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Toddler life不不不 . #momsquad #toddler #quotes #popintostore #kidsemporiumboksburg
"Alison @1 month old.thanks babycuddle.ph. For making my baby comfortable". -- Mommy Maxim  ... Thank you for trusting and supporting local brand it means a lot to us  歹   You may direct order to our online shop : http://www.babycuddle.ph . . . . . . . . . babycuddleph  #babycuddlebed #lovelocalph  #scandinaviandesign #babybed  #babybedph #babycuddleblanket #babycuddlenest  #cuddlenest  #cosleep #cosleeping #mothers #mothersday #mom #parenting #parents #children #kids #family #momsquad #realmotherhood #motherly #dadlife #dad #momlifeisthebestlife
In an effort to kick the allergies this week, I have been trying to drink more water. I’m so bad about getting enough water during the day.  I have found that adding vitality oils to my water has helped me drink more than I usually would. Right now I’m loving Lemon, Peppermint or Grapefruit.  Have you tried essential oil in your water yet? What’s your favorite flavor to add?
Allergies are getting the better of me this week. Every time rain shows up in the forecast lately I have gotten that tickle in my throat and this week it advanced to runny nose, watery eyes and stuffy head congestion. 之 This blend is definitely helping give me some relief.
Traded in the typical work from home duds and stepped into some heels to celebrate in Vegas with some of the most inspiring and uplifting women who I get to call my business partners and have become my best friends! I’m still blown away that a career can be so fulfilling and truly FUN. 鳶  Follow my stories this week for a sneak peek into what I do for a living and why it’s become such a huge passion of mine! The best part is...you can join me! We can do this together! What if this could change everything for you?!
 is the  迎  I suffered from having an oily skin over the years because apparently my skin is dehydrated and lacks moisture. It reacts pretty badly with cream type moisturizers so I opt for gel/warter-based and that brings me with my   : 'Bird's Nest Aqua Water Sleeping Pack' from @snp.korea 迎  It hydrates my skin, keeping it moist and plump eversince I started using it. My skin went from uber oily to normal and I can't even remember when was the last time I used a blotting paper. 迎  My only qualm is the packaging. I wish it came with a tube or pump glass bottle. 1 sachet is good for 2-3 uses but I am planning to open them all and transfer it to a tub because I am more comfortable using it by scooping the right amount of product using a spatula. 迎    : 4.5/5 - it could have been a 5 if not for the packaging. I am trying to minimize the wastes on my skincare products so I prefer the reusable and glass containers, but this kind of packaging is preferable for traveling. 迎 What's your go-to products when it comes to hydration?
Wait I’m not everyone’s cup of tea?!?   This used to- and still sometimes does- get to me. I am so someone who wants everyone to like me, and I’ll do whatever I can for you. So when I feel like I’ve let someone down or they don’t like me WOWZA does it get to me.  Hits all of the emotional points inside me.  My wiser younger sister said to me “Get as much information you can about what went wrong and move forward as a better version of you!” And boy is she right!! 歹 I may not be everyone’s cup of tea and that’s ok! It doesn’t make me less!  So here’s to putting in my headphones and jamming to Katy Perry’s Roar!! “I got the eye of the tiger!”
Mumpung ada promo Free Ongkir nih Gaess jgn sampai dilewatkan gitu aja lohh..yuk pesan dari sekarang utk stok cemilan weekend kamu  ...... Fast respond chat to WA 081398293393 atau klik link di bio ya  #macaronischotel #macaronipanggang #beeflasagna #lasagnapanggang #comfortfood #pasta #highrecommendedfood #bestseller #yummyfood #guiltypleasure #jktfoodbang #jktculinary #demenmakan #delicious #lunchmate #cemilanenak #cemilanweekend #foodhunter #foodenthusiast #foody #momsquad #arisan #mommykece #makanenak #jajananenak
True friendship wants nothing but the best from each other. I'm so lucky to have them in my life歹 #alhamdulillah #ladies #friends #friendship #mydubai #dubailife #dubai #momsquad #expatlife #emeraldpalacekempinskidubai
Another memorable farewell dinner. I'm blessed & honoured to have known these super amazing, kindhearted souls while i'm here in Dubai. Memories not to be forgotten, and the bond of friendship remains forever. In syaa Allah歹 #alhamdulillah #ladies #friends #friendship #mydubai #dubailife #dubai #momsquad #expatlife #emeraldpalacekempinskidubai
Happy 16th to my very first buddy Ben. I don’t have the right words to express how lucky I feel to be his mom. I’m so proud of everything he is. He is loyal, intelligent, determined, dedicated, strong, consistent, responsible, courageous, curious, perceptive, and good. I can still make him laugh (or take away his car keys ), he only sometimes laughs AT me , and he is always there when anyone needs him, including me, which is weird because I’m, like, the mom. Ben is legit. ILHSM 歹歹歹荊荊荊 @benbrombaugh #sweetsixteen #sixteencandles #sixteen #happybirthdaykid #happybirthday #momlife #momsbelike #momsquad #momsohard #imomsohard #momsofinstagram #nocaps #onbabies
Serving you a #tbt of my 70kilos self. Ha!  How’s it going, loves?   #trulytara #influencersspaceglobal
#bagiraport  #momsquad  #5d #sdn001merdeka
Music to my ears.  There is no arguing and no tears.
With the first official day of summer just two days away, guess where I am off too!?? . #Alaska! Ice and cold! That’s what you think of when you think of #summer right? My hubby is not as excited to not be in the warm weather for our #vacation but I cannot wait for this #bucketlist vacation! . . I scoured reviews and asked all my friends who have gone for their favorite advice for the trip and I have some fun excursions I can’t wait to report back to you about! Any final last minute tips or things I shouldn’t miss? . . #alaskacruise #princess #oceanready #naturegram #alaskathelastfrontier #comebacknew @princesscruises
Sometimes people come into your life and you wonder why you didn’t meet them sooner.  This envelope is from two beautiful women who are encouraging, supportive, make me laugh, and might even be considered some version of sister wives . Mom Squad Strong, thank you ladies歹 . . . #gratefulheart #momsquad #supportstaff #motherhoodinspired #raisingthefuture #modernmotherhood #momlove #motherhoodrising
DID YOU HEAR?! We have 7 amazing brand ambassadors on the “#MomSquad” & I’m so excited to introduce you to another one of our FAB Mamas! . . . MEET AMANDA! Amanda (@amandapete.mom) is a wifey to her high sweetheart of 14 years. Together they have a beautifully blended family with 7 children total. FUN FACT: they have TWO sets of Toddler Twins... 16 months apart! Amanda grew up in South Minneapolis (Uptown area), and now she and her family live in Brooklyn Park. She works outside of the home in the healthcare industry, which goes to show how helping and caring she is! Amanda and her family love watching movies, listening to music, dancing and cooking & eating together. . . . Explore our website to learn “ABOUT” the team and the future of TC Mobile Mommy 踢 . .  Photo credit: @giliane_e_mansfeldtphotography 弘
Ask for help. I believe in this "strategy" because I know it works. I'm a talker. I always have been. I'm also an expert on very little in life...outside of knowing my own self inside out, I pretty much know nothing else on that level. So I ask for help. Always. People are always amazed at how much I do or how far I've come or bla bla bla but I will be the FIRST to say that I've had tons of help. Help that I've asked for and even some that I haven't but accepted anyway because I needed it. The reason I always ask for help is because I know in my heart I return that same energy out to the world. I'm a helper. This, in no way, makes me better or "nicer" than the next person...I just know how this life thing works. You get what you give and I'm here to receive it all...so I gotta give. Nobody knows you're struggling or lost if you don't speak up. Being proud never got anyone further than the corner. Trust & believe. Oh and by the way, asking for help doesn't make you weak; it makes you smart. Doing it "all" by yourself just makes you tired and tired causes wrinkles...and ya know how I feel about wrinkles. #mamishny
Ibu2 Sholehah nan aduhai mempesonah dia acara wisudah bocah ...  #graduation #kids #momsquad
The Gauze Nella Dress in Blue and some serious flower power.  #aliceandames
HUMP DAY  I received this cute book from one of my husband's co workers and I cannot wait to start using it 歹 Every Day is Def Epic!! This is a journal that is meant to spark daily creativity and self reflection which has been such a huge GOAL of mine 歹 My NUMBER ONE goal is to become a member of the 5am club  every day. For those of you who know me well, you know this is SO hard for me . I am NOT a morning person at all. Never have been .  But I will persist until I succeed   What is something that you are improving on ?  Our bodies are stronger than we think. All you need to do is believe 歹 #momsofinstagram #momstrong #momlife #mom #momoftwo #momswholift #momsquad #momswithmuscle #momstyle #motivation #motivator #motivationalquotes #fitnessroutine #fitspo #fitnessmom #fitfam #fitnessinspiration #healthylifestyle #healthyrecipes #doingthisforme#amen#positivequotes #positivity #positivevibes #iliketosleep #ilovetoshop #bossbabe #catmom
It's Won't He Do It Wednesday! _ God blessed me with silence while shopping today. Shhh....he is sound asleep. _ My little one was sleep during the whole time I was shopping and checking out. Ahhhhhh! No begging, whining, crying or mommy go down this aisle I see toys.弘 _ Yes, I keep his handmade crochet baby blanket on hand along with my sweater as a pillow. Sometimes when we are out this happens and I love it. _ I even had to use the ladies room. Guess what? The restroom is big enough for me to push the whole cart in. I assume Kroger already know what most moms need...space. Little things like this makes a difference. _ Can you relate? _ Have a Bodacious and Miraculous Day!
I was 15 urs old & I wanted them SO BADD. But, my parents wouldn’t buy them for me. They said I could buy them with my own money. I was SO MAD...I mean, everyone else’s parents were buying them Guess jeans!! I think it took me about a month to save up my baby sitting money to buy them. I realize now it’s the BEST THING they ever did for me. It taught me patience, valuing things bc they were not handed to me, learning that hard work and delayed gratification is a great lesson maker.  And, now, I work really hard to remember the lessons my parents taught me so that I can pass them on to my kids. I don’t care how many of Gracie’s friends have Lulu Lemon or Michael Khors or whatever the brand name thing is...she’s gonna have to work for that. 返鳶返♥儭♥儭 Sometimes it’s hard for parents to not give in to the peer pressure bc they don’t want their kids to feel left out or like they need to fit in. Let your kids feel the sting of not getting it all handed to them and having to work for it. They’ll miss out on some very valuable lessons....they might not understand and you might not be able to tell a difference in them now, but when they’re 20 yrs old and they have a work ethic way stronger than most their age...you’ll know then it was so worth it. Target brand will do just fine. 仄‍儭 #raisingkidsthathustle
潃儭Thieves Roller 潃儭 I just got over the worse sickness I’ve had all year, in June . It was awful.  I bought this roller for sick season but I wish I was more diligent rolling this on daily for daily support. This is my new goal.  Thieves is a Young Living blend to support immunity and it’s one heck of a power house!! If you apply this early and often enough you can make it through a sickness with minimal symptoms, I know because it’s worked for me!! I did get sick this time around but I think if I wasn’t liberally applying thieves it would have been so much worse.  Thieves is amazing but this prediluted oil is even better. Just always having this on hand is the best! I’m all for making your own rollers but I love that young living also makes your favorites even more convenient in rollers!! Who else is a thieves addict?!
Me and my little buddy hanging out, talking about important ga gas and coo coos  my laptop is constantly on and playing white noise  Jace is sucking on his hands and babbling constantly. He’s 14 weeks but seems like he’s already starting to teethe  #momsquad #mommyhood #momlife
Elliot’s art box! 劾均
Starter Kit Oil: Raven  Combo of ravintsara, peppermint, eucalyptus radiata, lemon, and wintergreen.  Great for relaxing and after a workout.  Suggested uses: Add a few drops to your pillow Apply to feet as part of your bedtime routine  #melodic_oils #diy #younglivingessentialoils #oilsarelife #oilsarelife #oilymama #essentialoilsrock #youngliving #starterkit #joyfulmamas #legitmomstyle #motherhoodinspired #motherhoodinstyle #momliferocks #dailymotherhood #unitedmotherhood #plantbased #jesusandoils #momgoals #modernmom #momcrushmonday #wellness #honestparenting #momsquad #momstyle #greenliving #motherhoodrising #momsoninstagram #healthymamas #yleo
*Vacation mode*  seriously tho, I can’t seem to get  out of vacation mode!! Since coming back from Ireland, my routine has been soo off!   I know that it’s just the roller coaster of life, and I can’t always control what life throws at me.... All I can do is enjoy the ride, which isn’t always easy. Especially when you ALWAYS try to have your ducks in a row  I never realized how much of a routine person I was until it had been completely thrown off track.  I know there is light at the the end of the tunnel and I AM the ONLY one that can get sh*t back on track... #humpdayhustle
That feeling you get when you finish folding your laundry. I absolutely HATE folding clothes! Anyone else the same? The washing is the easy part, but folding?! No way!!! So glad I’ve got a mini me around during summer break to help me out!!! #ihatelaundry #momlife #laundry #foldingclothessucks #success #summerbreak #minimehelpsme #adventuresofpoff #anursenamedpoff #momdutiesneverend #momduties #geterdone #momsquad #momsquadgoals
Society: “carbs are bad” as I scroll past 10 new Keto fads on social    Me: *devours this fat baby (it’s real name) with my hubs. Not giving an eff about carbs*    Do I eat pasta stuffed bread every day? No haha.   But do I yell “hell yeah” when Travis asks me to go try this restaurant featured on Food Insider that just so happens to be down the street from our house? Which just so happened to have this beaut in the video?  ABSO厲REAKING嘴UTELY   Stop depriving yourself and start living your best life. Eat the carbs. Do all the things.   Here’s my PSA for the day:  You’re allowed to eat veggies most and still take care of yourself while splurging every once in a while!
Tonight Jack asked me if we could move to Florida so we didn’t have to work or go to school anymore. I wish bud. I think he has vacation and reality mixed up a bit. 不
I put some Valor on the other day while soaking up some sun綽 . I could feel the subtle energy in body begin to align and balance as my mind calmed & my anxiety/ fears became no more! . My quote today (and really everyday),  “Ground yourself”  Put your bare feet on clean grass and ground, while allowing Mother Earth to pull your energy into her center heart to refill your body and subtle energies with her nourishing energy and love   I suggest applying valor to each chakra and the bottoms of your feet when doing this for optimal results! . . . #yleo #youngliving #essentialoil #essentiallydylan #diamondstrong #essentialrewards #oils #younglivingeo #aromatherapy #essentialoilsrock #greenliving #allnatural #healthybodyhappylife #abundantliving #frequency #mommamode #oilmomma #oilsquad #momsquad #healthyliving #therapeuticgrade #seedtoseal #cleanliving #oilyfam #kindness #spreadinghealth #wellnesslifestyle #preventativemedicine #godsmedicinecabinet
.  MY BÉBÉ AHLAAM  . Actually, I wasn’t really excited when the obgyn told me that I’m having a girl. All I want was boy, especially for the first born. But after having Ahlaam, I’m getting more and more enjoy having a daughter. I’ve been told that boys are more physical, girls tend to be more quiet. But not with Ahlaam. She’s so active and loud. I lost a lot of weight because of this  She can’t stop moving and grabbing things. She’s so curious with everything. So, active or not isn’t depend on gender  Everyone know girls are more emotional. In a good way, she know my feeling. Whenever I feel sad or look sad, she will cheer me up. She hug me, kiss me, smile and laugh. She always managed to make me feel better. Now, let’s talk about girls stuff  They have more accessories and many kind of clothes. Dress, romper, tights, overall, headband, bow, etc, you named it. It’s SO fun to dress her up. She’s my living doll! I always looking forward to go out, because I can dress her all out! Well, I do dress her at home, change her clothes a few times only for adoring how cute she is. I call it as “dress up games” Ahh, I kinda want more girls in the future.. Don’t ask when!  . #ahlaamhilyah #ahlaam1y
We were delayed for our second flight, 3 Wonger babies did stellar but are exhausted (as expected). Travel days are the worst, but it’s a small trade off for all the vacation memories made I suppose! I’m typing this while trapped on the plane, still waiting for it to take off. Cmonnnnn plane gods, hurry up, taxi this bird and get us Wongers home! But for now enjoy a random flower snap that has nothing to do with this caption whatsoever.  #instagrambelike
You know you’ve got a lot on your mind when you forget to post a post-workout selfie.  so here’s a picture of me with my not shakeology protein and greens in a shakeology bottle in the midst of sock matching hell. But I did workout tonight.  anyone else HATE matching socks and put it off for...... (months) ? #strongasamother #fitness #fitmom #fitfam #shelifts #sheruns #runner #postpartumfitnessjourney #csectionmamatimes3 #stronger #faster #workinprogress #progressisperfection #gettinginshape #roundisashape #bouncingback #momswithmuscle #momsquad #butfirstcoffee #iworkout #strongmama #tiredasamother #fitfam #momswholift
Their little faces are what brings me  joy + grace each day
you’re #puuuurfect just as you are 弘樹 also #wearsunscreen儭#love  #youdoyou #behappy #beproud #loveyourself #wednesdaywisdom #pride #canigetanamen 歹均
訊 I M E ‍儭all good things take time.  The weight wasn’t gained in 4 weeks, or even 4 months  Give yourself grace, start at square one.  It’s ok that today could be your day one, everyone had one, and you never know what other people are struggling with.  So be patient with yourself and be kind to others   #positivity #bepatient #giveyourselfgrace #seekerofallthingspositive #ieatpositivityforbreakfast #chairsquat #p90x #beachbodyondemand #findyourfitlanguage #fitfam #fitfamily #postpartumfitness #postpartumjourney #momsquad
“It’s not about perfect. It’s about effort. When you bring the effort every single day, that’s where the transformation happens.”
Nearly two months ago to the day I shared this photo on the left with a message about people who body shame others on social media.   And believe it or not, on that same post, someone called me a hippo butt (which I think is funny actually).   So today I wore the same crop leggings, tried to get the same pic and just wanted to say....  My Hippo Butt is going strong!返鳶 #BopoMovement #selflovesoldier