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Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is another movie I really wish I had seen in theaters. This is a whole lot of fun! It's kinda sorta a sequal to the 1995 Jumanji with Robin Williams and kinda sorta a reboot. It's about four very stereotypical high schoolers who get detention at school and find an old video game in the basement that sucks them into it. And they become the various avatars that they selected.  Now the first 10 minutes of it make it look like a really bad teen sitcom with the really annoyingly thick stereotypes.  You have the nerd, the jock, the wall flower girl and the pretty girl. But once they get into the game you realize​ they actually needed to establish these characteristics so that their personalities could shine through the actors performances as their avatars.  All of the main actors give really great performances here, Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson as the nerd, Kevin Hart as the jock and Karen Gillan (whom plays Nebula in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies) as the wall flower girl are all Fantastic! And Jack Black gives one of his best and funniest performances EVER as he’s the pretty, phone obsessed girls avatar. I never questioned for a second that he wasn't a teenage girl in a “middle-aged fat guy’s body”😂 He totally killed it here!  It's cool how the game had different levels as they progress much like a real video game, and ends with the boss level. All of the characters get many moments to shine throughout and they all start to become more likable towards the end of the movie as they all have to get used to their new bodies and abilities which kinda helps them each become better as a person.  The downsides are the villain played by Bobby Cannavale was quite bad and kind of wasted. And the first 10 minutes may be a little tough to get through, but the trust me, the payoff is great!  Overall Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is irresistibly fun and super entertaining, 8 out of 10 for me!
Captain Marvel (2019). This movie follows Vers (aka Carol Danvers), a Kree who must regain her own identity... As you may or may not know, I do not follow the marvel series religiously. However, I do enjoy keeping up with the most recent movies and always like seeing what they come out with. Captain Marvel was a thoroughly enjoyable movie that held my attention despite me not knowing any of her backstory. You dont have to be deep in the franchise to watch a Marvel movie, which I have always appreciated. The visuals and acting were great. It wasn’t as comedic as some Marvel movies such as Ant Man and The Wasp, but that didn’t detract from it at all. It was a great introduction to who captain Marvel is — and I’m excited to see her return in End Game! Final rating: 8.5/10. #movie #moviereview #review #marvel #captainmarvel #superhero
Today is 19 March 2019 and, while we are now a mere 37 days from the release of Avengers: Endgame in the UK; it is the birthday of actress Glenn Close. HAPPY BIRTHDAY @glennclose ! Gifting us with many great roles over her career, the one that relates to this post is that of her contribution to the MCU with #novaprime in Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol.1 (2014). #funfact - some people don't realise she had a small but noticeable role in #stevenspielberg's "Hook (1991)" - the pirate that got thrown in the chest with the scorpions - that was her! Many happy returns to Ms Close, aka: Alex Forrest - #fatalattraction (1987) Gutless (the pirate) - #hook (1991) Cruella DeVil - #101dalmatians (1996) VP Kathryn Bennett - #airforceone (1997) Kala (voice) - #tarzan (1999) Claire Wellington - #thestepfordwives (2004) Nova Prime - #guardiansofthegalaxy, Vol.1 (2014)  #avengerscountdown #countdowntoendgame #avengersendgame #avengers #endgame #marvel #mcu #legacy #historic #epic #rustyreels #filmreel #moviereel #review #film #movie #filmreview #moviereview #lovefilm #followfilm
SAFE! Someone G*s a few times around 11 mins in after finding a dead body. Right before the 1 hr and 1 minute mark some liquid comes out of someone’s mouth. (Thank you, @shortgirlinsc18)- - - - #emetophobia #emetophobiareview #emetophobic #emetophobie #emetophobiahelp #emetophobiasucks #emetophobiasupport #emetophobe #movie #movies #review #reviews #moviereview #moviereviews #movielover #horror #horrormovie #horrormovies #scary #scarymovie #scarymovies #youmightbethekiller #alysonhannigan #frankranz #keithdavid #safe
A thin plot and weak script can't take away from some fighting gems in The Protector. Check out the review on Spotify and iTunes. #podcast #moviepodcast #podcasts #moviereview #filmpodcast #movie #moviepodcast #tonyjaa #tomyunggoong #theprotector #martialarts #actionmovie #nathanjones #capoeira #muaythai
Planning on a Dances with Wolves weekend. I don’t like to stop a movie once it starts so this one clocking in around 4 hours takes some forethought. #danceswithwolves #kevincostner
Triple Frontier (2019), by J. F. Chandor To cut it down short, the movie is about this guy, Santiago, that have been on to a guy that have a lot of money, he wanna steal. He get in touch with 4 friends from when they were in the army, to help him get the money. The movie is literally just about these 5 guys, getting the money home again.  I think it’s great done, and then in the other side, the movie is really realistic, and I don’t think there were anything animated. It’s getting a bit boring, cause I think the whole movie is going slowly.  The actors are really great! And I love them also in other movies, including Oscar Isaac, Charlie Hunnam and Ben Affleck. To see this movie, you need to be a bit patient in my opinion. 4/6 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - -AN #triplefrontier #netflix #movie #movies #review #moviereview #good
Be sure to check out my blog on why I found Captain Marvel more enjoyable than Casablanca! *link in bio* #captainmarvel #moviereview
🎬 Logan (2017) - ✍️ Movie Review  #ms2w #bestmoviesof2017 #moviereview #logan2017 #hughjackman #jamesmangold
A late review, but a review nonetheless! So, Captain Marvel is out after a long awaited appearance in the MCU. Personally, the movie did the character her justice by showcasing her abilities, her origins, and her place in the MCU storyline. CM was pretty much a film to tie together the early MCU to the current story arcs. The visuals throughout were pretty good for Marvel’s standard, but through certain parts of the movie there were some pretty nasty CGI sequences. Some of the animations just didn’t make the cut in my opinion and gave their respective scenes somewhat of a disappointing vibe. The story was the main selling point for Ms. Danvers’ story however, with the inclusion of Skrulls and other well known elements of the Marvel universe. With some predictable twists and turns roughly halfway through the movie, it’s hard not to bash the writers for making something obvious enough to realize before it’s revealed to anyone else. There’s no doubt that Captain Marvel’s story and inclusion in the MCU is detrimental to the taking down of the intergalactic oppressor, Thanos. So my personal rating on this movie is something that I’ve seen some people support, and some people oppose. I set this movie at a 7.5 because all in all it wasn’t a bad movie. Now it wasn’t Infinity War or Civil War good, but good overall. I liked the movie even with all of its minor bumps and hiccups along the way. Again, sorry for the late review. I’m going to try to be more consistent with my reviews as I really enjoy doing them and I know people really enjoy reading them. #marvel #captainmarvel #moviereview #mcu
Uneven in tone, but unnerving in story, @PetSematary​Movie continues the streak of good Stephen King adaptations by providing true tension mixed with surprisingly dark humor.  Link in the bio for my review of  #petsematary
"LA BELLE ET LA BÊTE" de Christophe GANS avec Vincent Cassel et Léa Seydoux (2014)  Chaque décor est soigné avec une extrême précision au détail. J'ai été bluffé par les costumes, très colorés, les paysages semblent si réels, et pourtant tout est réalisé sur fond vert. Le film nous permet de rêver de ce monde, d’un port majestueux, de campagne bucolique, de forêt menaçante. Les effets spéciaux sont extrêmement réussis et c'est vraiment admirable de voir un film français aussi bien réussi graphiquement. J'ai également beaucoup apprécié la mise en scène de Christophe Gans que je trouve extrêmement ingénieuse puisqu'il y a de très bonnes idées comme les transitions pour passer du livre racontant l'histoire à l'histoire elle-même ou le passage dans les flash-back à travers le miroir.  Généralement, lorsqu'on va voir un film sur ce célèbre conte, on veut avant tout une histoire d'amour construite et crédible. Si vous voulez voir ce film juste pour ça, passez votre chemin ! J'ai rarement vu une relation amoureuse aussi mal faite que celle dans ce film ! Il est vraiment dommage que la romance est délaissée dans le film... J'ai eu l'impression que le réalisateur ne s'est pas intéressée à ce lien entre les deux protagonistes mais il s'est plus concentré sur le passé de La Bête et les scènes d'actions. Du coup, les scènes entre La Bête et La Belle sont assez bâclées et même inachevées puisqu'ils ont que 3 ou 4 scènes en commun... "La Belle et la Bête" est une adaptation plus proche du roman original que celle de Disney. C'est un conte envoûtant par ses décors, ses costumes et ses effets spéciaux très réussis mais une romance extrêmement bâclée... Et vous, l'avez-vous vu ? Qu'en avez-vous pensé ?  Ma note : 12/20  #labelleetlabête #adaptation #conte #gabriellesuzannedevilleneuve #christophegans #pathé #filmfrancais #légende #famille #malédiction #animaux #chateau #amour #amourimpossible #surnaturel
I'll find something to watch any where so long as my little binge buddy is with me. ❤📽🎬🎥📼📺🎞🐶🥃🍻🍺🥂⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #youtubers #youtube #youtubevideo #youtubechannel #80smovies #90smovies #bingewatch #bingewatching #bingeworthy #cinematicbinge #movies #dvds #90skid #90s #action #scifi #adventure #shows #alcohol #adultbeverages #cocktails #comedies #bingebuddy #doglove #furbaby #furryfriend #moviereview #moviebuff #showreviews #shows
Groundhog Day (1993)
BEN IS BACK #101secondreview 🎥 {Check out my website for the whole video - Link in Profile} .  SWIPE LEFT FOR WELSH REVIEW
On the back of Beautiful Boy this is the second heavy addiction drama of 2018 focusing on the opioid crisis in American, shifting the narrative of drugs from the inner city to the suburbs. Both films are extremely earnest and feature strong lead performances, but Ben Is Back has more of a thriller set-up that runs over a very tight 24-hour clock. But once again you feel largely you have seen this all before and possibly this is being made for a young audience that may find a stronger relevance in the subject matter given its more modern focus. Decent
The #2dudes watched 2 trailers in this weeks episode cause we are too good to our fans. Sky wanted both trailers played at the same time. We didn’t do that on the episode but we brought it to life for you with this exclusive clip. Enjoy the insanity.
@sidmalhotra and @aslisona starrer Ittefaq to release in China - First Look Poster🤟❤️ . Follow @moviereviewsblog  @moviereviewsblog @moviereviewsblog @moviereviewsblog @moviereviewsblog #moviereview #bollywood #bollywoodupdate #salmankhan #johnabraham #shahrukhkhan #uri  #shraddhakapoor #kiaraadvani #urvashirautela #kanganaranaut #thackeray #anilkapoor #riteshdeshmukh #gullyboy #ajaydevgn #totaldhamaal #anilkapoor #bharat #taapseepannu #badla #lukachuppi #kartikaaryan #sonchiriya #sushantsinghrajput #kritisanon #junglee #kalank
Happy Birthday to the Patrick Joseph McGoohan who was an Irish actor, screenwriter, and director. He began his career in the United Kingdom in the 1950s, relocating to the United States in the 1970s. His career-defining roles were in the British television series Danger Man (US: Secret Agent) and the surreal psychological drama The Prisoner, which he co-created. He was a BAFTA and two-time Primetime Emmy Award winner.
"This was our time to be children." Miracle At St Anna is a war movie about a regiment of soldiers trying to protect a little boy. This movie is OK but it's a bit too long. I really love the Buffalo soldiers elements because it's something I don't see a lot of in war movies. The acting is really good and the emotional payoffs are definitely worth the wait but the movie lingers on longer than necessary. You really don't know the soldiers' mission until halfway through the movie so you can't relate to their cause at all. This is because nothing happens for a good amount of screen time. Once the soldiers get to a village, the movie slows to a halt for a long time. This causes the tone to jump all over the place. It can be a serious war drama one moment and a childish sense of wonder in the next, it's really odd. I also hate the "let me tell you a story" mechanic because you already know which soldier survives and it eliminates any tension from the other characters' death scenes. I hate this mechanic because it ruins a lot of the experience. I also hate one plot hole in the climactic battle sequence- the soldiers don't use grenades. They have grenades and are clearly surrounded by a ton of enemies and instead of using grenades- tools that can save them- they just blindly shoot. It's a detail that drove me crazy because so many deaths could've been avoided because of this stupid common sense mistake. So yes, the movie is definitely flawed but I think the good elements and the bad elements cancel each other out enough to make this movie average at best. Overall this movie has some incredible emotional moments but they are surrounded by nothing happening. It's a decent experience but definitely one that's not worth a 2 and a half hour long movie. 5/10  #movie #media #entertainment #review #dreamjob #cinema #comedy #horror #action #drama #cool #fun #movies #movielover #fanboy #geek #movienight #film #films #movieday #moviereview #moviefan #moviegeek #moviecollection
#suspiria2018 ฉากฝันร้ายของซูซี่คืนแรก เต็มไปด้วยอะไรก็ไม่รู้ที่ใส่มาเพื่อเล่าเรื่อง แต่คงพูดถึงแค่อันที่พอนึกออกแรกๆ อันนี้คือภาพสามเหลี่ยมถูกเขียนด้วยเลือด สามเหลี่ยมด้านแหลมอยู่ข้างบนแบบนี้ในหลายวัฒนธรรมมีความใกล้เคียงองคชาติหรือสัญลักษณ์เพศชาย ในขณะที่ถ้าพลิกกลับก็จะหมายถึงมดลูกหรือสัญลักษณ์เพศหญิง  ในความคิดของเราการที่ได้เห็นมือ (คล้ายมือซูซี่) ชุ่มไปด้วยเลือดและวาดภาพนี้ก็อาจจะหมายถึงการก้าวผ่านความเจ็บปวดเพื่อไปสู่วัยผู้ใหญ่ ซึ่งก็อาจหมายความเรื่องการเสียพรหมจรรย์ คือมีเลือดเป็นตัวนำพาและสื่อถึงสัญลักษณ์เพศชายจึงอาจจะเล่าถึงประสบการณ์ทางเพศที่เจ็บปวดของตัวละครก็ได้  คือถ้าภาพนี้มันเป็นสามเหลี่ยมหัวทิ่มลง เราก็อาจจะคิดถึงเรื่องประจำเดือนหรืออะไรที่เบสิกมากกว่า
Приветствую вас, друзья! Сегодня расскажу вам о впечатлениях от нового британского комедийного фэнтези «Рождённый стать королём». Главным героем является 12-летний школьник Александр. Все повседневные проблемы отходят на второй план, когда в его руки попадает легендарный меч Экскалибур, а также выясняется, что Александр приемник могучего волшебника Мерлина. Мальчику предстоит собрать «рыцарей круглого стола» и сразить злобную Моргану, набирающую силы под землёй. 🔶Знаете, данное кино и в подмётки не годится никакому «британскому кино». «Рождённый стать королем» меркнет на фоне остальных английских комедий, наподобие «Приключений Паддингтона» или «Зомби по имени Шон». Сейчас расскажу, почему. 🔻Начну с повествования. Оно было чересчур спешным. Действия разворачиваются слишком быстро. Зритель тупо не успевает сконцентрироваться на том или ином герое, чтобы начать понимать или сопереживать ему. Например, один из героев фильма первую половину хронометража являлся плохишом и всячески мешал Александру, но когда сюжет того потребовал, этот парень МОМЕНТАЛЬНО стал хорошим,
On the road of life there are old friends, new friends, and stories that change you.  Check out the new trailer for #toystory4.  #upreviews #moviesupdate #movies #hollywood #toystory4 #animation #comedy #love #instadaily #repost #moviereview #movielovers #movieposters #picsoftheday #pics #movietrailer #trailers #sneakpeek #follow #poster . . . ➡ Follow 🔺 @upreviews for more...
Ponette (1996)
Check out this poster for #onceuponatimeinhollywood starring @margotrobbie.  #onceuponatimeinhollywood will be in theaters on July 26th, 2019.  #upreviews #moviesupdate #movies #hollywood #margotrobbie #comedy #love #instadaily #repost #moviereview #movielovers #movieposters #picsoftheday #pics #movietrailer #trailers #sneakpeek #follow #poster . . . ➡ Follow 🔺 @upreviews for more...
There’s a new Captain in town! Resident comic book guru Kyle sits in to discuss Marvel’s latest.
I seen the trailer for this a few weeks ago and I def put it on my radar. A mother and her son move to a secluded house in the middle of the woods after something happens to the father. One night the boy gets out the house and the mother runs into the woods looking for him and finds him near this huge hole in the ground. From there things get weird, the boy starts acting strange and she begins to fear he is no longer her son. The cinematography is  really good in some scenes and they def use the forest backdrop to their advantage. It's not super scary but it is suspenseful. There were a few scenes toward the end that reminded me of the horror movie "The Descent". I've sure they didn't mean it to be funny but I laughed real hard when runs off on her son during a visit to his school. Pretty cool movie, I give it a 6.5/10. The ending isn't super clear so it leaves you like, "fuckkkkk I don't think she thought that through very well." #theholeintheground #mikesmmw #movie #movies #moviereview #review #moviecritic #film #cinema #blog #horror #horrormovie #scary #scarymovie
New #toystory4 trailer today! How do you feel about it? We're super excited about Forky and his existential crisis about being alive! What about you?
The Favourite (2018) Genre : Drama –––––––––––––––––––––– A frail Queen Anne occupies the throne, and her close friend, Lady Sarah, governs the country in her stead, while tending to Anne's ill health and mercurial temper. When a new servant, Abigail, arrives, her charm endears her to Sarah. Sarah takes Abigail under her wing, and Abigail sees a chance to return to her aristocratic roots. . . . . . . . . #movies #movie #thefavourite #emmastone #rachelweisz #fav #oliviacolman #likeforlikes #liker #filmreviews #theacademy #moviereview
Holmies (2018) i like everything related to Sherlock Holmes, the books, the series, the movies and this one was no exception. However very refreshing with the  new twist. Clever idea 👌. I'm  surprised it had such a great cast. Give it a 7.5 #moviereview #movienight #filmreview #movie #filmrate #film #movieaddict #movierating #willferrell #johnreilly #hughlaurie #ralphfiennes #holmies #holmesandwatson #sherlock
Get latest movies news and updates. #latest #movies #news #moviereview #newmovies #posters #trailers #teaser
SO MANY GEMS!!! But so many turkeys as well especially post his Oscar win for The Untouchables. But which is worse?  My choice as always is in the picture.
Check out the co owners of this boutique's new video regarding  The Surviving R Kelly Investigation on You Tubes--->> 2Blunt Tv. And please remember to subscribe!  #subscribe, #like and #comment. #blackvloggers #blackbloggers #2blunt4u #2blunttv #pranks #skits #bmore #tblunt #opinions #celebritynews #diy #females #women #africanamericans #youngsouth #moviereview #funny #youtube #boutique #fashion #randommoment #random #melaninbloggers  #melaninvloggers #review #robertkelly #rkelly
On this day in 1964 the Bond franchise began shooting the entry that would become the absolute template for Action movies to this day. Even though the Mission Impossible films are bigger they owe everything to the insane success of this one film.
On this day in 1964, Sean Connery was at the first day of shooting for Goldfinger. But what's his best performance outside of his most famous incarnation of Bond. My own choice is probably the movie the picture is taken from.
The Lovers On The Bridge (1991)
Playing with my hair is fun. Was thinking of the Pacha meme and boi, its foggy but that sun comes out juuuuuust enough
Picked up into the spiderverse today almost got the steelbook but I'm not the biggest fan of steelbooks so I changed my mind I loved this in theaters can't wait to rewatch it soon #moviefan #moviebuff #cinephile #moviefreak #bluraycollection #bluraycollector #bluraymaniac #blurayjunkie #blurayaddict #bluraybuff #moviereview #movietime #movienight #dvd #movie #moviereview #dvd #dvdcollection #dvdcollector #bluray
The Godfather: Part II (1974)⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ Cinematography by Gordon Willis⁣⠀ Directed by Francis Ford Coppola⁣⠀ Buy or Rent via Amazon | https://amzn.to/2ENAwBz⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ #film #filmstill #thefilmlings #podcast #filmpodcast #filmmaker #filmmaking #filmcommentary #filmanalysis #cinematography #movies #moviereview #filmreview #thegodfather #wiseguys #francisfordcoppola #alpacino #robertdeniro #dianekeaton #taliashire #sequel ⁣⠀ #drama #70sfilm #filmhistory
Hotel Mumbai (March 21st, 2019)  The true story of the attacks on the Taj Hotel in Mumbai, and how guests and staff tried to survive.  Director: Anthony Maras  Staring: Dev Patel as Arjun Armie Hammer as David Jason Isaacs as Vasili Nazanin Boniadias Zahra  #reviewedin60seconds #hotelmumbai #hotelmumbaifilm #devpatel #truestory #armiehammer #italiafilmme  #cinema #livelovecinema #film #like #follow #review #video #movie #filmreview #moviereview #lebanon
THOR (2011) This is another middle of the road Marvel film. What do you think of this one? Let me know down below. #movie #movies #moviereview #moviecritic #film #films #filmreview #filmcritic #thor #odin #loki #god #gods #avengers #theavengers #mcu #marvelcinematicuniverse #marvel #marvelcomics #marvelstudios #march #2019
#thetown follows four Charlestown bank robbers as they try and evade the ever watchful eye of the FBI along with one of the team members becoming romantically invested in a bank manager from one of their heists. This Ben Affleck written, directed and acted crime drama showcases Affleck as a formidable cinematic taskmaster. He brings phenomenal performances out of himself and his cast and provides naturalistic dialogue for them to recite. The film's cinematography displays a gritty atmosphere that the meticulously realistic heist sequences fit in with nicely. The entire cast is fantasic with the stand out performances being Jeremy Renner as the loose cannon criminal James Coughlin and John Ham's FBI agent Frawley. While the film does stumble a bit with a few unnecessary plot developments and an admittedly cliche romance, the excellent dialogue and directing elevates these minor nitpicks away from any real scrutiny. I'd recommend this film to anyone who lives or has ever lived in Boston. #nun
New Blu-Ray Tuesday is always a good day. So glad to finally own not only the best Spider-Man movie, but one of the best movies of 2018.  #spidermanintothespiderverse #bluray #bluraycollection #dvd #4k #movie #movies #moviereview #movienight #film #filmreview #cinema #awesome #epic #amazing #fantastic #great #good #great #fun #premier #yes #action #drama #phenomenal #outstanding #spectacular #excited #poster #newposter
8.5/10  While Midnight Special shares some resemblance to other sci-fi movies which have come before it, it has a different feel to the former movies. It has a freshness and uniqueness which will keep the audience fully engaged throughout the runtime.  Midnight Special is about a father who is on the run with his friend and his son because his son has special powers and they need to keep him out of the hands of the government.  Michael Shannon, who plays the father, is nothing short of fantastic. While he is more recognisable for his villainness roles from Man of Steel and The Shape of Water, Shannon proves that he can play more sensitive roles as he desperately tries to get his son somewhere safe.  His son is played by Jaeden Lieberher, most well know for playing Bill in It. Lieberher is incredibly talented and his performance actually reminded me a lot of Eleven from Strange Things.  There is a supporting cast of Joel Edgerton, Kirsten Dunst and Adam Driver, all of whom do a very good job.  A clever aspect of the movie is the religious undertones. There is a group of people who worship Lieberher. They way they are portrayed, they seem like a cult and it brings an interesting subtext into the sci-fi genre.  The cinenatography is absolutely stunning, and makes this movie even more beautiful to watch.  It kind of reminds me of Ex Machina and Arrival, because it has a similar sort of feel. If you like those movies, you will definitely like Midnight Special.
Slumdog Millionaire [2008]  a young man looks back on the life that violently taught him everything he needed to know to win a game of “who whats to be a millionaire”. An epic story of adversity, adventure, love and triumph.
On the Blog: IMC Technician Ainsley Hume reviews films from our collection that have never been seen. Ainsley focuses on movies such as The Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night and Woman in the Dunes. #fhglibrary #movies  Grab some popcorn and follow the link in our bio to read more.  #wcupa #goldenrams #librarylife #movies #film #moviereview #imc #fhgimc #library #westchester #pennsylvania #librariesofinstagram
NEW: Dani reviews Captain Marvel! Have you seen it? Do you agree with her rating? Link in bio! . #2dishingdivas #lifestyle #girlsguide #lifeguide #lifestyleblog #smartgirlsguide #lifestyleconglomerate #lifestyleblogger #pinterest #podcast #captainmarvel #review #marvel #moviereview #disney
Margot Robbie nel secondo poster ufficiale per Once Upon a Time In Hollywood, nuovo film di #quentintarantino  Seguici su @saturdaynightfilms per restare aggiornato sul mondo del cinema. . #tarantino #margotrobbie #onceuponatimeinhollywood #hollywood #film #films #filmdirector #director #movie #movies #moviereview #filmreview #review #filmreviews #cinema #cinematography #cinemagraph #filmphotography #filmy #filmcrew #photooftheday #picoftheday #bestoftheday
#moviereviewswithhashtags : #captainmarvel ⭐⭐ 2.5/5 Without reel #ambition and without any #personality this one sounds more like a #joke (a #cat steals the spotlight from #samuelljackson !) than an #originstory or even a reel #movie • A #film that only serves as a #bridge between two #avengersmovie with anything that we already know (#endcredits scene included) • Fortunately, #brielarson is good and brings something natural to the #character ...but its #story lacks of #magnitude • #sfx and #cgi are great (#astonishing facial #rejuvenating), otherwise. 🐈💨👁 _____ _____ #moviereview #superhero #superheroine #marvel #blockbuster #movietime #cinema #avengers
Oh yes my queen (also my excitement level for this film is huge) . . Follow @geek.with.opinions for more awesome shit #margotrobbie #tarantino #leonardodicaprio #bradpitt #movie #cinema #review #hollywood #onceuponatimeinhollywood #starwars #lucasfilm #marvel #marvelcinematicuniverse #dc #dcuniverse #startrek #jurrasicpark #moviereview
Phantasm V: Ravager | Movie Review  Rating: 1/5  They saved the worst for last. Reggie is wandering through the desert seeking out his friend Mike and the evil The Tall Man. Along his journey, he is hunted down by the dangerous spheres and stumbles upon the gorgeous Dawn. Out of the blue, he finds himself in an institution with Mike explaining that he has dementia and then in another dimension. Where is Mike? Holy crap... I'm not one for saying shit on small filmmakers for cheap effects, lousy writing, etc but this.... this was unbelievable. And it's no shock that the director of franchise didn't direct this one. It's sad when the effects from the previous films were more believable and effective than this laughable sequel. I'm glad there isn't anymore to be made of this series cause it's so damn awful. And that's sad since this series did a unique spin on the horror and sci-fi genres just to end up with this.... whatever it is. No answers were really given and more questions are given by the film's end -- the ending literally feels copied from Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Ravager's only redeeming factors are seeing the three characters being chased by The Tall Man. And the loyalty between the three. And then the rest of it is an abomination. On a positive note.... "That's all folks!" #phantasm #phantasmv #ravager #amichaelbaldwin #reggiebannister #billthornbury #danielroebuck #angusscrimm #doncoscarelli #ripangusscrimm #horrorfilms #70shorrorfilms #80shorrorfilms #90shorrorfilms #bluray #cinema #moviereview #moonbearreviews
Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze on the set of the movie Ghost 1990 year.
Movie: Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut (2009) If there is any version of Watchmen you should watch, it’s the ultimate cut, as it is absolutely fantastic. Despite its three-and-a-half hour run time, you hardly notice how long it actually is. Everything in this cut is relevant to the story and actually answers a lot of questions that you might’ve had unanswered in the theatrical release, so I’m honestly not sure why this wasn’t the version released in theaters. Let me start off by saying the story is so interesting and complex, and goes so many places, intricately weaving together the main plot line and many subplots very well. Each character is fleshed out and you actually care about all of them, even the unlikable ones, like Rorschach and The Comedian. The performances from everyone in the cast are excellent, most notably from Jackie Earle Haley (Rorschach), Patrick Wilson (Nite Owl), Billy Crudup (Dr. Manhattan), and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Comedian). The visual effects are also quite impressive and ages well, despite being over ten years old. Might I also add that the opening credits sequence is probably the best opening credits sequence of all time? Overall, Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut is the best way to view the Watchmen story on the big screen, and I would highly recommend it to comic book fans. Grade: A+ #watchmen #watchmentheultimatecut #watchmenmovie #moviereview #super8reviews
The Big Lebowski - (Coen Brothers)  I love it. Countless scenes that made me laugh out loud. The Big Lebowski is a comedy that requires a particular sense of humor to enjoy. You laugh at the characters: things they do and the way they do them, or the way they say things or interact with one another. When watching this I would keep that in mind. Overall, very good storyline, and great acting.  The movie was made in 1998, and in 2019 “the dude” played by Jeff Bridges made a random appearance in a Super Bowl commercial! In my opinion that just says this movie is a classic! ★★★★ Leave your rating in the comments! • • • • #thebiglebowski #movie #movies #movieclips #jeffbridges #johngoodman #stevebuscemi #cinema #cinematic #tv #tvshows #netflix #netflixmovies #moviestowatch #moviebuff #movienight #moviedate #moviereview #film #films
. 關於人性失控的阿根廷黑色喜劇 《Relatos salvajes》  故事由六個單元組成,互相沒有關聯,但都能夠反映出人性的真實面貌,特別是遭到極度的壓力後失控的種種表現。至於六個故事的情節,恕我無法一一敘述,只能做個概括。大體來説,第一個故事最短,但有驚人反轉。第二個故事則是一個俠義故事。第三個我認爲最過癮,關於兩個男人在公路上肉搏的故事。第四個故事則是提醒你別得罪工程師。第五個故事最黑暗,最勾心鬥角,第六個故事最瘋狂,最失控。  電影節奏明快,沒有拖沓,六個單元情節各異,張力十足,看著人們由耐心慢慢變得失去理智的過程,莫名地有種痛快和爽感。而且電影對人性的刻畫深刻雋永,説明即使我們生活在一個文明的社會,生活中的不公依然可見,當人們被逼到絕境的時候,所謂的文明將不復存在,人們往往會做出暴力野蠻的事情去發泄自己的情緒。有趣的是,可能這就是解決問題最直接有效的方法,雖然有時候犯了法。(第二個和第四個單元)導演同時也對社會上的種種問題做出了控訴,例如政府的迂腐,仍然殘留於社會的階級觀念,以及懸而未決的經濟問題,並利用誇張荒誕的劇情加以渲染,成爲了一則針對社會的强烈控訴書。  總括來說,本片的觀影過程很過癮,好笑之餘更能引起思考,究竟所謂的文明是先進的表現,或只是用於壓制人性深處的野蠻和獸性呢?人生不如意事十常八九,並非事事都能和平解決,即使怒火中燒,仍需要保持冷靜嗎?抑或看淡世事,凡事忍讓,大笑一聲,從容面對?8/10
Damn, I'm happy I was able to catch this before it was gone! If you haven't heard about this movie, GOOD! this is a film where it's best left going in cold. That'll be sort of a challenge in writing this review, so I'll try to not give any details and just give a quick overview. Greta is directed by Neil Jorden and stars Chloe Grace Moretz as Frances and Isabelle Huppert as the title character Greta. Frances is a girl living with her roommate in New York City and is going through some family issues. One day while on a Subway train she discovers a missing purse and goes to return it to it's owner, Greta. Once they meet there's an instant connection between the two, and quickly Frances learns it might not have been the best idea. When I was watching this movie I was trying to figure out who was the main character between these two actresses, and after 15 mins I could tell it was Isabelle Huppert, she is the absolute STRENGTH of this film! That's not a knock against Chloe, but you can clearly see who is the Alpha in this situation, and that's what I loved about this. It's a SITUATION for your ass!! A suspenseful thriller that had me hooked the moment it started. On a side note, I two drinks before I came in, and I HELD that pee for an hour and a half, I did not wanna miss a second! It was a delightful change to see a role reversal in a thriller like this where the antagonist would typically be male, but with it being female it gives the story more of a bite for when shit goes down. Anything negative I can say is that certain tropes are so cliche it gets frustrating at times. When shit is obvious, people have half a brain! How the hell could natural instinct let you get it THIS far? Or not have the sense to fight for yourself in anyway? That's the only glaring mistake the movie makes. But aside from that it is DAMN ENTERTAINING!!! It keeps you on edge, doesn't slow down, short, and makes you say "See! That's why I mind my own fucking business!" I give it a "High
Listen to our podcast review of the Netflix film TRIPLE FRONTIER!⠀ ⠀ http://TheWatchAndTalk.com/TripleFrontier⠀ ⠀ #movie #podcast #moviepodcast #film #filmpodcast #moviereview #filmreview #triplefrontier #triplefrontiermovie #netflix
A spiritual successor to the 2012 Telugu movie Gabbar Singh, the 2016 Telugu movie Sardaar Gabbar Singh is a far cry from what the original was. Written by Pawan Kalyan and Directed by K. S. Ravindra (Bobby), one might find themselves trying to make some sense out of all that’s happening on screen. Substantially inferior to the quite ordinary original, this is one movie that delivers nothing, not even mindless entertainment. . . Our Opinion: Avoid! Where to Watch: Hotstar . . . #hotstar #hotstarmovies #hotstarpremium #sardaargabbarsingh #tollywoodreviews #tollywood #telugucinema #telugumovie #telugumovies #telugumoviereviews #moviereview #movies #reviews #review #moviereviews
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摯友維尼 / Christopher Robin 極短評:不會髒的小熊。 Silly ol’ bear impossible to get dirty. #電影 #電影極短評 #movies #影評 #moviereview #摯友維尼 #christopherrobin #伊旺麥奎格 #ewanmcgregor #jimcummings #winniethepooh 08/04.18
How I see movies: #sevenpounds. Simply you can't represent self-blame and the feeling of profound loss in a better fashion than what this movie did, few seconds was all it took for Ben Thomas to lose all meaning and be traumatized in a way you just can't recover from, he didn't mean to, but he can't shake the conviction that he was the reason for the death of seven people, including his fiance, which is true; unintentional and out of carelessness, but true, and you just can't recover from something so unspeakably horrible or put any logic into it and move on with your life, taking your life sounds like the only logic to such a nightmare, but Ben's goodness manifested in his choice to donate "himself" to seven desperate people whose lives are otherwise doomed, carrying their sufferings on his shoulders, in addition to his own, when he could have just went on and commited his due "relieving" suicide like people in pain just do, yet, by the end, and just "to make it all more poetic", giving himself was no longer a choice of redemption alone, but a necessity of love too, which made it "meaningful" yet a bit too "cruel" for him to still have to go! . . . . #moviereview
Hablemos de: The Wife 📚  Un matrimonio de cuarenta años, Joan (Glenn Close) y Joe (Jonathan Pryce), una llamada desde Suecia anunciando que Joe ha ganado el Premio Nobel de Literatura y una mentira que han guardado por años y que está a punto de salir a la luz.  Eso es The Wife, cinta que le ha otorgado a Glenn su séptima nominación al Oscar y que corre como una de las favoritas para finalmente llevárselo por primera vez. En esta película vemos una destacable interpretación de Glenn Close, la que sostiene por sí sola una cinta que podría haber estado a mejor altura que su protagonista. Afirmo esto, debido a que transcurrida casi la mitad del film, este se vuelve demasiado predecible, añadiendo además una serie de flashbacks que desentonan y quitan magia a lo que veíamos en el presente; durante esas escenas se siente como si estuviésemos viendo otra cinta, completamente diferente, perdiendo de esta manera el ritmo.  Pero cuando retomamos la actualidad, Glenn se vuelve a robar nuestra atención, por fortuna; ya que vemos a una mujer empoderada y frágil a la vez, combinación que esta consagrada actriz resuelve elegantemente, compartiendo escena con Pryce, ambos logrando un contraste explosivo entre los personajes, en especial ella, la que es capaz de mostrarte mil emociones a través de su rostro, recordándonos a esas mujeres abnegadas, que lo sacrifican todo, incluso a ellas mismas. Y que cuando se dan cuenta, ya es demasiado tarde... Le doy 🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢 6/10 tortugazos País: USA- Reino Unido Director: #björnrunge Año: 2018 Duración: 100 min Premios: Glenn se llevó múltiples premios, entre ellos el Globo de Oro y el premio del Sindicato de Actores. Está pendiente su nominación a los Spirit Awards y por supuesto, el esperado Premio de la Academia. 👌 #thewife #labuenaesposa #glennclose #jonathanpryce #christianslater #harrylloyd #maxirons #cine #film #movie #cinehoyts #thewifefilm #chile #santiago #viñadelmar #talca
Hablemos de: Boy Erased 👬  Esta película está basada en la historia de Gerrard Conley, un adolescente perteneciente a una familia muy religiosa y que luego de descubrir que es homosexual y comunicarlo a sus padres, estos (en especial su padre, pastor de una Iglesia) deciden enviarlo a una terapia de "conversión". Cuando me enteré de esta cinta, tuve altas expectativas de inmediato, la temática, los actores, todo jugaba a favor... Y sí, las actuaciones principales son buenísimas, tenemos al joven Lucas Hedges (Manchester by the Sea) que destaca en cada interpretación que entrega y a los conocidos Nicole Kidman y Russell Crowe. Es por este motivo que esperé encontrarme con algo diferente; y con esto me refiero a que no sentí que fuese una película arriesgada, desaprovecha muchos elementos, como por ejemplo el casi nulo desarrollo de Jon (Xavier Dolan), que tenía un potencial enorme para convertirse en un personaje memorable, sin embargo pasa sin pena ni gloria por la historia.  A Boy Erased le falta personalidad, no alcanza la emoción que se espera de una película así. Repito, sin perjuicio de sus excelentes actuaciones, en especial la de Crowe. Cumple si con los niveles de drama que requiere, conocemos la lamentable realidad de estos recintos, que inexplicamente hasta el día de hoy existen; sumidos en la ignorancia y apoyados por la religión.  En fin, se esperaban numerosas nominaciones a los premios de la Academia para este film, pero al parecer las cosas no fueron así 😓 Es sí una oportunidad para darnos cuenta de lo que viven estos chicos dentro de esas despiadadas terapias.  Le doy 🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢 6/10 tortugazos País: USA Director: #joeledgerton  Año: 2018 Duración: 114 min #boyerased #identidadborrada #lucashedges #nicolekidman #russellcrowe #xavierdolan #cine #film #cineindie #cinearte #drama #homosexualidad #cinelgbtq #chile #santiago #valparaíso #viñadelmar #talca #rancagua #cinehoyts #movie #latortugacinéfila #lgbtq
Hablemos de: Can You Ever Forgive Me? 📃 Película biográfica ambientada a comienzos de los 90', que narra la historia de Lee Israel (Melissa McCarthy), escritora que se encuentra en la urgente necesidad de "resucitar" su carrera, y lo hace, falsificando cartas de escritores fallecidos y vendiéndolas a buen precio para así solventar sus gastos. Todo se complica, por supuesto, cuando el FBI se incorpora al cuadro.  Melissa McCarthy sorprende en esta cinta, al desmarcarse por completo de sus roles de comedia, para entregarnos una interpretación digna de reconocimientos, a pesar de que Lee es un personaje difícil de empatizar, debido a su personalidad tosca y su humor ácido; aún así Melissa lo logra, la cual se torna irreconocible a momentos, de una buena manera, demostrándonos que su talento como actriz rebosa los límites de la comedia. El film encuentra su bálsamo en el personaje del icónico Richard E. Grant (Jack), que nos conmueve con una interpretación memorable, consiguiendo una exquisita química con nuestra protagonista, con la cual compartirá finalmente sus andanzas "literaria-criminales" y uno que otro trago. 🍷 Sin duda que sin él, la película se volvería plana y opaca, ya que el personaje de Jack se encarga de inyectar el humor y la emoción cada vez que aparece en pantalla.  Can You Ever Forgive Me? Es un film que parece no prometer mucho, pero que se consolida como un largometraje sólido, entretenido, que si bien se demora un poco en desentrañar el conflicto central, logra emocionarnos y cautivarnos hasta el final.  Le doy 🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢 7/10 tortugazos País: USA Directora: #marielleheller Año: 2018 Duración: 107 min Premios: New York Film Critics Circle al mejor Actor de Reparto y diversas nominaciones en la temporada de premios, en especial a Mejor Actriz y Mejor Actor Secundario en los próximos premios Oscar.  #canyoueverforgiveme #melissamccarthy #richardegrant #cine #críticacine #movie #película #cineindie
Hablemos de: Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot (en adelante "DW...") que relata la historia del caricaturista John Callahan, un alcohólico que sufre un accidente, quedando discapacitado, el que tendrá que lidiar con fantasmas del pasado y encontrar el camino que le permita seguir viviendo.  La verdad es que cuando comencé a ver este film, no le tenía mucha fe (no por el cast, que está maravilloso, sino por la temática), pero no me rendí y quedé gratamente conforme y sorprendida; porque a pesar de ser un tema ya muy manoseado: la discapacidad y superación personal, el director le da un giro especial, incorporando tintes de humor negro y presentándonos un protagonista que no es 100% víctima; que gracias a sus errores está donde está y que debido a la ayuda recibida por el grupo de AA logra perdonar, pero con mayor relevancia, perdonarse a sí mismo.  Destaco la soberbia interpretación (como siempre) del gran Joaquin Phoenix, y la mágica química que mantiene con la increíble Rooney Mara, con la que ya lleva varias colaboraciones (por favor chiquillos, sigan trabajando juntos 🙏). Y a un Jack Black, que con un personaje breve, logra trascender. Pero, una actuación que merece ser discutida es la de Jonah Hill como Donnie, el líder de este grupo de AA, que a mi gusto, nos da la mejor intepretación de su carrera, sin caer en la caricatura, logrando ser el punto cúlmine de emoción en el film, y que merecía nominación al Oscar (la cual no obtuvo). "DW..." es una cinta que va de menos a más, cocinándose a fuego lento hasta lograr emocionar al espectador; una mezcla entre comedia y drama, y que si bien, a veces el viaje se vuelve plano, logra repuntar y conquistarnos con excelentes interpretaciones. Y por supuesto, las caricaturas de John, que siempre te sacarán una sonrisa 😄 Le doy 🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢 6/10 tortugazos.  País: USA Director: #gusvansant  Año: 2018 Duración: 113 min #dontworryhewontgetfaronfoot #joaquinphoenix
Hablemos de: Climax🍸La nueva propuesta del realizador franco-argentino Gaspar Noé (Irreversible, Enter the Void) ha dividido a la crítica, como acostumbra con todos sus films.  En pocas palabras, Climax nos cuenta la historia de un grupo de bailarines que se encuentran en medio de un bosque nevado, en una especie de internado, celebrando una fiesta luego de un ensayo. Hasta ahí, todo bien, pero luego descubren que la sangría que han consumido, contenía LSD, droga psicodélica que va a provocar que de un momento a otro todo se vuelva un infierno (literalmente). Si eres un fanático/a del estilo de Gaspar Noé, esta película te encantará, puesto que tiene todos los ingredientes que este director acostumbra incorporar en sus proyectos, en lo personal, siento que Gaspar es de esos directores que puede tomar una cámara y grabar lo que sea, y eso es muy poco común en la industria. Encontrarás locura desenfrenada, sexo, alucinaciones, violencia, desesperación y una dosis de danza que harán de Climax el cóctel perfecto. 🍸 Destaco las escenas de baile, sobre todo la inicial, que te atrapa inmediatamente en la historia y el cómo se van desarrollando los personajes, en especial a una sorprendente Sofia Boutella, que la verdad, nos deja conformes con su interpretación. Y esos maravillosos movimientos de cámara, que como siempre, son el sello de Noé.  En definitiva, Climax es una cinta que entretiene, impacta, es muy interesante en sus elementos, aunque sí deja unos cabos sueltos que me habría gustado no quedaran en duda, pero eso no le resta demasiado y no quita que sea una experiencia para no olvidar. Le doy 🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢 8/10 tortugazos País: Francia Director: #gasparnoé Año: 2018 Duración: 96 min Premios: Art Cinema Award en la sección "Quincena de Realizadores" del #festivaldecinedecannes. #climax #climaxfilm #sofiaboutella #críticacine #cine #francia #chile #santiago #valparaíso #viñadelmar #cineindie #cinearte
Hablemos de: Beautiful Boy 💊 Este film está basado en la historia de David y Nic Sheff, padre e hijo, interpretados por Steve Carell y Timothée Chalamet, respectivamente, y la adicción que sufrió Nic durante su adolescencia a distintos tipos de droga, en especial a la metanfetamina, y la lucha de él y sus padres por salir de esa situación.  La película es una montaña rusa de emociones, por lo que si no eres un robot, se te hará difícil mantener los ojos secos. Una serie de flashbacks nos demuestran que este chico tuvo una infancia llena de amor por lo que te preguntas constantemente el por qué ha llegado a esos límites de adicción, pero la respuesta es algo que solo el espectador puede encontrar e interpretar. Steve Carell es el corazón de la película, sufres a través de él, en su mirada puedes notar la desesperación, el dolor y la angustia que siente al no poder ayudar a su hijo. Y Timothée, nos demuestra una vez más que a su corta edad es uno de los actores más talentosos de su generación, brindándonos una interpretación cruda, tanto emocional como corporal, en el que puedes dimensionar las dos caras de la moneda, el chico apuesto y brillante, y por otro lado el sumergido en la oscuridad, atrapado por sus demonios.  Sin embargo, el film se vuelve a momentos repetitivo, ya que constantemente se centra en las recaídas de Nic, en la desesperación de David, sin explorar otras aristas, que podrían en definitiva haber permitido a la cinta escapar del melodrama en exceso que posee.  Destaco el potente soundtrack, que incluye grandes artistas como Nirvana, David Bowie, John Lennon, entre otros.🎸 Finalmente Beautiful Boy es una cinta para ver, ojalá en familia, para reflexionar; y si quieres emocionarte, definitivamente esta es tu película 👌  Le doy 🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢 6/10 tortugazos y un 🍫 País: USA Dirección: #felixvangroeningen Año: 2018; Duración: 111 min Premios: Muchas nominaciones a Timothée como actor secundario
Hablemos de: Suspiria 💀 Para comenzar, me desmarcaré totalmente del clásico de Dario Argento, y la veré como individual, porque más que un remake, este film lo que pretende es ampliar el universo de aquella, entregándonos una nueva perspectiva.  Suspiria trata sobre una chica (Dakota Johnson, si, la de las 50 sombras) que viaja a Alemania, específicamente a la prestigiosa Academia Markos, para perfeccionarse como bailarina. De allí en adelante se van desencadenando una serie de acontecimientos que finalmente nos llevan a descubrir el aquelarre de brujas que vive en esa academia.  Destaca en esta película la atmósfera misteriosa, casi mística que logra su director, utilizando una paleta de colores grises y opacos, un ambiente húmedo y escalofriante. Que gran trabajo el de Luca Guadagnino, de pasar desde la grandiosa "Call Me By Your Name" a esa oscura y sombría propuesta de terror sobrenatural. Suspiria es en definitiva un film que debes ver en un cine, la combinación de actuaciones (mención especial a la seca Tilda Swinton), el maravilloso score compuesto por Thom Yorke (Radiohead para los que no lo conocen, ah y dato aparte, corre a escuchar el disco completo, en especial "Suspirium" y "Volk", grandiosas ambas); y esa escena cúlmine, es para dejarte literalmente en shock en el asiento.  Suspiria es muy interesante si la analizas e interpretas sus escenas, así que prepárate para mucho gore, danza e isoterismo y ojo, quédate hasta el final de los créditos, una sorpresa te espera 😉 Le doy 🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢 7/10 tortugazos. País: USA, Italia. Director: #lucaguadagnino Año: 2018 Duración: 152 min Premios: Mejor Canción original por Suspirium en el #festivaldecinedevenecia.  #suspiria #suspiriaelmaligno #thomyorke #dakotajohnson #tildaswinton #cine #cinearte #críticacine #santiago #chile #valparaíso #film #latortugacinéfila #moviereview #suspirium #witch #brujas #movie #suspiriamovie
Hablemos de Girl👗(NETFLIX 💻) Film que se estrenó en el Festival de Cine de Cannes (no el de los perritos) el año pasado. En síntesis, este film nos cuenta la historia de Lara; (interpretada por un excelente y revelador Victor Polster) una adolescente que nació en cuerpo de hombre y que aspira a ser una bailarina.  A través de la película vemos cómo esta chica debe enfrentarse a un proceso hormonal y el bullying debido a su condición de transexual.  A mi parecer, esta cinta está entre las mejores del año, vemos una soberbia actuación de Polster, que logra hipnotizar con sus movimientos, maravillosamente capturados a través de esos movimientos de cámara que sólo se dedican a seguirlo; que traspasa desde la pantalla su desesperación y ansiedad por ver completa su transformación (climax que se concreta muy bien en una de las últimas escenas). Profundiza también muy bien en la relación padre-hija, y la verdad es que me impresiona la naturalidad con que el padre se toma el tema (pucha que faltan padres así en Chile). En fin, capturando la danza, la ansiedad por encajar en una sociedad que por naturaleza no te acepta, que te observa y cuestiona los "porqués" constantemente. Me parece rescatable que el film no haya olvidado abarcar también la sexualidad de Lara, cosa que tienes que tener en cuenta, considerando la edad de la chica. Sin embargo, me habría gustado que se discutiera sobre la falta de la figura materna en la vida de esta adolescente, creo que es un tema que se dejó en blanco y que habría sido interesante tomarlo en cuenta.  En definitiva, es un film que si te gusta el cine arte, debes ver, lo recomiendo totalmente, tiene un ritmo constante y te interesas de inmediato en la historia. El final nos hace reflexionar, cosa que es muy necesario de hacer en estos días.  Le doy 🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢 7/10 tortugazos.  País: Bélgica Director: #lukasdhont  Año: 2018;Duración: 105 min Premios: Caméra d'Or en el Festival de Cine