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Still cheaper than a fursuit lmao (legit tho these bitches expensive like hell nah am I wasting $5000 on a costume- oh look I did) • Credit: noxatn • Tags: #marvel#avengers#ironman#captainamerica#thor#spiderman#hulk#deapool#drstrange#loki#buckybarnes#spideypool#infinitywar#ironstrange#stony#blackwidow#natasharomanoff#hawkeye#clintbarton#superfamily#tomholland#robertdownyjr#tomhiddleston#chrishemsworth#chrispratt#gaurdiansofthegalaxy#lokilaufeyson#antman#marveledit#mcu
Romanogers 👀💕 Vocês shippam?? Eu prefiro eles como amigos, mas dariam um bom casal 😊💖 Vocês acham que a Nat pode ficar com alguém em Avengers 4? Quem? 💜 . . . #romanogers #natasharomanoff #steverogers #blackwidow #capitanamerica #viuvanegra #capitaoamerica #chrisevans #scarlettjohansson #marvel #avengers4 #vingadores4
hopefully we get some avengers 4 news soon! i can’t wait for marvel to release the film’s teaser poster and trailer!! • qotd — what’s your favorite song? • aotd — i don’t have a favorite song, but i like most of ariana grande, ed sheeran, and taylor swift’s music • • #marvel #marvelcomics #marvelentertainment #marvelstudios #marvelcinematicuniverse #captainamericathewintersoldier #captainamerica #wintersoldier #blackwidow #natasharomanoff #scarlettjohansson
Don't get me wrong, Infinity War is a great movie, and the best time and fun I've had in a theater EVER, but The Winter Soldier is a better film all around, in my opinion. #swmarvelhub
Hahaha, he can not stop laughing.
[READ CAPTION IF I GO TO SCHOOL W/ YOU] Hey,,, this is in no way shade or “tea” the reason I’m writing this in a caption is so I don’t have to text this several times lmao.  But to get straight to the point, don’t tell other people the username to this account. If you follow this account and I know you in real life. It’s because I trust you. Don’t break that trust by sharing my account w/ others. And yes, I have told all of y’all that before. • • • • • • • • • • #steverogers #captainamerica #chrisevans #buckybarnes #jamesbuchananbarnes #thewintersoldier #sebastianstan #marvel #mcu #avengers #infinitywar #rdj #ironman #tonystark #thor #thorodinson #chrishemsworth #loki #tomhiddleston #blackwindow #natasharomanoff #clintbarton #hawkeye #avengers4 #tomholland #spiderman #peterparker
natasha & wanda ୨୧  ac drizzyaudios cc me / vs for tagged ♡
ㅤ the strongest. my entry for #luaween ㅤ #omgpage #edifygrp #overwatchgrp link: https://mega.nz/#!jO50TQaR!YeCKORE1wGJrh-lZAeiVl4KoTp9adt0In_2mhj8i7Ns
Secreto - Steve y Natasha habían decidido ocultar ante todos su relación e intentaban con todas sus fuerzas que sus amigos y compañeros de equipo no se enterarán. Natasha no quería hacerle daño a James y Steve tampoco quería herir a Sharon, esperaban el momento adecuado para decírselo y anunciarlo al resto de los vengadores  Nick Fury llamo a todos para una nueva misión, consistía en infiltrarse para encontrar la ubicación de una base de Hydra y destruirla - Agente Romanoff tu ya sabes que hacer, estarás adentro. Al escuchar esto Steve se enfureció (entendiendo lo que significaba, Natasha tendría que seducir a ese hombre) - No! Es peligroso, no lo voy a permitir. Natasha intento controlar la situación - Puedo hacerlo, no hay problema. - wow wow qué pasa aquí? Parece que el capi está celoso, dijo Tony - Natasha le dió un golpe a Tony. - Stark te callas o la próxima vez te mataré en serio - Tranquila arañita, lo que hagan tu y el cap es su problema, pero por favor no sean tan evidentes - Cállate Tony, dijo Steve - no voy a poner a Natasha ni a ningún miembro del equipo en peligro. - ay capi, tienes suerte de que el soldadito (James) no esté aquí para ver esto, dijo Tony - Ya basta todos, haremos esto como está planeado, dijo Natasha - está bien, pero si algo sucede entraremos por ti, - dijo Steve resignado. Natasha nunca le haría caso. Al salir todos, Natasha se acercó a Steve y le dijo - Steve tienes que controlarte, yo sé que no te gustan este tipo de misiones pero Tony ya se dió cuenta - Lo sé Nat pero es que me enfurese que Nick te mandé a la boca del lobo y no me gusta para nada que tengas que seducir a otro hombre - Es solo trabajo - pero si algo sale mal, serás la primera a la que descubran y te hagan daño. - no pasará soy perfectamente capaz de defenderme y salir de esa situación - Lo sé, pero promete que si necesitas apoyo no dudaras en decirme - Lo prometo, pero que haremos con Tony? ahora no nos quitará los ojos de
After a rough undercover mission wherein Natasha had to be dressed as a bunny (don't ask), the assassin pair took a well-deserved detour to get in touch with their lost childhoods at a park.  White Wolf: @rio_starslinger1991 . . . . . #cosplay #cosplayshipping #marvel #marvelcosplay #buckycap #buckybarnes #buckybarnescosplay #whitewolf #infinitywar #natasharomanoff #blackwidow #blackwidowcosplay #buckynat #buckynatcosplay #winterwidow #cosplayersofinstagram
rock a lace  _______ for olivia, sarah, carter and tara  ac: aethopia sc: @monetizd  cc @monetizd  _______ #spideywebgrp #thenineninegrp #vestigesct #mcuwomengrp #blackwidow #blackwidowedit
-liz✨ “Oh no...did you piss off Y/N?” Clint looked closely at the fast growing bruise on Tony’s eye, giving him a sympathetic look. Tony grunted, grabbing an ice pack from the freezer. “No….yes. How do you know?” Clint laughed. “I’ve been on the receiving line of her magical punches before and, let me tell you. They aren’t fun, and that ice won’t help you at all.” Tony groaned, plopping into a nearby chair. He rubbed his temples with two fingers, gently poking at the bruise with a spare hand. You stomped into the kitchen angrily, grabbing a water and leaving as quickly as you came. Clint watched you go, turning back to Tony once you left. “Yeah. I feel bad for you.” Tony sunk deep into his chair. “I’m way too sober for this.” You headed straight for the training room, where you knew Natasha would be. “Nat?” You called out for her, searching past the weights and punching bags. Natasha came to you with a towel draped around her neck, sweat dripping down her face and soaking her fiery red hair. She took one look at you, giving you a theatrical sigh and sitting down on a bench. “What’d Tony do this time?” You walked over to the closest punching bag, slipping your gloves on with practiced ease. “He criticized my dating life. Again.” You jabbed the bag angrily, watching with satisfaction as it reeled back, swinging back and forth on its metal hook. “Why does it matter to him who I date? He’s not the one going out with them, I am.” You punched quicker, moving with quick, rhythmic, patterns.”You ever think he likes you? That’d explain why he’s always telling you the guys you date aren’t good enough. But honestly, I agree. You could do better. So why not try with Tony?” You scoffed. “Are we talking about the same person here? Tony most definitely does not have a crush on me.” “Who doesn’t have a crush on you?” Tony walked in, holding a donut and coffee. “Come to criticize who I’m dating again?”