - #bigskybirds #oiselleteam #oisellevolée #oisellemt #flystyle #oiselle #runbozeman #lrbcheckin
@cbusmarathon Marathon #2 went sooooo much better than the first! 🏃🏼‍♀️ 5:0632➡️4:29:49 { a 41 minute PR💃😀} Race recap to follow sometime.  #marathoner #sub430marathongoal  #ibeatoprah #inspiringwomenrunners #irunthisbody #runrestrepeat #womensrunningcommunity #marathontraining #headsupwingsout #oisellevolée #oiselleteam #runhappy #runstrong #somuchjoy
Winds so strong they knock the dog over when walking calls for watermelon @zensah socks to power through 10 miles. Even on the treadmill, I couldn’t have asked for a better run. (Oh, and if you haven’t had this flavor of @humagel, definitely give it a try!)
All the snap! - - - - - - -  #repost @lizzard214 ・・・ An outtake and scenic shots. Perfect weather. Best trail ever. Great company (Alex, cows). This is one of my favorite trails, so why don't I run it more often?? And why do I always wear this shirt in photos? (Because it's amazing.) - - - - - - - - #bigskybirds #oisellemt #oisellevolée #oiselleteam #flystyle #runbozeman #trailrunning
These are her WORK VIEWS!! 😱 - - - - - - - -  #repost @wendiecarr ・・・ Lunch with a view and fall is back 🙌 #yellowstone #ynp #bigskybirds #oisellevolée #oiselleteam #oiselle #run #running #flystyle
Had a wonderful 5 mile run this morning with some amazing ladies and followed up with some coffee and brunch. Surprised I was able to get up and going after my birthday party last night, but I'm so glad I did! . . . #lovethisteam #oisellevolée #upstatebirds #oiselleteam #womenrunners
It’s back: real talk time! Borrowed a stranger’s phone halfway through my long run and called Connor crying for a ride. Cue grande #psl, no shame. Perceived effort was high for all 5 of my easy miles, and the power just drained as I went (ayyy inflammatory response). After a few half marathon pace minutes my touchy 🍑 nerve was like HAHA NOPE. I’m pretty sure the woman who’s phone I borrowed thought I was nuts (no, no I’m okay I promise I’m just a dramatic runner with an injury that flared 😭😭😭), but I’m so grateful for her kind words. Something something something progress is not linear something something inspirational something. Back to the ART doc. Back to slow running. Back to a questionable ability to run a half PR in 13 days. If you need me I’ll be hiding in my #flystyle yeti the rest of the day 😪🍂 . . . #realrunning #runner #runnergirl #runlikeagirl #runnersofinstagram #injuredrunner #runningsucks #marathontraining #halfmarathontraining #oiselle #oisellevolée #oiselleteam #ilvolée #oiselleteamil #headupwingsout #chinup #fallrunning