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“She loves hard because she knows how it feels to be loved so little.” #like4like #feellove #feelhappy #feelgood #beyou #begoodtopeople #begoodtoyourself #neversaynever #sendmeonmyway 馃幎
Just want to raise some awareness here and give a shout out to any fellow individuals who suffer from mental health conditions like myself. Whether it's ADHD, Dyslexia, PTSD.. you name it.. Mental health is just as important as Physical health. I've lived with it all my life, and I've gone through many highs & lows, from making friends to losing friends etc. Not a lot of people are aware of how hard it can be to suffer from a mental health condition, which I feel needs to change. Anyway, I digress.. for those of you who are struggling to cope or are feeling things are never going to improve in your life, erase that negative thought right now & challenge it with a positive one. No-one is perfect, so please don't think anyone is better or more superior than you. We all have flaws, so don't think any less of yourself. Even now I still experience episodes of anxiety, paranoia & depression from time to time, but that doesn't make me weak or worthless. In a way I feel it makes me stronger, by overcoming my inner demons proves to me there is hope, that I can do this & I can make my life a great one if I choose to do so. The same applies to you and every other person out there with mental health problems. I used to struggle with motivating myself to go to the gym or partake in any form of exercise. I was always told it would help me mentally as well as physically, but I never listened. I realise now how wrong I was, going to the gym and exercising regularly has really improved my mental health. I feel good about myself after a hard workout, because not only am I improving my body, I'm also improving my mental state. I lost my fitness completely due to poor mentality caused by many negative life experiences, but I eventually pulled through. I'm finally getting my fitness back and I'm feeling more positive than I've ever felt before. This is just one of many ways of improving ourselves. You're not alone, so I hope this enlightens some of you at least!  #raiseawareness
Be Fearless . —>馃摳 Photo Credit: @alexgardiner242 . . . Teach your daughters to worry less about fitting into glass slippers and more about shattering glass ceilings! -unknown- . . . #befearless #neversaynever #opportunityknocks #takerisks #dontstopatgo
Hello dears followers I'm sorry for not posting often is that I've been busy馃槗
You really can’t go wrong with toast. I think it’s the best thing in the world. It’s definitely up there with the wheel and Velcro. 鈦 鈦 Toast is great for many reasons but especially when you’re in a hurry, when you’re low on ideas, or are traveling. This past weekend in Tempe Kris and I used the ideas in my e-cookbook #healthontoast to come up with a lot of healthy and easy to make combinations. 鈦 鈦 We stopped at a grocery store and picked up gluten free bread, veggies, and a mix of proteins (organic eggs, grass fed steak, and wild boar). Simple ingredients are all you need to make something taste good. 鈦 鈦 For example, I took your basic egg, spinach, and avocado toast, and sprinkled pink salt, pepper, and toasted coconut flakes on top. Small additions such as coconut flakes give a basic recipe a new and refreshing spin. 鈦 鈦 Try some of recipes for yourself and let me know what you come up with. Link to purchase #healthontoast is in my bio. ♥锔忦煃 www.healthontoast.com 鈦 鈦 #toasttuesday #toast #toastie #healthytoast #healthyrecipes #fitspo #cookingwithsunshine #wholefood #organic #lunchspo #brunchinspo 鈦 鈦
What an amazing day to be on the road and stop by the neighborhood again... Beautiful view in lake Rotorua while I stop for an hour and design few weight loss programs on the App... Look for the P logo that is available on Android and IPhone.  #coachta #rotorua #beautiful #coachtaworldwide #newzealand #nodaysoff #neversaynever
Recentemente li esse livro e uma frase me cativou. "Nunca deixe ninguém acabar com seu sonho" Eu recomendo 馃槏馃槃 #brittanyccherry #frasesinspiradoras #oarqueelerespira #neversaynever #recomendomuito
Its done all you can is start where you are and do better and change thing from there  #dontgiveup  #youcandoit  #changeshavetostartsomewhere #neversaynever #anythingispossible #justbelieve  #havefaith #havehope #havetrust #itsalluptoyou
Lately I’ve felt stuck in my routine and wondered what it was I was doing or not doing and to be honest I’m just BORED. . . I’m bored of my workout plan (because it’s the second time doing this program) not that it isn’t amazing and I don’t like it but because it’s not giving me what I need right now. I only have one more week and then I start a brand new program so that’s what’s getting me through and keeping me excited and motivated! . . But it got me thinking and Pinteresting what stuck is or how to get out of it I came across 7 “steps”  1. Stop what you’re are doing! 2. Re- evaluate your goals! 3. Make a plan for yourself! 4. Give yourself time to fail! 5. Make changes to your routine! 6. Find ambitious supportive people! 7. Keep going! . . Love this so much! I know sometimes it feels so impossible to fix what you are going through to fix becoming unstuck and unmotivated but honestly you just have to DO IT! You want something fixed or done you have to take action and do it your fricken self no one is going to do it for you!