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Recovering from a cold and finally getting my energy back. Hope your weekend is more energetic than mine ;) 🌿 #myweekofwhite2019 #thebotanicalseries #petalplay_summertime
The mission in SB was closed due to a private mass so the outside was super packed. Second pic is typically how you’ll find me. Posing and laughing because taking pics infront of a huge group of strangers is well ..uh you know.. awkward 😂
Доброе утро🥰 #мояпланета #архыз #kukarta
Another drawing of Saint Sebastian. This time it’s after Bernini
Hudson says happy Friday everyone! What are your weekend plans?! We’re finishing a few house projects and working on prep for @thefoundcottagemercantile! I’m also going to start sharing some of our fall signs pretty soon! Very excited to style the Haunted Mansion sign on my newly painted mantle this year🎃
I love Friday’s in the summertime. The weekend seems to stretch itself out with ease and there’s a certain nostalgia in the air. Moments are to be savored and the pace of life slows itself. A blank page holds a wellspring of endless possibility with ideas, musings and dreams to be penned. Especially when commencing a new addition. Oh and good coffee served beautifully doesn’t hurt either. Here’s to a lovely weekend ahead! Cheers everyone! . . . . Featuring the new resin @ystudiostyle fountain pen thanks to the kind folks at @nomadostore. Dessin Slim Sketchbook @soumkine. . . . . #journaling #ystudio #fountainpens #nomadostore #soumkine #travelersnotebook #shopchc #leathertote #loveforanalogue #coffeeshots #coffeeshopvibes #coffeeshopcorners #coffeenclothes #coffeeshopsoftheworld #stationery #stationerylove #planneraddict #plannercommunity #handsinframe #abmsummer #aquietstyle #livemoremagic #kinfolkstyle #creativejournaling #creativespace #thedailywriting
Какая колбаса ? Правильно
Reposted from @still_life_gallery_ (@get_regrann) - ⠀ ★ Photo by: @yuliyakudasheva ⠀ Congratulations! ⠀ ➙  Follow us @still_life_gallery_ ➙  To be featured, please tag: ⠀⠀#still_life_gallery or #stilllifegallery ⠀ ➙  Selected by: ♥ @kittykisses __________________________________________ ⠀ #slg__yuliyakudasheva ⠀ #theartofslowliving#infinity_red#ig_serenity#mystory_shots#shabbychicstyle#snap_ish#onthetable#stilllifephotos#rsa_ladies#coffeeandseasons#bewitched_flowers#naughtyteas#vzcomade#vscofood#perfectturk_shot#littlebitsof_life#splendid_vibe#vscocoffee#myeverydaymagic#simplethingsmadebeautiful#flatlaystyle#inspiretocreate#tv_fadingbeauty#mode_emotive#shared_colored_moments#kinfolkstyle ⠀
We love this photo from @herwaisechoice . For us it’s the realisation of what we hoped to create with Warren Hill. Not just another nursery item, but a play mat that becomes a piece of your furniture and part of your living room and home 🙂
Crispy egg, broad beans from the garden fried with (leftover) duck fat and chimchurri.
Pink and white Mother of Pearl pieces 🖤  Come visit me at Courtney Market Days from 9-6!
So excited to get the ball rolling on making some new prints for you all! Next week will be filled with trial and error in trying to get the shop ready for you all! If there’s a certain piece or size you’ve been wanting let me know!
⠀ ★ Photo by: @yuliyakudasheva ⠀ Congratulations! ⠀ ➙  Follow us @still_life_gallery_ ➙  To be featured, please tag: ⠀⠀#still_life_gallery or #stilllifegallery ⠀ ➙  Selected by: ♥ @kittykisses __________________________________________ ⠀ #slg__yuliyakudasheva ⠀ #theartofslowliving#infinity_red#ig_serenity#mystory_shots#shabbychicstyle#snap_ish#onthetable#stilllifephotos#rsa_ladies#coffeeandseasons#bewitched_flowers#naughtyteas#vzcomade#vscofood#perfectturk_shot#littlebitsof_life#splendid_vibe#vscocoffee#myeverydaymagic#simplethingsmadebeautiful#flatlaystyle#inspiretocreate#tv_fadingbeauty#mode_emotive#shared_colored_moments#kinfolkstyle ⠀
Sharing something towards nearest to my heart that came to this morning time that my aunt shared with me! Came all the way to texting and calling and FaceTiming safety app types because she dealing with a lot others with people and safety of her phone our phone numbers to. But all came to missionary as an Christian ways. My aunt does goes to do chatters schools in Taxes and trying to get into Montana and taking awhile to gain it here and the governments isn’t allowing the schools to build here in Montana which really have been down sides because whenever I have kids where I wanna bring them to that school where don’t have to pay any money for that school! I have my aunt and uncle and my cousins coming back home to see them to! I missing them aha to much to! But they’re trying to be in others country’s to also working with it. But have one building into the other side country to do teaching our English. Which is good for the kids and the parents of them to teaching them for job and daily life to! Told me about India and having how poor they’re and parents throw baby’s out into the trash and it’s soo sad heartbreaking moments wow we’re soo lucky to live in this country of USA country be freely believe Christ to also being not soo poor here. This is soo sad the baby’s in the throwaway goes to safety by people rescuing them, my aunt have gone there and praying for those baby’s and kids to. The baby’s there are soo swollen heads and can’t pick them up because their soo heavy and I wanna go there to be missionary to prayers for them all. My aunt went to the airport to go into India and the security have guns and we can’t bring the Bible’s or cross necklace and my aunt brought with her and kept it lucky her. It’s soo not freedom into the others to also. But I’m soo like thinking to myself it’s sooo sad and makes my heart broken and cried to also. Hearing the story’s are sooo real to also! Be thankful and be humbled and being kind to!
Pure Linen wall hangings.  Now available in online shop www.suikerbosje.com
Casual Friday. @piraffe
| if you forgot to put on sunscreen today, this is your reminder! ☀️✨ // I used to never wear sunblock, but after learning about the effects of environmental + digital skin damage, I began looking for an alternative to the cakey sunscreens I had been avoiding. Recently, @COOLA ( #sponsor ) sent me their oil-free, airy-light Sun Silk Crème to try and since then I always have it in my bag. It’s perfect for all skin types (I offer it to whoever I’m with when I’m applying it - so far no negative reviews!) and it offers sun, digital, and pollution protection. So cheers to the summer - and to protecting your beautiful skin !! 💛💛💛 #coola x #cremedelaspf
✨ it’s always 5 oclock when you’re on that Ningxia mocktail hour ✨ - Literally my favorite summer bev of all time - NINGXIA, SPARKLING WATER, COCONUT WATER, LIME (fresh or YL vitality works great), and a heck of a lot of ice. - I love summer so much. Life picks up and moves so fast during these months, it requires us to be intentional with each moment it seems like. - For me it’s taken, and is taking, a lot of trial and error to get this whole balance thing down. Figuring out when to rest and when to run. What is priority and what takes the back seat. And what that cycle continuously looks like. - IS THIS ADULTING? - Pour me anothaaaaa. - But seriously, it’s both frustrating and empowering to figure this out. To learn to say yes and no to the right things for me in this season. - I’ve learned that capacities are always changing, so what was once a yes might now be a no and vice versa. - My anxiety was overwhelming at the beginning of the year. I’ve worked and worked to try and listen to my body and soul to properly nourish it, refresh it, and cleanse it. - I’m still on the journey but man do I feel like a different human with a much clearer picture of what I need and what I want. - Let’s promise each other something? Let’s spur each other on in whatever they need. Let’s encourage each other in the yes and no’s we hand out and celebrate when someone is taking care of themselves. It’s not always easy when we want someone to show up in a certain way or to a certain time, but most people are trying their best to do it all and most people also can’t do it all. - Let’s give grace and accept it with a thankful heart. - YOU ARE DOING THE BEST YOU CAN AND THAT IS ENOUGH. - PS - really diggin this short hair/giant scrunchie/awkward pony tail vibe for sureeeeee 🤙🏼 - 🖤
So gorgeous morning time of the ranch to!! Gorgeous time before I come into town to! So humbled thankful for this ranch to!! “Whoever pursues righteousness and kindness will find life, righteousness, and honor.” ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭21:21‬ ‭ESV‬‬
Plates, plates, plates.
Living in Norway means never complaining about bad weather (but let’s be honest, it’s been shit all summer). Finallyyy we were treated to the loveliest of summer days here in the north 🙌🏻🌞🍦
In our house L & I both have our own collection of knives (which is of course utterly ridiculous). I have this collected, inherited and thrifted knives collection I just love on the knife rack (plus a ceramic cat from @florainthegarden obviously) & L has a very fancy set of wusthof knives in that wooden knife block. which leaves us with way too many knives for just 2 people. to each their our own I suppose 😂 ~ #talesfromourhouse #ourwonkyhouse #slowhandmadehome #slowliving #flashesofdelight #kinfolkstyle #primitivemodern #kinfolk #pursuepretty #aquietstyle #vscocam #vscostyle #thatsdarling #chasinglight #harvest #petitejoys #thatsdarling #thedarlingmovement #chasinglight #collectingmoments #aquietstyle #chasinglight #seeksimplicity #theartofslowliving #changingseasons
My sweet angel baby @withloveyossy is a graduate! This girl got a 2:1 in BSC Psychology with honours - after all the nights she’d call on FaceTime crying, wanting to give up and tired of uni life were worth it and im so proud of her for pushing through 😭♥️ Honestly it is such a joy to be a big sister to this soft gal (If you’re looking for a PR & Marketing whizz - she’s ya girl btw)