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Times are changing... after years of being on prescriptions for anxiety, depression, AND insomnia. With consistent microdosing of Psilocybin, I’m free of all prescriptions. Mother Earth is my pharmacy 🍄  Link in bio 👆
My golden shroom made with cashew milk is da bomb! Sweetened with a touch of honey. Sitting on my back steps enjoying the intense fragrant morning air with the company of chickens. And I have some news to share! I have signed on a space last Thursday to practice energy healing sessions. On Saturdays I will be open for retail. Sessions are by appointment and I'm taking appointments now. Reach out to me if you would like to book some you time. . . . . . #cheshirefields #positivelyallegan #allegan #michigan #naturalhealing #shopallegan #allegancounty #reikisession #soulhealing #spiritualguidance #healingheart #emotionalwellness #energyworker #goldenmilk #mushroommedicine
fear of the darkness infers that we believe we are indeed without light. nothing is good or bad, but simply is— according to and reflected by our own perceptions. transformation comes when we look the serpent in the eye and see only the parts of ourselves asking to be healed.  original photo by: @_antonwalker
Studies show psilocybin may be a revolutionary treatment for opioid, alcohol, nicotine, and other treatment resistant addictions.  Have you used psilocybin to break free from any addictions?
The @globaldrugsurvey reports that psilocybin mushrooms are the safest of all so-called "drugs" that people take recreationally.
"Reishi mushroom is the Yoda of the plant world, helping you assimilate life’s experiences and turn them into wisdom.  The Taoists teach that Reishi can show you where your power lies, which some might call your destiny. Reishi’s not some soft, clingy mushroom but instead a strong, structured, gravity-defying shelf.  She asks no less from you: how can you defy anything keeping you from finding meaning, purpose, and health? Like all the best teachers, Reishi points to the path and lets you walk it, taking your lumps and bumps along the way. She doesn’t want you to rely on her strength; she wants you to find your own. But if you’re willing to do the work, Reishi will help you transform from the inside out. . Oftentimes we think our superpower is the thing that makes those around us happy or comfortable. But Reishi knows that your gift, your strength, is the thing that makes you vital and alive." . *Excerpt from The Illustrated Herbiary #repost @maiatoll #reshi #reshimushroom #foraging #foragingformushrooms #foragingforreshi #mushroommedicine #medicinalmushrooms #mushroomphilosophy #natureheals #naturesmedicine
People often ask me how I got into herbalism 🌿 There exists many routes to return to the source. For me, one of my greatest soil teachers is psilocybin mushrooms. As I continue to work with this medicine in rituals of healing, I wanted to hold space to honor the late legend, the original maestra, indigenous curandera, Maria Sabina 🥰 * * * Maria Sabina is the Mazatec curandera who re-introduced psilocybin (aka 'magical mushrooms') to the popular world through ceremonial ritual. Through her ceremonies in the northern mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico, sharing indigenous psychedelic medicine, she helped start the global counter-cultural revolution. On her birthday, we remember the impact she has had on our lives, in our healing, in our communities by also gathering in ritual.  We invite POC/latinx/black/indigenous folx to join us in a communal potluck, microdose, storytelling and prayer to honor Maria. At 7pm, we will have a prayer led by @dreampr00fx & microdose offering by @muhealing to go with our meal. Together in circle, we will discuss the messy lessons we have learned in working with mushroom medicine, sharing alongside our favorite mushy stories.  In the last years of Maria's life, she admitted that the influx of 'westerners' coming for magical fungi made it so that the mushrooms stopped speaking in her native language. She noted that while her people entered ceremony to heal, 'westerners' were foolishly seeking ‘spiritual' enlightenment, not recognizing the sickness that they carried into the circle. Although she is now a celebrated icon of the Oaxacan sierras, she died alone & alienated from her community, who blamed her for moral corruption of indigenous tradition. Thus, in this gathering, we acknowledge the mistakes, misunderstandings, misuses of mushroom medicine, while also honoring Maria's incredible legacy in healing community. . . . 🌶 Kitchen doors open 5pm / come early to cook & chill . . 🌿$5-10 suggested donation +/or food to share (no one
13 weeks ago I tinctured #mnchaga in @jcarverdistillery brandy #local ... today after straining, the same Chaga simmers in water to make a very strong infusion. Combining the brandy tincture with the Chaga tea gives me a Chaga duel extract. Eeeeeee!
🍄Support Your Local Mycologist🍄  I’ve got Lion’s Mane for you friends 🦁 . . .Learn to grow your own lions mane through my course (Link in Bio ) . . . #mycologysociety #mushroomsofpdx @btshrooms #pdxmushrooms  #mushlove #fungi #mushroommedicine
Reishi Rainbow was developed based off of the five colors of Reishi in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the six different colors of Reishi in Japanese medicine. Four color variations occur naturally in the Black Mountains of North Carolina. I cultivate Ganoderma lucidum, the “true” Reishi in TCM. The dual extract is made by both decocting and alcohol tincturing seperate masses of Reishi. Most companies that offer dual extracts run both processes on the same batch of mushroom. Research indicates that while alcohol tincturing and hot water decoction extract different medicinal constituents, they also damage other constituents, so we use unextracted mushrooms for each! This guarantees a potent and broad spectrum extraction in every bottle of Reishi Rainbow! 🍄 #mushroommedicine #medicinalmushrooms #reishimushroom #lingzhi #tincturemaking #tinctures #mushroomextract #mushroomextracts #wildmedicine #wildmedicinals #ganodermalucidum #ganoderma🍄 #ganodermaextract #anticancerproduct #anticarcinogenic #wildmushrooms🍄 #wildmushroom #828isgreat #ashevillenc
Artist conk is one of my favourite mushrooms. I have used it as a canvas for drawing, carrying embers from one camp site to another, a “gum” for a boost of energy while hiking and as a highly regarded medicine for various conditions and/or health maintenance for myself and my clients.  Below is a short monograph on the very special artist conk, a mushroom I’m always so happy to find and observe and hold near and dear to my mushroom loving heart 🍄  If you choose to harvest this mushroom, please ensure you’ve properly identified it and use respectful + ethical harvesting techniques.  Mushroom Profile: Ganoderma applanatum - Artist Conk  Translation: “Shiny skin flattened”  Harvest: Year round  Range: Northern North America, Alaska to California, Europe + Asia  Habitat: Found on most species of hardwoods and some conifers  Spore Print: Brown or reddish brown  Fruiting Body: - Gray to brown knob like when young - Flat, shelf like top at maturity - Often covered with fine brown powder which are the many spores - Fleshy + cork like - White spore pad that turns brown when drawn on  Actions: - Anti-tumor - Anti-viral - Anti-inflammatory - Anti-oxidant - Anti-bacterial - Immunomodulating - Hypoglycemic  Medical Uses: - Antibiotic function for bacteria and virus - Immune regulation - Analgesic - Indigestion - Redue mucus production - Radiation protection - Cancer treatment support, specifically in esophageal cancer  Energetics: Like its cousin Reishi (Ganoderma lucid) it protects the academic from their own mind, grounds us and brings us into a higher level of function, opens our hearts and gives us better chi flow  Preparation: Slice into thin pieces before it dries to be tinctured, decocted or dual extracted. - Dual extracted powder can be purchased and added to smoothies, oatmeal, coffee, hot chocolate, etc. - Whole mushroom pieces can be used to flavour and preserve stocks  For action word definitions + preparations, visit the Learning Centre under
Working with Fungi is a beautiful way to understand a bit about the vastness of Nature 🌿 - It helps us understand cycles and how to heal  #mycologysociety #fungiphotography #mushrooms #mushroomsofinstagram #fungilovers #evolvedmushrooms #mushroommedicine
T R U  M O O D  order today and microdose yourself 🍄 • link in bio •
My #youtube video 'A Mushroom Saved My Life' will be taken down later today as It's too #controversial for a begginer YouTube video ~ it just won't get engagement and this knowledge REALLY needs to be shared widely.. 🍄🧙‍♀️ Instead I'll make a video on my mental health and a follow up in the future on how I've controlled it. 🌿 I'd like to say thank you to all who've appreciated the video and have learnt from it. It will be back but much better 💜🌸💫