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Second cups of coffee (with a friend). A long walk (I tired the pup out). Lunch with the kids (just one of the things I love about homeschooling). Emails from so many of you thoughtful souls joining in Gratitude Week (you do my heart good). . What are your gratitudes today?  Join us with #gratitudeweek2018 . #gratitude #allyearlong #payattention
Hello, lovely friends.  Gratitude is something dear to my heart (I know you know)...practicing it, and sharing in that practice with others. Which is why I’m very happy that Gratitude Week is just around the corner.  Did you know?! We begin November 5.  It’s a week of...yep, gratitude.  And I know many of us practice gratitude all year long (yay for that!) but I lovelovelove when we gather together, and think about it together.  Community is so very powerful. . If you click link in my profile, you can sign up for my Gratitude Notes. FREE. From my heart to yours and yours and yours. . I hope you have a sweet Monday, and I hope to see you for Gratitude Week.  Kisses to each of you.  #gratitudeweek2018 #gratitude #mondaymonday #mgdself #payattention #onlineworkshop
Oh, today.  May you be gentle.  #wishesfortoday #wednesdaywednesday #mgdself #turnthelensonself #tinytinymoments #ontheporch
Something I love about IG is the community.  I struggle with being in this space too much. Because I have other spaces in my life that need my attention too.  I talk/write about mindful living and want to be honest about how that looks in my life.  But this space and those of you here.  Ohmyheart.  The other day, one of you emailed me in response to my post on Tuesday. A song had been triggered for you, and you shared that with me.  How awesome is that?  That this dear person reached out to me in that way.  I’m currently listening to that song on repeat.  Feeling connected.  And full, in a very good way. . . Go listen to Alanis Morissette’s “Receive”. . . Thank you, J.  You have a big heart and a generous spirit.
The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place:  from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider’s web. ~Pablo Picssso~ . . I am receiving. How ‘bout you? . . #betheconduit #bethelight #tinytinymoments #mgdself #turnthelensonself #seeksimplicity #aseasonalshift #tuesdaytuesday
The feeling of a fullness that is so full surely there will be an overflowing and the overflowing will manifest in the falling of tears from eyes.  Yes, that. . I’m signing off for a bit. If you read my blog and Monthly Notes, you know this. If you only see me here, now you know too. Catch you on the flip side. 💗 . #mgdself #turnthelensonself #tinytinymoments #wednesdaywednesday
I’m putting the finishing touches on my (free) offering Intention for 7. We begin on Monday. Registration closes Saturday, so don’t wait much longer to sign up for daily emails of what I hope will inspire you....to move gently, to move steadily, to move with heart. You in?? . Just follow link in profile to register.  I hope you have an excellent day. xo . And if you’re not inspired to join, that’s fine too. I hope you have an excellent day as well. xo . #tinytinymoments #justshowup #shine #mgdself
I’m getting ready to run my FREE offering...Intention for 7...later this month {July 16-22}. I ran this class a couple of years ago and it turned out to be a wonderful gathering of heart-filled souls. If you’d like to set and work with a special intention...for 7 days...in community...I’d love to have you join us.  You can read more on my site (link in profile...Intention for 7). It’s going to be sweet. And (always) powerful. . My gift, from me to you.  Pass it on, as inspired. xo . #justshowup #shine #dothedoing #intention
I wrote a thank you note of sorts on my blog today. It wasn’t planned. It’s just sort of what came out.  It’s kind of about you.  And me. #community #fridaymorning #justfivethings
Cut my bangs the other day, and feeling a little sassy.  What’s new for you??
Such a good journaling session this morning. And then a phone call with my dearest girlfriend. Now it’s espresso and emails. Oh Friday, I like you. How’s your Friday?? . #tinytinymoments #timestwo #reflections #mgdself
There’s a lot going on in my corner of the world right now.  You too?  One of the practices that roots me, centers me, heals me is creative listmaking. Not just the lists of to-dos. But also the lists of me and other:  the lists of dreams and questions and musings.  The lists of being and seeing. . Consider this an extra-special invitation to join me in making lists for 10 days. Ten days to pause and gather, to reflect and share.  The class is called Just Five Things. . Are you interested?  Click link in profile for more info. We gather June 11-22, and I’d love to have you. . #justfivethings #onlineclass #creativelistmaking #ilovelists #justshowup #shine
Sometimes I hit upon a prompt for myself that is phrased just so.  A prompt that invites me to look in ever so slightly a new way.  A prompt that lifts me, pushes me, holds me. This happened the other day. . I share the prompt on my blog.  Hope to see you there. xo . #getitdown #justshowup shine #turnthelensonself #mgdself
Yesterday was a different sort of day from what I expected.  But, even in its differentness, it had its own sort of grace. Yesterday wasn’t what I expected (or wanted). But it was okay. And sometimes okay is what needs to be. #okay #tinytinymoments #grace #mgdself
Next week is Polaroid Week.  Are you playing along?! You can share any instant film (unpublished, new or old) (up to 2 images per day) *April 22 - 27* . #polaroidweek #roidweek
A slow start. Because I can. And because the rest of the day is sure to be a bit of a blur. In a good way. But still, a blur. So for now, this. . #ilovemornings #coffeecoffee #wednesdaywednesday #firstthingsfirst
Wisps. Mimosas. Friendship. Brunch. Gratitude. #justfivethings #gratitude #tuesdaytuesday
It’s a cold and misty morning here. Coffee with French vanilla coconut milk creamer?  Why, yes please. And I can’t wait to enjoy a cuppa with my sister tomorrow morning (she and my niece are coming to visit!) . Also...do you see my beautiful woolen wrist wrap?! Handmade with love by the sweet Aeleen of @prairiegirlstudio_flora.fibre I was super lucky to win this wrap (no. 21) in her recent shop-opening giveaway.  If you don’t know Aeleen yet, go visit her. She’s lovely. And so is her work. . #coffeecoffee #tinytinymoments #mgdself #ilovemywristwrap
A cup of tea.  Extra hot, please. And preferably solo.  A quiet beginning makes all the difference. - #turnthelensonself #ritual #mgdself - A big shout out to those of you who’ve been playing along this week in the #turnthelensonself five-day challenge. It’s been fantastic to see your takes on the prompts.  A shout out to those of you playing along at home too. Bravo, and kisses to all of you. - #ilovethequiet #ilovecircles  #self #selfportrait #getintheframe #littlestoriesofmylife #aquietstyle #littlestories #mystories #mindfulliving #dailyness  #documentinglife #setintention  #itsanewday #myeverydaymagic #littlestories  #livethelittlethings