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अपनी आदतों के अनुसार चलने में इतनी गलतिया नहीं होतीं, जितनी दुनिया का लिहाज रखकर चलने में होती हैं. Good morning peeps... Live like kid's who do what they love to do not what others tell them to do... love you my lovelies... #sisterhood #siblings👫 #sisterly #sisters4life #aarna #sisterfromanothermother #aarnadiyu #maasilove #loveinabundance #london #londondiaries #vacationmode #enjoy #instafamily #mommybloggers #creativebest  Thank you dear @blingstudioindia for these beautiful dresses for my babies ❤😇
#letgo  #loveinabundance
Beautiful moments of a beautiful day.4 little hearts that adore their dad.We love you! #fathersday #loveinabundance #grace #bothaclan
Long weekends are for romantic getaways 🥰♥️#bliss #loveinabundance #blessedtohaveyou
Happy Dad Day! ♥️ I love you Dad! I know I drive you crazy...😇 love your ET! To every Dad out there and in Spirit, sending love 😘 #happydadday #happyfathersday #sunday #love #family #loveinabundance
Found this old poem.  Had to post it.  Enjoy  #poetry #poetrycommunity #poetrynation #inspirational #loveinabundance #love #findyourself
This is the hand of a hard working man who provides for his family. This is the hand that held me up and showed me the world and taught me to dream. This is the hand that sacrificed so much so that I could achieve my potential. This is the hand that helped me find the power and comfort in prayer. This is my father's hand. The hand that has always guided, protected and trusted me enough to let me take my own path. How blessed am I that my son gets to grow up in the warmth and security of these hands that shaped his mammas life. Happy Father's day daddy. #weloveyou #forevermyinspiration #herooftheday #alwaysyourlittlegirl #thirtyyearslater #family #happyfathersday #happysunday #grandadandgrandson #newbeginnings #blessed #fathershands #blackandwhite #loveinabundance #grateful
What choices are you making? 🌺  What's going to grow in the next year? 🌺 #livelifehappy #love #abundance #liveinabundance #loveinabundance #beautiful #plantyourseeds #shannonfun #themanyshadesofshannon
The moon knows me well! I love her well!! She is very close to being full again, but I am overflowing already!!! Goodnight moon! #moonlover #loveinabundance #moondancer #eatplaydance #60shadesofpurple #loveyoutothemoonandback
Throw🔙 Christian's 1st Holiday ❤️ #2012 #egypt #sharmelsheikh #sensatori #family love #poollife #baby #joy #loveinabundance #❤️ #tbt #throwback
The Rest Of The World Was Black & White, But We Were Screaming In Colors 💕  देखो मागार प्यार से!🙈 #channelinourinnercalm#🌠 #greetingsfromparadise#❣ #outoftheordinary#🔥 #onourbestbehaviour#💯 #betterthanbefore#✌ #loveinabundance#❤
Granddaughter on the way 😁 cannot contain my excitement!! #preciousgift❤ #babygirl #proudgrandma #specialmoments #exciting #familyfirst #loveinabundance #godsblessings #happy
Happy 8th grade graduation to this magical human. Grateful for her 💛 The best daughter I could have ever wished for. Stopped by @luckysnoho this week to get her nose pierced in celebration 🎉 #timeflies #motherdaughter #loveinabundance
Kundalini Adhi Shakti 🙏  Awaken the divine mother energy within 🌷by giving love, kindness and compassion 🌷 . . . . . #aumnamahshivaya #motherenergy #adhishakti #shakti #loveyourself #loveinabundance #spiritualawakening #matha #kundalini
Nobody can ever come in between you and Shiva.  No person can stop you from meditating. From inviting Him into Your home, in your heart.  No one can stop you from thinking of Him all the time and offering every thought, feeling and even the food you eat, to His feet.  Society might try to do so... Merely confused by His humble, unconventional attire, they don’t go beyond what the eyes can see... But even still, thoughts of such people should not touch you.  Your relationship with the divine is not bound by time, space, people or concepts. It is the eternal relationship that can never be broken.  Aum Namah Shivaya 🙏  #aumnamahshivaya  #shiv #shiva #lord #lordshiva #blessedbyshivanursedbyparvati #devi #loveyourself #loveinabundance
Your blue is the warmest color 💙 @fmcapper  #laketahoe #weekend #loveinabundance #❤️ #neversawbluelikethat
Never limit yourself because of others’ limited imagination and never limit others because of your own limited imagination. Limit your "ALWAYS" and your "NEVERS." You are enough just as you are. #selflove #selfcare #loveinabundance!! #blueisthenewhappiness!!
I don't care about titles, but being Aunt Kristin is one of the best titles I wear with the biggest pride.  Today my twin nephew and niece were celebrating their confirmation. I've known these two miracles for 15 years. They were born in week 26 and weighed only 700 grams at birth. Now they've grown to be two very reflected, good hearted and smart young humans.  I'm confident that today's youth will take over the world with love and introduce new leading perspectives.  Aunt Kristin has shed a lot of tears today, in between speeches, eating DELICIOUS vegan food (homemade ofc), a lot of laughter, good conversations and eating some more. Current status: Very full, very happy and very proud.
My boy is almost 4 months old and I still can't seem to find the profound words we often think will be a prerequisite for an introduction to the world.  I abandoned that notion today.  I can only say I love you unconditionally and I pray to our Lord to keep you safe and pour His Grace on you everyday.  #love #loveoverflow #loveinabundance #firsttimefather #lovemyboy #boontjies2019 #childofgod #newborn #boon #myseuntjie
Best seen on YouTube due to the video being shot for regular dimensions and not so much for IGTV. Music available on YouTube, Spotify, google play, Apple Music, Deezer etc etc  #indiemusic #musicsa #samusic #indiepop #indierock #indiepoprock #discovernewmusic #foals #the1975 #newmusicvideo #newspotifysongs #musicfindings #loveinabundance #bellydancer #hiphopdancer #coldplay #color #colorrun #funandgames #musicforfun
Motto: Create a life you don’t need a holiday from. . I used to go on holidays to escape myself and my day to day life. I didn’t think of that I had to bring myself along too... 😆 You wake up in a different country, you lay on a beach, everything is perfect...until you open your eyes and realise - damn, same old me is here too! 🤦🏼‍♀️🙂 . We can go anywhere in the world, and it won’t make a difference... If we don’t feel good from the inside, the geography won’t matter. Simples... . Lucky for me - it works the other way too. Holidays or not, inner peace doesn’t rely on location... Going on holiday was nice, don’t get me wrong. BUT... I do feel just as content in my day to day life too. 🙂 . Blurry Friday night thoughts... Hope you’re all doing well. . ...and if you’re not - keep going, it will get better. ♥️xx
The more I find myself, the more I feel at home no matter where in the world I am... . In some way this makes me feel so incredibly free. I’m not tide down to one location, nor do I feel the need to be. . The more I travel the more it sinks in: 🌍 is small - ppl are ppl [we are one] - and knowing yourself will help you connect and feel like you “belong everywhere” vs “not fitting in anywhere”. . I never jumped in btw ☝🏽🙂. Next time! 🙏🏼 Xx
Post gym photo 🤳🏼🙂. Tuesday thoughts 💭: . Whether it’s your partner or your closest friends - having the right support around makes an enormous difference. . Not everyone will cheer on us. In fact, some will even wish for us to fail. HOWEVER - the more mindful we get the more we realise the two have nothing to do with each other. . There is of abundance 👉🏽 (more than enough) for Everyone of Everything in this world. I really do believe that. So, let’s only compete with ourselves. Comparison is the thief of happiness. . Thank you, my🤴🏾 and best friend @dave_i_define for always supporting me. ♥️ xx
This week’s been tough, I’m not gonna pretend it hasn’t. But guess what, I’ve (almost) made it til the end. 🙋🏼‍♀️ . I came to the mall to pick up some bits n pieces for an art event I’m running next week ( @ldnartnanny )- and stumbled over this cuteness of a top. . In a world so quick to react and act out of fear, it’s a good reminder to... Exhale that BullShit and let LOVE lead the way. . Time to take that shit serious. Make it a priority. Mirror talk. Fill yourself and get charged up with Love. . Because in the end of the day, we can only give of what we carry inside. 🙏🏼♥️
Highlight of this post: the stripy socks 🧦🤓✌🏼. . I could go deep ...or just leave it there. 🤔😆 . Team better than yesterday... The only way to level up is to put the work in. Whatever it is... relationship, work, body, mindfulness. . Cut off things that do not serve your future self. Build on things that serve your happiness. . Nothing is certain. Tomorrow is a new you, unless you choose to re-live an old story... Up to you. 🙏🏼 xx
What did she do on the 7th day? . They say to be wary of those who refer to themselves in third persona. 😂 . It’s cold and grey today... Life seems lighter on sunny days, hence the tb to last Sunday. . Have a good one ppl! Yours truly 🤓✌🏼xx . [Correct answer: “Rested”]
When you reach a goal but then feel like “yh, but now what?!”. . Have you ever worked hard for a goal, accomplished it, felt great! ...for about an hour... and then got hit by this complete emptiness? . It happens to me. All. Of. The. Time. 🤷🏼‍♀️ . So I had to create a system around it... Whenever I’m about to reach a goal I create new goals that EXCITE me. I sit down, I connect to my highest frequency through meditation...and then write down around 5 new areas to grow in. . I’ve come to realise this is the only way to calm that driven nerve some of us are born with. . Boss ladies and gentlemen, can you relate?! . Keep growing. I see you. 🙏🏼
I look back sometimes... I look at my younger self with compassion.  Hurt people hurt people, and so the vicious circle goes on. Unless... ...someone breaks the circle. Heals themselves. Has compassion first for themselves, and then for others.  Every day we can start fresh. Every day we can choose to be part of the healing or part of the hurt. Love or fear, which one will lead your actions?  That’s a conversation I would have with my younger self.  Thoughts of an empath... xx
That time I bungee jumped from 160 FT / 50 m... [nervous much?]. I don’t think I’ve been this scared in my life before... but I still did it. 🙂 . What’s your biggest fear? . Yesterday was the launch of the uncensored NEW YouTube channel. Watch this full video and subscribe for more content coming up. 🚀 Link in bio. 🚀 . See you on the other side! 🙏🏼 @ch4rg3r xx
Do you remember the film Inception with Leo DiCaprio about the subconscious and dreams? . We watched it again today after this Sunday stroll by the river... . Reminds me of lucid dreaming. Being awake in a dream and consciously directing it into whatever you want... 💭. Love it... . I guess the next level from there is creating the reality we want. We don’t need to be asleep to live our dreams... . One step at a time in the right direction. That’s all it takes. 🙏🏼
Call me Ferdinand all you want, but this is where I’m my happiest... 😉 “...under a tree, smelling flowers.” . Reconnecting with nature during this gorgeous day in London... As Zen as it gets. 🙏🏼
Another very busy school term has come to an end, and my artists are off for their Easter break. . As much as I LOVE MY WORK [ @ldnartnanny ], I also LOVE PAINTING. Whenever my mind isn’t occupied with thoughts about future projects for the kids etc the urge to pick up the brush myself arises. . Colours and shapes are so fascinating. I’m amazed by how you can capture a movement with just a few strokes with a brush. . If it ends up on the wall or not is irrelevant. Creating is key to EVERYTHING. . Happy Sunday my darlings! 🙏🏼♥️
Check out my other profile @ldnartnanny for some kids art inspo! 👩🏼‍🎨 xx
Sometimes I pinch him to check if he’s real... . . For all sorts of reasons. . Like for example when he says he doesn’t like cashews. How can someone not love cashews?! 🤷🏼‍♀️. . ...or cos he wakes up at 5am without an alarm to prep for his day. How?!The good side for me is, he always brings me coffee to bed when it’s time for me to wake up. 😻 . Ok let me start this day too! . Good morning, beautiful souls! Let’s make this day count. 🙏🏼 xx
Cyclops and Saturdays... 👁. . This project was made for one of my clients who’s little one’s dressing up as Odysseus on World Book Day. ...and what is Odysseus without Polyphemus? 🙂. . Want to see how I made it? Jump onto YouTube.com/londonartnanny (link in bio). You’ll find this, and more... 💭. . Have an ARTsome weekend, beautiful souls... ♥️🙏🏼☝🏽 xx
Yes. Another post by water. It’s my happy place... . Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day. Sunny and 18 degrees. In February..? That’s new. . Happy Sunday, beautiful people! 🙏🏼♥️
My mum and I in Paris. Check out our swag... 😌✌🏼. . Picture proof, I was once into pink frilly dresses! I still remember asking if I’m allowed to bring it, so yes it was an important part of this family trip... . Happy Saturday, beautiful souls. 🙏🏼 xx
There goes another day... . How I love you, London. 🙏🏼♥️ Now home, cook, film maybe...? Any suggestions?? 🎞
If we want to make a difference, then we should aim to align our personality with our purpose. . “Your real work is to figure out where your power base is and to work on that alignment of your personality, your gifts you have to give, with the real reason why you are here. Align your personality with your purpose, and no one can touch you." - #oprah . No one else has the exact same background and story as you do. So no one else will view the world exactly like you do. There is power in You. The real authentic you. . Tuesday thoughts... 💭
Interesting how when the sun shines on our backs the shadow is in front of us... . Blinded by the light vs facing the shadows... . In neuroscience the light is referred to as the consciousness, while the shadow is more about the dark side of the unconscious.. The denials, the unhealed past, the fears... . Have you heard about shadow integration? . “Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual's conscious life, the blacker and denser it is." -Carl Jung . Integrating the shadows into the consciousness is part of the process of becoming You. . The whole, healed, raw, pure and mind blowing you... ♥️
The one who holds the ball controls the game. 🙃 . . Here’s me as a kid, testing how the game works. Here’s where my beliefs about life, the world and society first were shaped. . . Do you ever look back at your younger years and question the beliefs you’ve since lived by? . . “All I know, is that I don’t know anything.” -Socrates, the father of Question Everything. 🙂🙏🏼 xx
Calm is a superpower. . . 👉🏽 calm /kɑːm/Submit adjective . 1. not showing or feeling nervousness, anger, or other strong emotions. "she had to keep calm at all costs" . 2. (of the weather) pleasantly free from wind. "the night was clear and calm" synonyms:	windless, still, tranquil, quiet, serene, peaceful, pacific, undisturbed, restful, balmy, halcyon "the night was clear and calm" . . 🙏🏼 xx
TB to summertime and easy living. . Feels like yesterday, yet Christmas is around the corner! Is time an illusion? 💭. . Happy Tuesday, peeps! Let’s conquer another day... 🙂🙏🏼 xx . PS. Try out this X pose next time you feel drained and low in energy. Close your eyes, lift your face towards the sky, breathe deep in through your nose out through your mouth.
Because Sundays are for us. . . 🙏🏼 xx
Today has been beautiful. Catching up on rest, meditation and calming of mind. . I’ve barely left the bed. Unashamed and unapologetic... . . Sunday Self care. 🙏🏼 Xx
Boo! 👻