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♥️ @Regrann from @these_pieces_of_me - Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.❤️
• Under the Full Wolf 🌕 • the wild oyster mushrooms crossed our path and inspired the mushroom medicine creation above along with words of gratitude mythos for these lunar eclipse energies from Mama Moon & Papa Sun... 🍄 •• Extending endless mycelial gratitude to the fungi, flora, and fauna elders who helped birth our body temples • Their radiant strength and subterranean intelligence blankets our Mother Earth in harmonious webs of connections seen and unseen • Let’s Come Together • Shedding • Healing • Remembering • Transmuting • Unfurling and sporing the fractals of immense power in the divine feminine // masculine rising • May I share the mythos of the benevolent botanical witch // wizard written within the blood and bones I carry • Here I am • Raw • Vulnerable • Releasing • Transforming • Rising from the Flames • Rising from the Ashes once again • Alive • Burning brighter than Before • With more Compassion • More Awareness • Understanding I am no longer a victim to patriarchy // capitalism // colonialism • I am awakening • I am remembering my thoughts and beliefs bend my reality • I am the creatrix encoding my path • Because I am not just me • I am all of those ancestors who came before me • They are within • I live from them and for them for our future generations • So they may exist in the peace we all walk for their freedom • In honor of these ancestors who gave their love in life, energy, blood and tears for our familial existence • May we continue to bring this compassionate reverence into action for Mother Earth and all her beings past, present, and future • The Time is Now • Blessed Be • An ‘it harm none, do as ye will’ •  Blissening love to you moon babes — Monica Mooncraft
By saying YES to these Qualities of the Heart, your #vibrationalsignal will become more and more integrated and powerful… giving you access to all available resources in the #universe ’s buffet!  But what are these 9 Qualities of the Heart?  These Qualities are categorized into 3 distinct spheres ( #harmony , #Vitality , #Prosperity ) of the #plenitudeeffect , a brand-new tool created just for you.  We propose exploring each of them with the curiosity and wonder of a child along with the maturity of an adult. ✨Here’s a short description of the Vitality sphere✨ The vitality sphere is more about the physical and mental bodies… we can feel vitality as much in our physical body as well as in our mind and it’s a catalyst that assists us in accomplishing projects that make us vibrate.  Here are the 3 Qualities of the Heart of the Vitality sphere: ·  #appreciation ·  #courage ·  #lightness  Another powerful trio that’s expressed through the Vitality sphere… we feel alive, playful and full of energy! We’re open to fully experiencing the essence of life through all the opportunities that come to us.  To learn more about the other sphere of the #plenitude Effect, we invite you to consult this article: https://goldenheartwisdom.com/en/newsletter-january-2019/  You’re a #woman and you’d like to explore, experience and emanate Plenitude? We invite you to participate in the “Plenitude Effect & Women of the World” Project! https://goldenheartwisdom.com/en/boutique/online-programs/plenitude-effect-women-of-the-world/ . . . . #women #womenoftheworld #newparadigm #expansion #ease #neutrality
Had a wonderful time presenting to a beautiful group at International Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA) Convention this weekend. . Spoke about my experiences teaching in prison, the work with Yoga Education in Prisons Trust, the differences between teaching 'inside' and out and then we had a wonderful brainstorm about how we can collectively make Yoga more accessible to all. . Unity in Diversity everyone! . #newparadigm #unityindiversity #yogipowers #sadhana #healthiswealth #wellness #yoga #iyta #yept #yogashowstheway #insidejob #yogateacher #dunedinnz #bealight #prisonyoga #privilege #accessibility
This first full moon of the year 🌕 in Leo is also known as the Blood Moon & came in at 0 degrees of Leo. Leo can be flamboyant & likes to make an entrance & this one certainly did. With bright lights Jupiter & Venus shining bright in the night sky too - this moon/eclipse despite its’ intensity is encouraging us to continue our growth towards what inspires us & all that is in tune with our personal truth. It was worth waking up to see this spectacular cosmic vista 🌕 - 🙏🏼 #cosmicgroove #elementalresonance #solareclipse
I was just recently introduced to Dr Zachary Bush and he intrigues me. Certainly his desire to love nature and take care of the biodiversity we have left is near and dear to my heart!  Check him out and let me know what you think!  Posted @withrepost • @zachbushmd If we don’t reconnect with nature, we will just destroy it again. How we treat the planet impacts human biology.  If we don’t respect and learn from the brilliance of nature, we won’t survive.  But if we do, we have a chance to heal.  More on this in the podcast posted earlier this week with @RichRoll ... Link in bio for full conversation @zachbushmd . . . . . . . #zachbushmd #richroll #richrollpodcast#bethechange #allofustogether#newparadigm #breathe #healthyliving#futurist #biohacking #guthealth#microbiome #regenerativeagriculture#sustainableagriculture #farm365#gutbrainconnection #sustainablefarming#sustainability #climatechange#guthealth #thefutureisnow #zachbushmd
Last night as I was sleeping I was woken up by a bright light shining down on me through my window. As I slept in the forest in my small house up in the mountain near Huatusco, Mexico, the super full moon lunar eclipse was weaving its’ magnetic electrifying magic through my body - i literally jumped out of bed - every part of me feeling like a kid at Christmas! I stepped outside to Full power moon magic glistening down right before my eyes.....first full moon of the year #moonceremony #lunareclipse #superfullmoon
Happy Energetic New Year, Dear Hearts! As we cross through the epic Eclipse Gateway (and What a passage this was!!!), deep in my heart I feel a knowing: TIME IS ART. That IS the core of the New Paradigm. Time here is measured in units of Creative Energy. Our Life Force in service to Source, to the evolution of all Life. 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 The Galactic Maya knew this and have created an elegant, all-connecting system of measuring time in Service to the Galactic Evolution. A system where every day and Being has its natural place in the Whole Picture. Yes, the Mayan Tzolkin~Dreamspell. Many of us by now know this as Organic Time or the Synchronotron. The more we align with the Organic Time, the more our life force is aligned with the Grace of all there is. Which means, the flow of synchronicity constantly brings us to the perfect place at a perfect time. 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 To me it feels like surfing the Light Current. Any notions of linear time dissolve as we surrender to this Greater Current. 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 Imagine if we collectively Re-dreamed our notion of Time as that. ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ Just.... IMAGINE. Every one of us dedicating our Lifestream to the Art that enlivens our heart. In this moment I feel truly blessed to be living this. I beam joy to every other heart Living it. 💖 💖 💖 I beam Grace and Courage to every heart desiring to live this. We all Can. Let us collectively shed any illusion that would have us believe otherwise. 💖 💖 💖 💖 And, yes, we don't do it alone. We were never meant to. It is by the Grace of our Jedi Light Tribe that we rise and Anchor ⚓ Into this unshakeable Knowing. In this moment I am grateful to every generous, benevolent Heart who has believed and believes in me! TIME IS ART. WHAT DO YOU CHOOSE TO CREATE? 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~ ~~ ~ #timeisart #newbeginings #newparadigm #eclipseblessing
NATURE IS ABUNDANT  It never worries about the winter - it knows spring will be back soon (or as these badass berries ACTING AS IF it’s summer) You’re a part of nature  and as such,  you are  abundant
💕Tlazocamati Great Spirit! 💕 In my heart gratitude grows and flow through every cell in my sacred body! I can feel your holy fire surge through my spirit, combusting all my blockages from my past, present and future. I can see my grandmothers face and I can feel her heat in this sacred fire. Hand and hand, I am my grandmother! She lives within me! A truth the public made insanity! Abuelita, do not weep. I hear your call and see your vision lighting up my Red Road! Abuelita, you are not forgotten!! I will see to it that your life and sacrifice for our bloodline was not in vain!!! Abuelita, I will go deep into my soul where the void lives so that I My seek your counsel. Hand and hand I am my Grandmother!! She lives within me!!!!🔥🙌🏽💕🦋 #sacredblood #dnahealing #generationalhealing #prophecy #cycle #mexicatiahui #redroad #sacred #elpasotexas #texazlan #ceremony #consciousness #thirdeye #lightworker #twinflame #starseed #newparadigm
Happy full moon lunar eclipse moon 🌕 a big pothole has opened. It’s a very powerful time for ceremonies, offerings and white magic 💎🌿✨💕 . . Today I’ve been super busy all day working with clients. 💕🌿💎 . . This January energies have been full on, a huge shift is taking place who else has been feeling it? I’ve been taking slow myself which has been blissful. Really allowing and giving permission to myself to let go and just be resting. After a very full on few years, Its deeply liberating being here and I’m very grateful for this time and possibility to be able to do this whilst doing what I love for work. . If you are feeling a mass of creative energy let it out, create channel light language, go for a run do yoga, or alternatively if you feel tiered and not really energized, which a lot of people have been reporting to me recently. Don’t worry! It’s totally normal in the cycle. What I highly recommend is you just give your self permission to relax too, and feel the liberation it can bring to you. Let go and let flow for what ever is meant to come to you, always in divine timing. . . We as a culture have been programmed into very pressured environments and to do lots of things, and even on the spiritual path we can put way to much pressure on ourselves too. Often the spiritual community particularly, as we are so into perineal growth. But slowing down, relaxing and just doing nothing can be even more productive at times. . In Spain we say tranqulia, in India we say shanti shanti, in uk... well guess we are guna have to begin to use more light hearted lingo to keep up with the vibes of the times 🌎🐵 . We will be heading to Nepal later this week, time for the himalayas 💪 💎⛰ ✨🕊💕 . I love you brother and sister Aho
Toxic masculinity. Toxic feminism.  Racism. Classism. Prejudice. Pretense. "Us against them" is a nearly universally pervasive and immensely problematic paradigm in our world. At each turn, we find another version of the "it's his/her/their fault" narrative.  Guilt. Shame. Blame. Victim. Perpetrator. Savior.  Cycles of reciprocal pain without relief.  Yes. Some people are hurtful. We all hurt sometimes.  Yes. Some people have been hurt. We all have, sometimes. Yes. We could all vociferously debate "who wore suffering better" or "who's the most loathsome" until time dissolves and the stars fall.  And, you know what that would be? A giant waste of time, energy, space, and resources.  It's not a question of who is more or less personally righteous, justified, or vindicated. It's about the empowered choices which we individually make.  If there's something you see as toxic or destructive to your world, instead of pointing fingers, find something you personally can do about it. Not someone to blame. Not something to complain or soapbox about. Not some external authority to demand change from.  Something you, Beloved, can individually do. Right here, right now.  Accountability and radical authenticity are the keys which allow us to break free of the divisive, fruitless, dead-end finger-pointing blame game.  Whether we see one another as friend or foe, we're all in this together.  I, for one, feel that it's about time collectively learn to act like it.  I love you. -e  50mm F/1.8 ISO 100 1/8000s . . .  #breathebeloved  #newparadigm  #makepositivitylouder  #thecreatorclass  #shotoncanon  #adobelightroom  #canonfeed #canonglobal  #america_top_photography  #moody_tones #moodmagic #incredible_shot  #thelifewecapture #the_mirror_of_our_souls #fotocatchers #heart_imprint #allthingsofbeauty #777luckyfish #bpa_nature #earth_reflect #depthsofearth #ournaturedays_5k #fiftyshades_of_nature #naturemobs #nb_nature_brilliance #alluring_highliving #alluring_sunset #tree_magic
Wolf moon. Old moon. Super Blood Moon. 🌚 "The moon, our memory-keeper, reveals a red-tinged interruption to the status quo. Habits may be familiar, but that doesn't mean they are natural. Many of our habits come from conditioning, which keeps us confined. Do things differently. Old paradigm and new paradigm have been grating against one another in a friction that produces spark. This is a turning point. Synchronicities are on high." _ 🖋️: @risingwoman 📷: @ravenandlily
“don’t you see? . the parts you call “broken” . are the very places . where your light . shines the brightest.” . In the shop now 💋 . . . . . . . . . . #spiritualawakening #higherself #healingenergy #spiritual #loveandlight #wildwomansisterhood #newparadigm #yoga #spiritjunkies #spiritualgangster #spiritjunkie #meditate  #enlightenment #spiritualgrowth #raiseyourvibration #lightworker
The Sun has moved us into the season of Aquarius! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Our conscious focus shifts from what structures have been to the ones that can be. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ This season brings a backdrop of experimentation and mapping out the terrain beyond our known boundaries. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Aquarius energy governs science and exploration of the mental kind, where we can imagine what is not yet seen. Think the controversial scientist, eccentric genius, or the lonely alchemist toiling away on the edge of town on projects that will benefit the collective. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ In contrast to it’s partner sign Leo who feels all the world is a stage and he is the center, Aquarius has already left the theater in search of an ideal solution for humanity. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I have a personal bias toward this electric energy as the ruler of my chart happens to be Venus in Aquarius. My love of humanity itself and shared ideals reaches far and wide, embracing the outliers and unconventional thinkers doing good work for the good of all!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ This is a season to observe and exercise the patterns your mind is pulling from the ether. All form begins with imagination, and the imagination of man is our link to the divine; a birthright that must be exercised. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Experimental thought can liberate us from our current circumstances and assist us in creating new ways of living that benefit the whole of mankind. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Let freedom ring.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ . ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #astrologyforecast #astrology #astrologer
This morning we all experienced the totality of the lunar eclipse in Leo. Many have experienced states of bliss, soul recognition and a deeper commitment to learn more about themselves. Know thyself has never taken on a more profound meaning then right now.  But others are feeling states of grief. It may not be a rock your world state of grief. It could be a subtle shift in your perspective. Wondering what the hell that was all about.  Eclipses always brings a profound sense of something from within. With this huge catalyst for change it can make you feel scared or like there’s an impending doom looming on the horizon. This is because the ego structure feels threatened by your massive change.  Allow in the love of Leo to help nurse you through this shift. Take time out to be gentle with yourself in all ways. Rest and receive the love. The understanding of the eclipse will come in time. And always remember, you are enough. . . . . . #cosmomedicinewoman #cosmicblueprint #sacredtruth #northnodeincancer #lawofvibration #emotionalalchemy #crystalvisions #souljourney #oversoul #thirdeyeawakening #holisitcselfcare #quantumempowerment #spiritualaf #manifestingdreams #newparadigm #compassionateminds #crystallovers #heartalignment #rootchakrahealing #subconscious
My 2019🐷 amazing journey with amazing positive peoples. #letsdothis  #betteroption  #newparadigm
“It Wasn’t An Owl” 🦉➡️👽➡️🦉➡️👽➡️🦉➡️👽 #itwasntanowl #zetareticulan #owl #zeta #greyalien #alien #owlbewatching #owlbeback #screenmemories #newparadigm #ascension #owlsandaliens
Absolutely 💯% stay in your power and vibrate high... this way you aren’t only enjoying your life you are a super attractor 🙌🏽 let’s all make a conscious effort to heal ourselves so that we can stay in these high frequencies. 😇🕉 #power #love #vibratehigher #newparadigm #consciousawareness #choosehappiness #chooselove #powerful #empower #empowerment #empowered #consciousness #levelup #evolution #vibratelove #lovelovelove
The nourishing postpartum plan is in full swing…. ** Food has been made, friends have been enlisted and the postpartum herb bath has been made!  I’ve been making/using these baths for mamas I serve and myself for like, 15 years!  This was one of my apprentice responsibilities and I fell in love with it back then.  Choosing the herbs, savoring them, smelling them, and lovingly layering them into a jar with salt. ** I’m not a strict recipe follower, so it varies.  This time around it’s (organic) chamomile flowers, calendula, rosemary, lavender and salt.  Fairly simple.  I also like rose, and sometimes comfrey or some other herbs.  I’ve found that the herb bath is a staple of birth for me and I love making it for others, too.  #indiebirth #takingbackbirth #postpartum #postpartumplanning #herbs #herbal
📍Lune de Sang 🌒 21/01/2019 ☄ - - - - - - - - - - - #lunedesang #night #fullmoon #winter #bretagne_focus_on #northwest #france #astronomie #eclipselunaire #pleinelune #newparadigm #bloodmoon
Let us use this full moon to our advantage! I dont know about anyone else, but this year has already been a whirlwind of emotion and change for me from the moment New Years Eve hit! It's going to be a transformative year, but a positive one as long as we acknowledge the change and move forward with it. . . . . . . . #superwolfbloodmoon #supermoon #bloodmoon #eclipse #transformation #change #positivity #excited #newparadigm
The depth of your darkness always informs the height of your light 💕 . Your greatest wounds, pains, trauma, triggers are always composted into your greatest capacity to heal, hold space, revel in the miracle of pure presence for this divine life of love unfolding. . Would you have known how deeply you love love had you not at first lived so long believing in the illusions that you’re not enough and that you have to do something else, be something more to deserve receiving it? . Where my shadow workers at? . Time to rise beloveds - owning your power means shining the light fully on your shadows and all the parts of you you’d rather leave unseen..the parts wanting to be loved voraciously as your core essence, your fire, your deepest desire, your passion, your kinks, all of you ..the divine whole embodied soul you are 💕 . Your essence is so intoxicating 🔑 . I love to feel you feeling your truth and celebrating every nook and cranny of your infinite depth as the pure perfection you are. . I love to experience your greatest gifts being shared unabashedly as the warrior presence you are.. . You’ve been through so many lifetimes to be here haven’t you? . What a beautiful moment to revel in your brilliance. . Beholding the miracle you are 💕 . Thank you for BEing 🙌🏽 . . . #rememberwhoyouare #divinefeminine #heavenonearth #theempathexperience #thailand #awakenascend #sydneycampos #bali #retreat #newearth #wayshower #awakening #ascension #visionarysouls #podcast #tantrika #healer #empath #newparadigm #embodiment #seer #yogini #multidimensional #alchemist #shamanic
There is a paradigm shift happening and your greatest contribution is managing your own energy field. You’ve been restless lately, irritable. Old pains have resurfaced. You’re revisiting past lessons. You aren’t repeating those lessons, they’ve merely reappeared to be acknowledged and released. Last year you felt defeated, you experienced loss, you were torn apart.  You were stuck on a loop of the same challenges with little to no resolution. Rather than revisit the darkness, now is the time to focus on all that you are in the midst of rising into. There is no more cyclical pain, blame or guilt...only growth. Your armor is crashing to the ground. You’re aware of the people, habits, and things that no longer serve you. Some you are discarding without a care, others you’re setting down gently. You’ve forgiven those who have hurt you, but just because you’re at peace doesn’t mean you have to allow them back into your space. Honor your boundaries. This is your time to step into your highest divine expression. This is the time to detox your mind, body, and space. Unclutter your spirit. You are rising from the ashes. You’ve come out of the tunnel. But you don’t just see the light, you are the light. Although this is a time for closure, it is also the beginning of something truly magnificent. And you, my dear, are long overdue.  #superbloodmoon #chooseyourpath #ascension #ascend #2019 #wolfmoon2019 #highervibrations #selfcare #selfrespect #honoryourself #risingup #newparadigm #onwardandupward #fulfillment #positivevibesonly #energyclearing #awareness #pivot #alignment #higherfrequency
"In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order." -Carl Jung 🦋 Once you understand just how perfectly ordered nature is, you can breathe a sigh of relief. In all the chaos and fear surrounding our health challenges there is a purpose and a system buried within our biology. 📸--@sacraluna
Happy birthday to a special damsel, an erudite, a scholar with world medals, an epitome of excellence, smart and cute😘. It's a new season for more credible celestial exchange, new level, new platform, unspeakable joy evermore and impeccable peace that surpasses all understanding. #happybirthdaydretp #newparadigm #newfrontier #xtrapetcare
Sitting here feeling immensely grateful after a busy and amazing weekend. The breathwork ceremony saturday was beautiful and sunday an amazing photoshoot. Now I am looking forward for next sundays event created by Christina Colding and Marie-Louise Strøyberg, with breathwork guided by me and soundhealing by Jeremie from Ibiza. 4 hours of profound practices that allows for altered states of consciousness, healing and connection to ourselves. Offer yourself this gift of magic and beauty and feel every cell in your body vibrate. There is still a few spots left. You are more than welcome! ✨ Wishing you a beautiful monday. Link in bio ✨ #soundhealing #breathwork #gong #singingbowls
What you see in someone else that you immediately judge is always a reflection of you judging yourself. . Let that land. . What bothers you about other people is signaling you to seek to love the parts of you that feel abandoned, unloved, unexpressed, hidden, repressed. . Can you feel that? . It’s a courageous practice to face the truth with such depth. . To welcome every trigger as a perfect divine teacher. . Aren’t you creating them afterall as the perfect lesson your soul is calling in to steward your ideal embodiment, alignment and evolution? . Practice facing your triggers intentionally and ask: what am I learning from this? What is this really activating in me to fully feel, process, shift, release? . How is this a gift? . What is the soul growth opportunity? . Freedom feels so good beloved. . Doesn’t it? . You always have a choice in every moment to be free. . To not let outer circumstance define your internal experience, feelings, energy. . You are never a victim. . Discernment is a practice that requires conscious commitment. . And you signed up for the epic earth school warrior training when you were born, remember? . Loving all the mirrors and reminders of absolute truth and divinity surrounding me in all moments. . Transcending separation, personality, illusion, stories. . All the noise that’s distracting from what I actually deeply desire most of all. . Present moment heart soul connection in an unspeakable depth of pure love. . Witnessing god experiencing itself through you. . Reminding me of my own divinity. . And then we dance at last 💕 . .  #repost @sydneycampos with @get_repost ・・・ #daylielife101 #judgementday #selflove #bekind  #rememberwhoyouare #divinefeminine #heavenonearth #theempathexperience #multidimensional #freedom #acceptance #unity
The first time I did yoga I cried and cried and cried and cried and cried.... just under 3 years ago it all began on the island of Koh Lipe. I was grieving the imminent death of a soul mate, still grieving the passing of my Father... and now I know I was also grieving the imminent “death” of the addict within me. Addicted to alcohol, drugs, toxic relationships (the primary being that with myself), beliefs riddled with guilt and shame, anger and resentment • No one knew all this was going one in me, let alone myself. The MASKS 🎭 I was wearing were seamless, so were the scripts. I was the organiser, the planner, the drinks pourer, the joker, the entertainer... who was moody and intense at times (blame the Taurus) but generally a laugh and a half to be with • You hardly noticed me drunk or high. The mask 🤖was so effective soon I didn’t even notice when I was drunk and high 🤪... falling deeper into my own web 🕸of stories and illusion. I was having so much fun. Life was amazing... excess of travel, luxury, shopping, parties, events, festivals, friends, loves, temptations, experience and appreciation - all of it.... on the surface. Don’t get me wrong, it all meant something to me... I just didn’t know WHO the ME was.... I don’t regret a single moment of that life.. in fact I miss many of the  friends who accompanied me. I often wonder what life looks like for them now. Yeah this is my Monday ramble.... • In a nutshell, YOGA has been calling me for awhile and I just want to put it OUT THERE 🔮that I intend to build a more committed relationship with it this year. Make me accountable! 🧘🏽‍♀️ • I miss sunrise yoga with my dearest sister @selinsila whom I really look forward to connecting with again soon PLEASE. I love you girl 😍😘 • • #digitalnomad #conscious #consciouscreator #gratitude #abundance #love #loveistheonlyenergy #transformation #consciousliving #newparadigm #presence #devotion #surrender #freedom
Being intuitive and connected to Spirit is something that I found natural right from being a toddler💫 BUT utilising my Intuitive gifts and facilitating Readings was something I had to L E A R N as an adult🔮✨ I knew I ‘could’ work with Spirit but I didn’t know H O W??? I was very sensitive and aware of energy, information & insights but I didn’t know how to understand it all in a tangible way🤷🏼‍♀️ So I was guided by other Clairvoyants & Spiritual Guides who held the space for me to explore my abilities🦋 This is when it all unfolded and became clear, This is when I began to truly understand what I was capable of💓 I finally understood how I could share my purpose with those I felt called to help🌙🌟 And nothing’s ever felt so R I G H T✨ (The fact that I get to travel to places all around the world ~Currently Byron Bay~ full time & fulfil my wanderlust is a complete bonus!!) There are many Intuitive Readers in the world but I’m focused on guiding  my soul sisters to be the BEST⚡️ From the highest wavelength of service! If you feel called to serve from this space too, The full details for my Gifted Experts Course is linked in my bio, we begin our live sessions ASAP!🌸 - - - #spiritgirls #spiritgirl #giftedgirl #giftedgirls #giftedgirlsunite #highvibrationliving #highvibrations #spiritguides #spirit #spiritual #spiritualawakening #intuition #intuitiveliving #intuitivecoach #thirdeye #energyupdate #energyupdates #intuitivereading #soulguidance #crystals #crownchakra #1111 #333 #newparadigm #newparadigmcollective #angels #archangel #spiritteam #spiritguidesbelike #spiritualgrowth
Body awareness is the first step in transformation. Next comes essential posture stabilisation exercises to realign your spine while simultaneously building a strong core foundation. Your ‘set up’ is everything and when you make the time to do this, your exercises will be executed far more powerfully. If you’re suffering from rounded shoulders, forward head and a weak core, watch the demo and start practising now. Here’s a clip from my NewBody Evolution program on ‘setting up’ for perfect posture 😁💖 thephoenixtribe.com.au #newbodyevolution
Your thyroid controls the speed of your body's metabolism. If you experience feeling too slow or not fast enough to catch something, whether its a job, a promotion, a relationship or any other desirable thing, or you weren't fast enough to get rid of something undesirable, too slow to get out of a situation that turns bad, too slow to deliver an apology, your thyroid undergoes a modification process to help you out. ✨ You grow extra cells that help excrete thyroid hormone to 'speed you up'. This is diagnosed as hyperthyroidism. Once you've resolved or forgotten about the conflict, these extra cells are then removed and your thyroid restored to normal. While these cells are removed you experience the flip side: hypothyroidism. If this leads to another conflict of feeling too slow because you do not understand what is going on, or you re-experience the first conflict, your thyroid will undergo the process over and over again until eventually the original thyroid tissue is affected and usually at this point it is called #hashimotos disease. An awareness of what is going on is the first step to resolving it. ✨
Happy SUPER BLOOD WOLF MOON from my sanctuary, to yours. #howlatthemoon #newparadigm #attraction #sanctumragnum
I release all that is holding me back. I release all who are holding me back. I release all that is no longer serving my Highest Path and Purpose. I surrender into my truth. I step into my Highest Path and Purpose. I leave the old paradigm of fear and patriarchy behind; the paradigm of hustle, rush, grind, the ideal that life has to be hard. I embrace the new paradigm of light and the divine feminine; the paradigm of flow, alignment, joy, the ideal that anything is possible and everything gets to happen so easily.  I am no longer bound by what they think, feel or believe to be true. I know that I am supported by a power greater than me.  I know that I will always be supported when I follow my Soul.  I choose to no longer live by anyone else’s rules but my own.  I am a wild woman, I will not be tamed. I claim my fearless truth. I am free.  And so it is.
We are Soul Beings connecting through the Universal Heart in the Galactic Center. In the Aquarian age of the New Paradigm self-responsibility and self expression go hand and hand... We will live from the knowing within connected to the Infinite Source Energies that supplies everything and everyone. ✨ What you can do to align to the energies of this cycle  for the Soul Alignment: 1- Do then deeper inner work - The emotional healing and clearing, repatterining , therapy, counseling.  Don’t run from your painful experiences, heartache, heartbreak or deep hurts.  Embrace love.  2-Let go of what holds you back and no longer fits in your life and for the best expression of you.  Move on, or wind out of what no longer serves your growth.  Be honest with yourself. 3-Begin to wind out of and let go of roles that are too subservient, co-dependent, and overly limiting your personal Soul/self expression.  These are roles and rules based on societal norms and not natural to your “authentic you”. expression and self responsibility.  4-Tune in more - Do more self reflection and self embracing - This means learn to listen to your “Gut Knowing” and intuition.  This means learn to “Read the Signs”... Learn to recognize the messages from your own Higher Self and Spirit/Universe coming from your dreams, flashes of insight, hunches, nudges and  through other people, signs, symbols, passages in books, street art; as well as the proverbial bumper sticker. 5-Create a bigger and more expansive vision.... Suspend disbelief and put a plan in place to “really go for it”, whatever this it is for you... 6- Forgive what you can of yourself and others.  Have compassion for yourself and others 7-Follow your heart....Go for your true happiness ...No matter what others think...❤️ Full Blog Post  Link in my bio. 💜🙏🏼 . . . . ✨ 🧡🙏🏼 #michelemeiche #mystic #muse #yogini #soulinsights #happiness #highvibes #thesoul #awakenings #spirituality #soulplayground
Out with the old, in with the new! It’s time to level up! Unconditional love is the new  way. #imready #newparadigm #bloodmooneclipse #outwiththeoldinwiththenew #selflove #loveforothers #weareone #oneness #alldivine #befreerooted
🌚Eclipse musings and our Sunday Night Service courtesy of @gabywrites ・・・ did you play today? // no. 990 // when i wrote this poem in October, i was thinking of Mary Oliver, and how her poems were filled with wonder and a quiet, soft yet intense beauty. her poems often began or ended with questions, a reflection of that wonder that her life was drenched in. she has been in my mind a lot the past three days. what a life was hers. ・・・ #maryoliver #comadres #comadre #comadrewellness #communityheals #newparadigm #healingcentered #traumainformed #healing #healingprocess #healingpractice #mentalhealth #mentalwellness #emotionalwellness #latinx #latinxmentalhealth #latinxmentalhealthmatters #maternalmentalhealth #mothersofcolor #supportmothers #supportmoms #reflection #reflections #selfreflection #introspection #therapy #therapist #takinginventory #quiet #contemplation
Recorded a great podcast today with @christiandevietri ~~ Creator of the iconic Spanda installation as seen behind us at Elizabeth Quay ~~ Full podcast out in the next few days 🌏🔥 . . . . . #podcast #podcastmovement #perthpodcast #creativity #art #sculpture #awakening #transcendence #newparadigm #abundanceforall #attitudeofgratitude #establishingconnections #adriansnarypodcast
In May of 2017, we started a journey as the Nodes entered Leo and Aquarius.  We were Eclipsed in August 2017, February 2018, and July/August 2018.  What stories have been running throughout that time?  This Eclipse means to culminate and close those journeys – initiating us into a path of fate of a different flavor.  We get to integrate the gifts of Leo-Aquarius and funnel them towards Cancer-Capricorn.  The Moon, our memory-keeper, reveals a red-tinged interruption to the status quo.  These last three weeks have been attempting to change our course.To steer us more in line with fulfilling our potential and purpose.  They have had us looking back at the past to clean up our future.  Perhaps you have been energized by the potency of maturation and reaching towards your own definition of success.  Or perhaps you’ve been crushed under the weight of burdens; realizing the obstacles and habituations that perpetually trip you up on the path to mastery.  Rubbing up against the pressures, stresses, and latent fears that hold you back. All good information.  Habits may be familiar, but that doesn’t mean they are natural.  Many of our habits come from conditioning, which keeps us confined.  Do things differently.  Old paradigm and new paradigm have been grating against one another in a friction that produces a spark.  We change the world by being ourselves in pleasure, laughter, and play.  Be yourself; natural, spontaneous, and enjoying everything. 📝 @VirginiaRosenberg @risingwoman . . . . . . . #risingwoman #fullmoon #mooninleo #lunareclipse #eclipse #astrology #astrologer #moon #moonphases #sunsign #astral #cosmic #universe #inspiration #growth #mindset #truth #wisdom #healing #healer #1111 #loa #leo #lightworker #newparadigm #shifts #selfmastery
“Void Peak (Light Form)” series By moi 🧬➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️💎🔮🕳 #voidpeak #lightburst #superwolfbloodmoon  #newparadigm #higherdimensional_lightform #lightform #astralplane #astralprojection #christmaskitten
“That’s no Moon... It’s a Space Station.” J/K it’s the moon 🌚 ♌️ 🌝 #fullmoon #in #leo #welcome #to #the #newparadigm
IT'S FINALLY HERE! After months and months of diligent work behind the scenes, my website WWW.SEEKINGWITHSONIA.COM is now LIVE... and on this beautiful Eclipse Full Moon in Leo night!!! ❣️🦁🔥 Follow the link in my bio to read my MOON MUSING for this extremely potent eclipse! ⠀ ⠀ "Think of this Full Moon Eclipse in Leo as the end of one cycle and the start of another. The unlocking of a new door.⠀ ⠀ Change comes with resistance because we become comfortably complacent with the paradigm to which we are subscribed. Anything beyond that structure is too daunting. Too different. It questions our very existence and shatters our once-was world. Was it all for nothing? No. We are who we are because of our past, because of our ancestors, because of our history. However, living in and through the past keeps us constricted in a shell that is much too small to house us. Looking to the past with a magnifying glass allows us to extract the lessons we can carry with us into an embodied future. Embracing change takes the courage to trust in the unknown unfolding of life, that a new, larger shell will be there waiting for us to fill with our expanded, growing selves. ⠀ ⠀ This is a call to ROAR. To take up space. Share your gifts and speak your truth. To do the work even if it means shedding tears, shedding skins, and facing our deepest fears. Our wounds are the gateway to the truth within our bones. They tell the stories of how far we’ve come. Sometimes, we must allow them to bleed to remind us of our mortality, of our vulnerability."⠀ ⠀ Read the full post on the blog 🌟 #seekingwithsonia ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #fullmoon #fullmoonmagic #intentions #divinefeminine #goddessrising #moonmagic #selflove #manifestation #astrology #earthmedicine #priestesspath #spiritualjourney #gratitude #embodiment #innerwork #divineguidance #naturalbeauty #newparadigm #consciousness #livewithpurpose #abundancemindset #vibrationalhealing #trusttheuniverse #wildwoman
UPGRADES in 2019! This is my desk and lighting setup now, and what is was in 2018. . As most of you know, I do a lot of Facebook and Instagram lives, and have been doing more webinars and recorded videos. My lighting in 2018 was enough to make things work, but it required a lot of recharging, and the power of the light would burn out quickly. I wanted something that I could just plug into the wall, and would provide the unlimited lighting I needed, no matter what time of the day. . I love upgrading my life! And, my lighting was a simple but significant upgrade that I needed! Who knew something so simple, that I've been putting off, could make such a difference? It's like a symbol for allowing myself to receive unbridled illumination for the Lightwork I'm creating and putting out there! Or... maybe it's just about time I stepped up my lighting game. 🤣 . How are you upgrading your life in 2019? . Speaking of which, If you're ready to upgrade into your Starseed Power, join my free training in TWO DAYS, Tuesday, 1/22/19, at 1pm EST! It's called "Access Your Starseed Power", where you will learn how to: . 👽Catalyze your Starseed Power through the sacredness of our planet so you can discover your ancient wisdom 👽Recognize the programming that is keeping you from your Starseed Power 👽Tap into the vault of the sacredness of your Starseed Power . Claim your spot by clicking the link in my bio and joining us, it's free! But, you need to register, so I know you want to be there. 🌟🌎🌟. . And, Happy Super Wolf Blood Full Moon and Eclipse! 🌗🌑🌓
Just in case the tears haven’t started flowing already for this super moon, full moon lunar eclipse in Leo tonight.  Thank you @jadapinkettsmith for sharing this post from @blackownedus 🙌🏼 #bestillmyheart
Bali ~ Full moon Arriving empty, Hungering thy SACRED SOUL. Now, satiated one again~ within your HEALING EMBRACE. Realigned with thy TRUTH. Hearts~ Embedded in your MEDICINE. My heart~ so GRATEFUL. Your call, I hear~ Tis clear. My return, is near.  #healthehealer #heal #intuitivehealer #healingpower #wellnesswarrior #retreat #fasting #naturalmedicine #medicinewoman #shamanicpath #goddess #divinefemininerising #lightworker #loveandlight #travel #traveller #timetoshine #mytime #timeisnow #stepup #levellingup #instainspire #instapics  #soulswork #divinepurpose #shift #newparadigm #newearth #ubud #bali
❄🦅"I will let go and leave behind, my old identity, taking the chance and exposing the new...future version of me" ~Kaypacha Lescher🦅❄ ♡ ♡ 🌸Headress and outfit by @royalpeasantryboutique 📸Photo by @leo_vaan ♡ ♡ ♡ #slowfashion #ethicalfashion #ritualadornment #ritual #fashion #sustainablefashion #ecofashion #ootd #jewelry#burnerfashion #burningman #fae #hippystyle #beautiful #fairy #model #modelsofinstagram #modelsofig #witch #witchy #witchesofinstagram #witchesofig #newparadigm #flowers #magick #influencer #5dearth #alternative #altgirl #headdress
And... The Remembering is now officially released!!! 🌕. It is available through TheRemembering.net 🙏✨❤️✨ of the many thank you’s that I’d love to express to the many beings (human and other wise) that have blessed this film with their contributions... my special thank you right now goes to the Kontomble. They are the ones who brought this vision through originally. ❤️ They began letting me know over a year ago that they wanted a film, a documentary that was very artistically expressed, that had a dreamy feel to it. ❤️ They wanted the ‘little people’ of the earth to be honored in it. The message was very clear. The message started coming to me through other people. They’d say, “somebody should make a film about your work with the Kontomble.” I told the Kontomble I received the message loud and clear and to please bring that person forward, to make it clear who that was. It became quickly evident when I met @emmywumedia that she was the one! 🙏. And honestly, I had no idea that it could even be as beautiful as Emmy has expressed it artistically. ✨It is pure beauty. And it’s about all of what I mentioned and so much more too. ❤️. May this film continue touching people’s hearts. 🙏. May it make it a little bit easier for those of us who work with Spirit to know that it’s nothing to hide. May this film help support this turning of the tides that this era seems to be about. With love, Liv Mokai Wheeler oh! 😊. In watching the trailer, swipe rt 👉 to watch the whole thing. 🌸. #therememberingfilm #spirit #littlepeople #kontomble #elves #huldufolk #newparadigm #guidedbyspirit #starseeds #earthmedicine #ritual #ceremony #dukha #goddessrising #riseofthefeminine #sacredreindeerweloveyou
Stop addressing the symptoms, my love. Start addressing the root cause.  The guilt, shame, blame game isn't helping anyone. Continuously looking for someone or something to point the finger at, for what you perceive as "wrong" with your world.  It's not about "right" or "wrong." It's about balance, and finding it.  Physical balance. Emotional balance. Neurological balance. Microbial balance. Environmental balance. Social balance. Political balance.  There are countless ways in which our world is in a state of imbalance. Blaming some external "other" for those imbalances does nothing but detract from any hope of positive growth. Look within. Find that root release point, that balance point. Find the center point. Find the gratitude and the mindfulness.  Find your place of balance, Beloved. All else blossoms from there.  I love you. -e  80mm F/1.8 ISO 100 1/5000s . . . .  #breathebeloved  #newparadigm  #makepositivitylouder  #thecreatorclass  #shotoncanon  #adobelightroom  #canonfeed #canonglobal  #america_top_photography  #moody_tones #moodmagic #incredible_shot  #artistry_vision #thelifewecapture #the_mirror_of_our_souls #fotocatchers #allthingsofbeauty #777luckyfish #portraitgames #portraits_gallery #ports_vision #portrait_shooterz #portraitmobs #portraitssquad #portraits_today #globe_portraits #wmportraits #earth_portraits #stunning_portraits_ph #justaportrait
Sunsets * Dreams * Paradigm Shifts.  As we finish another Fascial #cranium  Seminar...I #feel patience, kindness and clarity.  Especially in knowing everything is as it needs to be for #evolution to take its course. I’ll be going home soon, with #fresh perspective and deeper knowing. 🙏🏝💀❤️ #visionaryart #iguanas #newparadigm #queenbee🐝 #whatyouseekisseekingyou #animalspirit #conciousness #myofascialrelease
Your awareness is your most powerful healing tool. But how self-aware are most of us? We're not taught this by our parents or by our education system, we have so many distractions to choose from that we barely even have to pay any attention to what is going on inside of ourselves. 🌌 When we lose that connection we don't understand how our minds affect our body. We can't see that the intense argument with our spouse and feeling of powerlessness about it turned into a migraine the following day, that the feeling of anger at our co-worker created stomach pains that evening when we get home. That the intense feelings of resistance to our daily lives create chronic low or high blood sugar levels. Or even that a long standing or unbearable feeling of worry for a child can grow a lump in our breast. 🌌 We've lost our self awareness and then we treat the body as the enemy because we've been taught to fear it so much.
••Why I shifted away from coaching and other rambling thoughts•• part 1  On my limited time here on this little planet I have observed 3 similar human fundamental needs  that we all seem to crave at our core.  To know we are safe.  To know we are loved.  To know we matter.  The needs become the background to our existence, as if we are always unconsciously looking for the answer.... Am I safe?  Am I loved? Do I matter? ♥️ These questions on a primal level, are a direct link to our survival and biology.  We in the past had to have external validation that we were not going to be cast out of the tribe, starve to death, get eaten by a large creature, so on and so forth. 🐅  As we evolve as a species these very same questions can shift directions and instead point to how we feel in our own inner world, how we feel about ourselves and how we perceive the world around us. (Especially for those of us privileged enough to live outside of basic survival needs, the same fight or flight, cave man like brain wiring adapts to our modern life and becomes parilzing even if externally we seem like “we got it good.”) The paradox of all this is, as these core needs seem to be the unifying through line of our collective human experience,  HOW we get these needs truly met is a completely unique and beautiful snowflake like soul journey. 🌀❄️ I walked away from much more “traditional” coaching job after getting certified as a relationship coach under two different highly known mentors because I saw so many holes in this idea that there is one way for everyone to find love, a promise of a one size fits all motto.💘 The idea that a particular method could bring about the same results for anyone willing felt sooooo off and kinda disrespectful to the individual (I actually see the one size fits all motto as dangerous for all aspects of self growth and education but that’s a whole other babbling post )  How we get to our personal souls fulfillment- how we
IT'S SHOWTIME! This is a message Spirit keeps speaking to me this week. The time is NOW for many of us. It's go time, the chains are broken and old programming is literally being ripped away. It's time to do work freely bc we are fully supported by the Divine. We can authentically be who we truly, innately are and live out the mission within. We chose this, and now it's here. What a wonderful time!!! If you are in resistance you won't go far. Heed the flow, and see miracles. Loving  it! Trust. Abide. Love. Create. Serve. The foundation is being set, so GROUND IN. 💗☯️🌞 . . . #loveisallthatis #groundin #foundation #freedom #newparadigm #awakenspanda #lawofvibration #wholeness #divinelove #rosetemplete #sweetrelief #pillarsoflight #twinflames #leadersoflight #creation #union
WELCOMING HOME EVERYONE SEEKING DIVINE-SELF UNION + AUTHENTIC HEALING PRACTICES  Elizabeth Capo (Labyrinth Butterfly’s founder + leader) is a Spiritual Intuitive, Healing Arts Guide, Certified Aromatherpist, Custom Prayer Bead Designer, Mantra Affirmation Coach, Essential Oil Medicine Maker, Meditation Labyrinth Facilitator, Tarot + Oracle Card Reader, Divine Feminine Channel, Writer, Poet + Songstress. ✨🦋✨ LABYRINTH BUTTERFLY’S MISSION  We are dedicated to supporting the rise of divine self-union – our feminine + masculine aspects – through wisdom practices passed down from medicine womyn, sages, mystics, gurus + saints. Honoring the true meaning of yoga (union) through focused practices that lead to our sacred centers, connecting to our authentic witness. We provide insight + tools to assist seekers in cultivating a lasting sense of self-sustainable spirituality. Together we practice self-love, honesty + connecting to the divine within our hearts 🔥❤️🔥 . . . Getting #onmission never felt SO GOOD! Massive housekeeping to my website (link bio) Unbelievable waves of clarity + insights born in the stream of sacred moon blood aligned with such a powerful eclipse moon. Grateful to all the goddesses I am meeting + the circles that are forming. thank you Mother for these gorgeous mirrors of strength + rising #divinefeminineenergy  in my life. COME VISIT ME SISTERS + BROTHERS ... We have gifts to share! @labyrinth_butterfly  #labyrinthbutterfly  #butterflysoul . . . .
There’s a lot of talk around what this total lunar eclipse is all about.  The truth is all eclipses are wild cards. We honestly never know what we can expect. But one thing is for certain, these expressions of energy teaches us how to embrace the uncertainty of life with grace.  A lunar eclipse is caused when the Moon passes through the Earth’s shadow. When we have an eclipse with the Full Moon the Moon will darken and appear to go through a whole series of phases in the course of a few hours.  This is a total lunar eclipse because the Moon is within 0 to 3 degrees of the Nodes of the moon, a point in space where the orbit of the Moon touches the ecliptic (the path of the Earths orbit around the sun). When we have an eclipse we must prepare of ourselves for the path ahead.  This aspect is not going to dissolve all of your problems for you. This eclipse is not going to magically end your suffering. It’s not going to give you anything. You have to give yourself the endings and the new beginnings.  If you have been ignoring certain areas inside of you (the darkness) this energy will bring it to light. If you have issues around releasing control, your inability to bend will be tested. For anyone who places their personal power outside of themselves, you’re going to learn about inner emotional security. Those who are conscious of their emotions, you will learn how to navigate through them, not control them.  The dissolution of control is locked within the shadow of limits.  This eclipse takes place in the Midheaven of the collective and it’s paired up with the essence of the Capricorn energy. Perhaps we can all look forward to a new way of communicating, a new way to “do business”...a new way to contribute.  Give without the need to get. Trusting we will receive what we need regardless. A new understanding that resources aren’t scarce. Doing because we want to be a part of something bigger then ourselves. Working smarter not harder. "Every day I get to
🌟AS EARLY AS I CAN REMEMBER, IN THIS LIFE🌟 I always stared into the night sky at Orion's Belt and the Pleiades. I wasn't *consciously* aware of my cosmic roots then. 💫 As a child, I loved astrology, anatomy, making music, palm reading, cooking, painting, acting, and performing acrobatics. When I learned how to spell "dimension" in 1st grade I wrote it on everything 😂... and then forgot about dimensions until I was 22. ⚡️ One of my favorite childhood memories: I constructed outfits for a mannequin all day and all night for a few months straight. I used materials from EVERYWHERE (Plastic bags, fabric scraps, organic matter etc.) Time and space always seemed to slip away and the creations were endless. 🌟 I come from the stars and I am a channeled idea of a being. Sometimes I feel one with it all and I play and love like a child. Sometimes I forget who I am and where I come from so I'll miss my other planetary families and the creator from which I came. I love the contrast and don't take any of this personally. I let what wants to come through as me, come through. I do this consciously for me and for you. 🌟 I thought I'd share my favorite constellation on my body with you. I used to feel embarrassed about my skin tags, now they are a reminder of who I am and where I come from. 🌟 YOU ARE FUCKING WORTHY, no matter where you think you came from or who think you are. Keep being a baller. You are always exactly what you are meant to be. YOUR DREAMS ARE VALID AND ACHIEVABLE. IF THEY WEREN'T, YOU WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO CONCEIVE THEM. 🌟 Thank you mom and dad. Thank you universe. Thank you all. Thank you me. #consciousness #planetaryfamily #weareone #collectiveconsciousness #newparadigm #madeoflight #consciouscreator #dreambig
Rejtett történetek finisszázs tárlatvezetés a Műcsarnokban dr. László Ervinnel és dr. Sági Máriával. 👌🏼#rejtetttörténetek #budapestclub #vaszary #csontvary #csontváry #kövesházikalmárelza #rudolfsteiner #anniebesant #teozófia #theosophy #antropozófia #antroposofia #antroposophy #mucsarnok #finissage #ervinlaszlo #lászlóervin #ujparadigma #newparadigm
BLOODY WOLF MOON MAJESTIES . She rises with fire, as strong as volcanic eruptions, in rebellion against ancient suppressive structures and outdated systems that just keep people trapped and enslaved. . She is a liberator, a light warrior, a magic mother. . She is all paradoxes gathered in one balance point.  She's in All Things. . She is in all life - and she has come to love the Divine Masculine so intensely, so passionately and fiery that he melts - into her embrace and into her being. . They collapse into each other and in a lovemaking roar the New World arises, where everything grows abundantly. . Everything here is naked, vulnerable, full of strength and power, all are pure vibrations in which all frequencies are embraced as divine expressions of life. . Here we are all kings and queens.  Leaders of the heart, Masters of bodily temples and  vessels of the soul. This place holds the meaning and purpose of all of us - we are valuable resources, and every day we spark new opportunities for a stronger world. . We return to nature's rhythms, we dance with silver moon rays and howl with wolves. We whisper strange enchantments to the river and bathe with the nymphs in forest lakes. We play with life again. . This is the year when the planet gets new life.  We celebrate this life and give birth to light through our own beings. . We are pure.  Newborn.  Children of the divine. . We are floating in the midst of myriads of miracles now - the Goddess is back. The divine feminine has once again risen to full force and a deep pulse flows through your body if you hear her calling… . and by her side walks her King. The union of All Things is given back. This is a new playground. On an ancient battlefield.  Let the games begin, baby! . #yourownpath  #individuality  #sacredfeminine  #sacredmasculine  #sacredunion  #manifestation #fullmoon  #newparadigm  #mystics  #mysticmillionaires  #createyourself  #freedompreneurs  #healingvibrations  #makingadifference  #originalityrocks
Integration of past and future self // tonight’s lunar eclipse and full super Wolf moon in Leo ♌️ has me inspired to share this outtake with Sara from summer ‘18 🌕🌗🌑🌓🌕 . . . . . #abstract #photoart #nature #portraiture #portrait #fullmoon #eclipse #supermoon #outtake #artistportrait #lianacarbone #mystical #higherself #newparadigm #wolfmoon #abstractions
Beautiful things are coming to the planet humanity. Beautiful things are here. But until you begin to be more compassionate nothings going to change. . -Kryon . Aho . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #theguardians #newearth #thegoldenage #thegreatyear #peaceomearth #metaphysical #lightlangauge #arttherapy #thelanguageoflight #loveconsciousness #newearth #rayoflove #kryon #ekyron #newparadigm #wereunified #weareone #inspireligjt #inspirequote #inspirewisdom #channel #healer #healing #motivationalquote #spiritualquote #inspirechange #inspireawakening #inspiredaily  #inspirelove #inspire #inspirational
🌑 LEO LUNAR ECLIPSE 🌑 A Leo Super Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse arrives on Sunday at 9:11pm Pacific Time, bringing powerful feelings of culmination, release, and rebirth. Life could feel particularly edgy as we wrap up an acute period of accelerated change and karmic ripening. We might create gentle space for ourselves now to integrate and process before leaping ahead. . A Supermoon is a Full Moon that falls particularly close to earth, while a Lunar Eclipse is an intensified Full Moon. Energies are high, and we could find ourselves at a breaking point. Uranus in Aries is squaring the Leo Lunar Eclipse, so unexpected events could occur that feel especially dramatic, changing the courses of our lives. It’s important now to call on our patience, returning to stillness before making radical decisions. We can also trust that whatever happens is in alignment with our soul’s evolution. . While we may feel overwhelmed by intensity or uncertainty now, the key is to reconnect with our deepest needs, feelings, and desires. What people, places, and activities most expand our hearts? We have an opportunity now to reprioritize and bring in more joy… 🦁🌑✨Read more in my article. Link in bio. . Image: Carsten Egevang
The first time wolf visited me in dream space, he taught me about how to pull myself back into my instinctual body when I was standing on the shores of a frozen lake too scared to make a move. . He sat down on the other side of the ice, watching me. His gaze speaking to the marrow of my soul. . Instinct is where aliveness lives, it’s the intuition of the animal body to do and move and breath with nature. Fear and shame are disconnection from nature. The heart closed to its sensing body and the mind locked in it’s separation from itself. . So. Leap. Move. The wolf told me this... You are going to die anyway. You can die afraid. Or, you can die free. (Working on that one) . Instinct comes from the deepest connection to one’s true nature and to nature; life itself. Moving in the rhythms of time and space, running in pace with the heart beat of the earth, trusting every arising and disappearing, training to read fear as discriminating awareness that something is off in the field (inner or outer), and, above all, finding our way back into the instinct to love. . Real love in all its forms....it’s an instinct birthed inside each and every one of us through leaning into the innately raw place inside of ourselves that makes us wild and human at the same time. . Love is not pain. . Love is letting go of the past...all the way...until memories are remembrances of how much you loved and not repeating films casting your roles into the future, where you need to be paying attention and honoring your instinct. . We are living in a world designed in the absence of any real instinct towards collective love, reverence of the earth or what came before, for diversity and elder wisdom. . If our instinct was intact, we would not be raging in such a divide, the earth would not be dying, animals wouldn’t be thrown away in garbage dumps, people wouldn’t be endlessly swiped through in a constant seeking, children wouldn’t be abused, women would feel safe, all humans would be
Happy Full 🐺 Moon 🌕 Radiant Love Beings... • May “The Fable in Thermodynamics” below inspire your life ritual on this hella potent point in the space and time of the cosmos... 💫 “The first law of thermodynamics states this: ‘energy can neither be created or destroyed.’ Which is that everything around us is recycled energy: you, me, your dog, those we love and those we avoid.  Which is to say that the energy that makes us is as ancient as the beginning of time itself.  Which is to stay that our bones could have been fragments together from the ashes of the library of Alexandria.  Which is to say our sinews and spines were crafted from the end of a hundred-year-old oak tree and our smiles a comet.  Which is to say our hearts could be Achilles’ spirit when he battled at Troy, bringing his enemies down with it.  Which is to say, when we feel like life is overwhelming, we must remember that we’re just sparks of energy borrowing skin.  That no matter how much this pain feels everlasting, this is just the temporary fabric we are in.” — Nikita Gill  #forthewildwithin
Sion, this was great! So many of you, sharing Vastness and vibrating Hyperconsciousness. Very grateful to @charlottehugart and @yannickbarman for the shamanic sounds and music. @orlandoparadigm @fermeasile @hessoeducation #collegecreusets #newopera #convergence #deeplistening #newparadigm #collectiveevolution
Sion, this was great! So many of you, sharing Vastness and vibrating Hyperconsciousness. Very grateful to @charlottehugart and @yannickbarman for the shamanic sounds and music. @orlandoparadigm @fermeasile @hessoeducation #collegecreusets #newopera #convergence #deeplistening #newparadigm #collectiveevolution
Sion, this was great! So many of you, sharing Vastness and vibrating Hyperconsciousness. Very grateful to @charlottehugart and @yannickbarman for the shamanic sounds and music. @orlandoparadigm @fermeasile @hessoeducation #collegecreusets #newopera #convergence #deeplistening #newparadigm #collectiveevolution
Sion, this was great! So many of you, sharing Vastness and vibrating Hyperconsciousness. Very grateful to @charlottehugart and @yannickbarman for the shamanic sounds and music. @orlandoparadigm @fermeasile @hessoeducation #collegecreusets #newopera #convergence #deeplistening #newparadigm #collectiveevolution
We are entering a new paradigm. Welcome to the new world.  Asé.
LOVE LIFE ♡ I woke up today with an overwhelming LOVE, passion, and inspiration for LIFE, this life. The words I find to express my gratitude fall short of the true essence of what I'm even trying to convey. But that's ok. No words needed, the feeling I feel carries further in resonance anyway. Wow! There is a shift occurring on this planet and in our individual lives right now that is gonna blow your doors off! Get ready! Position yourself, and aim with precision. It's a whole new kind of LOVE. Hearts are opening, clearing, let your vibration RISE. Shit is changing, on a whole other level. Open up to new insights, new perceptions, listen to your heart, leave the rest. What's been hidden is coming to Light. It's here Now. Old ways weren't working, we knew this. But now we know. All the love blessings and miracles my friends! 💗🙏🎶🌞🌍🎶 . . . #loverevolution #newparadigm #newearth #soundhealing #soundheals #musicmedicine #frequencyminded #awakenspanda #lawofvibration #expansion #expandedconsciousness #zest #lightworkers #healers #creation #passion #clearing #heartopening #heartchakra #followyourheart #divinelove #source #balance #yinyang #creation #union #wholeness #pillarsoflight #oneness
A lot has changed in the world since 1958 when the transparent plates (as cool as they are) in this book (Trans-visions of Anatomical Chromoghraphs) were published. In the study of anatomy we have overlooked and reduced so much that the overall picture has been distorted. Our connective tissue has been removed to show what is below and inside. How much is lost to us when we strip the connections away? Is it appropriate to view the body as a mechanical structure made of levers, pumps, switchboards, filters and valves? The heart is a pump yes but should it be simplified to just that? How many layers and dimensions does it function in? Last time I checked this mechanistic approach to life is killing everything worth living for. Fascia is so  important and connects us to ourselves and to the external world. It is our largest sensing organ and senses down to the most subtle vibration. It is our sixth sense. Any anatomical model that strips fascia from the body is inaccurate as it is removing our biotensegrity, our specifically tensioned and gliding seam system that senses  and responds to the the radial forces of gravity among everything else. Our fascia holds us together (among countless other beautiful details, functions and nuances) without it we would literally collapse. Learning about fascia has taught me so much about the connections in everything and about how much we miss in this society when we just looks at blunt mechanistic "facts". #biotensegrity #yogaanatomy #fascia #newparadigm #descarteslied #sixthsense #anatomy