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In 1878 the Purcari winery participated in a closed wine tasting at the Paris World Expo. French experts were impressed by the dry wine with an intense ruby color. They were sure that it was a new Bordeaux wine. What a surprise when they found that the wine had originated in the South East region of Moldova. In such a way, the Negru de Purcari wine won its first gold medal at an international exhibition. Now, the Negru de Purcari is made with Cabernet Sauvignon, Saperavi and Babeasca Neagra. As the wine expo took place in the pre-phylloxera period, it’s reasonable to speculate that the Purcari villagers were making their blend with Babeasca Neagra (also known as Rara Neagra) and Feteasca Neagra, both known for the intense ruby color, high acidity (Babeasca) and soft tannins (Feteasca). Mamaia Rural Retreat is exactly 200 km west of Purcari, where the birthplace of Babeasca Neagra is. Our plans are to reach biodynamic excellence with these two emblematic Romanian red grapes.
We are on a work visit at the Purcari Winery in the Republic of Moldova, where our brothers have reached excellence with the Babeasca Neagra grape, or Rara Negra, as they call it locally. We are gathering insights about wine made from Babeasca Neagra grapes and we will share them with you all in the coming weeks. Stay tuned! @purcari_wines
These are walnuts from a single walnut tree we have in the back of the garden, which is probably about 25 years old. This walnut tree does not require watering, fertilizers or any care whatsoever and it gives us all these tasty, rich in protein walnuts. We are grateful!
It’s been more than two months since the last rains in our area, and everything is dry. In the last years, the first autumn rains would come early October. They are very late now. We predict longer, hotter and drier summers in this changing climate.
This year’s Feteasca & Babeasca blend has a ruby like colour, a sour cherry nose, and a full body and high acidity, making it memorable. It is obvious that the wine needs to settle to gain more roundness. We will not take anything or add anything to this wine, so that its personality finds its own form of expression, as raw wines generally do.
We just finished picking the last apples from our apple trees, and we are now figuring the best ways to preserve them, so we can eat them later. They are really delicious and full of flavour, perfect material for apple pies.
We had a blue eyed visitor in our vineyard today. She blanded in so nicely with the vines and leafs, we almost missed her, had it not been for her eyes.
We’ve tasted  for the first time the Feteasca Neagra & Babeasca Neagra wine we made a month ago. It is delicious! We will report back with more details next week!
Ron Williams, 89th Birthday
As we are cleaning up after this last winemaking season, it’s hard to hide our eagerness to try it. We keep seeing grapes everywhere, even if all of them are now in barrels, pray to the wild yeast populations that are eating the sugar and turning it into wine.
Our grape work station.
This year we harvested two times more grapes than last year. In a few weeks we will be able to judge the quality of the wine as well. We expect the wine to turn out good, as climate change has offered us a longer summer, with Romania recording its driest and hottest April on record this year.
That’s going to be about 2-3 bottles of wine, we’d say...Photo by @briggsygram
Nocturnal wine mashing.
Let there be wine...
Last photo from the sunset series... Berheci River Valley at sunset.
Mamaia Rural Retreat core team returning from a brainstorm about the future of natural wines, fuelled by a bottle of Babeasca Neagra.  Thanks to all the volunteers who helped pick grapes and make wine @mamaiaruralretreat this year. See you next year!
We celebrated the end of the winemaking season with a bottle of ‘87 Banu Maracine Babeasca Neagra. Truly delicious.
@briggsygram working them grapes at Mamaia Rurat Retreat. We are also getting some great footage for the next episode of our web series.
Nothing like having a glass of ‘87 Babeasca Neagra wine, watching the sunset and making plans about how to make the world a more hospitable and enjoyable place through natural wines.