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#repost @maryamhasnaa with @get_repost ・・・ “Think about how many times you have allowed an interaction, conversation, situation, circumstance or relationship to drain your energy. Think about how you felt after that interaction. Time you realize that you have a choice in how you spend your energy...” . . . Would you like to join our support group for mothers who have (had) toxic parents? https://www.facebook.com/groups/momsmovingforward/
You are a limited edition! ✨
Try to see the positive in every situation ✨
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?  Does it really or is it just a sentence we use commonly? A sentence that we use to hide the pain and struggles we are going through because it seems like that. I mean, does it always have to include being ‘killed’ or talk about ‘suicide’ to show everyone that we are struggling and still coping with everything just to show?  I have seen numerous people lose their lives in my decade of being conscious. Why did they lose? Or did they lose? Or did we lose as a society? Or did all of us humanity lose after seeing a human being kill themselves?  We lost people. People really close to our hearts. And what do we hear? “They were a really great person. They didn’t deserve to die like that.” Or even sensitive comments like “Suicide is haraam. They are gonna end up in Jahanum.” Really? That’s what you have to say? Wasn’t your behavior ‘jahanum’ enough for them to think about killing themselves in the first place? Wasn’t your intolerable words and inhuman comments ‘hell’ enough for them?  No, I am definitely not justifying that suicide is the answer to ending problems. It never was and it never will be. But, for once can’t we see how toxic our behavior and words are for a person to drive them to the point where all they can think of exiting this miserable hole called ‘Life’ is to hang themselves?  Have we ever looked at ourselves before judging other people? Who are we to judge someone? Someone had a bad past. Someone did some things in their past which they regret doing. Do we really have to shove all of that up their ass whenever they decide to change? Can’t we all just help them change themselves?  Instead of causing more problems for them, can’t we just help them change into a better person?  Everything is normal before we lose a soul. And when we do, we all feel bad? Is that it? Is that enough? Instead of grieving for someone, why can’t we just BE there for them when they are on the
Can't sleep, so I made a YouTube video talking about what's been on my mind.  Today is the 9th anniversary of my father's death.  Link to my YouTube channel in my bio.  @pokingholes_cptsdwarrior . . . #triggers #triggered #memories #emotionalflashbacks  #cptsd #complexptsd #complextrauma #developmentaltrauma #childhoodtrauma #trauma #childhoodptsd #cptsdrecovery #survivor #warrior #narcissisticabuse #narcissisticmother #donm #acon #tellingmystory #sharingmystory #blogger #youtuber #mentalhealthadvocate @pokingholes_cptsdwarrior
Keep rising. Keep flourishing. Keep telling your truth. Keep growing. Keep healing. Keep trusting the process. Keep trusting yourself. Keep protecting your heart. 💫
The narcissist, manipulators sweet talkers and bullies. Oh, so nasty! . But secretly they are scared of you! . To put you down, shut you off, turn your opinion to dust. To keep you under their power and control. . Sometimes they do it in such a way, it’s so subtle you miss it. . You get caught so deeply and it makes it so hard to see it. . You trust them, you might even love them. . A man, woman, lover, friend, boss, work colleague or someone you look up to. There’s no one fit to these people. . But ……. they all manipulate your worth! . The abuse continues and grows more and more. But that fire in your belly for your own worth, grows even stronger. . When the pieces of the puzzle start falling into place and the truth starts to expose itself. . That’s when …. . You step back and be the witness. Rather than be caught right in it. . You feel confused ….. Am I sure, I am right about it? Are they really like this? . Deep down you know it’s right. But it’s a weird kind of feeling. Someone you trust so deeply; can they do this to you? But you know! . Action must be taken to set yourself free. So much sweet talking, you see they truly don't care about you. You see it now! . They don't want you to shine, as it shines their weaknesses even brighter. They are so scared of you uncovering their truth. They are so scared of you! . You are their saviour as much as they are yours. The hurt, abuse, emotional turmoil …. are there to teach you. . And your actions are there to teach them. . That fire in your belly rages so strong now. . The truth is in front of you! . Enough is enough! . Set boundaries! Say No! Walk out! Move out! No more! Never again! Speak your truth! . Enough is enough! . Don’t be scared! I’ve got you! I see you! I’ve been you! . Step forward! Embrace! You’re worth it! You’re so worth it! I believe in you!  #selflove #selfworth #narcissist #narcissisticabuse #narcissism #narcissists #believeinyourself #speakyourtruth #boundaries
Mental illness is real..a person needs care and understanding #psynsd #psychologyfacts #clinicalpsychology #narcissisticabuse #narcissticsurvivor #narcissisticpersonalitydisorder #depressionhelp #depressionosreal
In the conditional societhy we have been living in for hundreds of years, it took us away from who we really are. It made us into someone we are not, the cycle and chain of hurt people that hurt people. Childabuse is still accepted as "normal upbringing" on many places on Earth. I belive it takes healing and awareness for us to realise that this is not the way forward. We need to change this around, and break the chains of abuse and misuse of power and disfunctional autorithy. Just look back on history. This way of living is only creating more hurt people hurt people. A good start is us starting to questioning this conditional way of living. Has it created loving, kind, decent humans? Not so much. How to change this around? Stop accepting, normalizing and enabeling childabuse and abuse overall. It is us taking selfresponsability and start healing ourselves. It is us healing, un-learning, un-programming what they told us to be. It is us re-remembering what we came from, unconditional love. It is us, before we got programmed and conditioned into something we are not. It is us re-claiming how to be a decent, kind, loving human. It is us un-learning, un-programming and re-member who we were before they told us who they wanted us to be! Enough already! Lets return to innocence, return to authenticity, return to unconditional love, return to kindness, return to assertiveness, return to peace, return to our truth, return to heartbased living. It starts with you, me, us! Also, thank you @cptsd.hope for sharing your lightwork with the world! Im with you!💓 #returntoinnocence#breakthecycleofabuse#childabuse#adultchildren#narcissisticabuse#emotionalabuse#physicalabuse#domesticabuse#abuseprevention#reprogram#reclaim#return#remember#helphumanity#bethechange#takebackyourpower#unconditionallove#recovery#recover#onedayatatime#heartbased#leadbyheart#awakening#spreadingawareness
I just learnt this word. It describes you exactly. If you’re not lying then you can’t possibly be doing anything wrong, right? You really are so transparent. Not telling all the facts is still lying. And yet if I try to talk to you about this it will be my fault. My fault for stalking you on Facebook. . I wonder if other #narcawareness people are familiar with this term? . #narcissist #narcissisticabuse #narcaware #sociopath #sociopathawareness #liar #liarliar #myexboyfriendisawanker #paltering
Would you like to join our support group for mothers who have (had) toxic parents? https://www.facebook.com/groups/momsmovingforward/
Hey You! I'm Vilina and it's the first time I write an introduction post 😬 Even though I consider myself a writer, putting myself in the spotlight brings up uneasiness and I feel resistance writing about myself. Anyway... • I love sharing my experiences and the lessons I've learned in the hope to help, encourage and inspire others. I started writing about 8 years ago when I lost my job and was at a crossroads in my life. My active soul searching and self discovery process started 5 years ago when my sister died. • Since then I've looked all over my past until I found the answer to all my questions - I was abused, neglected and traumatised in my childhood by my (quite possibly narcissistic) mother. Few weeks ago I started working with a therapist who confirmed for me that I've suffered emotional neglect and developmental trauma as a child. • I love reading books, researching and learning everything that has to do with emotional trauma and the recovery from it. I'm a mother to a bright boy and he's the reason why I strive to heal myself so I don't pass my trauma onto him. I'm supported by my kind-hearted partner and even though our journey has been challenging, we're still together and stronger each day. • I share my experiences with the hope that when you read, you feel:  1. I'm not alone - others go through what I go through and feel the way I feel  2. It's ok to make mistakes, fuck up, not have it all together and figure things out as we go  3. It's ok to talk about feelings and emotions - we all have them and there's nothing to be ashamed of  4. We can actually use our not so glamorous moments to learn, grow and evolve rather than feeling shame and suppressing our feelings and emotions. • ~Vilina, 💋💋💋
Enmeshed Parenting  The Parent is: ·  Controlling and overbearing throughout the child's life (even in adulthood) ·  Intrusive ·  Reprimanding  This causes long lasting psychological damage to the child (throughout his adulthood). #enmeshment #codependency #codependent #codependentnomore #codependencyrecovery #narcissist #narcissists #narcissism #narcissistic #narcissisticabuse #narcissisticmother #narcissisticabusesurvivor #relationshipproblems #marriageadvice #marriagecounseling #parentification #dysfunctionalfamily #parenting #married #marriedlife #boundaries #adulthood #emotionalabuse #psychology #toxic #narcissisticpersonalitydisorder
Some don’t even realize they are being abused, some don’t even realize they are abusive, others couldn’t care less. #abuse#emotionalabuse#narcissisticabuse#narcissisticabusesurvivor#traumasupport#healthtyboundaries#narcissisticabuserecovery#toxicfamilies
Being intelligent slowly developed a toxic mindset that you know better. Ironically, this makes you very narrow minded. When you’re down in the dumps you don’t want to admit defeat, sometimes you can lash at those who are only trying to help. If we listen, we may learn something new