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YELLOW THERAPY 🍋 @makelemonadeco
how do you regulate? #emotionalregulation #emotionalbeings 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
Happy friday! Naah, mungkin secara sadar atau tidak sadar kita punya keluarga atau teman yg punya masalah niih. Yuk lebih aware dan peduli, because you might save a life! 😄 . . #youarenotalone #mentalhealthawareness #mentalillness #mentalhealth
**mental health update** feel free to skip, mute, unfollow, block or whatever (look, I didn’t write “go f*ck yourself”, are you proud of me?) *** So... Yesterday, feeling fierce, glorious and etc. I went to see my therapist. I needed to address something connected to one of my oldest and, still, most serious issues - my body, my relationship with my body and my feeling feminine/attractive in relation to that. *** I have struggled with my weight and the way I see my body since I was about 4. I was always chubby, fatty, round. When I started school, all the “nice” words changed to fat, bag of lard, huuuuuge, Sumo-like. Peers were ruthless. When looking for support with my closest family, the response I got was “don’t pay attention to them. but you need to lose weight anyways”. Oh well, thank you. Not. What happened? Eating issues. As great as my parents are, they for sure contributed a lot to the issues I have now. *** Long story short, BMI shows obese now. Antidepressants definitely played a huge part in that. But now everything is balanced and I started going to the gym. I lost some weight already and my body started changing. It’s awesome, but also scary. I’m learning to see myself differently. Long process. *** Yesterday I wanted to talk to my therapist about ways to feel more like an attractive woman. Attractive, strong, feminine. People see that in me, but I’m still struggling. And you know what he said? THAT TO FEEL FEMININE AND ATTRACTIVE I NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT. Because nobody can feel good at my weight. I tried to talk about it to see if he really meant what he said. He did. And for me the session was done. And was the last one I did with this guy. 2 years lost. *** Today I woke up swollen from crying, but with renewed energy. Nobody will take that away. Not the fact that I’m slowly blooming to my full potential.  So guess who’s looking for a new therapist?  #mentalhealthawareness #depressionsucks #anxietyblows #therapyfail
I received my start today journal a couple weeks ago but I hadn’t used it yet, until tonight. It’s hard not to list my husband and kids in the things I’m grateful for category, but I feel like they’re a given. They are automatically listed. I feel like I need to be grateful for the little things and the big things! So I’ll focus on finding more little things every day to be grateful for. I can’t wait to write in it again tomorrow! This is going to be life changing! #thehappybean
“Imperfections” is something that we are taught to look for in ourselves to undermine our confidence. Next time you start searching, ask what you are comparing to? What is “perfect”? Who said it is “perfect”? It is a social construct, that is always changing. Don’t let it control you, the moment you stop seeing “imperfections” as “flaws” and start seeing them as representation that you are a living breathing person who is gorgeous in their own way, you start to gain back the power that was lost to the concept of “Imperfection”. #mentalhealthawareness #liveakindlife #kindness #kindlife #defineyourself #imperfections #imperfectionisbeauty #beauty #beautytips #beautifulgirls #beautifulwomen #beautiful #beautifulboys #beautifulman #gorgeous #power #control #concept #social #socialconditioning #socialconstruct #construct #convention #normal #breathing #living #scars
Are you able to generate that feeling of excitement? You know that I’m going on holiday feeling, or that feeling you get when your on vacation and life just can’t get any better? I realised you can generate that feeling daily. You know when your generating #peace #joy #gratitude in your life when the same things and places that would otherwise frustrate you! generate joy. Do you see things for what they really are? Or do you see things to what they are to you? #livelife #love #gratitude #peace #joy #meditation #morningmotivation #highperformancehabits #gratitude #humility #egoless #mentalhealthawareness #birds #sounds #amazing #breathe #coach
Nature is a mother and life is a bitch i am convinced
Wow what a busy day and night😳  This quote spoke to me today ... I woke up this morning extremely sore from this weeks workouts 😜 I could’ve easily skipped pressing play however I know now since making this My lifestyle that once I start the soreness will soon disappear and I’ll feel so much better after sweating it out!! Today’s workout was using weights and as I pumped the weights I was brought me back To a time where I too thought lifting weights was not for me as I didn’t want to bulk up like a man😜  Truth is the more weight lifting I complete The more I look forward to weightlifting days!!! Something I never thought I would enjoy however the Strength I am earning On so many levels is far more beneficial than I could’ve ever imagined🙏 It created and continues to create a ripple effect and pours into many other aspects of my life!!! Although it was a challenge, it’s something I can control and just what I need to reset my mind, and create a positive energy filled day ahead!!! Set my day up for success with whatever is thrown my way🙏  As you can see even my youngest is learning the importance of becoming a strong girl because in our house my girls are learning that strength is the new beautiful🥰  Today is thankful Thursday and I am thankful that I have learned to trust the process and the tools I need to create the best positive mindset and energy filled day!!! It’s as natural and healthy as it comes!!! No pills, patches, wraps, magical elixir, special diet or any other quick fix out there😜  Just Hardwork, consistency, dedication and a willingness and drive to become a better version of yourself than you were yesterday!!! Tell me below something you’re thankful for that creates a better day for you and your family?
psychological bibliophile madness 🌱
That ones easy. A shrink that even mentions marriage is probably talking to ir getting paid off by some scandellous ho to get a dude to join the Sunday school crowd. Heres a female cat sucking its own dick. Something to ponder. #mentalhealthawareness
🐙Dude, it’s one thing to stand up to bullies, it’s a whole nother thing to stand up to yourself. Yes, we’re going out today, yes we’re trying something new, yes to being hopeful. 🧞‍♀️Make your bully voice your best friend. Humor it and continue to stretch and ROCK ON!!! 📸 @sebgrwy 🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙#mentalhealthawareness #selfcare #selfconfidence #teamdarkskin #melanin #pose #tatooshop #purple #newbalance
Here Are 3 Common Eating Disorders And How To Treat Them | Natural Solutions Magazine - dedicated to teach people how to live better  Eating disorders are the highest in terms of mortality rate out of all mental illnesses. As shocking as it seems, it is painfully true. ... https://naturalsolutionsmag.com/here-are-3-common-eating-disorders-and-how-to-treat-them/ ... #bipolarwarrior #thebipolarbattle #bipolar #bipolartype2 #keeptalkingmh #bipolardisorder #mentalillness #bipolartype1 #bipolardepression #bipolarawareness #bipolarstrong #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalillnessawareness #mentalhealthstigma #mentalhealthblog #lithium #mentalillnessrecovery #mentalhealthrecovery #mentalhealthsupport
Rejection is hard. Always. At least for me. At least currently. 🥴 But, I read something today which made me think of it differently. . Rejection leads to fear and fear is drives choices and affects our decisions. The best way to take it out is to TALK about it! 👾 . “The Bible says, let that which is in the darkness be brought into the light. When things are allowed to sit in the darkness, when we are afraid to speak them aloud, we give them power. . The darkness let’s those fears fester and grow until they become stronger over time. If you never allow your fears out, then how in the world can you disseminate them?” - @msrachelhollis ✨ . I dare you to tell me one of your fears! 😼
These past few weeks has been insane so I built time to unwind this past weekend with a hike and a stroll along the beach. I rented a scooter for the first time and cruised along the boardwalk which to be honest, if the scooter is not fully charged (and with Uber’s scooters, Jump, you won’t know if it’s charged until you unlock the bike) it’s not worth the expense because you can’t park it just anywhere. However, I realized that if you are trying to get action/motion shots, you can use a scooter as a dolly #filmmakingtips. When the camera is moving along with the subject, instead of panning, you can  basically use a chair that goes on top of what looks like a train track and someone pulls or pushes you along the track. #themoreyouknow🌈 Because I have always been on the go this month, it has been hard to me to find time to recharge my batteries and as I’m coordinating every aspect of this mental health project, I happened to get sick with a bad cold (that I’m still fighting) so I understand that is it even more important to take care of my health while I’m operating on medium level energy. So seeing this gave me a piece of mind before I braced myself for trip back home. The return trip was also intense because I had to prepare for an important interview with a senator from Virginia, an known advocate for #mentalhealthpolicy and everything was scheduled back to back. #shortdocumentary 🔸 #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthstigma #endmentalhealthshaming #mentalhealthrecovery #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealthisjustasimportant #mentalhealthisjustasimportantasphysicalhealth #breakthestigma #thecompassionatefruit🧡💜
No matter the weather, let the light brighten your soul, and live today in colour!! ✨ ✨ I have been feeling super wiped out this week, quiet and a bit withdrawn, also content. I guess my face doesn’t always have to radiate happiness, and that’s cool. I do feel like I have the sun on my face, I feel loved, and I know it’s OK to be! ✨ ✨ No one else can be me!  I have to own it. Share it. Sending good vibes out for your Friday. We got you!! ✨ ✨ #stayawesome #ifeellove #happyvibes #embroidelicious #mentalhealthawareness #lovewins #selfcare #felt #sprinfling #mentalhealthmatters #shineon #positiveaffirmstion #realness #happinessproject #livelifecolorfully #yourtribe #kindnessmatters #makingstuff #projectfun #positivemind #nicegirlsneedleclub #creativityheals #doseofhappiness #littledotloves
I love being able to go out into the community and spread awareness about mental health. I’m thankful for the staff at southwest preparatory elementary school for inviting us  to share in their community day. I even got a little animal therapy in for myself from Miss Dottie! 😊🐮 #mentalhealthawareness #childrensmentalhealth #counselorsrock
Anyone else agree?🤔 What series are you watching on Netflix? ××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××× ⬇️I'm watching⬇️ The rain Shadowhunters Boys over flowers (Korean drama) Someone like you (Chinese drama) ××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××× I'm also really wanting to start two other Korean dramas that are called⤵️ Autumn's concerto and Vanishing time: A boy who returned • • • #mentalhealth #mentalhealthblog #mentalhealthadvice #mentalhealthstigma #mentalhealthblogger #mentalhealthsupport #mentalhealthrecovery #suicide #mentalhealthproblems #depression #mentalhealthawareness
Check all rooms and. Clean up, rearange, and clear out every door or passageway #doors #opportunity #pathway #footprint #access #entryway #gatekeeper #official #mentalhealthawareness
✨Your inner world is as important as the outside world 💫  Do you really take care of yourself? With important things like doing regularly exercise, drinking water, meeting friends, eating healthy meals, massages, sleeping 6-8 hours, etc - sure your doing a lot! This sounds great on the outside world 👍🏻😉 . . What about your Inner world? feelings, emotions?✨the combination of both are very important✨ . . 🌱Re-connect with yourself 🌱Let go of the things we cannot control 🌱Just be in the present, make mental space to find clarity . . Taking care of yourself emotionally, connecting with your intuition, embracing all our imperfections and staying authentic to who we are 🤗💚 . .  #selfcare #innerworld #mentalhealthawareness #fitnessmotivation #insideout #health #fridayvibes #almalive #coach #melbourne
Massive thank you to everyone who has reviewed my first skill share course ‘Meditation For Mental Health’. As of recording I have received 24 exceedingly positive reviews!  I am blown away by your kindness 😍  If you haven’t already, check it out here: https://skl.sh/2PcbzU3  Moving forward I plan on making more courses covering similar topics; including how to manage panic attacks, defeating negative self talk, meditation to reduce anxious body tension, present state awareness and relaxation breathing.  See you in the course! 🧘‍♀️LINK IN BIO🧘‍♂️
Wow what a Spicy idea 👏🏻A solid message as well ☺️ via @themadteaco  #mentalhealthawareness #spicegirls #wellbeing #headspace #mentalhealthmeme #selfcare #physicalhealth
An amazing night to not think about anything but love !!! #mentalhealthawareness #depression #friends #lovingyourself
as my new cookbook is just a few weeks away from being available, I have been thinking a lot lately about my path and ‘success.’⠀ ⠀ it didn’t matter how many people would tell me that they’re proud of me, or how many people would say that I was ‘so lucky’ to have a blog that is profitable and allows me to work wherever I wanted.⠀ ⠀ all I ever saw was defeat. mountains and mountains of defeat and failure. I never decided to blog, it was out of necessity. the only reason I ever started blogging three years ago was because I developed severe agoraphobia from my long-term chronic anxiety disorder. before that, I had a very successful and long career as a Pastry Chef that I would probably still be working as today. ⠀ ⠀ so all I ever saw blogging as was a failure and reminder that I only blog because I can’t leave my house and because of that, my career as a Pastry Chef has ended. and let’s be real. many, many things have ended. from going to crowded malls to flying alone.⠀ ⠀ but has life ended? no. actually, it’s better. wait... what? a chick who can’t leave her house by herself, and whose life has more medication and therapy than they’d care to share is saying that their life is now better? ⠀ ⠀ actually. it’s true. the absolute worst and darkest time of my life resulted in doing things I never would have even thought to do before and learning how to heal, take care of myself, and learn exactly what I need and don’t need in this life. it also doesn’t hurt that I now make twice the income I made as a Pastry Chef blogging and that I just wrote a cookbook, something I never would have done without having a blog.⠀ ⠀ the point of all of this is that flowers do bloom in the desert and that something beautiful and magical and even better than before can come from your darkest hours. please keep hanging in and keep creating and keep getting out of bed and keep taking care of yourself. there will be flowers for you soon. 🌻
When I am unable to express myself verbally, I’ve found that writing my thoughts out helps a lot. I have my notes app on my phone that I quickly type in my feelings and thoughts, and I also use two apps: Daylio and GridDiary Classic. It’s journaling, but for those who use their phone for everything. Hope all of you develop some awesome ways to constructively cope with feelings that may be too overwhelming to discuss. ❤️ ▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️ • • • #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalillness #mentalhealthrecovery #mentalhealthsupport #stigma #anxiety #depression #bpd #support #love #selflove #mentalwellness #selfcare #healthy #emotions #mentalhealthreflection #gratefulheart #personalgrowth #gratitudepractice #wayfaringmind #ajourneythroughastateofmind
Link In bio! New video! #andymishtv #youtube #mentalhealthawareness #letstalk
My friend helped me get this account started, she even lent me a pfp @tomcatcourse made (I hope that's okay Oddysey). 🗡 This is an original post! Do not repost without crediting me. 🗡 Hateful, disrespectful, racist, sexist, transphobic, etc. Comments will be deleted.
Double tap if you agree ❤  When people judge you before they know your heart, it says more about them then it does about you. The older I get I understand that peoples actions have nothing to do with me but all of it to do with themselves. I won't judge or hate but I won't put up with negativity or abuse either. We are all dealing with trauma, how we choose to deal with it can make us or break us. You can only help those who want your help. Lesson learned.  #love #kindness #peace #compassion #empathy #truth #humble #selflove #respect  #bekind #behumble #begenerous  #healthetrauma #mentalhealthawareness  #mentalhealth  #belove
No actual art class yesterday due to it being a pub hol, but still managed to bust these out for #therapythursday 👩🏻‍🎨 Let me know what you think #arttherapy #art #drawing #pasteldrawings #originalartwork #originaldrawing #pastels #pastelart #botanical #botanicalillustration #floralart #flowers #naturelovers #nature #creative #meditation #mentalhealth #recovery #mentalhealthawareness #draw
Britney Spears is back home in Thousand Oaks, CA, after completing a month long stay in a mental health facility. Sources say the reason behind her stay was for her to have a healthy place to get better while doctors worked on getting her medication dosages under control (after previous medications had lost their efficacy) and to cope with stress due her father’s illness. While there is still some work to be done, Spears is doing better and was able to go home today. Props to Britney for taking the time off that she needs and we wish her all the best! 💜 Photo: Getty. . . . #vandypop #popculture #pop #celebs #news #television #tvrecaps #movies #movierecaps #film #news #omg #dailydish #celebfashion #entertainmentblogger #celebrityblogger #blogger #dallasblogger #britney #britneyspears #samasghari #jamiespears #wellness #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness
😘😘👌😍😍 got internet last week. My come up is going to be amazing. My ex held me down a lot. My life has gotten better since a year ago when I left him. I have less money problems. No abuse in my life. And so much more than I could ever ask for ❤️❤️❤️💯 #love #apex #gamer #mom #welder #life #meme #memes #memesdaily #livingmybestlife #smile #fortnite #mortalkombat  #mortalkombat11 #overwatch #thankyounext #domesticviolence #domesticviolencesurvivor #survivor #survive #mentalhealthawareness #yes #xbox #ps4
Every chance we get we believe in the challenging what's considered socially acceptable. We believe in thinking differently. We are The Suicide Tea Co. And we exist for a reason. Let us help you find yours.  Our mission is to fund mental health research and help spread that knowledge throughout our community by the meaningful connections created with Coreys Kombucha Tea. We believe in people serving people by sharing what cannot be bought, one conversation at a time.  #suicideprevention #mentalhealthawareness #meaningfulconnections #peoplehelpingpeople #liveinthemoment #selfawareness #personaldevelopment #motivation #community #bringingbackpma #dfw #coreyskombuchatea #stopsuicide #findyourwhy #garyvee #dallas #fortworth
Back at it w the memes
Had a wonderful evening visit with my brother, @d.rocpalmer founder of @extreme_terpz #extremeterpz #cbd #cannabidiol 💚🙏😗 He was kind enough to allow me to try his latest products, and I must say... WOWZA!!! The CBD Lemon Tincture is DELICIOUS AND EFFECTIVE, AND the flower??? TO DIE FOR!!! Perfect amount of moisture, sticky to the touch, and NO #thc 🤤🤔😏 Gotta love it!!! Xoxo Famm and thank you again SO MUCH for coming to see me, sharing your thoughts, wisdom, and products, and for just being my friend. You are ONE of a KIND... 💪💯✌ And the best part, is EVERYTHING here is LEGAL!!! You don't even need your MMCC Card to enjoy!!! Whaaaaaaaaaat??? LOL... Good night, hons... We are ALWAYS #strongertogether 💚💚💚 CommUNITY #cannabispatient #endthestigma #exitdrug #patientadvocate #patientadvocacy #itsaplant #rarediseaseawareness #truthteller #invisibleillnessawareness  #medicalcannabis #medicinalcannabis #marylandcannabis #mdcannabis #chronicpain #lymediseaseawareness #selfcare #mentalhealthawareness #fuckcancer  #suicideprevention #ptsd #suicideawareness #fightthegoodfight #forpatientsbypatients #patientsoverpockets
So I started taking lithium tonight. It’s been in the table with my doctors for 7 years, and I’ve exhausted most options to handle mood swings. It took me a while to be okay with the idea, because even for somebody who is so open about their struggles, I still couldn’t shake the stigma I associated with it.  Before anyone jumps in with the dangers of lithium, I’m fully aware and educated on the subject. Yes, it has a lot of possible side effects. Yes, lithium toxicity is a very real thing. It’s also the single most effective mood stabilizer known.  I’ve done everything else, and there’s no shame in taking meds if you need them. Fuck social stigmas. Do what’s best to take care of yourself, and fuck naysayers.  That being said, I’m looking forward to reading all of the suggestions that I try herbal supplements and essential oils and woodland walks and dolphin mind melds to fix my mood swings.
Live it _ Love it _ Create it _ Embrace it  _  My sincerest thank you to Janet @cardoj87, my fellow art enthusiast and strongest supporter.  I’m deeply humbled by your excitement for my work.  Janet is now the owner of BLISS (as shown) and STEPPING STONES.  I’m grateful for your encouragement and support.  Namaste  _  My work is on display at: @artzone208  Online at:  www.michaelanorsk.com www.treasurevalleyartistsalliance.org  _  Thank you immensely to all those who have stepped with me on this creative journey. “When you believe in something, the whole world conspires to help you achieve it.” Paulo Coelho  _  Art is my therapy... Art is my outlet... Art is my livelihood... __  #creativeartist #creativeart #art #arttherapy #mentalhealth #mentalhealthart #mentalillness #mentalillnessawareness #mentalhealthawareness #abstractart #acrylics #pointilism #conceptualart #popart  #expressionism #iamboise #idahoartist #shoplocal #shopidaho #boiseweekly  #shopsmall
I read something this week from @mindbodygreen about the Ayurvedic concept of Ojas. Ojas is an essence that is our vitality, immunity, and our energy tank.  If we don’t take the time to fill ourselves up by doing the things we truly love, by eating the foods we desire, and by having fun without any goal in mind, we deplete our inner supply. It’s starting your day without any plan for how it’ll go beyond being guided by the things you feel you want to do 🐋 It’s hard to do. It’s hard to surrender to what you truly crave and really go with the moment and see where it takes you without any agenda. But when we are able to, so the science goes, we recharge the body, mind, and most importantly the spirit. It helps us learn how to live in the moment and we might end up being more productive and inspired as a result. ✨
Just going to leave this right here #mentalhealthawareness #repost