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Find out how you compare to mobile gamers in EMEA with our latest Under the Microscope survey. Link in bio 🔗
💎Milenijumska zvijezda ➡️Pronađen je 1990. godine u Demokratskoj državi Kongo. Prvobitna težina iznosila je 777 karata, nakon obrade dijamant teži ⚖️ 203,04 karata = 40,608g. Jedan je od dva dijamanta sa oznakom 'D'-potpuno bezbojan , eksterno i interno besprekoran, izbrušen do savršenih proporcija. Bilo je potrebno čak 3 godine ⏳ za njegovu obradu koja je izvršena laserom. Jedini je ovog tipa koji je pronađen u 1000 godina i 📊 statističke procjene ukazuju da se sličan neće pronaći još nekoliko stotina godina. Dijamant zauzima centralno mjesto  kolekcije Limited Edition Millennium Diamonds. U vlasništvu je De Beers grupe i njegova vrijednost iznosi £100,000,000.
We're all excited when we start our new Business website. When you are looking for the best platform for your business go through all there features and benefits. In today's environment a website service is a lot more than you think and some companies offer more and some companies offer less you have to find out what's best for you and your individual business. #businesswebsite #techinfo
Our fearless leader, Larry Borden, never hesitates to jump in and lend a hand, even when it comes down to making the warehouse space sparkle!
The T-Mobile Tech Experience Truck is traveling across the country and bringing new ideas in technology straight to the consumers! #aardvark
Who do you call when you need to get the Olympic Torch across the country, over the course of several months & ensure that it stays lit? #aardvark
Another beautiful shot from the road! A quick stop by the Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota. #scenesfromtheroad
The #starbucks Double Shot sampling vehicle toured Chicago during the hot summer months & distributed thousands of samples to thirsty visitors!
This B2B Tour consisted of not only a glass box truck with radio studio but ALSO a beautiful Prevost bus for client entertainment. #aardvark
A quick morning meeting between sales, production, and client services to review tour status, customer satisfaction, and upcoming stops! #aardvark
Vera Bradley showcases their latest line of products inside a mall, while giving away beautiful, fresh bouquet of flowers to visitors! #aardvark
We are so excited to announce that Curate Mobile has acquired JUICE Mobile, Canada’s only TAG “Certified Against Fraud”  #mobilemarketing and #adtech firm. #toronto #yyz #entrepreneur #startuplife
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New @PubMatic research reveals #mobile #headerbidding volumes nearly double as the #technology extends to in-app environments lovelymobile.news/new-pubmatic-r… #digital #marketing #report #programmatic - - - #mobileadvertising #mobilemarketing #technology #digital #digitalmarketing #media #marketing #lovelymobilenews #mobilenews