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M E L B O U R N E ... I rarely get the window seat when flying, so last night was an extra special treat. We flew over Inverloch, Phillip Island, the Mornington Peninsula and my dearest Mentone, but looking over the city was probably the most impressive! I love you Melbourne. #kellygoeshome #ughhhhhjetstarwhytho
H E A L E S V I L L E ... Last month, whilst we were in Melbourne, we did a day trip to Healesville with Erin and Barry to visit Four Pillars Distillery, Yering Station winery and of course the Healesville pub for lunch. I've been wanting to visit Four Pillars for years, so this was definitely a highlight! I tried four or five gins, all were solid choices, perfectly matched to the right tonic and the right garnish. Hashtag yum. #kellygoeshome #kellygoesgin 🍸
S I N G A P O R E ... Ok so you can't tell, but I definitely took this photo from the Marina Bay Sands infinity pool! Before we booked this place I read a lot of reviews, they pretty much all said it was way overpriced but "worth it" for the pool. I'm not sure it's worth the price tag, but the pool is awesome, the views are stunning and it's the last two nights of our honeymoon, so why not eh?! πŸŒƒπŸŒƒπŸŒƒ #kellygoessingapore #kellygoeshome
F I T Z R O Y ... A week and a half ago Cory and I had our wedding party in Melbourne, to celebrate with my family and our Aussie friends. It was such a great night, however I forget half of it due to consuming too much white wine... oops. That's what happens at weddings I guess!! A huge thank you to our talented photographer @pixierouge_photography for capturing this lovely shot with two of my greatest friends, Anita and Tanj xx
M E L B O U R N E ... Melbourne winters are known for being cloudy and grey, so as soon as the sun and blue skies came out Cory and I had to visit Melbourne institution Rooftop Bar. It's good to be home, even if it's just a flying visit! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί #kellygoeshome
M E L B O U R N E ... It's 6am, I'm on the plane, and I'm excited to be on my way back home to Wanaka to my favourite person 😍  The last ten days in Melbourne to visit my friends, family and doggo have been the best ever! #kellygoeshome #kellygoeskiwi
M E L B O U R N E ... After working for the Australian Red Cross Blood Service for almost 6 years, I am still super fascinated by blood. The University of Melbourne has a pop up Science Gallery currently, with a really interesting exhibition on blood that crosses the boundaries between science and art. I went with my friend Steph and we nerded out big time. #kellygoeshome @scigallerymel @sciencegallery #sciencegallerymelbourne #scigallerymel
M E N T O N E ... Back home for a week and the weather is finally bringing its A game! 17°C today, pretty hot compared to my beloved Wanaka! πŸ˜‚ Feeling the Spring vibes with my neighbour's magnolia tree, definitely one of my favourite flowers. #kellygoeshome 🏡😊🌞🌿🏡
M E L B O U R N E ... Mini golf with two of my favourite people last night, Marilyn and Sabrina. It was awesome to catch with them and my other ARCBS ladies... and Doug too of course! 😜 I can definitely recommend playing mini golf and drinking fancy cocktails out of plastic red cups at Holey Moley, it was pretty hilarious! #kellygoeshome
M E L B O U R N E ... Back in Melbourne. Weather, you and I need to have a word. #kellygoeshome #nofilter #rainydays #thisisbullshityo #actuallyhappytobebackthough #coffeepls
S I N G A P O R E ... Chinatown, Singapore. I love the colourful old shop houses! Last day of 30℃ and 80% humidity, I'll be back in cold old reality land tomorrow. #chinatown #singapore #shophouses #itsgotcolours #palmtrees #kellygoeshome #humidaf #beersbeersbeers
C O B U R G ... Blergh. Six months worth of mail. I actually thought it'd be way worse! #kellygoeshome #ithinkitstaxtime #melbourneisfreezing #jetlag