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Good morning beautiful peeps What’s everyone manifesting this weekend ? 🙏🌟🙄
What are you mainfesting today ?  Pic from @crystalsandsageonline
Dear Universe ... I am totally open to some awesome coming way 💜 Bring it on 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Repost from @amazingwomentoday
I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself -Rumi ✨💗✨⠀ ⠀ What is ONE THING you ready to change in your life? ✨⠀ ⠀ Today is the perfect time to write down the things you are ready to call in and manifest.✨⠀ ⠀ #manifesting ♥
Director Jolanda Campbell addresses Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Greenwell Foundation -> The Foundation Actively supports community with programs at Greenwell State Park
⭐️Abraham Hicks ... If you want it and expect it , it will be yours very soon⭐️
Almost forgot to finish #manifestingthroughmay ! Day 31: #inspiredby  The beautiful hydrangea produces bigger, more prolific blooms if the plant is cut down to the ground each year. I'm inspired by the idea of perpetual death and rebirth, of destruction and renewal. Of burning it to the ground and starting again. Sometimes the deepest cuts provide the greatest opportunity for growth. And isn't growing and expanding in consciousness what we are here to do, anyway? Thanks to @ofearthandstars for hosting this challenge. I had a lot of fun working within the confines of my own backyard.
May 31. I have been and on again and off again participant for the #manifestingthroughmay One of those Can’t Quite Keep It Together Months. But I have read and been inspired by all the responses I’ve read. Can’t help but be with all the diverse and wonderful folk here. Thanks @ofearthandstars for doing this. And offering some food for thought even when I didn’t “do” a few days 😊
Thank you @ofearthandstars and everyone who shared their stories during the month long #manifestingthroughmay. It is an INSPIRATION to be able to share with you all. ❤  Day 31 and just like that, May is over. This is an early spring wildflower in the Rocky Mountains. Usually it is white but every once in a while you get lucky and see them in blush pink. It is called Trillium,  common name Wakerobin because they bloom when the robins are returning in the spring
Day 31 of #manifestingthroughmay Inspired by @suzibbeber and her fantasy bird drawing. She commissioned us to interpret her work in @nutmegdesigns mosaic🐦 This is the best kind of inspiration - someone who trusts our creative intuition and entrusts her design to us💗
#manifestingthroughmay Day 30: #3:33 I couldn't think of a good idea for this theme so here's 3 pictures of the 3 cute young squirrels in my yard. #babysquirrel  #inmybackyard
I n s p i r e d  B y . . . I’ve been inspired by #manifestingthroughmay thanks to @ofearthandstars this month. Thank you for connecting us in this space. This Almond Cake with Cardamom and Pistachio was inspired by Reading Lolita in Tehran. I finally finished the last 40 pages this morning just in time for book club tomorrow night. I’m hosting a Persian dinner and I’m excited to break barbari (bread) with my friends and find out what they all thought of this memoir in books. #krissywskitchen #foodislove #foodismemories #lifeisgood #reader #bibliophile #bookworm #booklover #taleswithfriends
Day 31 and the last day with @ofearthandstars  #manifestingthroughmay  Inspired.  I am inspired by all of you! The folks that I follow, I am inspired by your art, your photography and by your stories. I am inspired to show you what I have seen, to tell you what I’m thinking and just to turn up with some photos. I am inspired by these challenges, I especially love the  connections made here.  Thank you India for this great challenge, for being there even though I know you were busy this month. It means a great deal that you take the time to acknowledge that I / we are responding to your prompts.  Thank you 💛💛💛
Day 30 of #manifestingthroughmay 3:33: I had to look it up because I didn’t know what the prompt meant - an “angel” number- the closest I have is this #nutmegdesignsnumber from a month when we had 3 numbers with 33 in them in a row!
Day 31- Inspired by... Nature!  Always.  I have had no lack of inspiration really but I have not been feeling too inspired to post on social media much right now...which I'm sure no one really cares or has noticed, haha. So I wasn't all there on every prompt but this photo challenge was fun and inspiring. Thank you @ofearthandstars for creating such a lovely list of inspiration!  #manifestingthroughmay #inspiredby #naturemagic #grateful #lovelife #newmexico #home #nmlove #nmsky #fortheloveofnature #fortheloveofnaturephotography #lovechildphotographs
. The natural world is amazing each and every day. It is my inspiration. And I love where I live. I, honestly, never have to leave home to be content ♥️ . . . . #inspiredby #manifestingthroughmay #landscape #spring #ourdriveway #ilovenature #naturesbeauty #naturewalk #trees #clouds #gratitude #lightandshadows #harmonywoodsfarm #naturephotography
151/365 - 31.5.2018 ~ Inspired by (blu). #365 #frenfi365 #frenfi365searching #manifestingthroughmay #lazise
151/365 2018 - 31.05.2018 - 31. Inspired by - #manifestingthroughmay - Unholy creation of and unpredictable hero - #365 #365project #365day #frenfi365 #frenfi365mrmilbury #2018 #deadpool2 #painting #cable #movie #cinema #heroes #inspired
Day 29 of #manifestingthroughmay The Learning Process: Every rainbow squared has the point of connection which takes longer than everything else! Learning how the colors relate to each always brings something new to contemplate🌈