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Nicki Minaj has been blamed for attempting to slow down checks using foul play behind the scenes against the likes of Cardi B, Remy Ma, DJ Akademiks, Tiffany Foxx and more. However, Nicki’s latest alleged victim to come forward, actually claims to be one of the first.  Entertainment publicist Rochele Pamphille (also known as Rocky or P-Kash) transitioned from an artist to being behind the scenes talent a few years ago, but according to him in a recent interview with the folks over at Makadrez, Nicki Minaj herself may have been one of the reasons for that move.  Remember back in 2009 when Young Money was looking for talent and found the firecracker that is Nicki Minaj? Well, they also looked into the openly gay rapper, P-kash. Kash started out strong opening up shows for Young money, Chris brown and even Mobb Deep. According to Kash, During that time Cash Money scouted as many people as they could for Young Money. Bird man and lil Wayne partnered up and placed a memo out stating talent was needed.  After the Makadrez interviewer asked P-kash for his take on the the Cardi b and Nicki Minaj Beef, P-kash states that “she did the same thing to me”. (referring to Cardi’s statement where she mentioned that Nicki had previously attempted to “stop her bag”) “When you say or try to tell someone not to mess with a certain artist because of your personal issues, that’s stopping a BAG!,” he said, while also mentioning that he had debated on telling the world earlier, but decided against it, only because he wasn’t as famous as Minaj and figured it could be damaging to his career in entertainment. Before later feeling compelled to share his story after so many other celebrities have mentioned similar experiences.  P-kash then continues to talk more about Nicki’s behavior which he calls “evilness,” and claiming “She’s been doing this for years.” Whew chile, so this isn’t new? Check out the interview in the FULL story at www.itsKenBarbie.com (Or
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