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I miss having super duper awesome Kobe beef 😢 #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
Catch ups #kimtakesjapan #kuwtk
Visited more than 40 Japanese cities/islands in 3 trips(57 days). Could have done more and better of course but most of the time I was stuck in Tokyo eating sushi and partying at jumanji55 HAHAHA. I really miss Japan and I can’t wait to go back 😢😢😢 Leaving for Melbourne in exactly a month’s time and I’m really looking forward to what’s in store for me, even though I haven’t even found my apartment. I’ll be spending a year in Aussie(if I don’t bail and come home early that is) so please visit! #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
Popular snack, or appetiser, in Fukuoka #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
Saw a lot of tourists queueing for this on a Sunday. I was craving for uni, but my fave uni vendor was out of uni, so I decided to try this little package too. Got this for 900yen and I have to say that it’s NOT worth it at all because it’s not grade A uni. When I saw the person picking the uni out of a plastic box, my heart sank. You can get a whole box of Grade A Bafun Uni for just 3000yen - 5500yen so.... If you’re keen to know which vendor I go to for my otoro and uni, drop me a message ! #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
Supposed to be deli-f*cking-cious I think. 🤔 #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
Miss the days when I could get this box of otoro for just $45 😭 #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
Some say that this is the best ramen in Fukuoka 🤔 #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
Easily the best tonkatsu that I’ve ever had. I’m not a fan of the batter which was light and flaky, but the pork was a solid 10/10. It was firm, but tender, and so juicy. And I loved that layer of fat. I had the 250g loin set which was too much for me but it’s apparently the best cut here! I queued for 2 hours in the light drizzle without a brolly, but #noregrets #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
I’ve been away from home for more than a month now. There were many highlights this trip - meeting a baby tiger, feeding otters, hugging alpacas, etc. But carrying a 35kg bear cub?  List topper. #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
The uni thing I love.  I had sushi at four places in Tsukiji and they can’t beat any of the 3 mid-tier sushi restaurants, outside of Tsukiji, that I dined at. If you’re in need of good sushi, go to Manten, Sushi Tokyo Ten, or Kyubey. Go to Tsukiji only if you wanna get slabs of otoro, and boxes of Uni! #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
A day as an alpaca whisperer #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
What’s for lunch today? 😉 #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
Not my fave tonkotsu ramen in Tokyo but still a must eat every trip 🍜 #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
SUSHI IS TRULY LIFE. #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
Amazing pastries. The Foie Gras Tart was pretty mind-blowing 😋 #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
The breakfast spread at @thegatehotel_k is impeccable. Blog post on our stay at the modern and classy hotel up on www.strictlyours.com #thegatehotel雷門
Some beef sukiyaki will be perfect right now #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
I MISS THESE FISH N CHIPS. Recommendations on best fish and chips in Singapore needed, thanks. #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
Simple but so guuuuud 😋 #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
That golden French toast : 💯
Have been bedridden for two days and all I want is some Kobe Beef. Thanks for all the well wishes and get well soon texts x
Planning a trip to #nagoya? The Strings might just be the perfect hotel for you. Of the ten hotels that I stayed in on my recent trip, The Strings is definitely one of the most beautiful hotels and it has the loveliest breakfast spread! Find out more on www.strictlyours.com !
This Fuwa-fuwa Soufflé Sando was #ace #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
Just got home this afternoon and I'm already missing the sushi life. Thanks for the awesome 30 days Japan 🇯🇵 #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
The #snowcanyon at the #tateyamakurobealpineroute is STUNNING. I'm in a snow maze here and I had so much fun playing in the snow!!! I even built a snowman named Ted. Still can't get over the super sick views here. You've to visit #tateyama if you're heading to #japan!!! #noedit #nofilter #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
Solid mackerel sandwich. #gionrohan #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
Went to #maruyamazoo to visit my dream boy, the ezo momonga. Found my soulmate instead. Meet Tom.  #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan #wherethefreakistheezomomonga
Baked apples, cheesecake, freshly whipped cream, and hot cocoa in a gorgeous quaint cafe in Hokkaido. Definitely one of the best tea sessions I've ever had. Everything was brilliant!!! I was coughing really badly and the elderly owner brought me ginger and honey 😢 #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan #mustvisit
Straight from the sea. Cant get any fresher than this 👌🏻#omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
Freshhhhhh 👌🏻 #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
Better than Ichiran!!! #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
Visited Harry and his friends today. It wasn't a very successful visit 😭 #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔 #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
Blue skies, blue fields.  Ash brown hair after olaplex treatment by @articastudio 😘  #hitachiseasidepark #ibaraki #nemophilia
Super fatty and yummy tonkatsu to mark my first meal in Japan and Ibaraki ! #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
🍜 #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
14 days to Japan. CAN'T WAIT but I feel like I'm not ready to leave too!!! #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
Missing Japan so much 😭 #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
EGGGGGG 🍳 #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
Happy new year everyone !!! 2016 was a smashing year for me. One of the best years for sure. I have been jobless for more than a year, lost my liver to alcohol(don't worry my friends are looking for a new one for me), put on 7kg from eating too much and slothing around, had too much fun, squandered all my money and my bank account is crying, kept my close friends close, met amazing people, spent more time with my family, travelled a fair bit, and most importantly, I have never been happier.  Earlier this year, I was just thinking about how my life was freaking perfect when things got really rough as Waffles was diagnosed with "liver failure". I cried all the time because he was wasting away right before my very eyes. And I realised that life really hits you where it hurts the most. Every trip to the vet destroyed me but I didn't let it beat me. After months of tailoring Waffles' insanely expensive diet, I'm beyond happy to say that he's getting better and I hope that he will get well someday. He really is the best thing that's ever happened to me and the main reason why I'm always so happy. People ask me if I ever feel lonely because I've been single for the longest time but to be very very honest, I've never felt lonely ever. And I really think it's because I have Waffles and, of course, the best friends in the world!  I've written down my resolutions for 2017 but my resolutions have never been achieved (they are the same every year HAHA) so I don't know why I even do it hahaha but thank you, really, to everyone who's been incredible to me. I really am super blessed and I'm really thankful for all of you. Here's to an even bigger and better 2017! May all of us have the courage to chase after the things we really want and to be everything that we want to be. May we all be bolder, braver and skinnier. HAPPY 2017!!! 🎉 #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
Truly the happiest place on earth. #kimtakesjapan
One week ago, I was here 😭 #yeolo #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan  Photo taken with FUJIFILM X-T1
OMG KOBE BEEF 🐮🇯🇵 So good we had four portions 💸 #yeolo #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
SHAKE SHACK 🍔🍟🇯🇵 #yeolo #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
Bills is beautiful. #yeolo #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan  PS: @kohepets is running four giveaways so head over to participate!  Photo taken with FUJIFILM X-T1
A deer almost ate all my money. #yeolo #omgwhereskim  #kimtakesjapan Photo taken with FUJIFILM X-T1
Inoichi is famous for their ramen but the Chashu Don was the highlight for us! It was so yummy that I finished the entire bowl even though I was already super full. The pork was just phenomenal, and so was the rice! If you're thinking of checking this place out, do note that every guest has to order a ramen and the queue for the ten-seater can get quite crazy. Also, they have cut-off times for the queues so get there early. #inoichi #yeolo #omgwhereskim  #kimtakesjapan  Photo taken with FUJIFILM X-T1
SO SIMPLE BUT SO GOOD 👍🏻 Thank you @dairyandcream for the recommendation! #yeolo #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
It rained the entire day today so we had piping hot bowls of the famous #ichiran to warm our souls 👍🏻 #yeolo #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan
Two days late but here's a picture of my first meal in Japan! #yeolo #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan Photo taken with FUJIFILM X-T1