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Mañana iremos a hacernos un cambio de look radical 😱 ¿Qué color creen que nos pondremos el cabello cada una? 🤔💓 .... . @teens_generation_ @jazz_arellanotg @gaurrie_estilistas . . #teensfandom #mhm2018 #jazyteens #misshispanoamérica #jalisco #ferteens
Muchas gracias a @vallartaplus por su valioso apoyo en la transportación rumbo a @misshispanoamerica.mx 2018 .. . Cuando viajes a la RIVIERA NAYARIT o a PUERTO VALLARTA , elije sin duda VALLARTA PLUS🚍🚍🚍 . .  @teens_generation_ @pasitosdeluz @rivercafepv. . . #mhm2018 #vallartaplus #misshispanoamérica #rivieranayarit #patrocinador #teenhispanoaméricajlisco #teensfandom #ferteens
Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) equips individuals and organizations with the skills to identify and assist someone who is developing a mental health challenge or is experiencing a mental health crisis such as panic attacks, bouts of depression, difficulties with expatriate adjustment or the after-effects of trauma or bereavement.⠀ ⠀ Just as with physical first aid, in all situations, the goal is to provide support until appropriate professional help arrives.⠀ ⠀ ---⠀ ⠀ Date: Thursday, October 25th & Friday 26th, 2018⠀ Time: 9am – 4.15pm⠀ Location: The LightHouse – Center for Wellbeing⠀ ⠀ Fee:⠀ AED 1,550 per person⠀ AED 1,800 per person if collecting CEUs from DHA⠀ *Fees are exclusive of 5% VAT⠀ *All participants will receive a certificate of accreditation upon completion of the course.⠀ ⠀ Pre-registration required: link in bio⠀ ⠀ ---⠀ ⠀ We are committed to improving Mental Health Literacy (MHL) in organizations through:⠀ ⠀ - Delivery and instruction of evidence-based information and intervention -techniques.⠀ - Tailoring the delivery to the organization’s unique context and needs.⠀ - Using effective role plays and to construct workplace-specific scenarios for practice.⠀ - Our advanced cultural competence and deep understanding of the realities of living and working in Dubai – with the specific challenges and opportunities this creates.⠀ ⠀ ---⠀ ⠀ Who Facilitates The MHFA Training:⠀ ⠀ The training is delivered by team members from the LightHouse Arabia. All are clinical or counseling psychologists who have received their education and training in the USA, UK, Europe, South Africa and Australia. All have extensive experience in working with individuals and groups on a wide variety of mental health issues.⠀ ⠀ #thelighthouse #lighthousearabia #tlh #info #mhfa #mentalhealth #psychology #dubai
HOLA, EN LA RECTA FINAL A @misshispanoamerica.mx 2018 , te invito a conocer el maravilloso y tradicional @tlaquepaque_hoy . @teens_generation_ . @glamour.gdl @sectur_mx . #mhm2018 #misshispanoamérica #rivieranayarit #patrocinador #teenhispanoaméricajlisco #teensfandom #ferteens #tlaquepaque
Recta final hacia @misshispanoamerica.mx 2018, ¡voy por la corona nacional! 👉¿CUENTO CONTIGO? 👈 . INGRESA YA A MI PAGINA OFICIAL DE FACEBOOK/MISSYMISTERHISPANOAMERICAJALISCO/ y dejame un comentario . @teens_generation_ @rivercafepv @glamour.gdl @memo_loy @daymdl @memochimal @pasitosdeluz  #mhm2018 #misshispanoamérica #rivieranayarit #patrocinador #teenhispanoaméricajalisco  #ferteens #teensgeneration #teensfandom
Hasta mañana ❤️✨ Te invito a ver mi publicación anterior, y sumarte a esta causa, ¡se que cuento contigo! 🌠 . @teens_generation_ . . #ferteens #teensfandom #teensgeneration #teensfandom #mhm2018 #misshispanoamérica #jalisco
HOLA, hoy te invito a que juntos causemos impacto y toquemos millones de corazones❤️ . Trabajemos duro desde nuestras casas y nuestras escuelas, combatamos el tan dañino "bullying"🚫 @rachelschallange . MIRA ESTE IMPACTANTE VIDEO COMPLETO EN MI PÁGINA DE FACEBOOK/MissHispanoamericaJalisco/ . @teens_generation_ @pasitosdeluz @misshispanoamerica.mx . #rachel'schallenge #mhm2018 #misshispanoamérica #rivieranayarit #patrocinador #teenhispanoaméricajlisco #teensfandom #ferteens #toquemoscorazones #impacto #bullying #noalbullying
Hoy te invitamos a sumarte, entra y conoce un lugar lleno de magia y de amor. 💗 @pasitosdeluz 💗 . Ingresa a www.pasitosdeluz.org 💖POR QUE SIEMPRE PODEMOS DAR MAS💖 . @teens_generation_ @jazz_arellanotg @misshispanoamerica.mx  @rivercafepv . #mhm2018 #misshispanoamérica #rivieranayarit #patrocinador #rivercafe #teenhispanoaméricajlisco #teensgeneration #ferteens #teensfandom #pasitosdeluz
My best friend married the love of her life last night! It was a fairytale wedding with the most perfect weather! I am so happy and honored to be part of your life!! #mhm2018 #myitgirl
We had a great time at Aunt Haylee’s wedding. Thanks to Uncle @colbs014 for the awesome picture of my squad. #mhm2018 #instafamily
"Estamos a solo 1 semana de partir hacia la RIVIERA NAYARIT para el certamen Miss y Míster Hispanoamérica México 👑❤️ Estoy súper emocionada!... Muchas gracias a todos por el apoyo que me han brindado durante estos meses y les aseguro que voy con todo para traernos la corona a nuestro bello JALISCO ✨ GRACIAS INFINITAS😍" -Fernanda Ortega" -.-.- #mr #mhm2018 #teen #misshispanoamérica  #teensfandom #ferteens #turismo #misshispanoamérica #jalisco #rivieranayarit
"Las tristezas no se quedan para siempre cuando caminamos en dirección a lo que siempre deseamos." -Astrid- -.-.- #mr #mhm2018 #missteenhispanoaméricahidalgo #teenhispanoamérica #teen #hidalgo
Meeting with the Master Blaster @sachintendulkar 💥❤️.. Thank you @nebsports @adiganagaraj @sunilshetty27 @sangy_31 for the opportunity to get to know the always humble and most loved sportsman/human being a little better, and to see the respect he has for self motivated people willing to work towards their goals 💎👏 . . #keepmoving #idbifederalmumbaihalfmarathon #nebsports #mhm2018 #memories #gratitude #runnersofinstagram #runnersofindia #mumbairunners #fatgirlruns #strongnotskinny
“Truth. Transparency. Tinnitus. Do you hear that?” - The last we communicated was August 8th. - August 8th! - The summer came and went. Periodically, people I know personally would say, ”Hey, what’s going on with Letters To The Tribe? When are you going to write again?" - ”Thank you. I appreciate that…I really don’t know when I’m going to post again.” - Truth be told. I didn’t. I was grappling with whether or not the posts about depression and anxiety were feeding the beast instead of hunting it. Was my writing fueled by narcism? - Wait it out. If you're going to write then do it with sincerity, and vision. This is what I told myself…so, I did. I waited. The summer passed, but the heat remained. (Learn to swim.) - Last weekend, at a house party, a stranger said to me, ”I miss the writing. It helps me and my sister a lot. You have no idea.” Off she walked. - It was a Fight Club like exchange. The first rule of Fight Club is you don’t talk about fight club. - I took a sip of my beer. It was settled. - If this woman had to whisper that to me, and I nodded in agreement then it's time to get at it again. Stigmas prevail. If this woman and her sister, people I do not know, were impacted by what I had to say then...there is plenty of ground to cover. There are many more stories to share. Many are unfolding as I type this, it's your personal narrative and life experiences, along with mine that are playing out. - Fence sitting and questions aside you have been in my thoughts. Once a tribe member, always a tribe member. Have you’re ears been ringing? If so, it’s not tinnitus.  It's been me thinking about Letters to The Tribe. It's been strangers thanking me for being so open, it's been my wife, occasionally, saying," You should get back to it." - P.S. I know. I still you a definition of B.O.A.  Wed. 10/17/18 “Mis Amigos. Long Over Due.”
Sacarle una sonrisa es un triunfo, pero cuando lo hace, es la más auténtica y hermosa💗, gracias @jazz_arellanotg por estar a mi lado en esta aventura👏👑 . Recta final. @misshispanoamerica.mx 2018, 27 de Octubre / Riviera Nayarit . Síganme en mi facebok oficial @jalisco miss y mister hispanoamérica . @teens_generation_  @pasitosdeluz . #mhm2018 #misshispanoamérica #rivieranayarit #patrocinador #teenhispanoaméricajalisco
Me encanta disfrutar de la naturaleza 😍🌳 . @teens_generation_ #teensfandom #mhm2018 #misshispanoamérica