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"When you or your kids fall short—that’s the perfect teaching moment. It’s the perfect opportunity to help them understand that we can’t do it all on our own. We all need God’s help." Mike Tiemann⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #fridayfact #fridayfun #followfriday #ff #fb #parentcue #justaphase #thinkorange #truth #parenthood #parentinghacks #momlife #love #parenting #momchat #dad #motherhood #quotes #intentionalparenting #makeitpersonal #familygoals
Hey y’all, Happy Free Yourself Friday! As I start to realize that my son is going into his senior year, I have been intentional on making sure I focus more time on getting back to me. I have placed most of my energy  into my children over the years and to be honest, I lost myself in them. I now have to get back to what I enjoy, because pretty soon, it will just be me, myself, and I. I’m excited for what the future has for my son, but even more excited for what the future holds for me. . . . Who else has felt like they have lost themselves in their children? . . .  Here’s my little Free Yourself Friday Tidbit. Free Yourself from judgement for taking time to focus on what you truly want for you. You owe it not only to yourself, but your beautiful humans that are watching! 🙌🏽 . . . The above spoke to me today, take a look. Have a Fantastic Friday!  #bloominbeauty #bedope #freeyourselffriday #betheexample #makeitpersonal #gratitudeseeker #focusonyourself #mysonshine
stylish functionality has never been so easy⁠ __⁠ pictured: willow envelop belt bag in turmeric with hand painted monogram in mauve + blush⁠ __⁠ #handpainted #leatherology #myleatherology #monogrameverything #monogram #personalized #makeitpersonal #instastyle
| SPECIAL ORDER ✨ | En helt særlig bestilling fra en kunde til hans kone❤️ #koffeinmolekyle☕️ #handmade #specialorder #goldanddiamonds #orderwithlove #makeitpersonal #jewelrybybuerholt #holmbladsgade5
I still love receiving hand written notes 📝 call me old fashion 🤷🏻‍♀️ I am happy to enclose a note when you order a gift going straight to the recipient, I just think all gifts should have that extra special touch 💕
Why one-twelve? Mutual encouragement! We all need it. Parents need it. Leaders need it.
✨Disney 🐭 🤩 is always a GOOD idea 🏰 - •📩 Pide tu cotización vía DM❗️ •📨 graphicteesco@hotmail.com •📫 Inbox de Facebook (Link en bio) •👤 WhatsApp: 2227080545 - •🛒 #nomoreboringclothes  #parentaladvisory #hoodiespersonalizadas #makeitpersonal #couplegoals #movimientobonita. #díadasmadres #diseñospersonalizados #party #familytrip #vasospersonalizados #coolstuff #getthatquote #matchclothes #bonita. #bachelorette #despedidadesoltera #iniciales #wedding #ido #sayyes #isaidyes ✨💍
#zackigknackig geht's in den Urlaub. Danke an alle die heute dabei waren und dieses Mega coole #functionalworkout absolviert haben.  Wünsche gute Regeneration,  mit sportlichen Grüßen euer Coach Sebastian
“Parenting is hard work! We wipe tears, redirect, snuggle, feed, clean, correct, set boundaries, help with projects, feed again, have hard conversations, cry with, celebrate with, pray and trust Jesus a TON!  But we have the BEST job ever! Parents, we have the opportunity to raise legends! To raise up women and men who love Jesus, hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, and serve the Church! Wow! What an honor. What a task!  Please don’t do this parenting journey alone! Find friends to be vulnerable with. Don’t hide your kids’ mistakes. Learn from others. Share your story. Because when we do all these things, together we get to see the redemptive hand of God at work in our kids’ lives.” - @amberdbaker, Family Pastor at Grace Church of Glendora
{PERSONAL}ized gifts for every occasion! #custom #personalized #hostess #gifts #housewarminggift #makeitpersonal
There’s no getting around this. When parents struggle, kids are impacted by it, too. But when parents find health in body, mind and soul, the kids have more room to thrive!⁣ ⁣ As leaders, let’s find ways to make sure parents can put on their own oxygen masks. How can we help parents pursue their own spiritual, emotional, relational, financial and physical wellness? As I look back over all my years of parenting, I can point to individuals and organizations who invested in me; it’s easy to trace the line to the positive results of their efforts for me to our kids. It’s like Kara said, “When parents win, kids win.”⁣ ⁣ You want to 10X growth in the kids you serve? Help their parents win.
Loved this gem from @kpowellfyi and @stevenargue’s book #growingwith! It definitely is helping us right where we are in our parenting journey. We can more clearly see our roles in the two phases we’re in as parents-one launching off to college next month and one starting Jr. High.
They might not volunteer what’s on their hearts, but creating a safe space to hear whatever it is builds bridges of trust.
We are better together. We build healthier families in community.
There’s no such thing as a perfect parent. There’s no such thing as a perfect kid. That’s too much pressure anyway. Track betterment, not blunders.
The table is a place where we can bring all of who we are and discover that we belong.
”What I mean is that we can mutually encourage each other while I am with you. We can be encouraged by the faithfulness we find in each other, both your faithfulness and mine.” Romans 1:12 CEB
We’ve got 112 waking hours each week. They will communicate what’s important. How will we live them out loud?
Kids will likely become the kind of adults we are.
Every parent will leave a legacy. The question is: will that legacy be accidental or intentional?
What would happen for the next generation if every parent felt encouraged, equipped and seen?
We believe parents need community.