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philanthropist @babymeia and @louisvuitton just released a campaign to help raise critical funds for @unicef ! 👶🏾👶🏿👶🏽 all proceeds from the silver lockit bracelet will be donated to humanitarian programs aiding the #syrianwar thank you to @louisvuitton for changing the game and NOT taking a cut from the profits 🙅🏻‍♀️💵🚫 everyday, over 9 MILLION children suffer from the crisis in Syria and nearby countries 🇸🇾💔 #syrianrefugees #makeapromise #lvforunicef
#repost @lvmh #lvforunicef #makeapromise ・・・ LOUIS VUITTON - DÎNER DES MAISONS ENGAGEES 2018 During the 6th “Dîner des Maisons engagées LVMH”, @LouisVuitton teams show their commitment together with their partners @UNICEF_France and Nos Quartiers Ont des Talents (@nqtasso). _ Last December 5, 2018, LVMH held its sixth annual “Dîner des Maisons engagées” at the @palaisbrongniart in Paris. The event raises funds for the fight against sickle cell anemia, world’s most widespread genetic disorder, affecting over five million people worldwide. _ 📷 @hugueslawsonbody  _ #rselvmh #lvmh
Très fier de représenter la Maison Louis Vuitton lors du dîner des Maisons Engagées LVMH, entouré de belles personnes partageant des idées humanistes. #lvforunicef #lvforunicefreporter #lvmh 💙
#makeapromise to help children in need with @louisvuitton & @unicef 💌 For each sale of the new Silver Lockit, 100€ will be donated to UNICEF. #lvforunicef #jaimetoutcheztoi
Louis Vuitton has collaborated with @sophiet and designed this silver Lockit pendant and bracelet to #makeapromise to take care of children in need. 200$ of the proceeds will be donated to @unicef to ensure that all children are cared for! 🐰 - Louis Vuitton сотрудничал с @sophiet и разработал этот серебристый замок и браслет, чтобы обещать позаботиться о нуждающихся детей. 200$ каждого купленного браслета будет предоставлено Unicef!✨ ————————————————— #codeblue #goblue #unicef #kids #makeapromise #louisvuitton #bethechange #alllivesmatter #bekindtooneanother #lvforunicef #dubai #uae
I #makeapromise to help children in urgent need. You can help too by purchasing the Silver Lockit at www.louisvuitton.com/lvforunicef ! #lvforunicef
我們三個的姐妹鍊❤️ 你跟自己的姐妹有姐妹鍊了嗎? 一年一次的LV for UNICEF公益手鍊,每一條賣出LV就會捐出$100 美金給聯合國兒童基金會👫 🐇今年是帶來好運的白兔配上紅白繩~願我們都能常常好運❤️ #makeapromise  #louisvuitton  #lvforunicef
A marca @louisvuitton lança novos braceletes exclusivos Silver Lockit desenvolvidos em parceria com a atriz @Sophie Turner onde parte da venda será revertida para apoiar projetos da UNICEF para crianças em situações vulneráveis. Os lindos braceletes são apresentados em tecido canelado trançado nas cores vermelho e branco com um pingente de coelho, inspirado na mais recente tatuagem da atriz.O lançamento mundial das novas peças aconteceu em 20 de novembro, Dia Mundial da Criança e os itens já estão disponíveis para a venda em lojas selecionadas e pelo site da Louis Vuitton. #worldchildrensday #lvforunicef
- 11月20日 世界兒童日 Louis Vuitton 與 Sophie Turner設計的 全新Silver Lockit手環 慶祝路易威登與聯合國兒童基金會(UNICEF) 為這些孩子募款邁入第三年 三年來也為UNICEF募款了五百萬美金 選用鎖頭保護重要物品的含義象徵守護每個需要幫助的孩子們 凡是購買一條手鍊同時會捐贈100美金給聯合國兒童基金會(UNICEF) 手鍊於11月20日起就能在Louis Vuitton 買得到了🔥 打扮自己的同時也在發揮愛心  @LouisVuitton #lvforunicef #makeapromise
Hi everyone ! 🙋‍♂️ VIDÉO ENTIÈRE SUR MA CHAÎNE YT 👌 Je vous présente la mission que nous avons réalisé au Bangladesh le mois dernier, à la rencontre des Rohingyas.  Cette expérience a été bouleversante et je suis très fier et heureux de vous la présenter en vidéo ! 🙌 #lvforunicef #makeapromise  Si vous êtes intérésé-es n'hésitez pas à penser à faire un don à UNICEF: lien dans mon profil. 💙  FULL VIDÉO IN MH YT CHANNEL 👌 I'm so humbled and proud to present you the project I participated in. Last mont, we went to Bangladesh to meet the Rohingya. It has been a truely life changing experience. 🙌 #lvforunicef #makeapromise  If you are interesed in this cause and want to donate, please follow the link in my profile to the official UNICEF page. 💙
#leafloves: I renew my promise to help children in urgent need! #lvforunicef has raised more than 6m€ since Jan 2016 but there's still a huge need out there! Join us now:for each sale of the new Silver Lockit bracelet by #sophieturner @sophiet, 100€ will be donated to UNICEF. #makeapromise #lvforunicef I #makeapromise to help children in urgent need. @louisvuitton @unicef
褪去那些光鮮亮麗的外衣 面對的是真實粗糙的自己 於是我們努力著,想要為自己改變什麼。  當我想改變什麼的時候 我會改變外在給自己一個新的開始 我會聽著悲傷的歌痛快的哭一場 我會看一本書給自己新的啟發 我會買喜歡的東西為自己打氣。  我們不斷的改變自己的步調模式 這股力量也能夠感染給很多人 不見得是激勵的文字,言語 當你下定決心為自己及他人做點什麼的時候 世界也因你的一小步而有所變化 不論是什麼樣的付出,一小步,也會累積成一大步。  @louisvuitton 與聯合國兒童基金會一起攜手與設計師 @sophiet 一起用好運慶祝守護世界兒童日。 每賣出一條,就會捐出100美元給UNICEF.  給世界上需要幫助的小朋友  善心不論形式 你可以讓世界更好  #silverlockit #louisvuitton #lvforunicef #makeapromise
I think about these girls and the connection we had everyday since I came back from #bangladesh. #girlsempowerment is not about giving girls a voice, it’s about letting them use the voice they already have. and I wish these girls will never stop using theirs 💙 #lvforunicef
Happy thanksgiving 🕊 grateful today and every day 🙏🏻 ps: #makeapromise to help children in urgent need. By purchasing the @louisvuitton Silver Lockit, 100€ will be donated to @unicef! #lvforunicef has already raised more than 6 million€ since 2016 but there's still a huge need out there! ❤️
#makeapromise  for #worldchildrensday ❤️Spread the love,Make a difference and#makeapromise  #louisvuitton #lvforunicef
At #worldchildrensday it's exciting for me to announce my collaboration with #lvforunicef to design a friendship bracelet. I want to explain the signicant of the colors and also the charm that I designed. As we know, LV is known for being a brand all about travel and so the brands identity itself is important when collaborating with a charity that is prevalent all over the world. It's all about bring people together. I want my bracelet to hold luck to all the children whom the proceeds from this bracelet go to. So I want to integrate the idea of luck and inclusion of many countries and cultures.  I want to have the braids made of two colors : red and white. Red is considered a lucky color in China. And the white conicides with my idea of having the little circular charm on the bracelet, a rabbit. Because white rabbits are considered lucky in the UK and a rabbit foot is considered lucky in many parts of Europe, China, Africa, North and South America. It also has a little bit of me in there because I have same rabbit design tattooed on my arm by @curtmontgomerytattos #makeapromise 🐰 🐰 🐰  #gameofthrones #lv #sansastark
#makeapromise kinda moment with @nanagiulini wearing the latest #silverlockit created by @sophiet with @louisvuitton 🙌🏼 #lvforunicef #unicef #achildisachild
#makeapromise for #worldchildrensday ❤️ Spread the love,Make a difference and #makeapromise 🤙🏾 #louisvuitton #lvforunicef - 誰要跟我打勾勾(結果沒人要 為了配合這條手環的顏色 我特別選在東京鐵塔旁合影 因為它也是紅白☺️ - 這趟旅行一定是因為我戴了由 @sophiet 設計的全新 @louisvuitton Silver Lockit手環 所以整趟都幸運不已😂 還讓我抽中泰勒絲演唱會第四排🤓 - 這條手環是慶祝 @louisvuitton 與聯合國兒童基金會(UNICEF)合作以及世界兒童日❤️ 藉由紅白色的幸運顏色來守護好運 - 只要購買Silver Lockit by Sophie Turner手環就能幫助UNICEF募款 每一條販售出去其中100美元會捐給UNICEF 這條手環11月20日 也就是昨天已經買得到了❤️ - - 📸/ #shotoniphone XS Max - #mollylife2018november  #mollysstyle #mollytravelintokyo
#兔子是幸運的守護靈獸  如果〈怪獸與牠們的產地〉紐特的皮箱有一隻帶來幸運的神獸,我想那會是一隻兔子。兔子被視作幸運的象徵,而兔子腳更是帶來幸運的信物,這一切都是出自凱爾特人腦洞大開的綺想。 🔝link in bio閱讀 PPAPER.NET 讓兔子的幸運守護世界 LOUIS VUITTON全新Silver Lockit公益手環  Louis Vuitton再次攜手聯合國兒童基金會,將幸運兔子的傳說刻畫在新的Silver Lockit公益手環,希望為全球弱勢兒童帶來好運,販售的部分金額也將捐贈基金會帶來真正的幫助。  #makeapromise #lvforunicef
一年一度“LV for UNICEF “的公益手鍊活動又到了❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 這次很特別的是第一次使用雙色鍊,配上「幸運兔」🐇 ❤️紅色通常象徵著好運與幸福 🐰白色呼應著銀飾上的小白兔。在世界上很多地方,很多人認為白兔跟兔腳是能帶來好運的護身符 🤙🏻想一同共襄盛舉愛心公益嗎?🤙🏻 每一條賣出LV就會捐出$100 美金給聯合國兒童基金會👫 11/20 剛上市了⋯昨天一收到真的愛不釋手❤️ #makeapromise  #louisvuitton  #lvforunicef
#repost @sophiet (@get_repost) ・・・ On #worldchildrensday it’s exciting for me to announce my  collaboration with #lvforunicef to design a friendship bracelet.  I want to explain the significance of the colors and also the charm that I designed.  As we know, LV is known for being a brand all about travel and so the brands identity itself is important when collaborating with a charity that is prevalent all over the world. It’s all about bringing people together.  I wanted my bracelet to hold luck for all the children whom the proceeds from this bracelet go to. So I wanted to integrate the idea of luck and also inclusion of many countries and cultures.  I wanted to have the braids made of two colours; red and white. Red is considered a lucky colour in China. And the white coincides with my idea for having the little circular charm on the bracelet, a rabbit. A. Because WHITE rabbits are considered very lucky in the UK and a rabbit foot is considered lucky in many parts of Europe, China, Africa, North and South America. It also has a little bit of me on there because I have the same rabbit designed tattooed on my arm by @curtmontgomerytattoos  #makeapromise 🐰 ✈️ 🐇
#worldschildrenday // what an intense and inspiring day we had sharing our  #lvforunicef #fieldtrip with everybody at #lv and not only, #lvmh executive committee passed by as well!
That moment when you #goblue and #makeapromise with Michael Burke and the rest of the LVMH Executive Committee on #worldchildrensday by recreating a refugee camp learning center at LV HQ, you know you’re in it to win it 💙🙌💫#lvforunicef #putapinonallofthem
Feeling so thankful about this life changing experience in any possible way! 🙌 Celebrating #worldchildrensday at Louis Vuitton headquarters Pont Neuf. #lvforunicef #makeapromise N’hésitez pas à faire un don pour changer la vie d’un enfant sur la plateforme #unicef, lien dans le profil !  Pausing with this amazing and beautiful individuals @ericakm and @alicecmpr 💙💙
Fundraising is funraising! #november20 #worldchildrensday #goblue #unicef #foreverychild Un grand merci a @yasminekabbajj @ericakm @remigozard @alicecmpr @leslielab @cali_tbs @alexdesbulles @nano_pix @bendecoin #lvforunicef #makeapromise @unicef_france @unicef @unicefbangladesh
So this is a real UNICEF Learning Center in Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh. Kids here love to learn, sing and dance! Like any kid, anywhere. On #worldchildrensday I #makeapromise to help these kids. Because they deserve it. #foreverychild #lvforunicef #unicef #november20 @unicefbangladesh @unicef_france @unicef @remigozard @ericakm @alicecamporesi_ @janextraordinaire @viktorvalenz @leslielab @alexdesbulles @cali_tbs
No, am not in a refugee camp... for #worldchildrensday we’ve built a UNICEF learning center in the LV Headquarters hall in Paris to raise awareness & funds 💙 our LVforUNICEF Reporters @ericakm @remigozard @alicecmpr will be there to share their experiences #goblue #pourchaqueenfant #journeemondialedelenfance #unicef Merci @unicef_france pour votre aide 💙#lvforunicef #makeapromise
🙆 Buzzometre du jour! #lamidupetitdejeuner #silverlockit #worldchildrensday #elle #lvforunicef #makeapromise 💙
When asked if I want to go back, I always give two answers: the first is “no” if going back means working as a volunteer  because I am no expert in humanitarian aid and we need to let the experts do the job. The second answer is, however, always “yes”, in order to hold one tiny little kiddo’s hand just a bit longer and give them some hope that everything will eventually be alright 💙 #achildisachild #worldchildrensday #makeapromise #lvforunicef 📸 by @nano_pix
The childrens‘ beaming with joy is the most sparkling one; #makeapromise; #lvforunicef: making christmas cookies with refugee children
Sunday’s #girlgang 🙌🇧🇩 Starting the countdown to #worldchildrensday #attitude #makeapromise #lvforunicef
Un año más renuevo mi promesa para ayudar a los niños junto a @louisvuitton y @unicef. ¡Haz lo que esté en tu mano! // With #louisvuitton we #makeapromise to help children in urgent need. You can help too by purchasing the Silver Lockit Color at www.louisvuitton.com/lvforunicef #lvforunicef #unicef #louisvuitton
도움이 필요한 시리아 어린이들을 위해 함께 해요.  #makeapromise #louisvuittonforunicef #lvforunicef
Can we have a moment for group hugs in the pouring rain? 💙 Our trip to Bangladesh has changed all of us and put a lot of things in perspective. I’m truly forever grateful to these 4 human beings from all over the world. It’s like family away from family 🇮🇹🇵🇭🇩🇴🇫🇷🇸🇪 #makeapromise #lvforunicef 📸 by @nano_pix
Deux semaines après la réalité parisienne et les sourires et les rires des enfants résonnent encore dans mes oreilles.  Ça aura était une expérience je peux le dire qui a marqué ma vie.  Pour ceux et celles qui ont suivis l’aventure ou sont intéressé-e-s par venir en aide aux Rohingyas et enfants du Bangladesh qui sont en grand besoin, nous avons lancé une campagne de #crowdfunding ! Chaque centime compte ! Le lien se trouve dans mon profil ! 💸 #makeithappen #makeapromise #lvforunicef
Let’s not forget them!
도움이 필요한 시리아 어린이들을 위해 함께해요.  #makeapromise #louisvuittonforunicef #lvforunicef
#tbt to these wonderful, little rays of sunshine ☀️ We made a promise and we’re going to keep it. #makeithappen by clicking the link in bio 💙 #makeapromise #lvforunicef #achildisachild
It’s always the slightly braver ones in the front, and the curious yet shy ones right behind. This #girlgang though - the pic speaks for itself 🙌💙 #girlpower #achildisachild #lvforunicef #makeapromise
Smille to the rain.
Strong as a typhoon.
“Our hands, our future” - #globalhandwashingday - a habit seemingly basic yet life saving. We saw it first hand, how the Model Mothers walked around in the camps, teaching their neighbors the importance of washing hands with soap through out the day. @unicef_france set up a remarkable water cleaning center providing drinkable water for the camps and hosting communities. Knowledge is power, now go #spreadtheword 🙌💙 #lvforunicef #makeapromise #lvforunicef2018
October 15th - happy #globalhandwashingday ! Thanks to @unicef Rohingyas have now access to water pumps disseminated around the camps. This water is pumped from a nearby river, filtered and distributed through pipes that are continuously built. The challenges they face are scarcity of water during dry season and the cleanliness of the water as it can get very muddy during monsoon season.. #unicef #unicefrance @unicef_france #lvforunicef #lvforunicef2018
For every child. #unicef
That moment when you have 30 little hands, all handing us delicious plastic tea and Duplo cakes, and we say “Mmmm, mazzaa! Shukria” (yummy, thank you in 🇲🇲) at least 1000 times to their delight. And our dear interpreter @kohinoor_adran just laughs at us, saying you girls will be so full you’ll explode soon. Yes, explode of laughter and love, is exactly what we did 💗💙 #achildisachild #lvforunicef #makeapromise #lvforunicef2018 #childfriendlyspace
There’s that silly grin that only kids can have, no matter what they’ve been through. And it cracks me up every single time 💙🙈 #achildisachild #lvforunicef #makeapromise #lvforunicef2018 📸 by @remigozard
Getting all wet in the rain for good causes can only makes you feel like the happiest.💧💙 #lvforunicef #makeapromise
These naughty smiles 😊 A child is a child and deserves to be happy... and sometimes naughty! THANK U 🙏 @unicef_france @unicefbangladesh for this in-depth field trip to Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh. SPÉCIAL THANKS 🙏🙏 to @leslielab @alexdesbulles @zahidhassan8578 @kohinoor_adran @kashemcxb A BIG HIGH FIVE 🙌with my partner in crime @nano_pix and A BIG HUG to our talented photographer&filmmaker @bendecoin And... last but not least: WELL DONE 👍 LVforUNICEF Reporters @alicecmpr @ericakm @remigozard @viktorvalenz @janextraordinaire 👏👏👏👏👏 These kids will never forget the joy you shared with them and neither will I... You are beautiful spirits and I learned so much from you! Don’t change!! And... go raise funds!! 😉 #foreverychild #lvforunicef #makeapromise #makeithappen
To #makeapromise and to actually #makeithappen 💙💜❤️💗💛🧡💚 #achildisachild #lvforunicef
Knowledge and imagination... keys of the future !
SUR LE TERRAIN 👣 - Nos collègues Leslie et Alexandre sont en ce moment au #bangladesh, avec les #enfants #réfugiés #rohingyas et 5 reporters exceptionnels de #lvforunicef, grâce au soutien de @louisvuitton.  A Cox’s Bazar au Bangladesh, la crise humanitaire touchant les #rohingyas menace la vie de près d’un million de personnes. Plus de la moitié sont des #enfants ! 🚨 Avec l’aide de ses partenaires comme UNICEF, le gouvernement a pu immuniser 900 000 enfants contre le choléra 💉 et sortir quelques 263 000 enfants de la malnutrition. Des puits ont été creusés 💧 et des latrines installées au bénéfice de plus de 343 000 personnes. 🚽 Nous avons également créé des espaces amis des enfants pour permettre aux enfants d’apprendre et de jouer, dans un espace sécurisé. 📚🎲 . Vous pouvez trouver certaines histoires de ces enfants réfugiés et voir ce que l'UNICEF fait sur les comptes de nos reporters 📸 : @alexdesbulles @remigozard @ericakm @alicecmpr @janextraordinaire @viktorvalenz #lvforunicef @unicefbangladesh #rohingya #enfant #child #chidren #unicef #pourchaqueenfant #myanmar #refugees
The older ones take care of the younger ones here. All over the many camps visited we saw the phenomenon. 7 year olds carrying their 1,5 year baby siblings on their hips for hours. Because everyone wants to stay together, everyone wants to belong, and everyone wants to feel recognized. “We see you,” I gestured, “every single one of you.” 💙 #achildisachild #lvforunicef #makeapromise #lvforunicef2018
This country. These people. Their stories 💙🙌💗#spreadtheknowledge  #achildisachild #sharethelove #lvforunicef #makeapromise #lvforunicef2018
Kids know better : « We shall overcome... ».
In perfect English, Prorishita greets me: “Hello, how are you? I am 8 years old. One, two, three, four, five!” I hold up my five fingers as well and we high-five. She speaks as if she’s singing. It’s been one year since she fled from Myanmar but her smile shines through the pouring rain. They’ve predicted sunshine tomorrow 💙 #lvforunicef #makeapromise #achildisachild #lvforunicef2018
Shamlapur.  #unicef #lvforunicef  #rohingyarefugees
Meet Hamida, one of the 15 #modelmothers at @UNICEF Information & Feedback center in #shamlapurcamp. She has endured atrocities before arriving in #bangladesh but now she’s part of this incredible group of #women working to spread #awareness on different topics - such as #hygiene and #babycare. We were invited to a model mother session and she is so #proud with her official handbag, cap and plastified information fliers and also admired by her peers who kept telling us how good she is at spreading knowledge. The ice broke when I asked her “Tua Namki?” (Rohingyas for “what’s your name?”), she was really keen on telling us to spread the word back to our countries on the current situation and fight for them. We are young, no political or economical weight whatsoever, but we can make a difference by contributing to those organisations who do. @unicef @unicef_france  #unicef #uniceffrance #lvforunicef #lvforunicef2018 #makeapromise
This is Sultana. A #pulse volunteer at the Information and Feedback center at #shamlapurcamp who works tirelessly to provide #support to those people who seek it. She kept thanking us for coming and telling us to come back. I could not promise her that I will be back but I surely told her that we will make everything that is in our power to raise #awareness and #funds for them 💙 #unicef #uniceffrance #lvforunicef #lvforunicef2018 #makeapromise
Their hands, our hands together with all open hearts. The host communities, the first to welcome the Rohingyas with wide arms, and the Bengali kids. Unicef - for every child, no matter their past 💙 #lvforunicef #achildisachild #makeapromise #lvforunicef2018 📸 by @nano_pix
Shamlapur.  #rohingyarefugees  #unicef #lvforunicef
During the last year, more than 700,000 #rohingya #refugees were forced to leave their homes in #myanmar to escape violence and discrimination. Entire villages were burned to the ground, families were separated, and women and girls were raped. . Most of the people who escaped are now severely traumatized after witnessing unspeakable atrocities. These people found temporary shelter in refugee camps around Cox’s Bazar, #bangladesh, which is now home to the world’s largest refugee camp. Refugees have access to the basics, such as food and health care, but they are still extremely vulnerable, living in highly challenging circumstances, exposed to the monsoon elements and dependent on aid. . We are here with 5 outstanding #lvforunicef reporters, thanks to the @louisvuitton support to @UNICEF. . You can find some of their stories and see what UNICEF does here : @remigozard @ericakm @alicecmpr @janextraordinaire @viktorvalenz #lvforunicef  You guys came with open hearts, hope and joy. All the children will remember these moments with you. Huge thank you 💙 . Special thank you to @leslielab @junettejapon @nano_pix @unicefbangladesh, you made this mission a special one to me 😉
When it rains it pours but buddies stick together, taking shelter under others’ umbrellas. When asked who their best friend is, it’s the kiddo right next to them. The community looks after one another, realizing that through togetherness, they become stronger 💙 #lvforunicef #makeapromise #achildisachild #lvforunicef2018
All together, we can make a difference. 💙 #photobomb #lvforunicef #makeapromise
These five 💙 Our indescribably energetic LVforUNICEF Reporters teaching macarena to kiddos in Bangladesh. A day to be remembered. Copyright @nano_pix Thank u from all our hearts for letting us do this field trip @zahidhassan8578 @leslielab @alexdesbulles Bisous à notre compagnon de voyage aux talents inouïs @bendecoin Spécial thanks to our greatest compagnon & interpréter @kashemcxb 💙 Follow the stories of our LVforUNICEF Reporters: @remigozard @ericakm @alicecmpr @viktorvalenz @janextraordinaire 💙 #lvforunicef #lvforunicef2018 #makeapromise #foreverychild @unicef @unicef_france @unicefbangladesh
In honor of #dayofthegirl meet the strong 5-year old Mubassora. She was carrying a heavy plastic bag on her shoulder, filled with something she was too shy to show us. Head held high and with a spark of curiosity in her eyes, she walks barefoot in the alleys of camp 22, to bring her big plastic bag back to her family. Be brave, Mubassora - you’re a superwoman in the making! 💙 #lvforunicef #makeapromise #lvforunicef2018 #achildisachild
Everywhere we go in the camps, the kids greet us with “Hello, how are you?” in melodic English. Some are more shy than others but it only takes a couple of minutes before the ice is broken. Like with these two boys who we ended up singing “Head-shoulders-knees-and-toes” with. Quite spontaneous, quite full of joy, and quite wet as the rain fell to the beat of our chants💙 #lvforunicef #achildisachild #makeapromise #lvforunicef2018
EDUCATION is the 🔑 pour sauver cette génération au Bangladesh. #rohingya #bengali  C’est LA première étape pour briser le cercle de la pauvreté. Here’s my fellow Noyon writing the English alphabet! So proud of him! 😊💪 #lvforunicef #makeapromise
D3 #lvforunicef // today we also visited a #local #bangladeshi #school. Tween girls at first were very shy, they did not come to play in the crowd with all the other #children.. Then I went to them and we danced, we played we laughed (they mainly laughed at my poor dancing skills!) so much 😂 #achildisachild #unicef #uniceffrance #girlsempowerment #education
Day 3 // Our #day started with a visit to the diarrhea treatment center in #leda. Let’s face it, diarrhea is no child’s dream job right? But let me tell you, those are some of the proudest and smiliest people we have met these past days. They work relentlessly to sort and cure patients, but also to mobilise communities so that Rohingyas and local Bangladeshi feel comfortable coming to the center #lvforunicef #unicef #lvreporters #lvforunicef2018
“I love Burmese classes the best,” Nafita says while giggling. I ask her to write her name, thinking she’ll write in Burmese but this girl’s got skills, and prints her name in Arabic letters. Her bunk buddy looks at her with admiration. Did someone mention that smiles are contagious? #lvforunicef #achildisachild #makeapromise #lvforunicef2018 #hostcommunity
Best buddies 💙  Visiting à child friendly space and sharing all the toys we brought them was probablement l’une des plus belles choses que j’ai pus accomplir en team work avec 4 others wonderful and extraordinary humans: @ericakm @alicecmpr @janextraordinaire and @viktorvalenz. #lvforunicefreporter #lvforunicef #lvforunicef2018 #makeapromise
You cannot help smiling when a child gives you a beautiful smile. And what these Rohingya kids have endured are beyond imagination. Today, UNICEF and its partners are there to help and Louis Vuitton supports #unicef 💪🏼 Follow our five LVforUNICEF Reporters @remigozard @alicecmpr @ericakm @janextraordinaire @viktorvalenz as they share their experience from Bangladesh 🇧🇩 @unicef @unicef_france @unicefbangladesh #lvforunicef #makeapromise #foreverychild
Let your hopes fly and reach the sky.
This is Osman. He’s 8 years old and quite the talented architect. Home away from home is okay in Bangladesh but he dreams of returning to Myanmar. “I could build it higher but it needs to be safe,” he told me, just like he feels in the child friendly space 💙  #lvforunicef #makeapromise #lvforunicef2018 #achildisachild