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I hope I never forget the way he picks flowers for me and says ‘here mama!’ in the sweetest, most sincere and gentle voice.  We are 20 days from our delivery date and I had sudden onset of swelling and increased blood pressure over the past couple of days. I have an OB visit tomorrow to make sure baby P is doing ok and that I don’t have preeclampsia.  It’s a crazy week with me working 100 hours and also moving from our house to the Airbnb we are spending our last few weeks in Virginia in.  Times like this it’s so hard to be a physician and a patient. I hate knowing what I do, that P could be here any day, even though Tyler is halfway across the country.  But what’s most important is that we both stay healthy. We are taking this last little bit one day at a time! Send us all the good vibes for tomorrow! 💕
Is your child getting enough Vitamin D this summer? My friend, @childrensphila endocrinologist Dr. Andy Calabria, and I discuss all things Vitamin D on the latest episode of Primary Care Perspectives podcast. (Link in bio) #meded #foamed #podcast #pediatrics #parenting #vitamind #rickets #endocrinology #summerhealth
Water bottle sign is found in patients who have a very large pericardial effusion. Typically the effusion has accumulated over many weeks to months and the pericardium has gradually stretched. The fluid, often measuring a liter or more, causes the pericardium to sag, mimicking an old-fashioned water bottle sitting on the bench.  Case courtesy of Dr Vincent Tatco, Radiopaedia.org, rID: 43323
Throwback to #kpsjfmr recruiting teams at the #aafpnationalconference from the past 2 years...Can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store! Booth 1930, come find us in 2 days!! @the_aafp @tpmgphysiciancareers @kpthrive @stfm_fm  #recruiting #meded #swag #kcbbq
Happy Testimonial Tuesday! Here at Colorado Pain Care we love hearing feedback from our patients. Check out what Jackie R. has to say about her experience at CPC. Write us a review, and you could be featured next!
PGY-2’s Dr. Wallace and Dr. Lee with our first cohort of rotating medical students after their last didactic session! Great work this month ladies and gents! 💯 #vegasemr #vegastrained #meded
Working with #children helps us #adults see some great ideas that were before us all along. #perspectives #kidlogic #pediatrics #graphicmedicine #meded
The  last time I answered this questions was today!! This is a daily question ad the answer is YES you can still get your PAP smear if you’re on your cycle.  You  do  not need to reschedule a well woman visit because you’re on your cycle. You may make personal choice to reschedule if you desire.  Today’s technology can adequately asses  Pap smear with some blood  In addition, your gynecologist is not scared of blood. 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 #physician #womeninmedicine #orlife #gynecologist #obgyn #doctorlife #wellnesswarrior #womanshealth #houstonheights #gardenoaks #doctorsofinstagram #exerciseismedicine #rowedocs #womenempowerwomen #somedocs #oakforest #shadyacres #greaterheights #lazybrook #timbergrove #woodlandheights #northsidevillage #independenceheights #meded #annualexam  #somedocs  #periods
Learning about learning styles in our ambo didactics! #kineticlearning #meded #gwmed
“In terms of #patientexperience trends 1. There’s definitely more attention on #ptexp which is really good. 2. They are doing things more electronically and digitally” @colin.hung 🏥 #healthcare #patientorator #healthtalk #meded #hitsm #digitalhealth #himss19 #medicalrecords #hcldr #hcsm #health #healthtechnology #electronichealthrecords #ehr #emr #clinicians #patients #healthinformatics #physicians #careteam #hospital #medicalservice #interoperability
New Cochrane review- Drugs to treat acute respiratory distress syndrome in adults.  Key results  Although corticosteroids may reduce the number of people who die within the first three months, and beta-agonists probably slightly increase these early deaths, they found both an increase and a reduction in deaths in the analyses for these drugs. They found no evidence that surfactants, N-acetylcysteine, or statins made a difference to the number of people who died within three months. Only two studies (one that assessed steroids, and one surfactants) reported deaths later than three months, but evidence for this was uncertain.  They found that statins or steroids may make little or no difference to the duration of mechanical ventilation, but were uncertain about the evidence for steroids.  Similarly, they were uncertain whether surfactants reduced the use of mechanical ventilation. They found that steroids may improve the number of days that people do not need mechanical ventilation (ventilator-free days up to day 28), but that beta-agonists may not improve ventilator-free days (although we were uncertain about the evidence for beta-agonists). They found that statins probably make little or no difference to the number of ventilator-free days; this was also the case for surfactants (although, again, they were uncertain about the evidence for surfactants). Few studies (and only for surfactants and beta-agonists) reported whether the study drug was stopped because of serious side effects, and we were uncertain whether either of these drugs led to such serious side effects. No studies reported whether people were fit to return to work 12 months after their illness.  https://www.cochrane.org/CD004477/EMERG_drugs-treat-acute-respiratory-distress-syndrome-adults  #foamed #foam #emergencymedicine #patientcare #nursepractitioner #physicianassistant #residentlife #medschool #emergency #meded
👊 #canpasswillpass #iwentwitharora . . 😀 Hope this helps! For more learning from Dr. Aman Arora, check out our other streams: . . 👉 Website (in bio): www.aroraMedicalEducation.co.uk . . 😳 Busy? Subscribe to aroraDaily: Aman’s daily teaching emails direct to your inbox: http://eepurl.com/duAwXr (link also at top of website - click from bio) . . 👉 Flagship Facebook Medical Education group: https://m.facebook.com/groups/1571643289740957 . . 👉 YouTube: AmanArora (https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCqkWfBY_0ydbOoTkp92lBPw)👉 . . Twitter: @aman999arora (https://mobile.twitter.com/aman999arora) . . SoundCloud: Dr Aman Arora (https://soundcloud.com/user-121278599) . . Immersion Courses  Mock Exams  Live Webinars  Audiobooks  Online Training  One-to-one Sessions  Revision Posters  website link for more details in bio . . *All videos/images are for educational purposes only and are not to be used for medical advice. Guidance is aimed to be relevant and up-to-date at time of release* . . *not for medical advice* . . #foamed #medicaleducation #meded #gptrainee #mbbs #instadoc #medicalexam #medicalschool #medschool #medschoollife #medicalstudent #medicalstudents #medstudent #futuredoctor #juniordoctor #anatomy #medico #medicos #premed #intern #doctorlife #nurse #usmle #neet #medic #doctortobe #doctor #surgeon
#docmedianeurologia . A música é dopaminérgica . Um interessante estudo conduzido por pesquisadores da Universidade de Barcelona (Espanha) comprovou que as vias dopaminérgicas do cérebro estão envolvidas no prazer que sentimos ao ouvir uma boa música. O trabalho foi publicado em Proceedings of National Academy of Scince (PNAS). Partindo de estudos anteriores de neuroimagem que mostraram um papel da dopamina na função hedonística evocada pela música, a equipe de Barcelona conseguiu mostrar pela primeira vez um papel causal da dopamina no prazer e motivação musical. . Basicamente, o experimento foi bem simples e contou com 27 participantes saudáveis. Os pesquisadores manipularam a disponibilidade sináptica de dopamina para os receptores neuronais dos participantes enquanto eles eram submetidos à três audiências musicais em datas diferentes. Em uma das audições foi administrado placebo (sessão controle), em outra levodopa (aumenta a disponibilidade dopaminérgica) e na outra os participantes receberam risperidona (antagonista dopaminérgico). Em cada sessão os participantes ouviram suas músicas prediletas e outras escolhidas pela equipe. Além disso, o grau de prazer foi aferido por atividade eletrodérmica e os participantes responderam um questionário avaliando subjetivamente a experiência e quanto dinheiro pagariam por ela. Como esperado, a levodopa precursora da dopamina aumentou a experiência hedônica e as respostas motivacionais, como a disposição para comprar uma música, a risperidona, antagonista da dopamina, levou a uma redução de ambas em comparação com a sessão controle. . Tais resultados aumentam o conhecimento sobre como o cérebro humano forma seu sistema de recompensas e pode contribuir para o estudo de patologias onde esse sistema não funcione normalmente. Quer saber mais? . https://bit.ly/2Nye3z2 . #docmedia #inovação #medicina #pesquisa #meded #médico #saude #inovaçãomedicina #startupsaude #neurologia
Can you recognize the signs and symptoms of this drug overdose?These 2 cases offer insights to faster recognition of a common cause of drug overdose. https://www.mdedge.com/familymedicine . . .  #medical #medicine #doctor #health #hospital #healthcare #gme #doctors #medstudent #surgery #medicalschool #nursing #medschool #medicalstudent #nurselife #meded #surgeon #nursingschool #nurses #anatomy #medlife #nursingstudent #science #marijuana #nursesofinstagram #physician #wellness #bhfyp
Frontal radiograph, coronal CT image, and CT 3D surface shaded reformated image of the right hip show the right femoral head ossification center seated in the right acetabulum, but the remaining proximal femur is displaced laterally. Salter-Harris Type I fracture of the proximal femur. Proximal femur fractures are rare, usually caused by high energy trauma, such as car accident, pedestrian versus car, high level fall, or abuse. The patient usually presents with inability to bear weight and may have a shortened and externally rotated extremity. The patient will likely have other injuries due to poly trauma. This is patient's fracture is classified as a Salter-Harris Type I fracture because the injury involves the proximal femoral physis without obvious involvement of the capital epiphysis or neck. Proximal femur fractures are also classified based on the Delbet classification with type 1 being a transepiphyseal fracture, type 2 transcervical, type 3 cervicotrochanteric, and type 4 interochanteric. This classification helps to guide management. Given this patient's dislocation and place of fracture, he is a type 1 Delbet fracture. Type 1 makes up less than 10% of proximal femur fractures. #answer
If you’re not planning to apply for Express Entry (EE) until after you pass the Written or Practical PCE, you might need a temporary visa to enter Canada to attempt the PCE. ⠀ Not everyone in the world needs a temporary visa to enter Canada - it depends on your country of citizenship. For example, if you’re an Australian citizen you DON’T need a temporary visa to enter Canada and attempt the PCE. However, if you’re an Indian citizen, you DO need a temporary visa to enter Canada. To see if you need a temporary visa, check out the links in our bio for the Government of Canada’s entry requirements by country or territory. ⠀ No matter what country you’re coming from, you will need to disclose to Canadian officials that your purpose for entry is to attempt the PCE and show them that you can satisfy all of the entry requirements – i.e. you have enough money in your bank account to support yourself while in Canada, evidence that you’re going to return to your home country, etc. ⠀ Also, it’s important to know that you don’t need a work or study permit to come into Canada just to attempt the Written or Practical PCE. ⠀ Want to learn more about the immigration process to Canada, subscribe to our Youtube channel and watch our Immigration Webinar that will be posted this Thursday! ⠀ Comment below if you’re planning to study in your home country and then fly to Canada just to attempt the Written or Practical PCE.
A successful surgeon should be Aman who well ask to name the three best surgeon in the world. we have difficulty deciding on the other two."(by deton Cooley)📷: Dr. leonard David . . . . . . #surgeons #doctors #medical#doctor#surgeon#medicine#greysanatomy#medsbla#medicallibrary#aiinhelthcare#empoweringphysicians#meded#digitalhealth#medicalevents#generalpracitioner#medicalresearch#medicinestudent#medicalstudents#medicalcollege#mbbs#plasticsurgeon#medicalnote#surgery#bhfyp#chirugie#chirug
Did you know that St. John’s offers a confidential online diabetes risk assessment? Take the FREE assessment today 👉 http://bit.ly/2Grw2kG #tuesdaytrivia . . . #dignityhealth #dignityhealthstjohns #stjohnshospitals  #venturacounty #healthcare #health #digitalhealth #hcsm #meded #healthtalk #4patients
Throwin it back to 3 years ago around this time and fast forwarding to⏩ Does this pic say hire me? 😂🤣 4th year is definitely in full swing with away rotations, tying up research, and getting other things in order for application szn! Coordinating everything from afar in cities where I have no ties and living out of a suitcase for two months is a lil cray cray, but learning from the most amazing humans, making new friends, and exploring new places has made up for it a million times over! It’s been a great summer so far and I’m looking forward to where this adventure takes me next. It’s been a while, let’s catch up🥰Tell me how you are spending your summer in the comments below⬇️
Transitioning to value-based care can be a challenge but it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Learn how others are taking small, iterative steps to set their practices up for success. . . . #aafp #familymedicine #familyphysician #primarycare #familymed #healthcare #doctor #health #medicine #residency #residentlife #medstudent #meded #medschool #futuredoctor #familymedicineresidency #medicalstudent #fmrevolution #aafpnc #aafpfmx
Our inaugural podcast episode with Cleveland Clinic’s Toby Cosgrove is a must-listen! Find it at asecondopinionpodcast.com or on iTunes  #meded #rnchat #medicine #business #innovation #podcast  #govenmment #healthcare #health @asopodcast
Did you know? Only 37% of active physicians in #washingtonstate are women. Our current MD classes are 55-60% female—an important step to  changing the healthcare landscape 🐾 • #gocougs #cougdocs #meded #medschool #womeninstem #womeninmedicine #medstudent #lifeofamedstudent #spokane
CARNETT'S SIGN: - In the evaluation of abdominal pain, the patient is asked to perform a straight-leg-raising maneuver (raising both legs off the table at the same time while supine, or raising only the head while in the supine position) while the examiner's finger is on the painful site . These maneuvers tighten the rectus abdominis muscles, . If the pain is increased or the same, the source of the patient's symptoms is most likely in the abdominal wall and Carnett's sign is considered positive. If the pain is decreased, the origin of pain is likely from an abdominal organ as the tensed abdominal wall muscles protect the viscera. #zamopearls  #meded #obgyn #obgynresident #obgynmeded -  Carnett's sign is also positive in the presence of an abdominal hernia. * UpToDate
Pheochromocytoma. . Black arrow: adjacent polycystic kidney Blue arrow: pheochromocytoma White arrow: Adrenal cortex . . . #pathology #pathologyoutlines #pheochromocytoma #neuroendocrine #surgery #medicine #meded #medschool #residency #femaledoctor
Imposter syndrome says I am a fraud, a phony or inadequate. There are many contributing factors in medicine, notably a culture of perfectionism. The irony is, greatness is possible, but perfection is unattainable. This realization (an inability to achieve perfection) may cause self-doubt, anxiety and even depression. Every step of the way, you look around and realize you are surrounded by exceptional individuals. Rather than feel a sense of belonging, imposter syndrome says how did I make the cut? It had to be a mistake. No, it wasn’t a mistake, you belong. ▪️ Imposter syndrome is not a phenomenon unique to the Black community, but it manifests in ways that presents unique challenges to the Black community. A simple look at U.S. medical school class photos will likely illustrate the staggering reality that our community lags far behind in terms of representation, especially for Black men. There are many systemic, cultural and psychosocial hurdles that Black people must overcome and it starts well before medical school. ▪️ For those struggling with imposter syndrome, YOU belong. I belong. WE belong. As a premed I was told the odds were against me and that I should consider changing career paths. I was one of less than five Black med students in a class of roughly 100. I’ve been called nurse countless times. At times, I’ve questioned if I know enough. These are just a few examples of situations along the way that allow doubt to creep in and may fuel imposter syndrome. However, don’t let it bring you down. ▪️ Imposter syndrome affects us all. We aren’t here by accident. Find your purpose. Know your limitations and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Stay humble. Humility may save lives, pride endangers them. Avoid measuring your success against others. Each of our paths is unique. We cannot walk in our own destiny, navigating down someone else’s path. Don’t let others dictate what you can and cannot do. Set your standards high, if you fall
For my healthcare following: Mastering EKG’s, a nice little guide. 📝 . The last two pages are coutesy of Henry Honda MD, cardiologist at my alma mater @dgsomucla. This helped me get through multiple on-call nights back in my first year of residency 🤘