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كعك العصرونية أو كعك الجزدان street food bread  #homemade #bread #zaatar #كعكة العصرونية #lebanese food #food #streetfood #
Price:20$ Online Shopping Store Free Delivery in Beirut City 🤩 4 $ throughout Lebanon #lebanesegirls #lebanon #beirut #beirutfashion #onlineshopping #onlineboutique #fashion #shopping addict #delivery #deliveryservice #lebanese#beirutnightlife
وجبات الأربعاء . 🇱🇧 صيادية سمك وطاجن - ٤ دك 🇱🇧 كفتة بالصينية - ٣.٧٥٠ دك 🇱🇧 دجاج كبسة - ٣.٥٠٠ دك 🇱🇧 معكرونة بالفطر - ٣.٥٠٠ دك . . . . . #lebanon #kuwait #lebanese #restaurant #kuwaitrestaurants #fresh #food #elmeer #lebaneseinkuwait #مطعم_لبناني #أكل_بيتي #رمضان #إفطار #سحور #غبقة #أشتراك #وجبات
The art of Lebanese Belly Dancing with Jacqueline & Marc El Khoury! Thank you @marckhoory for collaborating with me on this clip. It was so nice to think creatively and challenge myself as a dancer. Merci Ktir 🙏🏼 @jacquelineroseofficial THANK YOU TO MY HUSBAND RJ for filming!! Jacqueline Rose 🌹YouTube.com/jacquelinebellydancer 🌹www.jacquelinebellydancer.com 🌹 #yalla #lebanesegirls #lebanese #lebanesestreetstyle #lebanesewomen #lebaneseamerican #lebanesefashion #bellydancing #lebanesebellydancing #lebanesebellydance #lebanesebellydancer #orientaldance #bellydancersofinstagram #bellydanceteacher #bellydanceworld #bellydancelove #bellydancefitness #bellydanceclass #socalbellydance #socalbellydancer #laughlovelive #dancersofinstagram
A confecção do famoso #baklewa ou #baklava deixou todos com água na boca! Realmente, é delicioso ensinar para uma turma que aprecia e se delicia, enquanto aprende! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #gastronomia #culinaria #culinariaarabe #gastronomiaarabe #docearabe #doce #sweet #dulcedeleche #comida #delicia #cozinha #cozinhar #quintalgourmand #arabe #arab #lebanon #turkey #lebanese #turkish
رمضان على الباب، وبدنا نزيد الأكلات وما في غيركم بساعدنا، شو بتحبوا من هل أكلات؟ : يخنة بطاطا ولحمة كوسا أبلما صينيّة شاورما لحمة مجدرة برغل . . . . . #lebanon #kuwait #lebanese #restaurant #kuwaitrestaurants #fresh #food #elmeer #lebaneseinkuwait #مطعم_لبناني #أكل_بيتي #رمضان #إفطار #سحور #غبقة #أشتراك #وجبات
A feast for your eyes 😍
Potato x zucchini w/ scorching hot Lebanese style rice 🍚
We're the same just remove the lens. .  Shoutout to @lowkeyonline for his powerful words at a debate held at Oxford University. You are a huge inspiration to myself and lots of people around the world. Keep doing what you're doing and I'm sure the influence you hold will come with results. I hope one day we can work together and I wish you all the best, brother.  #lowkey #conciousness #palestine #falesteen #lebanese #middleeasternart #upcomingtrack #420 #love #art #peace #chillin #dontkeepoffthegrass #qudra #indie #music #vibe #zahr #nature
Curls are a way of life! A lot of secrets come out of it. Blessed genetics🧬  @miss_shuman ’s choice! - - - - - - - - - - @agencesybillesasse @actorparlor @actramtl @actranational @montreal @livemontreal @narcitycanada @hollywood @lifestyle_miami @losangeles_city @ig.curls @curls.influence @awesome.curls @curls @thecurlyco @curlyhairkillas @curly.lifestyle @menwithstreetstyle @menwithclass @curls @dulcedotalents
Psalm 139:14 KJV I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well. #psalm13914 ______________________________________________ I'm not a model, I'm a designer. But I like this photo of me when I've done modeling for hairstyle and makeup back in 2006.  It was a nice experience :-) #fashiondesigner #stilista #italiana #italian #lebanese #designer #illustrator
It’s been a while that I haven’t done this hairstyle with them curly curls. Naturally shaped hair. To keep it healthy use @mauimoisture it’s nourishing for your hair and scalp. - - Felt like posting a sequence of selfies for the next 3 posts and I will go back to the professional pics after that. On that note enjoy and show me some love. LOVE THEM CURLS. - - - @agencesybillesasse @actorparlor @actramtl @actranational @montreal @livemontreal @narcitycanada @hollywoodunlocked @lifestyle_miami @losangeles_city @ig.curls @curls.influence @awesome.curls @curls @thecurlyco @curlyhairkillas @curly.lifestyle @menwithstreetstyle @menwithclass @curls
A big thanks for getting me at 2K! People think it’s easy but trust when it goes up and down you just gotta work smart and hustle! Thank you very much gramers 🙏🏼💯 - - No need for bots or social growth boost services, they’re pointless anyways because they do not engage in your content! Keep it organic just like your own being😌🌱 better thing come out of it 💯 - - Credits📸: @i.am.john.odeh - - - @agencesybillesasse @actorparlor @actramtl @actranational @montreal @livemontreal @narcitycanada @hollywoodunlocked @lifestyle_miami @losangeles_city @ig.curls @curls.influence @awesome.curls @curls @thecurlyco @curlyhairkillas @curly.lifestyle @menwithstreetstyle @menwithclass @curls
I’ve learned that life is about substance and it’s not about how much money you have but who you are as a person. Most people besides my circle see one side of who I am; no one is one-dimensional. The thing about me is love me or hate me you; you know that I’ll keep it 💯 - - Not everybody understands who I am and at this point I don’t take gratification in going against the weaker apponent that’s so far from who I am. - - @tamiroman what an inspiration you are, I leaned so much from your attitude and behaviour and I get it. - - Credits📸: @i.am.john.odeh - - - @agencesybillesasse @actorparlor @actramtl @actranational @montreal @livemontreal @narcitycanada @hollywoodunlocked @lifestyle_miami @losangeles_city @ig.curls @curls.influence @awesome.curls @curls @thecurlyco @curlyhairkillas @curly.lifestyle @menwithstreetstyle @menwithclass @curls
If you don’t belong, Don’t be long 💛💜 The best is yet to come. - - Credits📸: @i.am.john.odeh - - - @agencesybillesasse @actorparlor @actramtl @actranational @montreal @livemontreal @narcitycanada @hollywoodunlocked @lifestyle_miami @losangeles_city @ig.curls @curls.influence @awesome.curls @curls @thecurlyco @curlyhairkillas @curly.lifestyle @menwithstreetstyle @menwithclass @curls
Last post of this shoot! It was a great experience working with this brand and crew! Very enthusiastic and great energy; looking forward for future project with them! Thank you @_tripleking for the opportunity🙏🏼👑 - - Skater products. Brand based in Canada! Go check them out! 🛹👑👑👑 awesome quality and comfortable. - - Put your mind into it and it can work. Trust the process. - - Triplekingstore.com Facebook: tripleking - - Credits📸: @mathieupothier - - @agencesybillesasse @actorparlor @actramtl @actranational @montreal @livemontreal @narcitycanada @hollywoodunlocked @lifestyle_miami @losangeles_city @ig.curls @curls.influence @awesome.curls @curls @thecurlyco @curlyhairkillas @curly.lifestyle @menwithstreetstyle @menwithclass
Skater products. Brand based in Canada! Go check them out! 🛹👑👑👑 awesome quality and comfortable. - - Put your mind into it and it can work. Trust the process. - - Triplekingstore.com @_tripleking Facebook: tripleking - - Credits📸: @mathieupothier - - @agencesybillesasse @actorparlor @actramtl @actranational @montreal @livemontreal @narcitycanada @hollywoodunlocked @lifestyle_miami @losangeles_city @ig.curls @curls.influence @awesome.curls @curls @thecurlyco @curlyhairkillas @curly.lifestyle @menwithstreetstyle @menwithclass
Those sweatshirts were comfy to wear! And great quality. Skater products. Brand based in Canada! Go check them out! 🛹👑👑👑 - - That mean mug tho 😂 - - Triplekingstore.com @_tripleking Facebook: tripleking - - Credits📸: @mathieupothier - - @agencesybillesasse @actorparlor @actramtl @actranational @montreal @livemontreal @narcitycanada @hollywoodunlocked @lifestyle_miami @losangeles_city @ig.curls @curls.influence @awesome.curls @curls @thecurlyco @curlyhairkillas @curly.lifestyle @menwithstreetstyle @menwithclass
Sorry I haven’t posted in a while! University got me occupied. But not to worry I’ll be back. Stay tuned 🔥 - - By the way, haters gonna hate so, please do not take this energy; let it walk past you and not receive it. People will hate on the fact that you’re happy and they’ll put you on blast in front of anyone to make themselves feel better. Feel bad for those people, don’t add fuel to the fire. - - Credits📸: @paul_ch9 - - - @agencesybillesasse @actorparlor @actramtl @actranational @montreal @livemontreal @narcitycanada @hollywoodunlocked @lifestyle_miami @losangeles_city @ig.curls @curls.influence @awesome.curls @curls @thecurlyco @curlyhairkillas @curly.lifestyle @menwithstreetstyle @menwithclass @curls
If you don’t tell your story, someone else will. - - Credits📸: @paul_ch9 - - - @agencesybillesasse @actorparlor @actramtl @actranational @montreal @livemontreal @narcitycanada @hollywoodunlocked @lifestyle_miami @losangeles_city @ig.curls @curls.influence @awesome.curls @curls @thecurlyco @curlyhairkillas @curly.lifestyle @menwithstreetstyle @menwithclass @curls
Amazing things are often underrated, but in the end they always rise up to the top. - - Credits📸: @paul_ch9 - - - @agencesybillesasse @actorparlor @actramtl @actranational @montreal @livemontreal @narcitycanada @hollywoodunlocked @lifestyle_miami @losangeles_city @ig.curls @curls.influence @awesome.curls @curls @thecurlyco @curlyhairkillas @curly.lifestyle @menwithstreetstyle @menwithclass @curls
The only thing to do is to follow your greatest desires; life’s too short to hold grudges - Lucifer - - Credits📸: @paul_ch9 - - - @agencesybillesasse @actorparlor @actramtl @actranational @montreal @livemontreal @narcitycanada @hollywoodunlocked @lifestyle_miami @losangeles_city @ig.curls @curls.influence @awesome.curls @curls @thecurlyco @curlyhairkillas @curly.lifestyle @menwithstreetstyle @menwithclass @curls
The next 3 pictures are going to be black and white because during the winter I do not see too much colors but more neutral colors⚫️⚪️ - - Credits📸: @paul_ch9 - - - @agencesybillesasse @actorparlor @actramtl @actranational @montreal @livemontreal @narcitycanada @hollywoodunlocked @lifestyle_miami @losangeles_city @ig.curls @curls.influence @awesome.curls @curls @thecurlyco @curlyhairkillas @curly.lifestyle @menwithstreetstyle @menwithclass @curls
Just because my path is different it doesn’t mean that I’m lost. 🛤 - - People always think that we should follow everything that they do but this is where they are wrong because having different path and ambitions expands you knowledge on a variety of different new things instead of knowing the same thing that someone else knows. Be different, follow what is legitimate for you! - - Credits📸: @paul_ch9 - - - @agencesybillesasse @actorparlor @actramtl @actranational @montreal @livemontreal @narcitycanada @hollywoodunlocked @lifestyle_miami @losangeles_city @ig.curls @curls.influence @awesome.curls @curls @thecurlyco @curlyhairkillas @curly.lifestyle @menwithclass @menwithstreetstyle @curls
I don’t need to “get a life” I’m a gamer, I have lots of lives🎮 - - Credits📸: @paul_ch9 - - - @agencesybillesasse @actorparlor @actramtl @actranational @montreal @livemontreal @narcitycanada @hollywoodunlocked @lifestyle_miami @losangeles_city @ig.curls @curls.influence @awesome.curls @curls @thecurlyco @curlyhairkillas @curly.lifestyle @menwithclass @menwithstreetstyle @curls
Please don’t waste electricity. How would you feel if I turned you on and walked away? ⚡️ - - Credits📸: @paul_ch9 - - - @agencesybillesasse @actorparlor @actramtl @actranational @montreal @livemontreal @narcitycanada @hollywoodunlocked @lifestyle_miami @losangeles_city @ig.curls @curls.influence @awesome.curls @curls @thecurlyco @curlyhairkillas @curly.lifestyle
There’s a thin line Between confidence And arrogance... it’s called humility. Confidence smiles. Arrogance smirks. - - I feel everyone has arrogance; it’s just how you decide to interpreted in any context or skills. - - @agencesybillesasse @actorparlor @actramtl @actranational @montreal @livemontreal @narcitycanada @hollywoodunlocked @lifestyle_miami @losangeles_city @ig.curls @curls.influence @awesome.curls @curls @thecurlyco @curlyhairkillas @curly.lifestyle @menwithclass @menwithstreetstyle @curls
I know it can be addictive to work alone on order to reach your success but... Together Everyone Achieves More  Have a team to back you up. - - @agencesybillesasse @actorparlor @actramtl @actranational @montreal @livemontreal @narcitycanada @hollywoodunlocked @lifestyle_miami @losangeles_city @ig.curls @curls.influence @awesome.curls @curls @thecurlyco @curlyhairkillas @curly.lifestyle
The highlight of yesterday was me being intoxicated at the end of the party but it was still worth it with all my crew🍾🥂🎄 - - Pjc81 every year is magical! I will be posting the pics so that it becomes a story highlight. - - @agencesybillesasse @actorparlor @actramtl @actranational @montreal @livemontreal @narcitycanada @hollywoodunlocked @lifestyle_miami @losangeles_city @ig.curls @curls.influence @awesome.curls @curls @thecurlyco @curlyhairkillas @curly.lifestyle
😬 See Miracles In Life Everyday!  S.m.i.l.e 😁 - - Credits📸: @paul_ch9 - - - - @agencesybillesasse @actorparlor @actramtl @actranational @montreal @livemontreal @narcitycanada @hollywoodunlocked @lifestyle_miami @losangeles_city @ig.curls @curls.influence @awesome.curls @curls @thecurlyco @curlyhairkillas @curly.lifestyle @menwithclass @menwithstreetstyle @curls
Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience. - - Been there, being petty os addicting but sometimes you need to know where to draw the line. - - Credits📸: @paul_ch9 - - - @agencesybillesasse @actorparlor @actramtl @actranational @montreal @livemontreal @narcitycanada @hollywoodunlocked @lifestyle_miami @losangeles_city @ig.curls @curls.influence @awesome.curls @curls @thecurlyco @curlyhairkillas @curly.lifestyle @menwithclass @menwithstreetstyle @curls
Revenge is not in my plans, You’ll fuck yourself on your own🐸☕️ - - Haters keep on hating because someone has to do it. Don’t let them get to you or even your inner peace! Those people are not well on there well being, so be grateful that you ain’t them. - - Credits📸: @paul_ch9 - - - - @agencesybillesasse @actorparlor @actramtl @actranational @montreal @livemontreal @narcitycanada @hollywoodunlocked @lifestyle_miami @losangeles_city @ig.curls @curls.influence @awesome.curls @curls @thecurlyco @curlyhairkillas @curly.lifestyle @menwithclass @menwithstreetstyle @curls
The dream is free The hustle is sold Separately - - Success doesn’t come to you, YOU GO TO IT. - -  Credits📸: @paul_ch9 - - - @agencesybillesasse @actorparlor @actramtl @actranational @montreal @livemontreal @narcitycanada @hollywoodunlocked @lifestyle_miami @losangeles_city @ig.curls @curls.influence @awesome.curls @curls @thecurlyco @curlyhairkillas @curly.lifestyle @menwithclass @menwithstreetstyle @curls
Imma snatch your soul like you got a deathwish 😈 - - Credits📸: @paul_ch9 - - - @agencesybillesasse @actorparlor @actramtl @actranational @montreal @livemontreal @narcitycanada @hollywoodunlocked @lifestyle_miami @losangeles_city @ig.curls @curls.influence @awesome.curls @curls @thecurlyco @curlyhairkillas @curly.lifestyle @menwithclass @menwithstreetstyle @curls
I’m not a player I’m a gamer. Players get chicks.  I get achievements. - - Credits📸: @paul_ch9 - - @agencesybillesasse @actorparlor @actramtl @actranational @montreal @livemontreal @narcitycanada @hollywoodunlocked @lifestyle_miami @losangeles_city @ig.curls @curls.influence @awesome.curls @curls @thecurlyco @curlyhairkillas @curly.lifestyle @menwithclass @menwithstreetstyle @curls
Don’t just stand there let’s get to it. Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it. - - Credits📸: @paul_ch9 - - - @agencesybillesasse @actorparlor @actramtl @actranational @montreal @livemontreal @narcitycanada @hollywoodunlocked @lifestyle_miami @losangeles_city @ig.curls @curls.influence @awesome.curls @curls @thecurlyco @curlyhairkillas @curly.lifestyle
We build our character from the bricks of habits we pile up day by day. - - It’s a new day, do not make the same choices as yesterday - - Credits📸: @paul_ch9 - - - @agencesybillesasse @actorparlor @actramtl @actranational @nextcanada @montreal @livemontreal @narcitycanada @hollywoodunlocked @lifestyle_miami @losangeles_city @ig.curls @curls.influence @awesome.curls @curls @thecurlyco @curlyhairkillas @curly.lifestyle @menwithclass @menwithstreetstyle @curls
Life is like a game. Every stage becomes harder and harder. The only difference is that you have one life. Use it wisely.🎮 - - May the odds be in your favor! Good luck to everyone during your exams. 📝 - - Credits📸: @paul_ch9 - - - @agencesybillesasse @actorparlor @actramtl @actranational @montreal @livemontreal @narcitycanada @hollywoodunlocked @lifestyle_miami @losangeles_city @ig.curls @curls.influence @awesome.curls @curls @thecurlyco @curlyhairkillas @curly.lifestyle @menwithclass @menwithstreetstyle @curls @playstationca
It’s not the future that you’re afraid of. It’s repeating the past that makes you anxious. - - The past is supposed to be a lesson to better your future and not to make it worse. Change the pattern, change the way you do things, discover news things, new hobbies, anything that could enhance your creative process. - - Credits📸: @paul_ch9 - - - @agencesybillesasse @actorparlor @actramtl @actranational @montreal @livemontreal @narcitycanada @hollywoodunlocked @lifestyle_miami @losangeles_city @ig.curls @curls.influence @awesome.curls @curls @thecurlyco @curlyhairkillas @curly.lifestyle @menwithstreetstyle @menwithclass @curls
I would not put my maximum for a minimum. 🦁 - - In inspiration of the people living on a minimum wage, never do more than what you’re asked to since it’s you only get a minimum with no gratification at the end. - - Cresits📸: @paul_ch9 - - - @agencesybillesasse @actorparlor @actramtl @actranational @montreal @livemontreal @narcitycanada @hollywoodunlocked @lifestyle_miami @losangeles_city @ig.curls @curls.influence @awesome.curls @curls @thecurlyco @curlyhairkillas @curly.lifestyle @menwithstreetstyle @menwithclass @curls